Raw Redux (February 18th, 2013): The Division’s M.I.A., but Naomi and Rosa Are Here to Save the Day

Good afternoon ladies and gents, and allow me to welcome you to this weeks Raw Redux. If you had been expecting Cryssi to show up to the festivities, I’m sorry to disappoint you. But it is I, Bobby, here. And I am ready to recap the action. The last time we had an actual Raw Redux, I believe it was the infamous Raw Roulette which just so happened to land on a Las Vegas Showgirl Lumberjill Match (which I don’t remember seeing on the wheel, but let’s just try to forget it ever happened and not even ask questions). Since then, the division has sort of went missing from Raw and SmackDown until last Friday night when Layla and Tamina Snuka took center stage on the blue brand.

And then we have last night at Elimination Chamber when Kaitlyn defeated Tamina to retain the Divas title. Most of the Divas were looking on backstage, perhaps signaling something interesting brewing? Well it turned out to be another red herring when it comes to the females because hardly any of them were seen tonight. What we did get though, I’m not going to lie, felt like Christmas come early to this recapper considering it contained my personal favorite of the females. Brodus Clay, Tensai (who I’m actually… liking now. Please don’t judge me), and Naomi teamed up to take on the trio of Primo, Epico, and Rosa Mendes in mixed tag team action. Planet Funk’s opposing Funkadactyl, Cameron, also made her presence felt as she cheered her mixed group of three on from ringside… literally! She had pom pom’s and all.

Rounding out our Diva delights for the night are appearances from AJ Lee and a woman whose identity remains a mystery to me, so let’s jump right into the action and then we can get to asking if Groundhog’s Day actually in some way meant that we would be getting six weeks of not seeing Kaitlyn on our screens. Or also questioning if the Divas Title is legitimately cursed because she’s not the first to win it and then mysteriously vanish from TV.

P.S. – If this becomes some sort of Funkadactyl appreciation post, I’m sorry in advance. It helps if I know when their matches are coming ahead of time so I can prepare myself. If I annoy anyone, please don’t resist to contact me through Twitter and I’ll send you a complimentary gift basket filled with every Adele CD known to man because… well, everybody loves Adele.

Rumor has it, I’ve been watching this video nonstop for the past few hours and can probably write up the entire thing off the top of my head, but just to be sure I get this correct, I’ll recap as I watch. Ahem… the funky dance music of Brodus Clay hits and out walks he, Tensai, Naomi, and Cameron. Suddenly, they’re cut off by the theme music of Primo and Epico. The duo storms out alongside Rosa Mendes. And truth be told, I thought this was a tag team match until Rosa’s kneepads came into view. As all seven stand near the ring, it appears that Naomi has been blessed with the opportunity to compete tonight! Following my own personal ceremonious victory dance (P.S. – I love Cameron as well, but I have been waiting for this moment and hopefully she understands), the bell sounds and the Divas kick things off.

Rosa slaps Naomi in the back of the head, which fires her up as she Irish Whips Mendes off the ropes. Naomi lands that vivacious booty call from her FCW days, which brings me visions of bright green spandex, braids, and sneakers. Rosa scurries into the corner nearby, but Naomi is hot on her hip swaying trail. She goes for another Irish whip; however, Rosa counters this one and sends her flying into the corner. Naomi doesn’t let that stop her from getting the upper hand though, as she simply flips over the turnbuckle and lands on her feet on the ring apron! From there, she drills Rosa with a shot to the face and leaps off the top rope with a springboard crossbody for a two count!

Epico seems to have a problem with this, and while I like to believe this was done just to cause me to explode with joy, Naomi runs forward and plants him with a hurricanrana! He flies to the outside of the ring, while Rosa runs over and tags in Primo. Tensai charges in and takes Primo down with a set of clotheslines and an elbow. Epico now breaks things up and slides to the outside once again to check on Mamacita Mendes. Naomi takes it upon herself to slide through Tensai’s legs and drill both of them with a baseball slide! Back inside the ring, Primo nails a dropkick and as Tensai falls into the ropes, Brodus blind tags himself in. The two take Primo down with a double headbutt and follow it up with a two man splash for the monstrous victory! Following the match; Brodus, Tensai, Naomi, Cameron, members of the crowd, and myself all dance in celebration of tonight’s actions.

Also check out AJ Lee below, as she, Big E Langston, and Big E Langston’s deteriorating attire manage Dolph Ziggler this week in his match against Alberto Del Rio:

…And because I want this to get as much spotlight as possible (and since it technically has a female in it), check out the following video promo for one of the greatest people in wrestling… former Maxine love interest that seems to have moved on to a new mystery woman, Johnny Curtis aka Fandango:

Thoughts: Okay, where do we begin? I don’t want to discuss Naomi too much because I’m sure everyone knows I have nothing aside from positivity to spread regarding her. I do, however, want to send a giant thank you to the WWE Gods/powers-that-be for not sacrificing she and AJ like some of their previous fallen comrades that I’m still not over such as Angela Fong, Caylee Turner and Sonia/Su Yung who never got to wrestle on Raw or SmackDown. It’s nice to see that through the many profiles removed from FCW’s website over the years, those two actually are getting to shine on the main shows in their own respected ways.

Now onto tonight’s match. Even if I wasn’t clearly biased, this was more entertaining to me than getting a rushed minute and a half long singles match between Kaitlyn and someone she’s faced twenty times before. I love watching Kaitlyn compete, but there’s only so many times I can see her face Aksana before I go a little (someone plug AJ’s ears) crazy. I do still wish they would have at least had her in a backstage segment with some of the other Divas and maybe built up to a battle royal next week or something because they were all watching the screen during Elimination Chamber last night and for that to just go nowhere is pretty sad. I swear the belt is cursed. It’s like the butterfly secretly plots how it can keep the Diva holding it off TV for another week and laughs maniacally when it succeeds.

I also want to discuss Rosa, who looked way more fluid in the ring tonight than I’ve seen in a while. Rosa does not get a lot of credit from people, but truthfully I find her to be a lot more entertaining than half the people main eventing pay per views. That being said, I can admit that I know she isn’t the strongest when it comes to wrestling. Tonight though, although she didn’t really do any moves of her own, she kept up with Naomi and it didn’t feel like Naomi had to slow down so she could get to her feet or get in place for the next move, which I’ll say is something I’ve noticed with some of Naomi’s past opponents in developmental and so on. I know Rosa has talked about how she wanted this to be the year she does more physicality in terms of wrestling and competing in the division, so who knows? Maybe she’s really working at it behind the scenes. I hope so, because I’d love to see more interaction between she, Naomi, and Cameron in the future. This feud has me entertained and the tweets are killer if you haven’t checked them out.

If it were up to me, and I’m not even going as far as to predict WrestleMania because it’s 99% not going to be something we want to see for the Divas, and thus there’s no reason for me to plan that much ahead. But if it were up to me in terms of next week, I’d organize a battle royal involving Tamina, Aksana, Rosa, Naomi, Cameron, Natalya, Alicia, Layla, and AJ. I would have AJ hide in the corner for majority of the bout, as it comes down to Tamina and Natalya for the supposed final two. Natalya finally tosses Tamina out and acts as if she won, when out of nowhere, AJ runs up and throws her out as well. In my opinion, AJ is the only option if they want to put Kaitlyn in a fresh, credible feud with a heel that’s already on the main roster. A match between the two has the benefit of a built in story and a woman that WWE will invest storylines in, plus it also has that sort of mystique of being a fresh match since it’s only happened in FCW when Kaitlyn was really new and on SmackDown when they were given about thirty seconds. In other words, we don’t know what to expect between them if they receive lots of time. Kaitlyn is very low on challengers right now, which is likely what’s hurting her reign at the moment, and the Kaitlyn/AJ bout seems to be the Beth/Kharma of this years WrestleMania as the match most people want to see. While I don’t think we’re going to get it unless my arch rival, Maria Menounos has plans that weekend, I’m definitely pulling for it as well and hoping for the best. Just please no Santino in drag. Nothing is worse than Santino in drag.

Alright, hopefully that made sense considering I’m barely functioning right now due to extreme tiredness. Remember to contact me if at any point you felt discomfort reading this and you can expect some Adele CD’s in your mailbox soon. Until next time — peace!

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  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/jillianhalltna/ JillianHallTNA

    M.I.A.? Are you talking about the singer/rapper M.I.A., Bobby?

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/deezo88/ Deezo88

      It probably means ‘missing in action.’

      • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/defineinsanity/ defineinsanity

        Sorry to post an irrelevant reply but I’m hoping the writer see this. Basicly videos like this post by WWE’s youtube channel are area excuse, so people outside North America can’t see them. Or at least us in the UK can’t see them.

        • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/raekon/ Raekon

          No EU people can watch them. :/

          Funny and at the same time idiotic fact:

          when you click on something on wwe.com but are from EU (in my case from germany) it says that you should go and watch this video on your countrys site and redirects you.

          Then after the site loaded you see that all these videos doesn’t exist in our countrys sites.

        • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/krissyvainelurver/ Bobby

          My bad! I had to write this last night as I’m in class all day Tuesday and they were the only ones I could find. WWE removing every other video became the death of me when it came to reduxes haha

        • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/raekon/ Raekon

          No worries Bobby. :)
          It’s WWEs fault, not yours.
          They want people to watch these things on their site which is ok.

          For that to work though, they have to make them either available to everyone OR feature them in the other countrys sites aswell instead of having Christian say:
          “Hey! Go to the german site and watch the videos there!”, when the videos don’t exist on the german site in the first place.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/xdivatoxic/ MiPiMafia

    I am glad that the WWE are doing something with the women. Naomi/Rosa has been ‘feuding’ for just over a month now.

    another thing, Rosa has been given more time in the ring this year because after tamina and aksana, she is the next heel.

    even though, i would like to see aj/kaitlyn at maina.. i honestly think it’ll be brodus/tensai/naomi/cameron vs epico/primo/rosa/aksana

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/i22/ i22

    Naomi really knows how to utilize the lack of time she’s given, she can steal the show in just 30 seconds. Notice each one of her moves got a nice litlle pop from the audience. She is definitely the future of the division. Even Lita praised her on twitter last night.

    Still, this doesn’t make up for the fact the Divas Champion didn’t appear the night after a successful title defense. I wonder how Kaitlyn feels about how WWE is treating her title reign thus far, I feel so bad for her :(

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/darkangels/ darkangels

    Naomi the next divas champion you can feel it

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/roman0/ Ryan

    I’m also not over Angela Fong being gone or wwe dropping the ball with Maxine

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/darkangels/ darkangels

    Naomi body is the business asstastic!!

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/charovnica/ charovnica

    Sometimes Naomi makes me think “If she can do such a great impression for 30 seconds in ring action why can’t the other divas do it?”

    She’s just so damn great! I absolutely love her!

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/k2evecrew/ SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    Nioami is the future of the divas , she can make a good match out of 30 seconds & the crowd likes her. I feel bad for kaitlyn though maybe she’ll make her presence known on wwe app or Smackdown

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/she-wolf/ She-Wolf

    Everyone keeps throwing AJ’s name out there, but what about a face vs face feud for Wrestlemania in Naomi and Kaitlyn? They’ve got their NXT history.

    Did any of you catch the coin toss segment with Naomi and Cameron? Did anybody get heel vibes from Cameron?

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/redsandman99/ redsandman99

      WWE rarely does face vs face feuds and it’s even more rare when they involve the divas. Most likely a heel like AJ or Tamina will take the belt off Kaitlyn and then Naomi would have a better chance at getting it.

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/wwfoverwwe/ WWFoverWWE

      They probably won’t do face vs. face because they’ll risk the crowd turning on kaitlyn and cheering for Naomi instead.

      • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/gl83/ gl83

        If that’s the case then you’d think they probably won’t do AJ vs Kaitlyn at WrestleMania for the very same reason.

        • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/dymonj22/ Crazy_J

          I completely agree, I get behind AJ WAY more than Kaitlyn, so in my case.. having them face wouldn’t be that great for Kaitlyn as a face.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/gl83/ gl83

    But it doesn’t have that personal history that AJ/Kaitlyn do. I mean Face/Face feuds especially among the Divas end up being pretty dry and boring since they’re limited in what they can do. Whereas if you have AJ/Kaitlyn you can have backstage fights and post-match attacks, etc. Hell, with AJ’s affilaition with Dolph Ziggler you can even have mixed tag matches with whomever Dolph is feuding with which gives the divas more attention as well.

    The problem if Naomi does get the Divas title, is that she might end up in the same position as Kaitlyn and Layla before her, where she’s just carrying the title around as a prop since there’s no credible Heel Divas(outside of Tamina) left to challenge her for it. Whereas if a Heel gets it, they have Kaitlyn, Layla, Natalya and now Naomi waiting in the wings.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/redsandman99/ redsandman99

    Naomi has stolen the show again. I love all the divas but they should honestly take notes on how to utitlize their time like this. Even if they can’t do moves she can do there’s still something to be learned. Do stuff that will make an impact.
    And did anyone see Lance Storm and Trish agreeing and complimenting Naomi for her athletic ability on twitter (Trish praised both girls for the match while she did it)?

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/ricky_says_hi/ ricky_says_hi

    I think the woman in the vignette was Dani. Long dark hair and slightly tanned, plus she used to be a dancer. She’s likely not ready to be a regular wrestler just yet so she may as well be a manager

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/iluvwrestlingvalets/ iLUVValets

    @BOBBY don’t worry, Im still not over those releases either. While Su Young was very unexpected (my theory is that her and Jerry Lawler broke up, and he used his pull backstage to get her released) Caylee Turners was random, and Angela Fong’s release was just frustrating (especially since they replaced her for that god awful Ashley chick, and released her right before they did an all female season of NXT) Poor WWE

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/iluvwrestlingvalets/ iLUVValets

    And why does Cameron and Naomi have Pom- Poms. Did they get downgraded from dancers to straight up cheerleaders ? And who is that woman dancing with fandango. Hopefully another random eye candy diva. I love Naomi, but for some reason I love Cameron a little more than her.

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/marcum1234/ marcum1234

      Its their attire theme.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/wwelitafan4ever/ WweLitafan4ever

    Naomi has so much potential.
    Even LITA praised her!

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/wwfoverwwe/ WWFoverWWE

    It’s amazing how much Naomi can do in just a minute. Just imagine what she can do with more time…she’s completely unpredictable.

    At this point, the audience is well aware that Naomi can actually wrestle so WWE isn’t capable of hiding her anymore. They’ve let the cat out of the bag so it’s only a matter of time now….

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/laceyvonerichfan/ Lily

    Naomi is perfect for WWE. She can make a 1 minute match as good as a 7 minute match.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/branman-2/ Brandon

    I was happy to see Naomi in action. The bad thing I noticed is right after the match I realized Kaitlyn was probably not going to appear bcuz WWE probably considered that their divas match. Aj and Natalya face on Saturday morning slam and Dolph has almost accidently hit her two times. I hope that hinting that Aj will be getting physical in the division and feud with Kailtyn at WM. AFterall, its the most logic fued to happen because WM is in Aj’s hometown. But I guess we can’t believe in WWE because we were suppossed to get Eve vs. Aj feud and Kharma vs Beth…(although the plans got scratched both times thanks to one of the divas asking for release.) Hopefully the Divas title is defended for the first time at WM!

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/09dhk/ 09DHK

      I feel like we would’ve gotten Eve vs AJ had Eve didn’t choose to retire. At the time, Eve was the top heel, while AJ (not Kaitlyn) was the top babyface despite the fact that she rarely wrestled. I feel like the only reason AJ turned heel was because they needed an over heel to replace Eve when she left (like when AJ became the top babyface to replace Kelly when she left). And Beth vs Kharma would’ve happened if Kharma had gotten back into ring-shape in time, even though I think a Beth and Natalya match would’ve been just as big a draw.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/mickiejamesluvslave/ MickieJamesluvslave

    hate how the E is treating their Diva’s Champion. She deserves better.

    Kind of odd how the faces outnumber the heels: Cam/Naomi vs Rosa.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/rodneyclint/ rodneyclint

    Only thing I loved more than Naomi was Big E’s new attire. Thank the Attire Gods for that.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/connorallan/ Connor

    This has got nothing to do with the redux, but Natalya tweeted “Didn’t know I had a problem. Thanks @TheBethPheonix” or something like that, then deleted it like 2 seconds later. I know a lot of you probably don’t even care but I just though it worthy of telling the DD community

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/connorallan/ Connor

      I think she forgot to add a twitpic then re added the tweet, I just thought those two had fell out or something

      my bad lol

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/monkey-tennis/ Monkey Tennis

    No Divas match. And no sign of the champion.

    AJ continues to be buried.

    Naomi and Rosa get about 30 seconds of action in a mixed tag match. And not just a standard mixed tag match, which are pointless enough anyway. This one had the Divas reduced to THIRD billing.

    So, business as usual for RAW. Nothing to see here, people.

    Still, don’t forget it’s Shine 7 on Friday. For anyone that’s interested in actual wrestling! :)

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/ajfan95/ AJFan95

      Oh my god you’re negative. We saw Naomi steal the show in a tag team match, though it wasn’t much, I’m happy to see divas besides Kaitlyn or AJ shine. AJ is in way being buried whatsoever. She is getting eased back into the role of a full-time wrestler.

      • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/monkey-tennis/ Monkey Tennis

        What, cos she had a match on the Saturday morning kids show? And why is she beaing ‘eased back in’ anyway.

        Surely if anything was to be gained from her not wrestling over the last year, it was the huge momenetum she had months ago. That was when she should have been made a signifiicant part of the women’s division. Not now, when everyone’s pretty much forgotten about her and she’s little more than the eye candy for two two other wrestlers.

        And what you call negative, I call realist. Naomi didn’t ‘steal the show’ in that tag match, she had a couple of spots. Big. Whoop.

        Now, as fans, we can react to that in two ways. Either a) express our disatisfaction at yet another typically Diva-lite RAW. Or b) Completely mark out for the few scraps the WWE threw under the table this week, as though we’ve just seen an entire episode of Raw devoted to the women’s division.

        Now, If you’re happy enough with scraps and never want things to change, then fine, go ahead and cheer and sing the WWE’s praises when the Diva’s contribution to RAW represents approximately 2.7% of the entire show. But I’ll call it as I see it.

        I want more for the Divas. They deserve more than just leftovers.

        • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/jonboi/ jonboi

          @monkey tennis Amen totaly agree with your comments

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/angelcontradiction/ angelcontradiction

    dream wrestlemania match: Naomi Vs. AJ Lee Vs. Kaitlyn for the Diva’s Championship.

    Make. It. Happen.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/j-d-c-d/ J.D.C.D.

    I’m glad Naomi got some more time on screen. It helps that she is part of one of the kid friendly teams. We have better chances of seeing some ladies in action.

    For some reason I thought Kaitlyn was going to mix it up with Layla. Right after Kaitlyn got the title from Eve there was a scene were Layla was holding the belt and really staring at it as if she missed it. I hope they start a series together. Maybe a bit longer than Tamina and Kaitlyn. When AJ was a face I thought the WWE dropped the ball there. AJ and Tamina could have had a nice series of matches together rather than that one match Oh well. The Diva’s division looks to be on life support. I hope they can figure something out fast or bring back talent that got released or didn’t re-up. I know this isn’t possible but Maxine could feud with Kaitlyn as well.

    What I wouldn’t give for Shimmer wrestling to have WWE TV type production. It would be great women’s wrestling with lots HD cameras etc etc. Hopefully Shimmer will keep on growing.

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/monkey-tennis/ Monkey Tennis

      I think it’s safe to say that the hugely superior quality of wrestling from Shimmer more than compensates for a negligible difference in production values.

      And as Shimmer continues to grow, I’d rather see the money continue to be invested in the talent on the roster. Not on unneccesary equipment upgrades.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/members/charleshp/ charleshp

    Rumor has it wwe is looking at adding to the diva ranks this week…