Impact Write-Up (February 7th, 2013): TNT Collide Again, But Will Tara or Brooke Emerge With a Win?

Greetings all, and welcome to this weeks trusty Impact Write-Up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate any videos whatsoever from the show until about 2:30pm Eastern time, so if this is a little late or seems a bit rushed, that’s precisely why. But anyways, to get to the reviewing at hand, let me first enlighten you all with tonight’s action. Now apparently there was a backstage segment to set tonight’s match up involving Brooke Hogan telling Knockouts champion, Tara, that she would be facing her old friend, Brooke Tessmacher tonight with Jesse barred from ringside. The reason I’m telling you this here is because the only video I could find was the match itself, so if you’re at all curious towards Jesse’s absence (which I’m sure all of you are), that is the reason.

So if I didn’t already give it away, tonight we see Tara go one on one with Brooke Tessmacher as Impact Wrestling kicks off its second show filmed in the United Kingdom. Are you excited about this? Personally, anything that gets Tessmacher on TV is a win in my books, but let’s see how the actual match plays out below:

We kick things off with a list of Knockouts appearing in lingerie for one of Impact’s trademarked holiday themed commercials. From what I can see, the group includes Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell, SoCal Val, Brooke Tessmacher, Tara, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, and ODB. I guess Mickie James drew the short straw and had to sit this one out? Nonetheless, we head to the ring where Christy Hemme (sans slow-mo pan up camera shot this week) welcomes Brooke Tessmacher to the ring for her big shot against Tara.

Following her ass-tastic entrance, out comes Tara… sporting a plaid shirt. Well that’s different. (Note: I didn’t see the backstage segment which may provide an explanation) I feel like this may be Jesse’s shirt, but then I noticed it had sleeves which now makes me even more confused because knowing him from Big Brother, I don’t think I’ve ever remembered him wearing a shirt that wasn’t sleeveless. Seriously…

Taryn signals for the bell to ring, as Tara doesn’t seem amused with the fans. Tessmacher is firing her ass up in the background (literally), before running forward with a quick roll up for a near fall. Tara now gets the upper hand by slamming “Tessy’s” face down (oh wait, she was saying Jesse) and repeatedly keeping the up and comer from getting to her feet. Brooke finally fights out, but only momentarily as Tara takes her down with a shoulder tackle. Tessmacher trips her up quickly after, then following it up with a dropkick as Tara crawls to the corner. Irish whip sends Brooke flying, but she dodges getting trapped on the turnbuckle and instead does a nice roll backwards which lands her to connect with a wheelbarrow faceplant. One… two… NADA!

Brooke hits a set of kicks that keep Tara grounded in the corner, and then she gets to the center of the ring and prepares to connect with the trademarked ass related signature move! She aims, and she scores as Tara crawls onto this odd entrance ramp that goes right up to the ring. They now fight on the ramp before Brooke flips her back inside and heads to the top. The crowd gets behind her, but unfortunately for her, Tara is one step ahead and grabs her into the spinning sidewalk slam. As Brooke kicks out, our coveted champion begins to grow impatient. She simply throws Tessmacher across the ring by the hair, before grabbing onto it in a submission move. Since she has the hair in her hands, Taryn realizes that she gets to count to five and if Tara doesn’t break the hold, she will be disqualified.

After letting go, Tara locks in a full nelson and the crowd fires Brooke up. She uses her bottom to fight out, but before she can capitalize, Tara has her back down. A few chokes take place, and then she begins doing the ultimate unthinkable! She hits her own version of the Ass-tastic on Brooke, but this does nothing but allow Tessmacher to roll her up for a quick pin attempt. (Now we all see why Brooke does this move in the corner… tut tut Tara) Tara kicks out and decks Brooke with a clothesline, as Tessmacher just continues to kick out.

Tara with another choke hold, and once again the crowd gets behind her protege. Brooke finally starts to fight out… but again is taken down with a clothesline. She goes for the hair submission again, but Brooke flips out and finally gets the comeback! Some shots to the face, then scoring with a few clotheslines and a running flipping fist. Brooke follows it up with her great Ass-a-can-rana (yes, I’m trying to see how many of her moves I can add the word “ass” to), and then leaps onto the middle rope and… does not get the facebuster as Tara stays put. She tries for it again, but Tara throws her up and drops her face first onto the turnbuckle. Both women down now, as Tara starts crying for what I assume is her prestigious title, but ultimately it distracts her long enough for the Tess-Shocker to connect and get the upset over the Knockouts champion!

Thoughts: What a lot of time! I know that shouldn’t be my first thought, but I mean it in the best of ways. This video was nearly ten minutes long, and granted a few minutes were entrances and the commercial, it’s so cool that the Knockouts can score 7-8 minute matches on a week to week basis. Brooke and Tara did great together, and it felt cool seeing them wrestle with a larger crowd. Tessmacher just impresses me every time she steps into a ring, and it’s still so weird to think that she was once dancing on ECW every week when you look at her now. I won’t rank how she performs amongst the other Knockouts, but I will say that she’s one of the knockouts I get excited for when I hear they have a match. I think it’s sort of like what I said about Gail Kim in that they excite me when in the ring, and none of their matches feel like the same thing I’ve already seen before.

Not to no sell Tara by any means, because the entire reason Brooke has gotten to this level is because she’s gotten to work with so many women who have been wrestling multiple years and can help her get better. These two always mesh well, and I enjoyed the match overall. There were a moment or two where I felt Brooke’s comeback should have happened a little sooner, but that’s just nitpicking and doesn’t take away from my enjoyment in the least. I wish I could’ve seen the backstage segment because I thrive on the entertainment they bring, but alas the video Gods were not in my favor this week. So until next time — peace!

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  • 3xplicit

    Pretty boring tho. I miss how random & unpredictable the knockouts division was back in 07 – 11 but yet still kept up with story lines. TNA could easily use the other fan favorite knockouts in the tag title picture. To give us something different , im not sure why , but TNA has really watered down their franchise. I kinda feel like they’re tryna keep up with wwe. But what they had before was workin perfectly. But not just the knockouts, the x division as well ( sorry for the typos)

    • VelvetLoveFan

      It’s Bruce prichards fault, he doesn’t like woman’s wrestling

      • VarsityBaseDude

        We should write in and complain about the lack of the KO getting anytime. Seems to me that Bruce P. is a sexist if he is not giving the girls their fair share of stuff. History has proven that fans tune in for the girls and sometimes only them.

        • DjayDay

          They got 7 minutes on television….really is it that big of a deal? I’d rather good matches, then shit story lines. Just personal preference I guess. :)

      • Getdownwithachola

        Will apparently he likes you idol.

  • foxingisafulltimejob

    What’s the picture of Jesse for?

    • Mr. Asstastic

      Who cares? He looks hot.

      • mpezza

        I definitely wouldn’t mind sitting on his lap for this year’s christmas.

    • VarsityBaseDude

      That’s what I was wondering lol…

    • Bobby

      Haha because I mentioned I’ve never seen him in a shirt that wasn’t sleeveless even if it was as random as a Santa suit. I was kinda rushing so it may not have made much as much sense as it did in my head at the time =X

  • Deezo88

    A nice nine minute match. :)

  • LightsOut

    Didn’t like the match, too slow for my taste. Feel so sorry for Tara, they’re making her a joke all over again -_-. But, HOLY MOLY, Jesse’s legs in that picture just got me turned on, haha. :P

  • Getdownwithachola

    I’m I the only one who finds Jesse fugly???

    • KaitlynLover<3

      No you´re not, he is fugly as hell! He has a very weird face!

  • Getdownwithachola

    About the match…..Tessmacher is one of those people who could be whorish and great in the ring at the same time.

  • DjayDay

    Great match. Glad the girls are getting good time. I won’t praise Tess and Tara because we all know how well they did, I’ll just say they need a new set, and maybe have the camera work from the front when they come down the ramp. I get there not used to travelling, so hopefully they’ll pick it up in further tapings. Also shocked at how packed the arena was.

  • k2evecrew

    The match wasn’t too bad to me I just wish they’d find something for Madison Rayne to do. They could at least let her job to someone or something .Or maybe a mini feud with Mickie? Anyways back to the match I love how Tara showed concern for Jesse it goes with her cougar character.

  • Raekon

    I liked the match. It had good action, in ring psychology and a backstory. :)

    The only thing I found weird was when tess jumped on the apron shoving her “mumu” into Taras face similar to what ODB does in the corner.

    I felt that she didn’t needed such a spot and that the butt move she does is actually more than enough for that.

  • puppies

    Idk I feel like the KOs matches have been do boring after Mickie’s return momentum ended. Every match after Mickie’s match with Gail has been so blah, with the exception of that amazing tag match that started off the year. Like, they get good time, but KO storylines and the same match-ups with nothing that really stands out. Next week will probably be better with the Blossom Twins debuting, that’s exciting.

    • AJFan95

      Agreed. The division needs some new blood (Athena, LuFisto) and some actual storylines.

  • wwe141

    felt kind of “BLAH” about the match,the whole time i just thought ive seen this before “tessmacher vs tara” pt.159,783,334..need some new/fresh match ups…and PLEASE TNA get rid of the KO tag team titles,theirs no point in having them now,their an after thought

  • Ryan

    I almost felt sad for Tara she looks so sad :(
    But she lioks sexy when she’s sad

    Brooks Machine like muscle ass wow haha
    Seriously only looser haters can hate on Brooke
    Why? Because she’s incredibly hot, enjoys shaking her ass, and at the same time KICKS Major Ass in the ring she’s a really good wrestler!!

    Match was a bit slow yep but I did enjoy Tara she actually was dominating and damn that backdrop face plant looked sick as hell
    Match was pretty good
    Not sure where this whole Tara loosing to everyone is going maybe a six pack challenge down the road

    • puppies

      Velvet takes the title from her in a couple of weeks in a fatal-four-way elimination match with Gail and Brooke.

      • Ryan

        All right!! Lets Go Velvet!!! Hope it’s a great match too!!

        • LightsOut

          It was recorded by a fan and it’s on youtube now, it was a really good match. ^^

        • Ryan

          Awesome thanks puppies and LightOut!!
          U guys rock imma check it on YouTube always down for Velvet and the rest of the gang specially in UK :D

    • Getdownwithachola

      “Seriously only looser haters can hate on Brooke
      Why? Because she’s incredibly hot, enjoys shaking her ass, and at the same time KICKS Major Ass in the ring she’s a really good wrestler!!”

      Dude no matter how hott or ugly you look some people will finds you attractive some will not :)

      • Ryan

        Ya speak for yourself, I don’t even know what u look like, don’t want to know what u look like nor see you, and I dislike you SOOO much..

        Brooke is a hot bish and shes awesome, seems like ur just running ur mouth for no reason. I am gonna be pissed off if your an actual Brooke fan and ur just stepping up for someone else’s opinion and defending their dislike for Brooke, quit being being that idealist, and mind ur own business man

        • Getdownwithachola

          Would you stop acting like a bully victim for once???

          Maybe you should re-read you comment about Brook then realize why I left you that comment which apparently pissed you off for no damn reason. Dislike me all you want but I will stand up for perverts like you who are ruining women’s wrestling and believe it when I say you DO NOT want both of us end up on the same sidewalk “oh no not good idea man”

          My comment was actually about Brook just in case you thought i was talking about your looks. Brook maybe hot but she is NOT my type I’m a man who’s into the Daffney’s, Paige’s, Skyler Moon’s, Mschif’s etc etc Like I said in my other comment the girl is really talented in the ring hands down but I’m not a fan off her at all period.

          BTW congratulations on calling her a female dog oh wait no maybe by her whorish acts on TV so she might deserve being called such a derogatory term.

        • Ryan

          My man I would ruin you. Relax

          I love women like Daffney like Paige like Brooke like Mickie.. Despite what u think yes I find them incredibly hot specially Brooke and her incredibly agile ass, but I do love an respect the woman. It’s 2013 guy.. Quit being such a got damn prude..
          The fact that Brooke does her thing does not ruin women’s wrestling. She herself carried the division in the summer of 2012 and she did a fantastic job. Kicking ass while shaking her ass vs what Gail Kim said, “it’s not about that ass, it’s about Class” … I don’t even want to respond to that because I love Gail Kim too much.
          Brooke Candice Michelle can do all the whorish acts yet they will always gain mad respect from me.
          Grow a pair and get lost

        • Getdownwithachola

          As far as mainstream television goes you do not want female talent acting like that at all. Mainly due to most people “maybe not you” WILL not take women wrestling seriously. So the roster should’ve stayed like 2008-2009 damn it.

          Ohhh and just encase you want to try to ruin me, meet me in Orange County CA…I always wear black from head to toe :)

  • puppies

    Wrestlers wear outfits that cover up about an eighth of their bodies, I doubt they mind too much getting complemented on their physique… no matter how pervy it may be at times :P

  • T_Fan

    Wow it is just beyond me how much they screwed Tara. First stick her with Jesse, the least they could have done was make him like Stevie Richards (i don’t care if they copy) & then have her win the majority if her matches with Jesse’s help! Then they screw her by giving the title to Velvet! & U screwed Mickie at the same time! Really?? Dixie you need to have a good look at what your doing. Other than the fact you have done crap all with the Knockout Tag Titles, you are literally going for the “tna” factor of TNA.