Today in History: Stacy & Torrie vs. Billy & Chuck in a Pose-Off

On this day in history:

February 7th, 2002 | Though it wasn’t exactly Zoolander caliber, the “Pose-Off” that pitted Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson against Billy and Chuck was a entertaining departure from the usual bikini contests. The same-sex duos poses suggestively in skimpy clothing, vying for the crowd’s approval. Given the average demographic of the crowd (i.e. straight male), we’ll leave it to you to guess who won the contest.

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  • tomdog

    God damn the pg era! These were the days when ladies of this era ruled the day. It’s ladies like Trish, lita, torrie and Stacy that from this particular era are most deservant and predictable picks for the hall of fame in the years to come. They were the most popular divas of their time!

  • Ryan

    Billy Gunn aka Cute James lmfao
    No wonder Angelina Love fired him and awesome

    Anyone remember the gay marriage? Or jazz walking in on chuck and billy? Yikes lol

    Or Stephanie and her lesbian strike picket line? Kicking Bichoff in the balls lol
    Damn but the lesbians who got destroyed by Umaga and Rosie that was hard to watch!! :(
    Or wen they struck Mae Young and Moolah jeez man what ass holes! :(
    Hell when they went after an injured Lita, good thing Jeff came in to save her from Umaga and Rosie

  • GrrMonster

    I remember watching this with my mom when i was little, damn it was so uncomfortable.


      lmao ar enit.

  • lucky1now

    What happened to billy and chucks part?

  • Spike7000

    Nice to see something different other then what Trish Stratus and Lita did.

    How about covering something from WCW and ECW or the 1993-1999 era of the Divas roster instead of the usual

  • charovnica

    I gotta say even I,a woman, was just stunned by this hotness lol Stacy & Torrie must be the most sexiest and nicest divas in the history of the WWE.I loved how from a sexual it turned to violent segment.

  • RaiseYoHandsUp!


  • Satisfaction

    I become completely straight when I watch this.