Saturday Morning Slam Redux (February 23rd, 2013): Natalya Versus Kaitlyn in a Battle of Sarcasm Versus Strength

SMS Sarcasm vs Strength

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to the second ever Saturday Morning Slam Redux! I’m Jack and as promised, I’m back, and this time I’m bringing you a rematch from last week’s WWE Superstars – even though this bout was taped before it! Saturday Morning Slam’s resident interviewer Natalya is in action once again on the green brand and in this installment, she is challenging the Divas Champion Kaitlyn in a non-title match. Can Natalya prove that she is top dog around this kid-friendly zone or will Kaitlyn get yet another win over the Queen of Harts?

We kick off proceedings this week with the first note of Kaitlyn’s ‘Spin the Bottle’ entrance track before another song is dubbed over the top! Bottle spinning is very risque and not suitable for children apparently! Our spunky and goofy Divas Champion is all smiles on her way to the ring and why shouldn’t she be, she’s happy that she’s already beaten Natalya in a match that she hasn’t even competed in yet. God time travel confuses me! The confusion in my head surrounding the WWE taping schedule is then cleansed by the sweet guitar riff that is synonymous with all members of the Hart family as Natalya enters the arena. Nattie bows to her loyal kiddie followers of the WWE Universe and although Natalya has PG popularity, she’ll make sure that she does all that she can to get a win tonight.

The bell rings and the girls lock up, with Kaitlyn getting the better of the initial exchange thanks to a schoolgirl. The naughty Natalya begins to show some respect towards the Champ, or is that sarcasm? You never quite know with Ms Neidhart! Tal then goes behind Kaitlyn and trips her up before sliding over the back of her and applying a front headlock. Kaitlyn wriggles out of this and lets a hammerlock set in before Natalya reverses that and flips the ‘Hybrid Diva’ over with a fireman’s carry. As Kaitlyn tries to break free of the armlock that Nat has just locked her in, The Miz puts over Kaitlyn’s fun-loving character by comparing her to John Cena (a shiver of despair runs down my spine) and talking about how she likes naming cats after Jesus’ disciples… or something like that. Anyway, Kaitlyn wants to break free like Freddie Mercury (legendary music references for the win) and she does nbefore she executing a headscissors on the Great Khali’s lover. Natalya then kips up and flips over to showcase her confidence as we got to commercial break.

Back from the break and the match is in the exact same situation as we left off (hooray for it being taped!). Natalya is beginning to get vocal before Kaitlyn trips her up for a jackknife cover. Nattie then rises up from the mat and delivers a backslide, which Kait rolls out of before hitting a dropkick. That move isn’t enough to put Nattie away, and an irish whip into the corner isn’t too effective either, because Natalya traverses over the Champion with ease. Nat dishes out some more ‘praise’ before being thrown in the turnbuckle. Kaitlyn then sunset flips her foe for a one-count. The Dungeon Diva then tries to trap Kaitlyn in the Sharpshooter yet she’s unsuccessful, as our resourceful Champion reaches the ropes.

Natalya then offers Kaitlyn a handshake and she is seriously kissing up to the Champ! Kaitlyn knows fine well what Nattie can be like and although hesitant to accept the handshake (DO IT FOR THE KIDS KAITLYN!), she shakes Tal’s hand, resulting in an irish whip from the submission specialist! Kaitlyn then tries for a backslide yet Natalya reverses that pin attempt into one of her own. An awkward exchange ensues before Natalya starts to suck the life out of Kaitlyn with an octopus stretch. “Let’s go Kaitlyn!” is what the Calgary, Alberta native sings at the top of her lungs, much to the chagrin of the Champ.

Following a hip toss, Kaitlyn is on the warpath! The beauty with the butterfly belt levels Natalya with a drop toe hold before channeling the name of the show with a scoop slam. Nattie then has the stuffing knocked out of her thanks to a shoulder tackle, although it’s not enough to keep Ms Neidhart down. Nattie reverses an irish whip and tries for the Sharpshooter yet again, but her cockiness turns to anger when Kaitlyn nearly gets a win with a small package. Nattie then aims to end it all with her discus clothesline yet just like last week, Kaitlyn ducks it and annihilates Tal with a sick Spear! 1.2.3!

Thoughts: Well, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really into this match. Something didn’t seem quite right, and maybe it was that the girls were trying hard to adhere to the strict rules when putting together a match suitable for this child-friendly show. I honestly think that out of all the girls in the WWE, Natalya has the least chemistry with Kaitlyn, yet I’m sure the two will learn to gel better the more that they work with each other. I’m sure the kiddie audience will have loved Natalya’s comedic mannerisms and the fun facts about Kaitlyn so even though I wasn’t massively entertained, it wasn’t made for me in mind! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • marcum1234

    I hate Kaitlyns spear i think she would look better with a TKO or something that doesn’t involve running because those movies are way harder to hit smoothly.

  • Connor

    I think they cut some of the match out, after Nattie was all “lets go kaitlyn” the camera quickly switched to Kaitlyn standing up and doing a standing snapmare takedown, hmm…

    • Connor

      I dont think “standing snapmare takedown” is correct but lol.

    • AssaultDriver720

      Well its a kids show so they edit/cut angles a lot.

    • Melissa

      This show’s target demographic is well.. dem chil’rens, so the matches taped for Saturday Morning Slam are not to feature moves aimed at the neck, which would include anything from a simple headlock to an RKO.

      At this point the feeling is that moves performed to the neck might come off as too violent, so WWE is avoiding any type of offense that gives the appearance of “snapping” or targeting the neck area.

  • Art281

    Mark my words, as long as the PG era continues, we won’t get good divas match, we won’t get good divas storylines, we won’t see a future hall of famer in the works.

    KIDS don’t care about divas! All they care about is the male wrestlers!

  • wwesvrrocks101

    I just hope that she never uses that theme on Raw or Smackdown. That was just awful.

  • Art281

    Since the PG era, the divas division has been dead and will remain like that!

    • Nostalgia

      Ummm Saturday morning slam is FOR kids and kids only

  •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    Kaitlyn still seems uncomfortable wih the Diva’s championship… Give it to Naomi !!!

  • puppies

    I liked the match, it would’ve been better had it been on Raw or SD because if the SMS’s restrictions and edits, but they did what they could. Oh, and Idk if there’s a video if it, but Kaitlyn was on the “Saturday Morning Spotlight”.

  • divafandom

    We need a new writer. And i thought the match was great dispite the limitations and time alloted.

    • Jack

      Any reason as to why you didn’t like the write-up? I’m open to all constructive criticism. :-) Don’t just say something negative without backing it up with some reasoning.

  • DJ8946

    Why are people talking about the PG Era saying we wont get a good feud? We got Beth vs Melina, LayCool vs Mickie, LayCool vs DOD, & Eve vs Layla vs Kaitlyn. Thats 4 good feuds right there

    • redsandman99

      Becasue people think they need to bash the PG stuff even though the rating has nothing to do with it. Bad writing/angles/what have you are bad because they’re bad. Not because something is PG.

    • Number One

      Very true. The PG Era, as bad as it is, has not hampered the Divas Division. There were plenty of good Diva feuds, and we may get a few more.

  • Melissa

    Let’s not be stupid. The “PG era” isn’t holding them down. Management is.

    • AJFan95

      !!!! You continue to dish out the truth, Melissa. We have gotten glimpses of how we could have a great era with the pg rating with Kharma, DOD, Melina/Beth, Piggy James.

    • divaindemise

      The naked truth.

  • puppies

    PG or not, I’m not sure you guys will ever be happy. Naomi could hurricanrana Kaitlyn off of a ladder whilst unhooking the Divas title strap for the win and you guys would complain that the way she climbed the ladder was sloppy. WWE actually invested into the Eve/Kaitlyn feud and week after week people were begging for it to end. Why? We sit here and whine about wanting something – anything – and when we get it, it still isn’t enough. Or maybe I’m just too optimistic for the IWC.

    • Melissa

      “Naomi could hurricanrana Kaitlyn off of a ladder whilst unhooking the Divas title strap for the win and you guys would complain that the way she climbed the ladder was sloppy.”


    • redsandman99

      Given how some people are, that’s really not much of an exaggeration.

    • Giggles


    • divaindemise


      What I’ve annoyingly discerned with women’s wrestling fans on here is the need for instant gratification. And the incessant, eternally pointless fan wars that cloud objective judgement of the quality of wrestling on offer.


    Miz is annoyiiiiing


    The division is going awkwardly now. They are building up contenders left and right while the champion never loses. Kaitlyn should lose a match or two so that she looks beatable.

  • NT86

    Natalya’s trash talking was really funny.

    Kaitlyn continues to grow on me. Give her another 6-8 months and I think we’ll be seeing a really well rounded Diva.

    Still don’t know why her entrance theme was different. What’s so un-PG about Spin The Bottle? The lyrics aren’t even vulgar.

  • K2Evefan

    Really jack you think tamina and aksana have more chemistry with kaitlyn than natalya does? I would have to disagree there. Now she doesnt have the chemistry that eve had with kaitlyn but thats to be expected considering the length of their fued lol. I think aside from her matches with eve this was by far kaitlyn’s best match. Its not thay she isnt talented she is just green so the chemistry isnt there with most of the other girls but what natalya has is adaptability so I think she has good chemistry with everyone because she can adapt to their style easily.

    • flash1086

      The problem with Kaitlyn is that she never had a feud with someone who could carry her. Eve and Tamina were never good enough to carry her but having a feud Natalya could be a great opportinity for Kaitlyn to improve cuz Nattie has the ability to carry her.

      • Jack

        I haven’t once said Tamina and Aksana have more chemistry with Kaitlyn than Nattie. I recapped this week’s SmackDown and wasn’t exactly mesmerized either. I definitely prefer Natalya’s work to that of Aksana and Tamina but in this particular instance, I didn’t feel that Nattie and Kaitlyn gelled as well as they have before.

  • shameronstar

    Looks like their probably going to pull the trigger on that “desperate veteran” angle. I think Layla can make it work because she’s already seems so enamored and obsessed with being champion again! I think while a feud with Tamina could have been more physical a feud with Layla might be more dynamic in both the story and character department!

    • shameronstar

      Oops! Wrong post:P

  • divaindemise

    Very curious about the lack of chemistry here. I wish Natalya would tone down the cheesy pageantry at times; I think a better dynamic would have been Kaitlyn playing the natural goof that she is and winding up Natalya up as the match went along.

  • Ryan

    Haha great match!!! :D

    Natalya is so good and Kate kicks butt!!!
    That spear looked awesome!!!

    And yes! Natalya DOES sound like a lesbian prison rapist :)

  • GailKim95

    I actually liked the match. It wasn’t slow and it kept me entertained. It was maybe sloppy in one or two places but overall I didn’t think it was bad at all

  • Blacklighter05

    The match was great. The Spear was amazing and Nattie was awesome. I liked everything about the match.

    Why everyone is saying that as long as we are in a PG era there wont be any good matches is beyond me. Did we not see the PPV Matches between Beth and Eve? What about the ones between Mickie and Laycool? Were those not good matches? Or how about the TLC match between Beth and Nattie against LayCool? NOBODY can say that wasn’t a good match and if they do it’s because they just flat out want to criticize the match for the sake of criticizing it.

  • E-Man

    Probably the cleanest spear since Eve!