Today in History: Trish Stratus Grafitis Christy Hemme

On this day in history:

February 28th, 2005 | Christy Hemme unveiled her Playboy cover in the customary fashion, revealing a gigantic version of it in the middle of the ring. Unfortunately for her, Trish Stratus joined her in the ring. The Women’s Champion was not pleased that Christy was stealing her spotlight, and made her own edits to Christy’s cover in red spray paint. Christy attempted to fight back, but a Chick Kick to the head stopped her short. Trish didn’t let that be the end of it, though, and spray painted the word “slut” on the unconscious Christy’s back for added effect.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

Also occurring today in history:
* 2/28/02: Tough Enough’s season two premieres, eventually crowning Jackie Gayda and Linda Miles as its victors.

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  • nathan3050

    thoose were the days!

  • 3xplicit

    Oh how I miss the golden days. When divas actually had storylines.

  • art

    Ivory did that first & nothing gets your point across then spray painting slut on someone’s back..JR saying trish is jealous of christy in playboy when she turned it down that doesn’t make sense lol…

    • art

      Christy was an awesome seller thou..

    • Ryan

      I think it’s cool when a chick plays to her role and character. Victoria Molly and Sable were all jealous, of Lita of Trish and of Torrie and were ultra spiteful and goin to extreme lengths out of jealousy toward the other diva

      Melina kind of went above it with Ashley, saying she was too good for playboy and that instead they settled for Ashley. Ouch! Lol
      Yet Melina going after Playboy cover girls like if she had something to prove kind of didn’t make sense :(
      But then again Melina has always been (character wise) hostile towards other women lol

    • perceval

      Yeah, not only had she turned it down more than once, but she’d been very public about it. The audience knew that.

      Every year, except for Torrie vs Candice where both had posed for Playboy, it was someone who had turned down Bunnymag facing the Playboy model at Wrestlemania. Stacy, Trish, Melina, Beth… If they’d still been doing the Playboy thing in 2009, the Playboy model (It would likely have been Maryse) would probably have been feuding with Kelly Kelly in the anti-Playboy role.

      The sad thing is a Kelly Kelly title match would have been much better than what we actually got for the Divas at Wrestlemania, that year (Santino in drag).

  • Ryan

    Lol man Trish was mean, I wouldn’t call this GOLDEN ERA, fact is Trish Victoria and Molly were the women’s division on raw and go figure, were all pushed aside to Heat.
    I love Hemme she was game for anything!
    And first of all in the words of King in 1999, ivory didn’t spray paint Tori, it was show polish! :D
    Ivory was just making a statement of facts, Trish was just getting off picking on Hemme is all lol

    Funny shit Trish is awesome haha she’s Canadian, “head so hard broke mah darn boot” XD
    Or when Trish said “Anyhi, Ya Digg, or like me, Nomsayin?” ;D
    Trish is hot sexy confident cocky pompous and can back it up!! Perfection!

  • She-Wolf

    Heel Trish Stratus >

  • xLitaFan4Everx

    Ugh! Trish was such a good Heel. She played a great mean girl. This is one of my fave Trish moments. She was a sassy and funny Heel. “Your head is so hard it broke my darn shoe girl”. HAHA! That always has me laughing. :) I think Trish owned every second in this segment. Trish is easily one of my fave Divas. She played Heel and Face very well. :)

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    One of my all time favorite moments, Trish could play and heel and cut a heel promo like no one else, she would just so awesome at it, and it came so simply and effortlessly across the screne

    and Trish and her little lines where the best, loved when she said head so hard broke mah darn boot”, they always the made the segment so much more real

    definitely a true Hall of Famer

    • SherriShepherdWWE

      ohhh and her outfits were always just drop dead gorgeous

    • Timalee

      I loved her outfits…and I wish Trish Stayed a little longer and did another heel run…Would have furthered her career even more.

  • TorrieWilson&CandiceMichelle


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    • wwe141

      *grabs war gear* im prepared for battle!!!

      • TorrieWilson&CandiceMichelle

        Thanks wwe141, encourage all your friends that are fans of divas to do so. We are must all fight for our division

        • TrishStratusFan

          This means War!!!

  • wwe141

    Trish’s outfit > Christy’s outfit… why couldnt all the divas have a style that was all their own(Lita,Trish,etc.) rather than lookin like they just got off The Godfathers Ho Train

    • Ryan

      Christy Hemme when she went to Smackdown in 2005 she had the biker chick ring gear which made her look hot but also badass! Like a red head Jessica Alba very Sin City. Totally set herself apart from rest who really mostly looked like hoes in mini skirt
      Except Jillian Hall who wore pantsuits haha, and Ashley the baggy pants :)

      • art

        “why couldnt all the divas have a style that was all their own(Lita,Trish,etc.) rather than lookin like they just got off The Godfathers Ho Train” LMAO

        • Ace Of Base

          Lol! I just read funny lmao, but hey, true to this day… XD

  • perceval

    Trish defined the heel Diva, combining the bitchy vain girl with the Dominant Monster. This is what they should have done with the Divas of Doom (What it seemed Beth & Nattie wanted to do with it, in fact).

    This feud showed just how good she was. There was no way, given Christy’s almost complete lack of training at this point, of getting a good match out of the girl, but Trish made the feud memorable JUST on the strength of her promos.

    The match at Wrestlemania DID have one of my favorite unintentional comedy moments, though: The mic picking up Lita yelling “Fall down!” at Christy following a kick, then Christy selling it several seconds after she should have. :)

    • Ryan

      Trish skipping around like a girly diva lol
      Or the Vagg Bone Kick! :o
      Or Christy clumsily stumbling outside and inside the ring haha

      Pretty sweet fun match! And even had a WrestleMania feel to it as well! :)
      How could of sworn Christy Hemme entered to a different song! :/ ??????

  • TrishStratusFan

    This is my favorite Trish/Christy segment. Since I’ma die hard Trish fan at the time I was making excusess for her as to why chick kicking Christy and then writing slut on her back was ok. Like I was like well Christy shouldn’ve slapped her then LOL. But being unbiased Trish did deserve to get slapped because only a few weeks back from this she smacked the iish outta Christy so it’s all good :-)

  • aldo

    Trish as heel was awesome. She was funny. It was like she was enjoying her role, I just loved during this time, most than others.

    • aldo

      loved her*

    • Jcott3

      There are no words that accurately describe how great Trish was as a heel. She was evil, but she was so snarky and arrogant you loved her anyway.

      • TrishStratusFan

        Agreed just in this video alone is evidence of that. Christy’s all dancing and spinning but once Trish’s music hit the crown got on their feet.

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    Undoubtedly one of the best Diva segments either. Trish’s promo work as a heel will never be topped. The part about the shoe was brilliant.