Karl Lagerfeld, is That You?

Now, I usually praise someone for doing something different and unexpected, but Maria just looks plain crazy in her new photoshoot, “Beautiful in Black”. It’s quite obvious she’s trying to appear fashionably edgy, but it looks so slapdash that I think it couldn’t be more obvious how hard she’s trying, which kind of defeats the purpose. Her hair looks like a horse’s mane, and the faces she makes only augment that, if you know what I mean. Quite honestly, she looks like she’d be more at home on that “Rock of Love” show rather than any runway, and I’m counting those cat fashion shows they hold at your local mall. Sorry, but it’s getting ridiculous at this point.

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  • Luis-Angel

    i like the jeans…but thats about it lol

  • dan333

    I think she looks great. The head thing is the thing that ruins it

  • Malfunkshun

    …No comment.

  • Alana.G

    the hair is fine but just doesn’t suit her. Maria your not the Rihanna of WWE and the feathers are just ridiculous.

  • http://www.milena-roucka.com Linny

    Maria over accessorizes. From the glove, the cuff bracelet, the big curly hair, the feathers, the fringe on the vest the ginormous hoop earrings… there’s just way too much going on. She wants to be the edgy fashionista girl… but it all comes off as tacky. With a girl like Maria, simple goes a long way.

  • PedroPedroso17

    OH NO SHE DIDNT…she looks like a unfunny sad clown on drugs :)