Today in History: Trish Spoils Christy’s Big Surprise

On this day in history:

February 14th, 2005 | Trish Stratus felt that her spotlight was being stolen, and she wasn’t happy about it. The main target of her ire was recent Diva Search winner Christy Hemme. After taking Christy to task verbally, Trish proceeded to spoil what was sure to be a big announcement: Christy was posing for Playboy Magazine. Trish belittled Christy for this, calling her a slut for posing nude. Christy turned it around on Trish, accusing her of sleeping with most of the locker room. In response, Trish slapped her so hard she was knocked to the mat. And thus, a WrestleMania feud was born.

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  • Connor

    This was when the crowd really got behind the divas, you kinda saw it with Eve and the “Hoeski” chants. If the divas were allowed actual TV promos and backstage segments and not just “WWE App” tidbits then they could really have something.

  • XtinaAguilera

    I love this segment! One of my all time favorites for Divas.

  • TrishStratusFan

    One of my all time favorite segments with Trish. Trish’s heel run is my all time favorite Trish era. Christy got the iish smacked outta her :-)

  • OJ Von Erich

    Oh how I loved Christy Hemme, so much potential… It’s such a shame that a neck injury put her into an early retirement right ahead of her run as Knockout’s Champion ! :/

    • Jcott3

      Christy had a good attitude, wanted to learn and had a lot of potential, but a weakened Divas roster forced WWE to push her long before she was ready and she wound up labeled “all looks, no talent”. If WWE had taken their time and brought her up properly when she was ready, she could have been a huge star for them.

  • rodneyclint

    I actually loved this feud. Christy was green as grass but she had raw talent, just needed more training and some time. Trish as a heel was everything IMO.

    • AJFan95


  • Blacklighter05

    Christy was one of those girs you just wanted to succeed. She was so energetic and so lively that you wanted to see her make it big. It was a shame that she was in like only two real feuds in her WWE run. If the ‘E had invested enough time in her like they did with Eve, I think she could’ve been one of their top Divas. She was well on her way in TNA, too bad about her neck though.

    This segment to me was gold. I loved everything about it. I remember watching this and feeling so bad for Christy and desperately wanting someone to come out and help her. It just goes to show you that some charisma can take you a looooong way.

  • mr_socko

    Christy was just awesome in this programme. Although at the beginning of her career her in-ring skills were obviously very limited, I can think of very few divas who have ever displayed as much spunk, character and energy than her. She was brilliant.

    Likewise, she was really showing great potential in the Knockouts division before her feud with Awesome Kong was cut short due to injury.

    I think it is a testament to her genuine interest in the business that 9 years later, she is still part of TNA as their ring announcer. I think only Tara and Lilian have been around longer.

    • jonboi

      No its more to do with the HUGE paycheck that she’s lasted in the bizz

      • AJFan95

        Then why did she do indy shows when she was still active as a wrestler after her WWE release and even during her TNA run?

      • mr_socko

        @JONBOI so you know her salary do you?

        • jonboi

          @ajfan95 I only meant once she had her injury I know she had a passion for wrestling I only mean she will 40% be there for the biz but 60% for the cheque
          @ mr_soko its been well documented that christy gets a big pay for the job she’s doing she’s getting as much as active knockouts & no I don’t know how much that is but I’m sure u can find out as I say its been printed what she gets paid!!!!!

  • jonboi

    Why o why did lita have to get injured this couldve been one of the best WM divas matches in history!! Instead we were hit with trish vs christy the start of the playboy WM matches

    • aldo

      Yeah!! Even better than their match at the Main Event!

      • jonboi

        @ALDO its true. I think lita & trish wouldve blown the main event match out of the water lita was at her best just before the injury

    • Jcott3

      When Lita went down, they should have given the match to Victoria. I know WWE went with Christy to tie in her posing for Playboy, but she wasn’t anywhere near ready for a WrestleMania program.

      The Playboy tie-in matches actually began a year earlier, when Torrie Wilson and Sable did their joint spread. Stacy Keibler and Jackie Gayda complained that THEY should have been the ones in Playboy, leading to the awful “Playboy Evening Gown Match” and forcing Molly Holly to commit career suicide to get a women’s title match on the card.


    I’ve always thought that Christy was hyperreactive, is weird to see her only standing in TNA XD

  • Melissa

    Heel Trish >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone and dey moms

    • Ace Of Base

      I’d say Melina and Psycho Mickie James (tweener) were still better on the mic than Trish. Also Ivory in her RTC gimmick. I tthink Ivory in RTC is underrated because she’s not as pretty as Trish, but her work was very good as the prude spokeswoman of the group.

      I love Trish, but. I’ve always found her heel work to be average at best and bland more often than not. When she was placed against women such as Melina and Mickie on the mic, her inferiority in promo skills was exposed. Trish was far better than Jackie, Lita, Jazz and Victoria on the mic though.

      • Melissa

        Cool. My opinion still stands.

        • Gail-Trish-Brooke

          No female has ever been able to top Heel Trish on the mic.

      • Gail-Trish-Brooke

        Ace or Base: If you read Melissa’s comment right, she said HEEL TRISH. Trish was not heel against Mickie OR Melina.

        • fahkyooh

          Ace of Base, that’s the most hilarious thing I’ve heard all my life. Mickie James couldn’t do shit on the mic unless she was psycho and screaming, go watch her TNA promo’s and her work with McCool. She sounds SO cheesy, it’s not even funny. Melina was great on the mic but nothing compared to Trish, she’s had plenty of awkward moments with MnM while on the mic.

          Heel Trish came out and carried 5 minute promo’s better than most male superstars do today.

        • Ace Of Base

          Fahkyooh – You’re calling MJ cheesy?! =O Really?! REALLY!? There’s really no point in dissecting this little bit here. I love Trish as much as the next fan, but this is just ridiculous LMAO. Carry on the delusion, I see it is a very heavenly habitat. XD

    • Melissa

      Let me just make one thing perfectly clear before yet another dumb and very pointless infinity-shaped argument over who’s the definitive HBIC is created.

      The sole purpose of my comment was to express HOW MUCH I enjoyed Trish’s heel run. Nowhere in my comment did I specify other heel runs by other female performers and do a compare contrast or anything of that nature.

      Even if I did specify a favorite (I personally prefer big monster heels like Bull Nakano), no one gives a shit because it’s extremely subjective. Some people prefer snarky smart-ass heels like Trish, some prefer the high-school mean girl in Melina, some may go with the “fame got to my head” heel in Sable, some like the jealous outsider type heel in Molly, while others may even prefer the works of a slutty heel aka Lita. You can writeup an entire 5 page document supporting your claim that a certain girl is the greatest heel of all time, but it doesn’t matter because everyone has their own personal preference in terms of what TYPE of heel they even enjoy in the first place.

      • divaindemise

        *Applauds Melissa*

        • BillyGP


          Mickie’s promos are not cheesy she is good on the mic.

      • puppies

        Thank you, Melissa, for stopping what would’ve ultimately turned into 100+ comments worth of debating who’s better than who.

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    I loved this feud and especially heel Trish. Christy may have been greener than the grass on the other side but I got great entertainment out of this feud. One of my favorite Trish feuds.

  • redsandman99

    Trish’s personality shined so much better whenever she was a heel. It seemed like she clearly enjoyed sinking her teeth into all the stuff she did.

  • Ryan

    Haha Trish at her best.. Cocky sexy and could back it up.. B-)

    Christy Hemme rocks love her too
    Sexy biker chick with daring personality

  • divaindemise

    I don’t know whether it makes Christy’s pluck more impressive or whether it increases my admiration for Trish that she had to work double hard to put this over as a legitimate feud for the fans to care about. Either way I think the appeal of this storyline was a testament to both Christy’s boundless enthusiasm and Trish’s true talent as an all round performer.

  • BornChampion

    Heel Trish would have to be my Favorited Heel Diva. Along with Maryse.

    Great Post. I loved this segment.