Who is Raw’s New Diva of the Decade? Round 1: Kelly Kelly vs. Jazz

It’s been 10 years since Trish Stratus was named Diva of the Decade as part of Raw’s 10th Anniversary celebration. With Raw’s 20th Anniversary just behind us, we think it’s time to look back at the last decade and crown a Diva of the Decade for the 2003-2013 period. Will Trish hang on to the crown, or will another Diva emerge? It’s all up to you!

Based on your nominations, we picked the 16 most popular Raw Divas to advance to our knock-out bracket tournament. Keep your eyes peeled over the next several weeks as you will be asked to choose between the greatest Raw Divas of this past decade and help us narrow it down from just 16 to one! (View the brackets below.)

Round 1: We are kicking things off with two Divas who couldn’t be more different: Kelly Kelly and Jazz. Both knew their roles: Kelly was always a babyface, while Jazz never strayed from her heel path. So, which do you prefer: good or evil?

Watch both Divas in action:

Kelly Kelly takes on Beth Phoenix at Hell in a Cell 2011:

Jazz returns and decimates Trish Stratus in 2003:

Vote below:


Tournament brackets (drawn at random)

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  • Kaitlyn_LitaFan321

    Kelly Kelly was an Insult to the divas division nothing but a blond bimbo model. Not to mention her Rape Screams during her matches wear unbearable and she couldn’t run off the ropes for crap.

    I vote Jazz a real women’s wrestler.

    • Gailkimlover3

      i just couldnt stop laughing after reading “her Rape Scream”.. ah that made my day..

      • Kaitlyn_LitaFan321

        Glad I made your day but ya whenever Kelly was screaming or crying during her match it sounded like she was being raped way to overdramatic.

        • Gailkimlover3


      • CamCam246

        its what she was told to do

    • Lily

      Lmfao the ‘rape screams’ also got me.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art


        • KellyKellyMaryseV1

          @KAITLYN_LITAFAN321 Kaitlyn is a FLOP.

          @ART Layla is irrelevant.

  • Mr. Asstastic

    Where can I send my write-in ballot for Maryse?

    • Connor


    • TheLadySamantha

      To the KFC where she works now.

      • Flawless

        LMFAO @Samantha

  • Queen Bee

    Jazz. Kelly couldnt wrestle out of a paper bag

    • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell

      It’s impossible to wrestle a paper bag… -_-

      • Lita-Sault-666

        But Jazz didn’t do much for Raw as a brand, during the years of 2002-2012 :/. I know Kelly wasn’t the best of wrestlers but she did a lot in her time.

        • Timalee

          Yes but when you Compare Jazz to Kelly..Jazz reigns surpreme. Jazz came into the buisness and won the title twice. And fought in some of the most hardcore matches we’ve seen divas in. Kelly came in, stripped, danced, dated, wrestled in tag teams, screamed, Wrestled some more, won a championship by her 6th year in the buissness, and then lost it and then left the buissness. You tell me which diva accomplished more. Jazz is WWE HOF material. Kelly, unless if she comes back and wins like three more titles, with awesome storylines, and holds them over 6 month periods. Kelly could be HOF material (maybe)

  • pumped up kicks

    There is grainy youtube footage of Jazz beating the hell out of Kelly Kelly lol….. I vote Jazz but something tells me K2 will take it, purely because she was around longer than Jazz.

    • Mr. Asstastic

      And more popular…

      • Raekon

        No wonder, she was featured the most and was always a face while Jazz on the other hand was always a heel. ^_^

    • Jcott3

      In her shoot interview, Jazz said she spent almost all of her second run in WWE working the house shows beating up Kelly Kelly – and people were cheering her, even though she was a heel.

    • notorious

      Whats the video titled? I wanna see! Lol

  • lucky1now

    i always loved seeing jazz in the ring but she was never really pushed as hard as kelly kelly
    kelly kelly was cheered she got reactions from the fans with some bumps keel took i believe
    she could have been more in there

    • perceval

      Jazz was pushed, but had the bad luck of having both of her top heel pushes derailed by injuries. Both times, she dropped the belt to a babyface from Toronto (Trish, Gail), who quickly dropped the belt to Molly Holly, stepping in as the top heel.

      Voted for Jazz, since she was a major part of the Women’s Division and Diva brand when it was at it’s high point as a cash cow for the company. Kelly was popular by the standards of her time, but her time was the Bathroom Break Era.

      The irony of their respective eras is that Kelly, the model, was never part of those TV specials, magazines, & DVDs where the Divas went to exotic locations wearing bikinis, while Jazz was.

  • Lily

    I’m going to say Jazz for the simple fact that she accomplished a lot more than Kelly Kelly did.

    Kelly only won 1 championship and 1 DOTY award.

    • puppies

      Why do you say ONLY one DOTY award? That’s still one more than Jazz won lol. Just curious.

      • Lily

        That’s why i said nevermind. A DOTY award is a better accomplishment then 2 title runs.

        • puppies

          Didn’t see that, my bad.

    • Lily

      Nevermind, Kelly Kelly does deserve this one.

      I think Melina will win against Ivory though and then obviously Melina should win against Kelly Kelly.

    • 09DHK

      Maria also won a DOTY award and didn’t do anything but strip for Playboy, so Idk if a DOTY award is that much better than 2 solid Women’s title reigns.

  • Eveyy

    Trish and Lita nomiated why? -_-
    I love them both, but gosh..
    Times have changed, let go people!
    I say Kelly Kelly. Jazz is a great wrestle and knows her craft well, but Kelly Kelly left a stamp popularity wise. And it’s Diva of the Decade, Kelly is way above Jazz WWE wise and I guess “popularity” wise. I vote Kelly.

    • jonboi

      Haha can tell your on the model side of the fence Don’t take a bitch fit I’m only joking it looks that way by the comment I know u like both model & wrestler !!!!

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      Um because they did more from 03-07 than Kelly and most of these girls did in their whole careers.

    • TL323

      Towards Trish being included – Even though she retired in 2007(?) she has still been involved in the WWE almost every year after she retired and still gets a good reaction from the crowd so I feel like she deserves to be here.
      Towards Lita being involved- She’s just awesome lol :)

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        trish coming back has gotten luckluster pops from the crowd even in Canada…

        • 09DHK


        • JD Sensations

          lmao at “lackluster pops” ok yeah, I think somebody needs a hearing test.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    wow, i looked at the brackets and i pretty much have all my votes picked except for

    bracket E between Beth and Lita, that is gonna be a tough one, i kinda feel Beth was a bigger diva in the last decade than lita

    • aldo

      Yeah, between Beth and Lita, Beth, for the same reasons you wrote.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    ohhh and i voted Kelly only because within in the last decade Jazz was only on Raw and Smackdown for 11 months of it, and then ECw for a very very short run, Kelly left a bigger mark in the last decade

    • Gailkimlover3

      so 11 months? well in 11 months she won the women title twice and bet all the diva’s… no wait ….i meant female wrestlers..such as Lita, Trish, Jackie, molly, ivory.. whereas kelly spent most of her time as a dancer.. she actually started competing properly since 08 but really got pushed in 11 and got released in 12.. and still could wrestle.. and lets not forget jazz was always a heel so thats y her popularity rader is not as good as others

      • Gailkimlover3

        *couldn’t wrestle

    • Gailkimlover3

      so 11 months? well in 11 months she won the women title twice and bet all the diva’s… no wait ….i meant female wrestlers..such as Lita, Trish, Jackie, molly, ivory.. whereas kelly spent most of her time as a dancer.. she actually started competing properly since 08 but really got pushed in 11 and got released in 12.. and still could not wrestle.. and lets not forget jazz was always a heel so thats y her popularity rader is not as good as others

      • SherriShepherdWWE

        first things first I am a fan of Jazz, i loved her in WWE, but lets face it, kelly kelly did better within in the last decade

        thats just stupid, because she was a Heel, her popularity radar is not as good as other LOL, seriously come on, when your a heel, people just love to hate you, so if your a fan of Jazz, your a fan of her when she is a face or a heel,

        and sweetie, in reality in that 2003 – 2004 time for jazz held the title once, and only for 64 days, and then she became injured in June 2003 until to returned in early 2004, so she missed half of the year, and then when she did return she was only used sparingly and then became a manager for Rodney Mack, So Jazz golden years in WWE, were not 2003 – 2004, when she debuted 2001, 2002 where her shining moments

        and as far as Kelly, held the title once, for 104 days, she has wrestled and feuded with WOMEN wrestlers as well, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Nattie etc, so dont just say she wrestled non female wrestlers, she has competed in Main Events,

  • Gailkimlover3

    some of the brackets are so hard.. i mean Beth against Lita, Jacqueline against Victoria, Molly and Mickie

    i am going 2 have a difficult time voting

  • TorrieStacyCandice

    It’s AJ Lee. No need for this nonsense

  • hemme Wilde

    jazz definetly!!! jazz was the best she put trish over and is one of the best in the ring! kelly just needs to go somewhere and count somethin!

    • Mr. Asstastic

      Like her money?

      • Eveyy

        ^ lol

      • DIVASKO

        For have more money you are not better…

    • EverybodyScream

      Kelly Kelly was way more important than Jazz. She’s basically the one who kept the Divas talked about and held the division up. As soon as she left, WWE couldn’t give a crap about the others. She was one of their main advertisors. WWE need her way more that they need Jazz.

      • Raekon

        Biggest bullshit ever to say that WWE need Kelly more than Jazz.

        The only reason why Kelly was the face of the division was because they wanted her to be, not because no one else could do the job.

        I’m quite sure that other girls could had done as good going into promotions and have their face placated allover the place the whole time.

        No real skills needed to just smile around and look pretty to say the least.

        • DIVASKO

          Raekon:So true =)

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Jazz. Everyone loved to hate her. Her boos were louder than Kelly’s cheers, plus Jazz was actually good on Mic and in the ring.

  • https://twitter.com/eh_stdepression She’sGotLegs!

    I’m probably gonna get heat for who I voted for and why for round 1, but I’m prepared for it.

    I voted for Kelly Kelly because even though I feel that Jazz was the better wrestler and had more accomplishments than K2, I went with Kelly because she connected with the fans alot more than Jazz did. Wrestling shouldn’t necessarily be based on popularity, but with a contest like this, you have to take into consideration popularity and fan connection. For me, Kelly connected with the fans more. Also, Kelly was a key figure when it came to WWE appearances, promotions, events, marketing, etc. She won the Divas Championship and Slammy Award for Divalicious Moment Of The Year.

    Trust me, I love Jazz! She’s a great wrestler, she’s accomplished alot. At the same time, I also like K2. Plus, as I mentioned before, with a contest like this, you have to take into consideration who connected with the crowd better, popularity, etc. If anyone gets mad at me about my opinion, oh well. It’s my opinion, and I’m standing by that & my vote.

    • HeelEveRulez

      Ah at last who thinks like me thanks goodness!:MOL:

  • redsandman99

    Jazz for me.

  • xLitaFan4Everx

    Not a fan of Kelly Kelly but I voted for her because she did spend a lot of time on Raw and did connect with the audience. In my opinion she can’t wrestle and her acting was laughable, but I can’t deny her popularity. If this was a “Who’s a better Wrestler” poll, Jazz would definitely get my vote. Sorry to Jazz (she’s better than Kelly in my opinion), but I vote for Kelly on this one. :)

    • Eveyy


      • http://www.twitter.com/johndern JDernTrishStratusFan

        I sadly have to agree. A lot of use KNOW Kelly isn’t even in the same league as Jazz, but if we’re basing the vote on THIS DECADE, Kelly Kelly it is.

    • aldo


    • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

      You said it perfectly, actually.

  • Deezo88

    Jazz every single time. This should be a no brainer, but there are a lot of Kelly Kelly fans out there, so I’m not 100% sure the right diva will win this.

  • http://www.twitter.com/johndern JDernTrishStratusFan

    This is honestly a tough one. On one hand we have the power house that was Jazz. She was absolutely amazing in the ring and one of the strongest Divas the WWE has ever seen.

    Then we have Kelly Kelly, mainly a model the first few years, but soon turned into a wrestler. Well she attempted to wrestle. The WWE made her the poster child for the Divas for a while and whether you like it or not, she had a huge fan base.

    If we’re STRICTLY going on a NEW RAW DIVA OF THE DECADE, strictly meaning THIS DECADE.

    I have to sadly give it to Kelly Kelly.


    Sadly…Kelly Will Take This One

  • ajfan83

    Let’s see. You have a one hit wonder heel going up against the most marketable diva to come along after Trish, Stacy and Torrie left. If people were being honest they would vote for Kelly. But knowing this site Jazz will win in a blowout. Doesn’t matter, either way. We all know Lita will win the whole thing, probably beating Mickie in the finals (since she’ll face Trish in the semis). Just another excuse to start some flamewars.

    • http://www.twitter.com/johndern JDernTrishStratusFan


  • aldo

    Jazz is a hundred times better wrestler than Kelly Kelly will ever be. There’s no doubt about it. But this is “Diva of the Decade” not “Wrestler of the Decade”. I don’t like Kelly Kelly, in my opinion she is overrated and she took the spotlight from better and truly deserving female wrestlers, but she really connected with the crowd. The crowd LOVES Kelly Kelly. Even Jazz was forgotten during her last months with WWE. I know it’s sad but I know that if both of them return one day, Kelly Kelly would impact more than Jazz. Probably time will change and all of that but this one goes to Kelly Kelly.

  • hemme Wilde

    or the copious amount of bleach she used to dye her damn hair

  • Slapavel

    im fine with anyone except aj

  • Kitten16x

    Should this honestly even be a competition? In all shapes and forms Jazz should be winning this by a landslide. However, I’ve less hope In humanity than I’d like to admit. So I won’t hold my breathe. Jazz has my vote though.

  • Flawless

    I’m voting for kelly, sorry jazz but kelly was indeed the bigger diva within the last decade