The Name of Tara’s New Restaurant Is…

Now you can enter The Squared Circle without risking life and limb. Well, not the squared circle, but TNA Knockout Tara‘s new restaurant, aptly named after the place she spends her Thursday nights.

We reported on her new venture back in October, and since then the restaurant has been all but opened, with details emerging about its food offerings (house-ground burgers and brick oven style pizzas), its decor (autographed wrestling memorabilia will decorate its walls) and location (Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago).

Speaking about The Squared Circle, Tara said, “I could not be more excited about returning to Chicago, and about bringing my concept to one of the greatest food cities in the world.”

Tara’s husband Lee will run the kitchen while Tara’s away hitting Widow’s Peaks. The restaurant will be open to the public on March 14th.

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  • KillerBee

    It opens the day before my birthday!

  • shameronstar

    Tara’s married?

    • Nostalgia

      She was married most of her WWE career

    • richies88

      wikipedia profile of hers state she married 16 years

  • RaiseYoHandsUp!


    • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

      Can you shut the fuck up????

  • pumped up kicks

    I’m so happy for her and hope her restaurant will succeed….. However (lol) I’m not feeling this pic of Mz Tara at all! She is way prettier than that pic… just my opinon

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    She had a pizza restaurant prior to this one when she lived in Kentucky right? Or somewhere else, I forgot, and sold it for a good amount. I’m positive she will succeed. Way to go Lisa!

  • Raekon

    All the best with the restaurant, I wish her a huge success and if anyone is near and visits it, eat a slice of pizza for me too. ^_^

    Unfortunately I’m way too far away to do it myself (Germany) or I would had visited for sure. :/

  • IStan4RosaAlldayAnyDay

    So happy for her!, i wish her good luck in this project

  • kessa

    would love to go visit. who doesnt love restaurant food, unfortunately i live in UK so its a bit far for me. Glad it’s in chicago though, nice place.

  • HumbledEnuff

    Why the Lincoln Park area? I hate Lincoln Park. Oh well still gonna go.