Today in History: Jazz Wins Her First Women’s Title

On this day in history:

February 4th, 2002 | Having relentlessly chased Trish Stratus for her Women’s Title to the point of breaking the champ’s hand, Jazz finally broke her down. In a rematch to their Royal Rumble Women’s Title match, Jazz threw everything she had at her. Trish managed to escape the STF, but a barrage of other attacks, capped off with a Fisherman Suplex, was enough to keep Trish down for the 3-count, earning Jazz her first Women’s Title victory.

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  • Ryan

    Relentless. Best word to describe Jazz. She was chasing Trish and tore right into the WWF Women’s Division much like Brock Lesnar did.

    I remember loving little Trish Stratus and hated seeing her get brutally beat. But couldn’t help not like Jazz! :P
    Trish v Jazz were those times where back then me my friends my brothers cousins and dad had concern for Trish and got behind her because well.. Jazz was a brutal beast and a straight up thug. Lol

    Trish is awesome she took those beatings like a champ. And congratulations Jazz. You were one of the best women’s champions in WWE!

    • perceval

      Jazz had the worst luck during her big pushes. Both times, she had to drop the belt due to injury. A strange little detail was it was to Toronto girls that she lost the title to, both times, Trish and Gail.

      I guess if she’d gone to TNA and been Knockouts Champion, she’d have wound up injured and dropping the belt to Angelina.

      • Ryan

        too bad Jazz turned down TNA, and funny note Gail Kim won her first belts via Battle Royal!! When Jazz came back in 2004, the division had lost a lot of intensity :(

        • Jcott3

          I know TNA was interested in signing Jazz, and she would have been great there. After she got hurt the second time, I think WWE was gun-shy about using her. Then in 2004, John Laurinaitis came to power and revamped the women’s division into “the WWE Divas”. His goal was to create an entire division of Trish Stratuses. He failed – miserably.

  • tomdog

    Twas the best feud back and fourth for that year! We need to see natalya take up where jazz left off and cut this great khaili bullshit, kaitlyn and natalya have the potential for a great feud for the championship… To hell with tamina, no one seems to connect with her! Natalya #heelturn quickly!

  • theprincedann

    At that time, Jazz and Molly were amazing. So underrated, they were the backbone of the division.

    • puppies

      I don’t get how. They both were champions multiple time and went over the main girls on multiple occasion (Trish & Lita).

      • fahkyooh

        I know right?

      • 09DHK

        I wouldn’t say that Jazz and Molly were the backbones of the division back then, but they were rather underrated, and could wrestle circles around both Trish and Lita.

    • Jcott3

      Jazz wasn’t underrated. WWE planned on her being the top female heel in 2002, but when she tore her ACL, they had to go to plan B.

      Molly had a lot of problems in 2002, the biggest of which was revamping herself as a prude. She chose a persona WWE was never going to get behind, and she didn’t know how to play it. Instead of trying to get crowd heat, she trying to get laughs by making a total fool of herself.

      Then WWE came up with an anything-but-brilliant idea – the “junk in your trunk” storyline. I’ve heard two different stories about how that came about. One was that Stephanie McMahon had a stupid idea and no one could bring themselves to say no to her. The other was that WWE management asked Molly to “be more like Trish” (read: show skin and have sex appeal). When she refused, this was her punishment. Either way, Molly never really recovered from it.

  • GrrMonster

    Am i the only one that think Jazz looks beautiful in this match

    • Kantrell

      …I was thinking the same thing lol

  • jonboi

    Was it at a house show trish broke her hand? I know they made it look like it was on raw but iv a feeling trish said it happened at that weekends house shows. Anywho I loved jazz all through her wwf/wwe career

    • perceval

      That was in 2004, when she had the cast on Raw, for a while.

      Trish wasn’t originally going to lose the title until Wrestlemania, according to her and Lita. They were asked if the Divas could refuse to do segments or storylines they found too offensive. Lita answered that they could, but they’d be punished for it, citing this as an example. Trish had just refused to do a bikini make out session with Torrie, on the basis that that shouldn’t be done with the Women’s Championship.

      • jonboi

        Really? Didn’t know that but trish did break her hand at a house show at this point as well

  • jonboi

    @THEPRINCEDANN So very true they were very underated in the wwe but I can see why they never feuded together as I don’t think they would have done much for ppv buys so in that sense I can she why they always used trish & lita in there feuds But I would have loved to see these 2 feud over the title. I remember wwe teased a side feud between them when molly was champ and pushed jazz & jazz walked out the match with teddy. #dreammatchesthantneverhappenedinwwe#

    • marcum1234

      They had one match when Jazz first returned. It was a failed attempt at a Molly face turn.

      • jonboi

        They had another match when jazz came back from injury as well but that was just to put over jazz,s toughness

        • Jcott3

          Agreed. When Jazz returned in 2003, they needed someone of note for her to crush as a way of saying, “She’s ba-ack!”. Trish was still top dog, Victoria was champion, Lita was still out, Jacqueline was usually on Smackdown, and Stacy couldn’t wrestle. That left Molly or Ivory to be the sacrificial lamb.

          Besides, if they really wanted to try to turn Molly, they would have done more than just thrown her in the ring with Jazz.

  • pumped up kicks

    I love me some Jazz, and after all these years she still has it! She would be beneficial to wwe and tna if she wanted to do the main shows again.

    • shameronstar

      A Jazz vs Kaitlyn fued would be actually what Kaitlyn would need to get the next level in skill and intensity. Also, I always wanted to see Jazz vs Melina!

      • pumped up kicks

        Jazz vs Beth, Jazz vs Angelina Love, Jazz vs Aj, Jazz vs Mickie James…. So many combos…. she can make em all look good! :)

        • perceval

          There was Jazz vs Mickie, but it was too quick. It was during Mickie’s megapush where she was going over all the Women’s Champions that were still there.

        • JD Sensations

          I would LOVE to see Jazz destroy AJ!!!

    • perceval

      It’d be great to have Jazz back, but she’s built a nice life for herself, and just doesn’t have the time to work a full time schedule. Something like Shine, where she only has to be there once every few months, is doable for her.

    • Jcott3

      Jazz had twin girls in May 2009 (that’s why she didn’t do the WrestleMania 25 Diva Battle Royal) so I don’t think she wants to work a full-time WWE schedule again, plus she turns 40 this year.

  • Flawless

    Yay Jazz! :D but i hated her at the time cos she was destroying my beloved Trish XD

    • lucky1now

      Lol I loved everyone who destroyed trish jazz victoria gail molly I just cheered them on

  • JD Sensations

    also today in history:

    WOW Unleashed
    Trinity vs Daizee Haze on TNA
    Mickie James & Kelly Kelly vs Victoria & Beth Phoenix on RAW
    Kelly & Eve vs Katie Lea & Alicia Fox on WWE Superstars
    Tara vs Angelina on Impact
    Edge (c) and Kelly Kelly vs LayCool and Dolph Ziggler

    • Ryan

      Also in history Michelle mcCool vs Eve debut match I believe
      Jackie beats Hervina for the women’s championship
      Jazz continues to destroy the remaining divas Molly and Jazz
      Torrie Wilson continues to attack Dawn Marie
      Kristal Marshall gets interrupted by Jillian Hall
      …great times
      Awesome Kong finally bets Gail Kim for the knockouts title

  • Jillfan1

    I LOVE ME SOME JAZZ enough said

  • Queen Bee

    Jazz was a beast. and Trish sold her beatings like a pro

  • VarsityBaseDude

    This was before they turned Trish into the Legend that she is. They were just giving her the title just to give it to her then. Glad they gave Jazz a run with it. Once Trish proved herself and got herself a new entrance theme, she would go on to become the top Diva.

  • Getdownwithachola

    Still going strong :)

    Her match with the likes of Sara Del Rey, Lufisto, and Mercedes where kick ass.