Amy Lee: Luna Vachon Should be in WWE Hall of Fame

lunaIndependent veteran Amy Lee isn’t one to mince her words, and mince she didn’t as she blasted WWE for not recognizing her former mentor Luna Vachon with an induction into its Hall of Fame following the announcement that Trish Stratus will be the latest addition to its Diva wing.

The controversial WSU star made the comments in an interview with Kayfabe Wrestling Radio amidst a foul-mouthed diatribe against WSU wrestler-turned-WWE Diva AJ Lee (not suitable for print!), batting for the late wrestler’s inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

Amy, who posthumously inducted Luna into the WSU Hall of Fame following her tragic death in August 2010, said: “What angers me is, here is Luna — you had her aunt, you had her stepfather, you had her uncle… they were in the business. She was trained by [Fabulous] Moolah, who is in your Hall of Fame. You don’t put Luna Vachon there? God forbid you have her uncles accept on her behalf or her sons?”

“Oh, wait. That’s right. Back in 2000, you told her she was a great wrestler but not pretty enough for TV when you fired her.”

Despite her grievances with Luna’s lack of induction, the notoriously hard to please wrestler did praise Trish, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on April 6th.

She said: “Trish did good for herself. She went from a fitness model to a wrestler and she did a very nice job. I’m not knocking that.”

Listen to the clip below:

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  • Queen Bee

    She is drinking the jealousy Juice when it comes to AJ

  • Aksana

    I listened to the interview and I was utterly disgusted with Amy Lee. The comments she made about AJ were ridiculous. She sounded mad jealous of all of AJ’s success. I don’t believe it’s too early for Trish to be inducted. It’s not about what time you’re in the WWE, it’s about what you do in that time and Trish pretty much did it all. Luna does deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame nonetheless.

  • litafan2000

    The Aj situation I disagree with her but Luna should have been in hall of fame before Sunny if anything. Sucks they only induct one woman at a time.

    • Looking Glass

      How? Sunny was one of the most prominent women of her time. I’m not knocking Luna at all, she paid her dues and she was unique but her tenure was never that successful and she was used more as a manger than a wrestler (which doesn’t meant she shouldn’t be inducted at all) what I’m saying is, she was like Jazz to an extent. You knew she was tough and despite success she was always there to put someone else over and I feel like the fact she died makes me people glorify her WWE run when as a singles competitor, it never really went anywhere.

      Oh and I love how Amy Lee has to bash people to become relevant for all of the seven minutes it takes to listen to the interview. AJ would’ve been told to go to the top of the cage, so why would they fire her for it? Don’t worry Amy, I’m sure you’ll get that call from WWE HQ any day now…

  • divaindemise

    I can’t listen to this so can someone inform me of the fifth she said about AJ?

    • Ace Of Base

      She was just being honest in her opinion. She was very foul mouthed dropping FBombs and Bitch and etc… Saying AJ slept her way to WWE and that Luna should be in the HoF. Also that Trish earned it and that they can make rooom for Pete Rose and not Luna? It angered her a lot. I like her a lot actually, it was pretty funny lmao. Sure she needs to be less vulgar, but ill tell ya its pretty hilarious!

      • Raekon

        @Ace Of Base
        I remember watching their iPPV and someone from the crowd said something bad when she was in the middle of the ring announcing stuff for the show and she went at him like: “you disrespect me one more time bitch and I will throw you outside of the building!!!”. :p

  • christopher_cc

    she just hating cause sunny and aj are more successful than her

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    WOW’ i find this disgrace full and i lost alot of respect for Amy Lee !!!!!!!!!, wow just disrespectful unreal

    yes, Luna was in WWE’ and she didnt get the respect she probably deserved back then, but really i think people on make a big deal out of Luna, and were she got in the WWE, was because she was in the wrestling business before WWE, and her family and I find alot of people like amy lee etc go off that as to why Luna should be inducted because of her family name, and what she did before of WWE or travel around the world or how many companies you work for , but to me the WWE Hall of Fame, is about the impact you made while in WWE’ but im sorry to me Luna didnt do really anything for me while in WWE, she jobbed alot and then would get fired and rehired etc, her feud with Sable was really her hightlight for me, so i think for her to say, Luna deserves to be in before Trish, I completely disagree Trish is really the definition of begin a WWE,

    and really there is alot more women who deserve to go into the WWE before Luna, Lita, Sable, Alundra Blayze those women paved the way

    and as far as the Aj lee comments, her disgracing her for sucking Jay Lethal, and everything, thats usually what you do when you date somebody, duhh dumb ass

    and i feel as though , she is just jealous of AJ, that she has got to the most important company in the wrestling business, and Amy Lee hasnt, and really as far as the steel cage, really really really i dont think it was ever planned for WWE to have her jump into the cage, so dont bash her for the not jumping it is part of the plan, duhhh

    • Raekon

      You can’t be serious putting Sable, Lita and Trish over Luna.

      Most of all since Luna was the wrestler that made Sable look like one when she wasn’t one.

      Luna could wrestle a mop and make it look like a monster performer and several wrestlers already confirmed that.

      Sable of course received all the recognition backstage without even saying a simple thank you to Luna for making her look like a threat and like a in ring competitor when she wasn’t one.

      She took all the “woohooo you are great Sable” and demanded to get even more without giving a shit about the female wrestlers that helped her.

      I remember reading on once when Luna said how she worked a match with Sable putting her over and then when they went backstage everyone celebrated with Sable, having champange and confetti on “how great” she was, while Luna just kept walking without anyone else except of Owen Hart giving her some recognition and respect for what she just had done.

      Couldn’t had Sable said “Wait folks! it wouldn’t had worked if it wasn’t for Luna! Thank you.” or anything at all to show some appreaciation?

      Of course she could, but she didn’t care enough as long as she got the spotlight and was celebrated as a star.

      So much about Sable.

      Don’t know how much you have watched with Luna but after she was in Japan in her earlier years and several indy stuff before, she started in FCW and had several feuds and pairings in her run in the WWE (Bam Bam Bigelow, HBK and Goldust comes to mind).

      So it’s not that she didn’t do anything noticeable, it was just that Vince wanted to have only “pretty girls” on the top and released her afterwards because she didn’t had the look they wanted, when the WWE went the “Diva” way.

      Funny fact, the whole gimmick and the head shave was given to her by them cause they wanted her to be the monster heel she was.

      At least Trish aknowledges what Victoria, Ivory, Jazz, Jaqueline, Molly and all the other girls did for her and how they helped her to become what she became.

      • Looking Glass

        But at the end of the day Luna was making people look good, to the casual fan, they don’t see it like that they just see it as Sable or whoever winning a match and Luna losing. Trish wouldn’t be in the HoF if it weren’t for Molly, Jazz, Jackie, Lita and Ivory putting her over but the fact you ‘put someone over’ isn’t worthy of an induction. Like I said, Luna was an amazing character, but she was better known for managing rather than wrestling because she was just there to fill the void and make someone else look better.

        HoF celebrates people who achieved and while Luna had a decorated career, she doesn’t stand out. It’s harsh but it’s true and the HoF is there for people who have stood out, regardless of whether they actually deserve it.

        Also I think the wrestling politics were different back then, Sable didn’t have to go on record and say thankyou because people weren’t as aware how wrestling was put together, now people look to see who carries matches and if it’s not said then it’s just seen as disrepesctful. Not saying Sable wasn’t in the wrong, but if she just went on record and thanked those who got her where she is, then it would ruin the credibility of wrestling itself.

        • Raekon

          @Looking Glass

          You are right that the casual viewer only cares for the winners mostly.

          However, Luna was more involved in things and feuds prior and after sable as far as I remember.

          Various stables, managing, wrestling, feuding with the champion (Alundra), “bringing in and managing Bull Nakano” and more.

          Sable instead showed her boobs and butt 24/7 to get over while the commentators talked only about her boobs and butt 24/7.

          Had a contract that said “no bumps”, complained about everything that didn’t go her way and was THAT butthurt when she had to drop the title to Terry, that she kept tearing Terrys clothes off after the match was over, throwing a tantrum on national tv.

          Such a person is not HoF worthy for me and never will.

          Luna always stood out alone through her looks.
          Like she always said “it takes balls to be a caterpillar in a world full of butterflies” (so true!).

          Attires, mic work, in ring work, gimmick, she was the full package and always managed to get a reaction.

          She could had been gold but they used her like as a jobber 24/7.

          The only reason she won a gown match vs Sable was so Sable can be naked and show her “goods” to the public again. -.-

          Sable wouldn’t had to go on TV and say thank you.

          Saying a thank you from person to person between coworkers shows appreaciation towards each other, showcasing that you aknowledge what they do for you and how they help you with things you are not familiar or need help with.

          Take Kaitlyn and Layla as example when they had a backstage interview, Kaitlyn showed her appreaciation confirming on how much Layla has helped her, saying that she is very thankfull for that and that Layla is an amazing person.

          A simple thank you doesn’t hurt anyone, nor does it take any credibility away in my opinion.

          At least Molly, Jazz, Jaqueline, Ivory and Lita got some recognition and had their championship runs.

          Jaqueline was also given some credit recently which was a very nice thing to see. :)

      • Kessuki

        sable is a joke and the longer the wait for her to be inducted, the better.

        she cares about money and herself, she’s never loved wrestling or appreciated the wrestlers like luna who had to carry her nasty ass. not to mention the way she treated wwe over the years with lawsuits im not shocked that they inducted sunny before her.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Aren’t AJ and Jay lethal related? (on tna they showed her as being family of jay lethal) Why would she do those things? That amy girl is just jealous..

    • redsandman99

      No they aren’t related. Jay trained her and they dated back in her indy days.

  • k2evecrew

    She’s rude when it comes to AJ she should be happy seeing a indies women wrestler getting success in wwe that’s hard to come by these days. As for Trish everyone’s gonna have a opinion about it but at the end of the day wwe is gonna do what they want Luna does deserve a spot though

  • i22

    I was listening to this yesterday, her comments on AJ scream jealously. I mean attacking her for mistakes she mad when she was a green rookie and then going off about her not jumping off the cage, if WWE wanted AJ to jump she would’ve jumped off. I also think it’s pathetic how some people think the only way for a woman to get on top is by blowing someone in power, not saying that it doesn’t happen but as a another woman herself she should give her peers a bit more credit. I mean if Jay Lethal has all these connections why couldn’t he get himself a contract with WWE? Amy is just a hot mess lol.

    • J.D.C.D.

      I couldn’t agree with this more. The other points that Amy Lee made about Luna, and Trish were valid but the AJ stuff was perplexing to me. Who wouldn’t make mistakes when they were green or new. As we all have seen AJ has improved with her promos and in ring work.

  • charovnica

    I gotta say this woman is so bitter she’s not at AJ’s spot.Wether the wrestling is good or not everyone wants to be in the WWE.AJ earnd her spot there.

  • velvelove

    What a bitch.
    That is all.

  • Nostalgia

    What a fat ugly jealous bitch. She’s mad because AJ got further than she ever will

  • mpezza

    I personally found this frickin’ hilarious.

    • DivaDestiny

      I did as well. :)

      • pumped up kicks

        Same here…. i’m an aj fan but I couldn’t help but laugh

  • puppies

    She sounds to bitter against AJ.

  • Blackbohnster

    jealous is in the air…. everywhere I look around…. *sings*

  • redsandman99

    The stuff she said about AJ is ridiculous. I don’t usually jump on the jealousy wagon but this time I will. As for the Luna part, she deserves in for sure and personally I think she should have gone in at least before Sunny. But at the end of the day, the actual order isn’ta huge thing. Woman needs to take a chill pill.

  • StratusXtreme

    Meh.. It’s no big deal about what she said. She’s entitled to her own opinion. Besides, she made some good points about the Inductions and gave Trish her dues. None of us really know any of the Divas on a personal level, or know what goes on behind closed doors.

  • rodneyclint

    Wow, she is just a hot mess. It’s like she doesn’t know how the business works. Obviously if they wanted AJ to jump off a cage that’s what would’ve happened. But this is NOT TNA, it’s the WWE and girls do not perform spots like that anymore. Jealousy is not a good look on this lady.

  • cockyflow

    I actually really like her.. I am no shape or form a AJ Lee fan she’s boring, has a terrible sense of style and is not the cutest thing around but hey not a hater KUdos too her but I see what the girl is saying. AJ and Kaitlyn are terrible and cant carry the torch properly at all.

  • Melissa

    Who is Amy Lee? The singer from Evanescence?

  • Melissa

    I love how this miserable oaf was criticizing AJ for staying on top of the cage, when in actuality that’s what management told her to do.

  • DJ8946

    Who does this bitch think she is? This is ridiculous. Im surprised she didnt say anything about Kaitlyn too. & BTW AJ probably would have did it if she was told too., but she wasnt.

  • igotthatpma123

    Lmao that shoot was too damn funny…. I flatlined when she said to aj “it’s malia hosaka you dumb bitch”!!! I can’t i just can’t.

  • TCsinger09

    WOW this girl is absolute white trash

  • fahkyooh

    Someone put a big mac in this fat trashes mouth and shut her the hell up!