UFC 157 Results: Ronda Rousey Wins UFC’s First Women’s Match

In a ground-breaking fight, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey retained her Women’s Bantamweight Championship when she forced “The Girl-Rilla” Liz Carmouche to submit to her now infamous armbar in the first-ever women’s match in UFC history.

Oh, and did we mention that they fought in the main event?

Rousey proved that she deserves the championship that UFC owner Dana White presented her with in early December 2012, while Carmouche proved that she’s certainly not to be taken lightly. Liz almost took Ronda out with a standing neck crank in the early minutes of the bout, but the champion defended herself well and managed to ground her opponent.

Once Ronda locked on her signature submission hold, it was all over for Carmouche. The fight ended at 4:49, with a mere 11 seconds left in the first round, marking Rousey’s seventh straight victory in the first round of a fight… via armbar.

Rousey also apparently had a most interesting spectator at cageside during the bout – it’s rumoured that Cristiane “Cris Cyborg” Santos was in the audience with manager Tito Ortiz. A bout between the two would probably be the biggest women’s fight in all of MMA history, but it’s alleged that Santos refuses to shed the weight that would allow her to square off with Ronda (Santos weighs roughly 150-160lbs, while the bantamweight division is fought at 135lbs).

Did you watch the fight? What did you think?

  • jen07201

    Ronda Rousey is AWESOME.

  • BornChampion

    Awesome! Just Awesome! :D

  • TorrieStacyCandice

    Good For Them, it’s nice to see female implement somewhere in the sports industry

  • gingerjaffa

    God dammit, I freaking hate Rousey!

  • Getdownwithachola

    To be honest I fine it funny how most pro wrestling people/fans/sites support that crap after all they are on of the reason why pro wrestling is in the dark ages and not to mention how they bash wrestling non-stop.

    • Nostalgia

      Pro wrestling is in the dark ages? Oh.

    • charovnica

      Wrestling in general is a good place,even women’s wrestling is at good place.Only WWE is having troubles and even they have started picking their game up.UFC & Wrestling are completely different animals,no reason to compare

      • charovnica

        Also american football supporters bash non-stop european football all the time,but that doesn’t take away absolutely anything from the sport.I personally think that most of the athletes and managers that are bad-mouthing the wrestling business do not understand what wrestling is and through what these people have to go through

    • trishfan11

      The bashing is mutual. WWE Raw “facts” have taken shots at beating the Ultimate fighter reality show in ratings while ignoring the fact that the UFC regularly kicks their ass when it comes to yearly PPV sales. Of course, people in MMA bash WWE because they know it is fake and do not understand the point of acting like fighting. They don’t know about the grueling schedule and the wear and tear that pro wrestlers go through. Pro wrestlers are good at what they do and Mixed martial artists are good at what they do. There definitely is audience crossover. But if WWE actually cared about the fans, they would look at why MMA is as big as it is and go for storylines that fans like.

      It should also be acknowledged that the UFC is willing to let two women main-event one of their PPVs, that too, in the women’s UFC debuts. How many times have the WWE let the women main-event one of their PPVs?

      • charovnica

        And who is saying the opposite? I realize WWE is not perfect.But let’s also point out that UFC just now is acknowledging women fighters to this extent.Maybe soon WWE will follow that path

        • trishfan11

          I was responding to GETDOWNWITHACHOLA. Of course the UFC is acknowledging women fighters just now. The women have been in the WWE a lot longer and WWE has been around for a lot longer but they haven’t done it yet. I understand that the biggest reason for this is that WWE does not have women that have big enough names to main event a PPV but part of that can be blamed on the fact that WWE hasn’t invested enough in making the women in to significant names. I understand that it is easier to market men as viable names but I think WWE could have done it with Trish and Lita, probably even Melina and Mickie James.

    • AssaultDriver720

      Its mostly MMA fans that bash wrestling not the fighters since most of them were and still are wrestling fans. All MMA fighters know if they have another thing to do besides MMA(Josh Barnett, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn etc etc) Nobuhiko Takada a Pro-Wrestler stared Pride FC, Akira Maeda another Pro-Wrestler started Fighting Network Rings. Most MMA fans can except both existing.

    • DjayDay

      I think Diva Dirt is supporting the UFC Women’s division because its women in a contact sport. But I get what you mean by dark ages. It hasn’t exactly been a good couple years. WWE has been hit the hardest, mostly because of the rise of MMA. However, the independents have never been stronger attendance wise. Odd.

  • charovnica

    Rousy almost completely manhandled her!

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Saw the fight… I am not a fan of women’s MMA for obvious reasons but impressive fight

    I did see santos take on carano some years ago
    Also impressive just scary watching women get down like that

    • Monkey Tennis

      What obvious reasons? (Apparantly, they aren’t that obvious!)

      • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

        Well I mean I don’t like to watch women do MMA a bit gruesome for me..
        Women’s wrestling Divas Knockouts getting as down as Trish Victoria Jazz did well that’s different

        I love MMA but just not really into women’s MMA
        However have seen one fight and with this one makes two women’s MMA fights and I mean it’s impressive to see them do that with such intensity but still no not a fan
        Just showing my respect to these women :)

        • AssaultDriver720

          Sounds more like disrespect to me, saying that they shouldn’t be doing this.

        • DivaDestiny

          I think my comment is going to be in the wrong spot but anyway…I don’t see it as disrespect. It’s human nature, imo. I truly believe that most men(in general, not just MMA fans) do not like or feel comfortable seeing women do such things. Just the way it is. It’s not the “women should be in the kitchen” mentality or anything. I’ve seen plenty of disrespectful things said about women in MMA, and this really isn’t it, imo.

      • velvelove

        i dont like mma in general both men or women. too physical, same with boxing

        • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

          @DivaSestiny thank you for understanding.

          Yes I am not trying to offend. I love women to be empowered of course.. I am an MMA fan oh yeah! Just not for women’s MMA.. That I cannot look at. Unfortunately I was watching the fight and both these chicks came out and we all saw the fight but yes it was intense and I guess a good fight but honestly made me and a few of my friends incredibly uncomfortable.
          Actually makes my knees weak watching women batter one another like that :(

          Maybe I am old school in some senses but I don’t like women to beat each other like this. I find it barbaric. Ill watch normal MMA with men because we are guys we can take it, we are stronger physically, and we can get behind them when they fight.
          Women’s wrestling is another animal, which I love! And it’s not that I’m trying to disrespect, it’s just the image I have for women is well, Fragily Beautiful.
          I could never hit a girl. Nor can i stand watching a woman get a beating. However in women’s wrestling somehow I find it cool when a chick takes a nasty hit from a guy but we all know how that works. Dude not lying!! Maybe it was good acting but even watching that time Michelle McCool turn heel and beat on Maria kicking her punching her ripping her hair out and throwing her shoulder first against the pole watching poor beautiful Maria squirm made my heart sink :(

          Now imagine how I felt watching that manly Beth Phoenix stiff Candice Michelle so hard during her matches and then well the accident.. While I felt proud for Candice just didn’t seem quite right even now.
          So yeah I mean congrats to these two female MMA fighters. Just scary watching it

        • DjayDay

          I get what your saying. It is a little tough to watch women smash each other like that, but I think the way your putting it came off a little wrong. Your old school, you could never imagine a women being hit, but you got to understand that if a man, can get in there and take hits from another man, a woman has every right to step in there and duke it out with a female. Men may be able to take some physical pain a bit better, but it’s not like Rousey is in there with Randy Couture, she’s in there with someone of her gender. She’s not gonna get pulverized in anyway a man could get pulverized. Keep that in mind.

        • DjayDay

          And when I say pulverized I meant its an equal playing field. Sorry, read that back and it sounded like I was bashing the girls.

  • Melissa

    Saw this lastnight. Easily the best fight of the night.

    But how many more armbar wins tho?

    • trishfan11

      I think Bermudez vs Grice was the best fight of the night. But this was a solid main event. Liz had Ronda in trouble with that Rear naked choke attempt, which she turned in to a face crank/neck crank. Ronda is tough – she didn’t tap from the pain because those face cranks are very painful and Liz is very strong. Liz did a good job of avoiding the armbar for that long but Ronda’s done that move millions of time and she wasn’t letting it go. All in all, good showing by the women.

  • Essex Boy

    Haven’t seen the fight yet, but from the reviews I’ve read on this bout it’s got a great deal of hype. Look forward to seeing the fight. The fact these women main evented a PPV speaks volumes on the talent of these girls.

    Vince needs to get over his bs ways and let the wwe divas look credible. I know for a fact this UFC women’s match will break streo types now that it’s being showcased on a platform as global as UFC.

  • DjayDay

    I hope her next opponent isn’t Cyborg. That joke runs her mouth about kicking Rousey’s ass when all of her fights should have been thrown out the window. Easy to beat another woman when you got steroids running through you.