The Month in Eye Candy: January 2013

For the past month you’ve voted on your favorite photoshoots, and each week we crowned a “Photoshoot of the Week”. Today we’re pitting the winners against each other to determine your favorite shoot of January.


Last week‘s most popular photoshoot belonged to Kaitlyn. Rosa Mendes‘s shoot came in second, earning 334 votes to Kaitlyn’s 350.

Kaitlyn’s photoshoot joins the poll below.

The month’s most popular photoshoots feature Eve Torres, Kaitlyn and Layla.

Click the photos below to see their corresponding photoshoot, vote for your favorite below and come back Sunday to see which shoot was crowned “Photoshoot of the Month”. Be sure to voice your opinions in the comments as well!

Eve Torres




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  • puppies

    Eve. The girl can not take a bad photo.
    But the choices just gave me a flashback of a while ago – the attacker storyline. That was probably the most interesting time we’ve had in a while lol.

    • Mike in Like

      It’s just a damn shame they totally dropped it after the anticlimactic reveal of Aksana as the attacker. It’s like after that, they completely stopped trying. They don’t even ever mention the fact that Aksana attacked Kaitlyn despite all the matches they’ve had.

  • k2evecrew

    I’m rooting for Layla but I feel like kaitlyn’s gonna get this.

  • MrJCena

    Kaitlyn for me

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I think it was a good month for Diva’s photoshoots, I want eve to win this one, it was a tribute to Ricky Steamboat, but I’d be happy anyway it will go, loved Layla’s shoot and Kaitlyn’s too!!!!

  • Steveweiser

    Kaitlyn and her abs have to win.

  • AJFan95

    Kaitlyn for me. Eve was a close second. I’m not feeling the Layla one at all.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Deffinitly layla

  • Matty

    Layla, gorgeous. <3

  • Eve4Ever

    October 2012 :D

    • Eve4Ever

      oh and Eve! She looks stunning!


    Idk how Eve is winning this…Layla looked stunning, but overall I think Kaitlyn’s was the best. She looked spectacular.

  • KaitlynLover<3

    I voted for Eve because she looks stunning as always, and this is her last WWE photoshot so I wanted her to have an opportunity to win Photoshoot of the year :(

  • pumped up kicks

    I didn’t pick any of these photos lol but out of the 3 of them I would have to pick Eve. She is just so very pretty!

  • BillyGP


  • revivingophelia

    Eve for this one.

  • Number One

    I voted for Eve.

  • art

    Layla for me she doesn’t even have to try & looks amazing…

  • flash1086

    Eve looks horrible. Its gonna be between Kaitlyn and Layla.

  • Kessuki

    eve’s headshot (hair most importantly) is probably the best of the three, but kaitlyn’s body got my vote. i bet she’s got a copy of that ddp yoga helping her to help to define them abs.

    • Kessuki

      whoops!! my grammar needs some work there. haha

  • BeliEVEr23

    eve she just cant get a bad photo she is always stunning