Eve’s Busy Week: Delivers Keynote Speech, Teaches Self Defense, Appears on Local News (Video)

Former WWE Diva Eve Torres has had quite a busy week. Since leaving the WWE in January, the former Divas Champion definitely hasn’t been taking it easy, and for the past few days has kicked it into high gear.

This past weekend, Eve returned to her former high school to deliver the keynote speech for the 20th Cherry Creek Diversity Conference in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She reflected on the experience in a blog posted to her official website, saying in part, “It was a chance for me to reflect on what experiences contributed to the path that lead me to where I am today. When and how I discovered my passion for performing, and what obstacles I encountered along the way. How we must continue to pursue our passions, even when we are not supported by our peers or our community, or when we have to face harmful stereotypes head on.”

In addition to this, Eve is spending the week giving self defense lessons to law enforcement officers in Arizona as part of a Gracie University initiative. Eve has been affiliated with the Gracie University for years and has been engaged to Gracie co-founder Rener Gracie since September.

Eve tweeted about the experience earlier this week:

She also spoke to local Arizona channel 12 News about the lessons. Watch a video of the segment below:

As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday she appeared on the channel’s in-studio show EVB Live. Tram Mai, the show’s co-host, tweeted a photo with Eve, and the show’s official Facebook page posted some behind-the-scenes shots.

You gotta admire (and envy) Eve’s stamina. Here’s hoping she keeps it up!

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  • Lita-Sault-666

    Busy indeed, good for her! :). Love this woman.

  • xLitaFan4Everx

    Eve is amazing. I love how smart, confident and well-rounded she is. This is inspiring and what she’s doing with the Gracie Academy is absolutely wonderful. Eve is a great role model. Thanks for posting this, great read/watch. :)

  • lucky1now

    glad to see her keep up her good work and pay it forward to her fans and law enforcement

  • fahkyooh

    Eve is not going to be an ex Diva that goes bankrupt or becomes a nobody. She has always been a very smart girl and I feel like wrestling was never really her thing. I think Eve is going to be way more successful in any profession she chooses than she ever could have been in wrestling. She is a true business woman and an amazing speaker. It just doesn’t shine through when she’s in character.

    • therightone

      So why do real wrestling fans like me have to read about this shit on a “wrestling” website.

  • Melissa

    Idc what anyone has to say about this chick. Eve Torres = a modern day, hard workin’ woman.

  • DivaDestiny

    Agree with everyone here. I won’t name other ex-Divas but I’ll just say that she’s in a league of her own. Always has been. I’m proud of her and know that I’ll continue to be in the future. She’s for sure a role model for girls and women. :)

  • k2evecrew

    Eve is one of the most classiest former divas , it’s a shame that she quit I hope she does some audio graph signings & maybe appear at a indie promotion in the northeast one day if she gets some time cuz I’d love to meet this women. I’m happy that she’s happy though I hope more success will come to her in the future.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Every female should learn self defense & im glad eve will be successful in teaching men/women how to defend themselves….

  • therightone

    Why is a “wrestling” website covering a non-wrestling story with someone isn’t now or ever has been a wrestler?