NXT Watch (February 6th & February 13th, 2013): Summer Debuts In-Ring, Dani Debuts Backstage & Paige is in a Rage

NXT Paige vs Summer

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to a double whammy edition of NXT Watch. Bobby was going to recap last week’s backstage segment-fest episode of the show but unfortunately like Enrique Iglesias’ mole, the videos had disappeared off the face of the earth. However, fear not, as I have now managed to find last week’s goings-on to present to you alongside this week’s amazing action. First of all, let’s look at the two backstage segments from last week, the first of which features Renee Young and Summer Rae, with the second featuring Paige and Sasha Banks.

(Skip to 4:08 for Summer and Renee & to 9:55 for Paige and Sasha.)

Kicking off with last week’s action, we see a recap video of Summer’s attack on Paige from two weeks ago (one week ago in the context of the video) and NXT’s backstage interviewer Renee Young is standing by with Summer Rae. Renee asks Summer why she attacked Paige, to which the former/still-is (we’ll get to that on this week’s show) ring announcer explains that she has to stand in the ring week after week and act like the “cheerful, happy Diva” when infact, she is the prettiest Diva on NXT! She goes onto get a bit jealous of all the fan attention Paige gets before declaring that the ‘Anti-Diva’ is “ghastly to look at” – Summer is bringing the bitch! Summer finishes off by saying that like Paige, NXT is going to find out that “Summer School’s always in-session”. And with that finishing line, I have been won over and I’m now a fan!

Skipping slightly ahead in the video now and we see a disgruntled Paige backstage with NXT Commissioner, Dusty Rhodes, and I don;t know if it’s just me, but he definitely resembles a member of the Simpsons cast. Anyway, ‘The American Dream’ tells Paige to calm down but she is having none of it. Paige asks Dusty to do something about what Summer did to her, and if he doesn’t, she will. Paige storms off before Dusty calls her back but before Dusty can get another word in, Paige says that shes going to get Summer back in the best way she knows how; by ripping her lips off her face! Paige then says that if Dusty doesn’t give her Summer next week, there won’t even be a show next week. With her threat definitely put across, Paige begins to back off, but she bangs right into Sasha Banks and tells her to get our of her way!

Sasha asks Dusty is everything is ok, before Dusty rambles on about something I cannot decipher but then he proceeds to congratulate Sasha on her first win a few weeks back before telling her that another letter has arrived from her secret admirer. The message reads:

“Next week, is Valentines Day

And I can’t think of a better way

To show my affection than with PDA

Your Secret Admirer”

Sasha gasps in delight before Dusty dreams out loud about PDA-ing with Paige! *vomits*

Thoughts: Week 1 was a pretty fun week, full of excellent examples of mic time from all the girls involved. After seeing Summer turn, I wasn’t sure how well she would play a heel but I thought she did fantastic at portraying someone who is obsessed with the limelight and is sick of taking a back seat. From her facial expressions to her body language, Summer had me sold and I am now definitely a fan.

As for Paige, she also did very well in her backstage segment. I love how she is only looking out for herself and didn’t care about the way she spoke to an authority figure in Dusty, Sasha and she definitely doesn’t care about stopping an entire NXT broadcast. Passionate work from Paige, and being honest, I thought it seemed a little forced at times, but nevertheless, I enjoyed her work and after all, this is wrestling, it’s over-the-top and not real! What you didn’t know it was scripted? Oh…

Finally onto Sasha, who I definitely believe will be Fandango’s right hand woman! From the vignettes so far, Fandango seems to be a charmer and Sasha did accompany him once or twice at live events as a valet, so you never know. Sasha’s reaction was pretty believable, albeit she did seem a bit unperturbed about PDA, and everyone knows that a public display of affection is the worst! And with that… oh wait, we’re not finished yet. Onto this week!

Before the point that this video has started, Summer Rae is once again ring announcing but thankfully, the video creator has skipped the majority of the entrances of these two jobbers that even Bobby probably doesn’t care about (and he loves everyone on NXT). As Jobber B is entering Full Sail, out storms Paige from behind him and she has those evil eyes set on Summer! Paige blasts through the ring at Summer, but Paige is the bronchitis to Summer’s Sweet Brown and Summer ain’t got time for that. Paige chases after her attacker as NXT’s (in my opinion) appalling announcer Tony Dawson nearly ruins the segment with his commentary. Paige gets back in the ring and grabs a mic and says that unless Summer gets back in the ring, the show is being held hostage! The bearded jobber then tries to reason with Paige but she just slaps the hair off his face and screams at him to get out of her ring – MARK OUT MOMENT!

The addictive theme of Dusty Rhodes then hits (so what that I like it!) and he demands that Paige get out of the ring immediately. Paige declares that she isn’t going anywhere but before referees can try and get her out, Summer charges onto the stage and tells Paige that she is the “first lady of NXT” and will not be interrupted. Paige rushes up the ramp and tries to hit Summer, who is using Dusty Rhodes as a shield. It seemed to be a pretty effective shield as Paige looks to have injured her arm in the process. After a bit of screaming here and a bit of hair-pulling there, the NXT officials manage to pull the two apart.

The video has then conveniently cut to Summer’s entrance for the match (hooray for ignoring Mr. Dawson) and Summer struts her stuff on the way to the ring. Her entrance theme is pretty cool and her entrance is pretty unique, so props to Summer for that. Summer’s sultry club beat dies down as Paige’s rock anthem begins to play and the audience go crazy. Paige has a “I can’t wait to get my hands on you” look on her face, and trust me Paige, I can’t wait for you to get your hands… or hand (her arm is injured) on Summer either! As Paige takes off her jacket, it’s clear to see that she has her arm taped-up, but will that hinder her enough to lose for the first time in a long time?

The bell sounds and Paige guns right for Summer and Lou Thesz Presses her to the ground! Paige is writhing at Summer’s face (which reminds me, does anyone think she looks a bit like the singer Anastacia?) As I begin to hum Anastacia’s hit song ‘I’m Outta Love’, the ref pulls Paige off of Summer. As Paige is being restricted, Summer uses her long legs to kick right at Paige’s injured arm. Following a jumping armbar takedown, Summer manages to get a two count and she is undeterred by Paige kicking out, as she starts to pull the Anti-Diva’s hair.

Summer starts to trash talk the Norwich native and drops her knees right across Paige’s injured arm. ‘Hell in Boots’ then begins to experience hell on earth as Summer drops a leg on Paige’s arm before locking in a slick looking short-arm scissors. Although Paige is screaming in pain, she somehow manages to backward roll out of Summer’s submission and she gets a two count. The ‘Enchanting Raven Haired Lady’ then wallops Summer with her patented thrust kick to the stomach before tossing Summer across the ring by the hair. She then starts stomping a mudhole right into Summer, who rolls onto the apron.

Paige’s anger then leads her to try and follow Summer to the outside but Ms. Rae is definitely more savvy than we all think, and she wrenches Paige’s injured shoulder over the middle rope. Summer then gets back into the ring, hits a pretty sloppy looking Roundhouse Kick and gets the win. Paige’s winning streak has finally came to an end, and a new wrestling Diva is well and truly on the scene. Also, speaking of new Divas, after the match, Dani debuts and presents Sasha Banks with another letter from the secret admirer. The letter reads that Sasha will find out the identity of the writer next week! Even though Dani wasn’t named on screen, we’ll name you here Dani. You did well and you looked hot!

Thoughts: This whole episode was pretty much faultless. Whilst it wasn’t groundbreaking, it was exciting, entertaining and an example of how WWE should treat their main roster Divas, as opposed to just sticking them in segments on WWE Active. The show started amazingly with Paige representing her character brilliantly by attempting to hold NXT hostage. She even got some of the male Superstars to get out the ring, which was awesome. The brawl was also very fun and the introduction of an injury angle was solid story-telling; it allowed Paige to lose but not without good reason. She is hurt and Summer’s played the perfectly bitchy heel by taking advantage of the injury in the ring.

Before I get onto the match, I want to comment on Summer’s entrance. At times, it’s hard to see someone stand out and manage to create their own unique entrance but I definitely think Summer did that. Whilst the hair flips are obviously doing to be compared to Maryse, I thought Summer’s pose on the ramp and on the top rope were both very unique and played into her character. As for Paige’s entrance, her expression towards Summer was great, and who doesn’ t love her scream? I love it, hence why Paige is on my laptop background, phone background, Twitter cover photo… ok you get it, I’m a massive fan!

As for the match, whilst it was short, it was solid, and the length of the match made sense due to Paige being unable to carry on due to such a nasty injury. Summer was more than competent in the ring and Paige’s selling was excellent. There was a lot of hype going into the match and it certainly did not disappoint! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • charovnica

    I absolutely loved EVERYTHING about this show as far as the divas go.I loved the opening segment where Paige lived up to her words and kept the show hostage till she got what she wanted. I love Summer Rae too.She is quite good and I know people will give her hate and say how she acts all Maryse-que,but I think her entrance is quite original & her behaviour is not a copying of Maryse,but rather just a blond girl that thinks too much of herself.
    Paige is so natural on the mic,she doesn’t seem forced as many of the other girls.

    The match was short,but it made sense.Paige sold that fake injury so well that the people there and the (s)marks over here all believed it was true.I like that NXT let people have fun and do things you usually don’t see.Hope it will translate to the main shows someday.

    As for Sasha…I just hate her acting…I love her in the ring,but she needs to work on those backstage segments.

    • Melissa

      Sasha needs to walk her ass to a McDonalds and take an order. Bitch cannot talk to save her life. RIP

      • Getdownwithachola

        Who fucking cares a damn wrestler can talk or not this wrestling not soap opera.

  • http://twitter.com/sieghrt sieghrt

    Wow, I am surprised with the way Paige speaks, f*ckin’ sick! I love her accent, though, I honestly think that they should still build her up when it comes to segments though. As for Summer, well, I am quite shocked :)) She’s like the the combination of Maryse’s bitchy in ring attitude and the way Michelle McCool does her way on the ring. Need some more build up and I bet they’d be better than, waaay better than the current divas’ roster. As for the match, well it it way awesome-r than the ones we saw in the main roster.

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    There is no other word for this but… FLAWLESS!

    This is a fine case of WWE getting it EXACTLY RIGHT for a change!

    Is it me or has NXT always been the most entertaining show, they’re finally getting back to the height of it’s Bate-Max entertainment!


    • Flawless

      Th\at would be AWESOME! I LOVE PAIGE TO BITS and summer’s entrance is great!

  • DJ8946

    Is it me or whenever Paige is talking it sounds like she gonna cry? Also Summer Rae’s kick wasnt sloppy to me. It was just the angle even though I think she should use something like the Mick Kick as a finisher. & I dont see Sasha as his valet. Emma would be better suited to do it because 1. She already has a dancing gimmick & 2. Then we would have 2 high flying heel divas which we don’t need. Also I say the tweet when Dani got the dress. She was with Anya.

    • charovnica

      She was attacked by someone she wasn’t thinking would be her enemy.Her tone is exactly of a pissed off person.

    • xx_swayme

      I agree, her voice was a bit shaky.. Hopefully she works on that if that is how she sounds when she is suppose to be pissed off cause it wasn’t convincing at all for me.

  • Ace Of Base

    OMG, Paige and Summer need to be on RAW! They’re awesome and so engaging! There’s so many layers there and they’re a breath of fresh air! Why aren’t they on RAW yet? They’re ready!!

  • nickossf

    i hate to be the one that saying that….but summer looks a lot like maryse…..the hair,the flip,the little jump around thing she does,even the gear and the leggings…..other than that,the whole act was pretty good!!!nxt divas r great

    • Slapavel

      Took the words our of my mouth

  • http://www.youtube.com/xDivatoxicV3 MiPiMafia

    NXT over the past month has been great. With Triple H being rumored to not not really being a ‘fan’ of the divas, he sure as hell doesn’t put that statement over the past weeks due to what we have been seeing.

    anywho, onto the stuff. I have to agree with Jack, i do think Dani will be Fandango’s valet as he is set to debut soon so who knows. I’m thinking it could be Anya who is playing mind games with Sasha and then when Sasha reads her final letter, she turns around and Anya attacks her. There is something about Sasha’s acting that doesn’t connect me with. If she does become a valet for Fandango, she will need to learn how to dance and act but on the flip side, she does seem to be a good babyface.

    Now to my new favourite diva, Summer Rae (Sorry AJ & Naomi but i’m a sucker for blonde heel stuck up divas) i can’t help but not be a fan of hers, i was even one when she was the GM at FCW as she was given the chance to show her mic skills. When it came to her in-ring skills, i hadn’t had a clue until a match on Youtube came up with her against Audrey and Paige w/ Summer being the babyface and tbh, she came off well. Her interview backstage, I think she did very well.

    On this weeks show, i thought the hostage/brawl segment was amazing. When the spoilers came out about Paige’s arm, i thought she honestly injured it but looking at the show, it’s obvious that it was a injury angle as it gave the bookings to book Paige to loose without looking weak. Onto the match, it was sure hyped alot but the time limit made it bad for me. If it was given another 2 minutes, it would have looked better but what they were given was great. The finisher from Summer looked ok, but it looked sloppy because it didn’t actually connect, it swung passed Paige’s arms. For a finisher, it can be ok, depending on how it’s done and it can be connected quickly. i do expect at the next set of tapings to be featured around paige and summer, with 3 shows to tape, it could easily be:
    week 1: paige/sasha vs summer/audrey
    week 2: paige/sasha/layla vs summer/audrey/emma
    week 3: paige vs summer

    As for Summer’s entrance, her theme was giving me an Owl City wibe (don’t know about anyone else). Now, obviously, Summer is going to be compared to Maryse but at times, it can’t be helped because summer flips her hair, she has the attitude like maryse but she is different to maryse. Summer has the whole ‘first lady of NXT’ thing going on and the gimmick seems to leading off from where Raquel Diaz left it because if Raquel was still there, Summer may not have debuted. Summer is different to maryse, yeah sure, she is blonde, a heel, does a hair flip, wears a similar attire and near enough has the same attitude as her but summer vibes it off differently. The reason why some of the people compare summer to maryse is for 1 reason and 1 reason only, she does a hair flip. maryse is gone from the company, it’s good to see something different in the division. oh, and another comparison summer may have is to maria, because she calls herself the ‘first lady of ROH’ so what, that’s ROH, this is WWE.

    As for summer’s attire, i love it, i’ve seen a few attires of hers now and she looks beautiful. I’d love to see summer make it to the main roster before the year ends.

    all in all, I LOVE SUMMER RAE.

  • Spike7000

    Anya mentioned recently on her twitter that she was filming some stuff for WWE cameras. Not sure for what but my guess is her Coming Soon promos for NXT

    I think Judas Devlin is Sasha’s mystery admirer because the Poet angle is suited for him.

    I loved the interaction of Paige and Summer on the top of the entrance ramp. It reminded me when after Trish had a match with Ivory on RAW in 2002 and Tara was doing commentary then both girls got into a fight on the top of the entrance ramp. I also loved how the crowd chanted You can’t wrestle and booed Summer when she pinned Paige

    • Jake

      All of them filmed stuff. Just updated studio shots of them posing like in their entrance videos.

    • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

      I personally found that really rude as they had no evidence to back that chant up, I usually love the NXT crowd, but that took them down a notch in my opinion…

      It’s not as if she’d Lacey Von Erich’d in a previous match! :S

      • Jake

        Yeah, I found that chant strange. She was only doing a submission. lol

  • xBananaPancake

    LOVE Summers entrance! I wish the match was a little bit longer but it was still decent. And i really hope Anya is Sasha secret admirer

  • Melissa

    We all knew Paige was flawless, but can we just take a second to talk about how (surprisingly) flawless Summer Rae is too? I had frakking NO idea this girl was so technically sound. Of course we didn’t get the opportunity to see much of her arsenal given the short time, but she needs to ditch that spin kick (it’s not bad, but…) she seems perfectly capable of delivering something worth shaking and crying to. I also heard this girl used to be a football player? Ya I’m not at all surprised tbh. Who knew this Paris Hilton bitch can GO honey.

    Paige is a goddess. That’s that.

    Okay let’s be real tho, Summer Rae and Paige need to get this rivalry going on Raw, SD, PPV, CNN, and The Oprah Winfrey Network, because BLESS these two girls… THEY ARE GIVING ME LIFE AGAIN. CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH

    • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich



    • Getdownwithachola

      We need more commentators like you on diva dirt lol

    • DjayDay

      I think Summer may be my favorite Diva now. Can’t even hate her. She’s good on a mic, good in the ring, got a cool entrance. What more do we need from this girl?

  • GailKim95

    That was an awesome build up and match! Why WWE doesn’t take notes from NXT is beyond me, but this is how to have a feud. Also its nice to see other girls have side stories too like Sasha and her secret admirer. Can’t wait to see how this plays out!! I am LOVING NXT right now!!!!

  • Jake

    Everything was amazing from top to bottom. From what I’ve seen, Summer is pretty great for somebody who has only had a year of training. Paige, Sasha and even Dani also did a fine job with what they were given this week and last.

  • gingerjaffa

    The video taken down, but it’s also on dailymotion :) paige is still the most over person in nxt which is awesome!

  • wwesvrrocks101

    Summer reminds me of Maryse and Angelina Love.

  • DjayDay

    Definitely impressed. Paige, as per usual, killed it. For me though, the star of the show was Summer Rae. I had seen some of her house show work as was impressed off of how well she did for how green she was. But, I was even more shocked in this match to see how grounded she was technically. She didn’t seem wobbly, or stiff, she was completely solid and came off almost as good as Paige, not to say wrestling wise they match up, but in terms of building her up, she couldn’t have gotten over better. I’d say with a couple more matches on NXT TV, she’ll be ready to go. I wouldn’t call her up with Paige, but based off of this, it shouldn’t be too much longer. Oh, and her kick…wasn’t even close to sloppy. She had her leg extended perfectly, if it came off bad, it was the angle or Paige’s selling, and I doubt it was Paige’s problem.

    • Melissa

      “But, I was even more shocked in this match to see how grounded she was technically.”

      This is the truth.

  • http://aksanahq.com Aksana

    I am in love with Paige and Summer. I understand we haven’t seen a lot from Summer, but from what we have seen I am impressed. This feud could be amazing given they get the right amount of time. It baffles me why the main roster talent aren’t getting as much storyline progression as these 2 young women are. Fantastic episode of NXT, and I am not ashamed to say I am a HUGE fan of Summer’s entrance music.

    P.S, does anyone else find it really difficult to believe these 2 hate eachother after seeing some of the pictures of them on Summer’s twitter?! They look like BFF’s!

  • puppies

    Absolute flawlessness, from both girls. Summer is definitely one of my faves to watch now. The girls is great. She’s got the mic skills, in-ring skills, the look, and a great character. Paige was so awesome, she showed just how ruthless she truly is and that the “anit-diva” shit is legit. The best part of it all, besides the fact that WWE did something wonderful with the Divas (even if it’s on the developmental roster), was that this feud is beyond the point of being just promising. It’s already great, and it practically writes itself. Cannot wait to see more.

    The crazy thing is, NXT is way shorter than RAW, lacks a divas title, and yet they still seem to put more effort into the girls over there. All they need to do is translate the things they do on NXT into the main roster and I genuinely believe the Divas could be on par with the KOs. Hell, maybe better if TNA doesn’t step up their game a bit.

  • Mario

    Even though the match was short Paige and Summer did amazing, i’m definitely a fan of both. Summer’s entrance was really cool and her bitchy character was amazing! As far as Sasha goes i really hope Fandango is not her secret admire!!
    Overall i LOVED this episode of nxt.

  • http://twitter.com/DirrtySexyFunny Little Red

    I am in love with Summer Rae.

    • Getdownwithachola

      Just checked out your twitter account :)

      You are pretty naughty :p

      • http://twitter.com/DirrtySexyFunny Little Red

        Hahahaha what’s that supposed to mean?

        • Getdownwithachola

          Your pictures lol

  • divaindemise

    Summer Rae doesn’t give me Maryse vibes at all, to be honest. If anything, I picture her as a more confident, athletic Stacy Keibler. Her promo was alright, but the heel mannerisms during the match were sheer perfection. I like the potential of this feud. More, please.

    • xx_swayme

      Agreed. While I can see Maryse in the obvious hair-flip, since the day she was signed I always said she looked more like the love-child of Michelle and Stacy..

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    Summer is a STAR. She will be big. LOVE her finisher, and she already moves very well in and out of the ring. Her mic work was a little over the top. But better that she is giving too much, rather than not enough.

  • http://twitter.com/berrybryant berrybryant

    And…. I already can imagine Summer’s entrance pose to be included in RAW opening intro… It will be so cool!

  • DivaDestiny

    Summer Rae <3 I think she needs to work on the mic a bit more but I really enjoyed the match! Love her attire, entrance, and exit too.

  • redsandman99

    Loved this weeks’ show. Summer and Pagie’s feud has me so hooked. Polar opposite characters clashing and it’s just fantastic. Writers on the main roster need to take notes because THIS is how you use your divas division. You give them balls to run with and not stick crap on the dumb WWE App so nobody knows it’s there.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    like everyone has been saying just wow, at all the build up for the women on NXT’ from Sasha and her secret admirer and the Paige adn SUmmer Rae feud, has been fantastic

    Loved how Paige took control of the show, and showed the men who was boss and even Dusty standing up to him, was kinda hoping for more in the match, but it told a story like with Paiges arm begin injured and everything like, so i am fine with Summer winning the match, it was something unexpected :)

    and also very very shocked to see Dani appearing, even though it wasnt really a big part, but very shocked

    i am hoping for Anya soon please please