WWE Main Event Spoilers: February 6th, 2013

Spoilers for tomorrow’s episode of WWE Main Event:

* Cameron & Naomi beat Aksana & Tamina in Divas action. Naomi, who was particularly impressive, won with a big dropkick. Brodus Clay was on commentary. (Source)


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  • VelvetLoveFan

    Aksana and Tamina shoud of won this

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      Said no one ever.

      Aksana and Tamina are the ones that need to be valets, and Naomi needs to be wrestling.

      • k2evecrew

        Aksana needs to be the one dating Khali & Natalya needs to be the one challenging Kaitlyn for the divas championship. Tamina needs to just go somewhere , I just don’t think she’s all that interesting. And Niaomi does need to be wrestling.

      • VelvetLoveFan

        Actually it was said before.. By me I guess you missed it or something

  • shameronstar

    I think the dropkick was actually her leg lariet finisher which can be mistaken for a dropkick! Also, I hope the match had good length so I can see how Caomi tag team wrestling is and to see where Cameron is at in skill! Her few matches in fcw actually really weren’t too bad at all!

    • Looking Glass

      This is what I’m hoping, a dropkick finish just screams awkward! I guess Tamina’s lost her spot somehow? She was on the app exclusive this past week but being delegated to Superstars and losing doesn’t scream No.1 Contender unless she reacts to it a week after (losing to ‘back-up dancers’ after venting about what a joke the Show Girls match was) it could still work.

      • Raekon

        I’m pretty sure that Aksana got the pin again so Tamina should still be valid as a Number 1 Contender.

  • redsandman99

    So we get two divas matches after all…and Naomi won! Yessss. I’m so pumped for tomorrow.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    very very very excited about this, cant wait yahhhhh , NAOMI and TAMINA

  • JamieKym

    It was a leg lariat, not a dropkick. YES! Finally Cameron and Naomi in the ring.

  • Zaye


  • DJ8946

    They are now offically Divas! Naomi needs a new finisher because the calf kick/leg lariat looks weak. I wonder how long it was what did Cameron do.

  • Melissa


  • Melissa

    Oh wait, Cameron was in the match too? o i c.

  • https://twitter.com/Qwon_23 3xplicit

    Yeeeeeeesssssssssss im hyper ventilating!!

  • aldo

    FINALLE AGAIN! I’m excited about Cameron and Naomi but not about Tamina, what’s next for her?

  • puppies

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Holy crap finally a Divas match on ME, and Caomi in tag team action! This makes up for no divas on RAW since this is probably longer than anything they would’ve given us. And in a way it’s a Divas main event, technically, which is cool. It’s not maineventing RAW or anything but still.

  • DnelDivaLovin89

    Yay!! Cameron and Naomi in Action!!! Cant wait!!

  • Addy

    Girl and this airs on my birthday holla.

  • http://twitter.com/berrybryant berrybryant

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Can’t wait to watch this match!!! So excited!

  • Pat

    Haaaaaay gurrrl holy HAAAY! Thank you Beyonce for this match!

    • puppies

      Haha praise Beysus

      • Melissa


        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art


  • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

    Praise be to Jesus to have two diva matches this week!!

  • TCsinger09


  • WWFoverWWE

    FINALLY I have a reason to comment on diva dirt again LOL.

    Not gonna lie, I kind of want Tamina to win the belt from kaitlyn so Naomi can win it from Tamina.

    • http://unicornduchess07.tumblr.com hellaciousheart

      omg are you psychic because i was totally thinking that!

  • Ace Of Base

    Naomi! My girl! I love this girl..ever since she took it to the NXT Universe by telling them like it is, “I thought this show was supposed to be about wrestling?!” She’s brilliantly talented and they need to let her wrestle more often. Give this woman a good run! She is so talented! Can’t wait for the match!

  • Raekon

    I really hope they got a good amount of time and that all girls got to work properly and with less restrictions. :)

    Can’t wait!

  • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

    When does this show air??

    • puppies

      Tomorrow at 8 pm

      • puppies

        Today I meant, Wednesday

  • Matty


  • afiqcruel_silly

    Top jobber divas in WWE history:
    1) Rosa Mendes
    2) Aksana
    3) Dawn Marrie
    4) Stacy Keibler
    5) Nidia
    6) Katie Lea
    7) Jillian
    8) Victoria
    9) Maryse
    10) Maxine
    11) Jacqueline
    12) I forget……

    • Nostalgia

      Because a diva loses a few matches, she’s a jobber? Oh

    • Raekon

      The only real jobbers were so far Rosa, Katie Lea and Jillian with the difference that they gave Jillian the title for a few minutes so Melina won’t have to face Mickie for it (face vs face).

      Other than that Jillian won like 1 – 2 matches on the main roster and Rosa only one because of a DQ.

      Katie Lea as far as I remember didn’t won any either (or maybe one aswell?).

      All the other girls were not jobbers.

      • redsandman99

        Katie Lea won I think a couple of matches in 2008 when she first debuted on Raw because she was getting a push as the contender for Mickie’s title. Then Mickie retained and things went downhill from there for Katie. The only other match I remember her winning was as part of a tag match with Alicia vs Kelly and Eve on Superstars.

        • The_Tetra

          Not even half that list could be considered a jobber :/

          Katie Lea also Alicia Fox in her debut match #uselesstrivia

        • marcum1234

          Katie Lea was in a WWE Superstars feud with the Bellas where she consistently lost every week, Aksana has won like 2 of her matches, even though they had a good feud Dawn Marie was basically Torrie’s jobber, Stacy wasn’t a jobber, Jillian was the jobber for anyone no matter what their stance in the division was, Victoria’s entire legecy was trashed in her last years in WWE which is why I’m glad she went to TNA, Maryse and Maxine weren’t jobbers, Jacquline was the stepping stone for other Divas her entire carrear.

        • k2evecrew

          Being a jobber isn’t all that bad. They’re actual one of the most important part of the division. They put over the other talent & make people look good & help less talented wrestlers get better.Yeah they lose all the time but at least they get to perform & if they love wrestling then that’s all that should matter. I doubt Tara had a problem with losing to the Bella’s she kicked their asses throughout most of the match & they had to use twin magic to beat her. I mean it may not be the best thing but its a lot better than disappearing for months & then being released out of nowhere. The only people I think that had it real bad was Jillian because of how they made her lose the belt , Katie Lea, & Rosa Mendes.