WSU “An Ultraviolent Affair” Results

PosterTonight, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) held their first show since their October event titled “Full Steam Ahead”, as part of a double-header with Combat Zone Wrestling.

Weather related issues caused the cancellations of the likes of Allysin Kay, Sassy Stephanie, Marti Belle, Lexxus, Tina San Antonio and Nikki Addams. The show was forced to make several last minute changes as a result.

Results from the show have come to you thanks to @DaveMuscarella on Twitter.

* Nevaeh def. Jessie Brooks via a bridging German suplex.

* Christina Von Eerie def. Kimber Lee (accompanied by Annie Social) via a straight-jacket lungblower.

* Uncensored Opportunity Match: Veda Scott def. Niya via the Mind Trip. Niya had her foot on ropes but the special guest referee Jana failed to notice. As a result, Veda is now a full-time member of the WSU roster.

* Kalamity def. Cherry Bomb via a Kalamity Driver.

* “Kiss My Ass” Match: Beyond Wrestling’s Chris Dickinson def. Addy Starr via a rollup.

* WSU Championship Match: Jessicka Havok (c) def. Athena via a top rope Air Raid Crash.

* Falls Count Anywhere Match: LuFisto def. Mercedes Martinez via a Burning Hammer through a table onto the floor. Described as a “great match”, the two went to hug it out afterwards, but Mercedes attacked LuFisto (resulting in a double turn for both women).

Meanwhile, as part of the CZW show almost directly afterward, LuFisto and Sami Callihan def. Jessicka Havok and Adam Cole via double submissions in an intergender tag team match.

Christina Von Eerie vs. MASADA (in a Deathmatch) went to a no contest when Joe Gacy interfered. Christina was described as a “disgusting, bloody mess”.

Greg Excellent also defeated Chrissy Rivera in a Food Fight.

  • Getdownwithachola

    WSU went from the likes off Angel Orsisni, Jazz, Alicia, Nikki Roxx, Cosmo Club dominating the company to the likes of Lufisto, Kalamity, Athena, Jessicka Havok etc

    I love it :)

    I really saw the double turn coming since in the YT promo Lufisto promised the fans to bring out the real Martinez.

    • ZPZA

      Not to mention since she’s the #1 contender to Jessicka Havok.

      I wonder if Alicia will be back for the next event?

    • JD Sensations

      I do miss Jazz and Angel though :(

      • Getdownwithachola

        IMO I liked Jazz but Angel not so much however she was like the John Cena of WSU, tell this day I’m surprised she left nor I have no idea why she disappeared from WSU…but I’m loving this new crop of girls. The older crop where good but the new ones are great if only they could manage to book Mschif my life would be complete :)

        • xxQOXxx

          Angel left WSU because Sean McCaffrey(previous WSU owner) had promised to sell WSU to her about 2 years ago but he then found out that she was planning to beat Mercedes Martinez in her first show as owner and ‘carry’ the company on her back.

          He didn’t like this and refused to sell it to her. In return she & Amber Oneal(Owner of ArenaChicks) booked Jessicka Havok(WSU’s next big star) to lose convincingly in the opening match of the first AC show to Orsini.

          This of course pissed him off and he’s never booked Orsini or O’Neal again.

          It’s all on his shoot interview that he did after he sold WSU.

        • DjayDay

          Oh, no way! Is it available? I wouldn’t sell the company to her either.

        • Getdownwithachola

          Thank you XXQOXXX now the mystery is solved, but to bad every time I hear or see WSU her image pops in my head >:(

      • xxQOXxx

        I don’t know, I got it from the old WSU site when it was first released but the sites down while they sort the new one.

        You could try asking Drew Cordeiro(New WSU owner) on facebook or twitter. He’s very fan friendly and will try to get you a copy, if he has it.

    • Number One

      So did I. Mercedes has been evil everywhere else (SHIMMER, Shine, NCW Femmes Fatales). Makes sense that she would be a heel in WSU.

    • Getdownwithachola

      The thing is….Lufisto is impossible as a heel since the fans will love her no matter what. While Marteniz is naturally heel due to her attitude and move-set in the ring not to mentioned her chola gimmick which is a 100% heel for sure.

  • Raekon

    Sad that they had so many complications due to the weather issues but it seems that the show still turned out very well. :)

    It’s too bad that their availability is very rare in the meantime but with all the indy promotions sharing their talent it kinda makes sense too.

    Would be great to have a iPPV again so I can watch.

    • Number One

      I was hoping that it was available in IPPV, mainly because I really wanted to see LuFisto/Martinez.

      • pumped up kicks

        I’m hate that is wasent an ippv! Lufisto vs Martinez and Havok vs Athena were the matches I wanted to see.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    I wonder what Melissa is think right now because Jessicka use her move the Air Raid Crash but did it from the top rope Holy Sh!t!!! is Jessicka trying to say you can’t hang with me if so she is so wrong I hope Jessicka did her homework because she is in for a real azz whipping coming up Mercedes Martinez easy a warm up Melissa is well schooled in Wrestling ask Sara Del Rey the battles they had are Epic the Feud is still one of the best around! Jessicka mess around with a sleeping dragon I hope she know what she is doing because the list that Melissa has beating is long and deep.

    just youtube her and you will see she is worldwide azz beater! bring a big lunch Jessicka and your Midwest geeks to NCW and they will go down just like you Jessicka Havok will be gone after Melissa hit the Kudo driver on her and her geeks! a little show to show what kind of stage Melissa is on!
    AJPW 06.11.2011 – Cheerleader Melissa vs Makoto
    Hikaru vs. Cheerleader Melissa (5/27/07)
    Cheerleader Melissa vs Wesna August 2nd 2008 – Rotherham, UK