Impact Write-Up (February 28th, 2013): Velvet Retains Without Stress, Ivelisse and Lei’D Impress

What’s up Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-up. TNA are back in the Impact Zone following a very entertaining month in the UK, culminating in a second Knockouts Championship win for Velvet Sky. Speaking of the champ, she will be defending her title against the former champion Tara, and she’ll have Jessie alongside her this week! Also, there’s the announcement of who the winner of this contest will face at Lockdown. Excited much? Well that’s not all!

In addition to this blockbuster title rematch, Gut Check has returned and will feature TWO female participants battling it out against each other for a chance to become a Knockout. This is only the second time that women have been featured and also the second time that two wannabe talents have fought one-another to try and get a contract. The two ladies vying for a roster spot are former NXT Diva, Tough Enough contestant and current SHINE competitor, Ivelisse Velez and the niece of renowned Tongan wrestler, Barbarian, Lei’D Tapa. Which girl will get the win and will either of them get signed? Well, we won’t find the latter out until next week but you can’t blame a guy for trying to build suspense!

We kick things off a little differently this week before the Knockouts Title match as we see the special commentator for this match looking godly-in-green, it’s Gail Kim! Mike Tenay informs the viewers that whoever wins tonight’s title bout will face Gail at Lockdown and I’m facing the holy city of Toronto whilst praying as we speak! The reason as to why Ms Kim has been given this shot wasn’t revealed but I imagine it’s because they need someone strong to put Velvet over Brooke Hogan realized that Taryn Terrell inserted herself into last week’s match way too much and she deeply regrets making Taryn the referee… or something like that. To be fair, all that Taryn has done is made Brooke look a fool when she distracted Brooke that one time and Mizz Hogan feel off the ramp! I saw it with my own eyes.

Alas, there is a show to get on with and Tara’s addictive theme song ‘Broken’ is getting it back on track. The former champion looks good enough to eat (just like the pizzas in her new restaurant[shameless plug]) and this week, Jessie is once again by her side, but can he steer her to glory once more? The flutter of wings distracts my trail of thought and out comes the NEW Knockouts Champion, Velvet Sky! Pigeons go so well together with gold it seems and Velvet’s pigeons are looking looser than ever, whatever the hell that means! We see a recap of last week’s Velvet victory but the Holy Gail makes sure that we remember Taryn Terrell’s hands-on approach to refereeing!

The bell rings and Tara is on the offensive immediately. She kicks Velvet in the gut before thrusting her shoulders into the former Beautiful Person’s gut. The Widow’s Peak Freak goes for two covers following a hairgrab takeover but she only manages to get a two count with both of them. The record-tying five-time Knockouts Champion then whips Vel into the corner but the pretty in pink champ makes sure to fight back, with a combo of kicks in the corner. It appears that Velvet could hear Gail trash talk her as all of a suddent, she picks up a major head of steam. She delivers two solid clotheslines to the owner of Poison the tarantula followed by an elbow. Vel Vel keeps her momentum going by reversing Tara’s reversal of her Irish whip and turning it into a lovely headscissor takeover.

The Big Apple native looks to seal the deal and go for a win but just as she is about to move towards Tara, Jessie grabs her ankle. Although Taryn doesn’t see this, she does see Jessie break up the next pin attempt, and she bans him from ringside, leaving Gail disgusted. Although Tara initially floors Velvet with a kick, she soon turns her attentions fully towards Jessie and she is furious! After bumping her gums (a British term for pointlessly talking and mouthing off), Tara turns around into a kick from Velvet. An ‘In Yo Face’ later and Tara is out for the count!

We’re going to be injected with our second dose of Knockouts insulin now and *SIREN NOISE*, it’s a Knockouts cliché! A woman bending and stretching backstage, no way!? [/sarcasm] Ivelisse is seen warming up behind-the-scenes in a hot terracotta and leopard attire, although I’m not sure that Diva Dirt’s Jake will agree – I know he’s very particular when it comes to the girls’ clothes! We cut to a video package of the former Sofia Cortez and we see her smiling and sparring and her jovial actions are accompanied by some Latin music that I’m sure Diva Dirt’s Bobby is loving. Ms Velez talks about how long she’s been in the business, the fact she’s a tomboy, her athleticism and MMA background and *SIREN NOISE*, it’s a Gut Check cliché! A sob story, no way!? [/sarcasm] Ivelisse discusses how her family were originally against her decision to train to wrestle but now, she’s a stronger person because of it. She also explains that she wouldn’t be where she is now without the new-found support of her Mum. You will either be retching into a sick bucket or listening to Spice Girls’ ‘Mama’ right now, but to be honest, I thought this was a lovely moment. Ive closes her package by stating that she is “the hottest female talent out there right now”, and after seeing that package, I can hardly disagree.

Next up is Lei’D Tapa, the niece of former WWF superstar Barbarian. Tapa comes across as very humble and she’s proud of her Tongan heritage. She then gets tearful about explaining how much she wants this opportunity. She then states that everything happens for a reason and that she’s not only doing this for herself but she’s also doing it to prove that people can achieve their dreams. Before the show aired, I was backing Ivelisse as I hadn’t heard of Lei’D, but after seeing both videos, I am solidly rooting for them both, and I have no idea which of them I want to win!

We cut to the ring to see that some harsh mood lighting is setting the mood, a mood which is seemingly a bad one as, urgh, Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He botches the pronunciation of Ivelisse’s surname but undeterred by his slip-up, Ivelisse is full of charisma and confidence on the ramp. Mike Tenay puts over Ive’s commitment – stating that she had an MMA fight tomorrow (today now) and she cancelled it. Lei’D is next to enter the Impact Zone and oh my god, I didn’t realize how massively tall this girl is. The imposing Tongan marches her way to the ring before screaming when inside the squared circle, and you could cut the intensity with a knife!

The bell rings and it’s clear how much of a David vs Goliath situation this match is going to be. Tapa groans at Ivelisse trying to throw her smaller opponent off her game but Ivelisse has a lot of spirit and she dives at Lei’D with a forearm. Ivelisse tries the blow once moe but Tapa wraps her hand around Ive’s throat before lifting her up by the neck. Ivelisse’s athleticism is then showcased as she manages to get out of her compromising position with a nice armdrag. Following a thrust kick to the stomach, Ivelisse’s MMA background comes to the forefront as she applies a guillotine choke. After a few chops, Tapa breaks free and after accidentally typing Tara, it’s clear to see that if those two faced one another, writing a write-up could be hard work!

Lei’D then scoops Ivelisse up into a Death Valley position yet the Puerto Rican wriggles out and latches in a rear naked choke. Tapa then writhes her way out of the submission and goes for one of her own, yet her potential wristlock is thwarted by a collection of kicks from Ivelisse. Tapa however nails a major kick of her own to restore the momentum in her favor. Lei’D then acts for from ladylike by clotheslining Ivelisse, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Ivelisse looks to be in serious trouble following a scoop slam and headbutt and things don’t get any better following a hard irish whip.

Things do get better a few moments later as Ivelisse rolls out of danger in the corner. She then pushes herself off the second rope whilst getting back into the ring and hits a really unique DDT. Ivelisse doesn’t go for a cover and she decides to dish out some more pain with a forearm smash. She then avoid a charge from Tapa and hits a gorgeous hurricanrana that leaves Lei’D lying. Lei’D isn’t down for long though and she hits a Samoan Drop and I begin to wonder whether Tongans have their own drop – if their neighbors can have one, so can they! Tapa goes for the first pin attempt of the match yet she only manages a two, and she seem pretty miffed that her athletic adversary has kicked out. Lei’D argues with Taryn Terrell and she runs her mouth for a little too long as Ivelisse applies her Guillotine Choke once more. Tapa tries to get to her feet, yet all her weight is resting on her bent left leg, and getting to a vertical base is proving difficult. Todd Kennelly then ponders whether Lei’D Tapa could turn into Lei’D Tapout here, and his crystal ball was seemingly accurate. Tapa taps out and Ivelisse is victorious!

Thoughts: I’ll firstly address the Championship match and if I’m being honest, I wasn’t impressed. The offense wasn’t technically bad by any means but nothing absolutely excited me. Jessie being thrown out with Tara getting distracted by it has happened twice already and to see it again just made Tara look silly. I also feel that Velvet could have done with winning a longer and much harder fought battle to cement her reign as Champion, but maybe we’ll see that at Lockdown against Gail.

Speaking of Gail, she proved how amazingly acid-tongued she can be on the mic and I loved her work tonight. I also love the choice of having Gail as Velvet’s #1 Contender. Even though we’ve seen it before, Gail was the person who ended Velvet’s last reign and who is to say that she can’t end her second reign even quicker than her first?

Onto the Gut Check match now and I don’t know if it’s just because it was so fresh but I absolutely loved this match. With only one pin attempt in the entire match, the pace was incredibly different to normal matches and it felt very realistic. Normally, you’ll see a wrestler go for a pin after hitting a move that will clearly not get them the win, yet in this match, due to the move the Tapa used being synonymous with the part of the world that she’s from, it made perfect sense for Tapa to go for a pin attempt, and I believed that the match could have ended there. Talking of Tapa, for being someone who 99% of the women’s wrestling fan base had never heard of before now, she definitely proved a point tonight. Her look is very refreshing and I really liked how she came across in her vignette and in the ring.

Ivelisse impressed as all of us fans knew she would, with her DDT and hurricanrana being the stand-out moments of the match. I love her look, her attitude and her in-ring style, and TNA would be fools to make the same mistake that WWE made by not capitalizing on her. This Gut Check was the first to feature two female contestants battling it out, and let’s hope that it is also the first time that both participants get signed. On reflection, I feel that Ivelisse is ready for Impact right now and although Tapa could do with a little more work in developmental, she definitely has potential and should also be signed. I’ll be sat on the edge of every seat that I park my bum on this week in anticipation of next week’s results, and I’m sure you all will too. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • Looking Glass

    Meh the Gutcheck match felt really stody, half the time Lei’D seemed a bit lost and how many times did we need to see the Guilltoine choke? For some reason Lei’D screams Rhaka Khan to (rather than Tamina) and while I’m glad Ivelisse won being the more experienced of the two (and hitting some good spots in the match) I just felt that the match felt a little bit off at times.

    • Looking Glass


  • 3xplicit

    The gut check match was WAY more better/entertaining than velvet vs Tara , sad but true , and I wish they make the leather on the knockouts title more thick I hate how loose/cheap it looks, looks like u can roll it up like a fruit roll up

    • SoooSooo96

      It’s just because Velvet should not be a TNA KO but a WWE Divas because she hasn’t got a great move set and Tara’s gimmick is really bad

  • wwesvrrocks101

    I was particularly impressed with Tapa. She was just so dominant and has so much charisma. I want both to be signed. Or they should make Ivelisse win and then Tapa goes on a rampage and invades the knockouts division to give Velvet a challenge.

    • SoooSooo96

      Yeah Tapa was really impresive but i don’t know why but since she makes her way to the ring the crowd don’t like her

  • 3xplicit

    The crowd wasn’t having it for taps, they booed her ass on SIGHT , but I think its because ivelesse already has a strong following

    • TheGamergirl22

      but she got booed she would make a good heel, hope they both get sign and preform in live crowds

    • Raekon

      It was because ivelisse has a strong following but also was the face out of the two.

      Tapa has also only experience as a heel so far and with her size backing it up, it makes sense and comes across believeable.

      I loved the spot in which tapa interacted with the guy that booed her the whole time, it was funny and she reacted spot on. :p

  • 3xplicit

    & I hope when iveiless wins, she doesn’t disappear like Taylor hendrix

    • SoooSooo96

      Did you see why she’s been fired ?
      If they don’t put her on TV she will not be happy ^^

      • TCsinger09

        Who’s been fired? Iveliesse? Why was she fired from the WWE?

        • SoooSooo96

          Yes Ivelisse was in WWE NXT and sh’s been fired

  • shane

    - I enjoyed the review, thank you to the writer. It’s easier to read through the reviews when it seems the writer is entertained with what they’re writing about. It must be hard being the reviewers @ DD just because it must seem like you’re reviewing the same matches sometimes, but thank you to all on the staff I love the site.
    - Velvet’s attire is literally the worst. I’m not one to put down anyone’s wrestling abilities because it’s so crass and minuscule to pick apart someone’s occupation/talent, but her attire makes her look like a backyard wrestler. She looks like she is working the indys from the year 2006.
    - Tara should have stayed champion because I think Velvet will always be viewed as the “underdog” due to most fans knocking her abilities. So for Velvet to just come back and sweep the title with no questions asked makes the title look foolish and the women in this division look foolish.
    - The title match was boring.
    - Before seeing Lei’d Tapa’s promo package I was all for Ivelisse to win/be signed, but seeing the package and her size, I instantly became a fan.
    - The gutcheck match was different and entertaining. I also hope both become signed.
    - Side note: This is professional wrestling, if you have no talent you can still be a star based on a gimmick. Lei’d Tapa has a gimmick and for someone who’s only been wrestling two years, impressed/entertained me. So why would TNA just throw someone like her out as a “Gutcheck/Hopeless Indy Wrestler” when she could have debuted under an Amazonian gimmick? The simple answer could be maybe they just aren’t interested, but if she’s signed then I really don’t understand how TNA works.

    • VarsityBaseDude

      I agree, they could have just signed these girls… and if they don’t work out they can be jobbers. I don’t see the point of Gutcheck when you have so many good people trying out. I guess it’s all about room. The KO could use more girls, so I do hope they sign both. After watching the package, I really like Lei’D Tapa a lot. She seems genuine and ready to go far in wrestling.

      • Raekon

        The gutcheck is a good way to introduce new talent to the audience though so I don’t mind it.

        What was bad in my opinion is that they said “they are fighting for a spot on the TNA roster” which indicated that only one can be signed, excluding any chance on signing both or in case that they would do it (which I really hope), one has to remain “hidden” till they get a new opportunity to reintroduce her. :(

        If they want to go with one only, then they should had let them both fight one of the girls already on the roster like in Taelers case.

  • mpezza

    I’d never heard of Lei’d Tapa before this but I’m definitely a fan now. Something about this girl just speaks to me. She has a fantastic (and unique) look, she was pretty badass in the ring as a dominant bitch, and she definitely made the best of the fans reaction. Some people are put off when they get unexpected boos, but she played up to it perfectly. She just looks awesome, it almost felt like David vs. Goliath. I really enjoyed that match. Both girls deserve contracts.

  • k2evecrew

    The only thing I can say about velvet vs Tara is that I’m tired of seeing it. Someone needs to turn face or heel in this division cuz it seems like we’re getting the same thing over & over. As for the gutcheck match both ladies were entertaining. Is it me or does tapa seem more scary then Tamina ? Tapa needs some more training but ivelisse is tv ready i hope she doesn’t disappear to ovw. I want both ladies to get hired because right now the knockouts need a monster & tapa could fill that void & I just want ivelisse to get hired.

    • kio3j2

      Tapa has way more charisma than Tamina

  • MattyM

    These two in my opinion didn’t have good chemistry. I will never understand why WWE let Ivelisse go, but if TNA doesn’t sign Tapa, WWE needs to get her to improve there division, she would make a good opponent for Anya and Tamina, and she has a very unique look.

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      She’s already just as good if not better than Tamina. Her kick and Samoan were already better than Tamina’s, and those are her only 2 moves.

      • Nostalgia

        Her Samoan drop was sloppy in my opinion

  • Dudley_C.C

    Ivelisse: ” What draws me to mixed-martial arts…I love the art form of it.”

    Lol! I love this posing. I can’t decide which was better, that line or the clip of her hitting pads like a cardio-kickboxing newb & rolling worse than a backyard mma’er. I didn’t think it could get better than her 5+ min “vlog #1” (& only) less than 3 weeks out from the “mma fight / the mma”
    Good stuff but iirc Tara was 1st to play the fake MMA card.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    That match was the best female wrestling match, I’ve seen this year. I really liked the both of them.

  • Onetooth

    I did like the Gutcheck match. Lei’D Tapa impressed me more than Ivelisse honestly. I also really liked her crowd interaction. Haha Did you guys see her at 8:25?

    Although, while I was watching it, I thought I heard them chanting “she’s a man” at Lei’D Tapa. :/ It shouldn’t bother me since the crowd chants stupid stuff all the time, but it kind of took me out of the match. I got back into it, but it still bothered me.

  • T_Fan

    Hopefully Tara will go after the tag titles….. Oh wait unless Mickie turns heel then there isn’t really anyone to team with her which is kind of depressing. Well maybe Madison but I thought maybe with Gail v Velvet, Gail is about to win the lights go down & when they come back up Taryn, Madison & Velvet reform TBP. TNA needs more knockouts.
    Gut check was good & hopefully they sign both women.

  • rodneyclint

    This Tapa girl will obviously draw comparisons to Tamina because of their heritage and movesets, but I think I like her a bit more. She seemed to have a grasp on the basics and her moves were executed but she needs to work on pacing and her character. There were times when she was in control where she seemed a bit lost and hesitant, but that’s understandable. First time on a big show for a relatively unknown girl, good showing for her.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    Is it sad that I think Ivelisse vs Lei’D Tapa was better than Velvet vs Tara! Hopefully Gail can pull a good match out of Velvet!

    I really hope that both of the girls get contracts, really beef up the division talent and wrestling are in these girls! I hope TNA does right, both these girls deserve it!!!

  • pumped up kicks

    Tapa is huge! Imagine a triple threat with Tapa, alpha female, and amazing kong…. that would be nuts!

    • pumped up kicks

      I mean huge in a good way lol… I love seeing female versions on Kane and Henry and Taker :)

  • redsandman99

    The gut check match was much more entertaining to me. Velvet doesn’t impress me much in the ring, Tara’s entire gimmick with Jessie is getting to be a little underwhemling and there was just like a lack of chemistry the both times these two have wrestled one on one.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    very nice match between Ivelisse and Lei d tapa

    i feel Lei D would be a better fit , because she is unique and different and stands out, I would love to rather see her in WWE, but she could be the next big monster

    Ivelisse i have never been a fan of, even since her time in WWE, i have always found her cocky and arrogant about herself and she did little to impress me, thjroughout the match I was focued on Lei D and her move set and character

    I think it is obvious that Ivelisse is gonna be signed, but i dont know about Tapa

    • Looking Glass

      I agree with you on how Ivelisse comes across I just don’t get everyone going on about how impressive Lei’D’s move-set was. Throughout the whole match she was mostly just getting short fix wrenching moves in so Ivelisse could counter them – the only actual things she hit was the kick and the Samoan Drop. I get that she had character, I just think people are overrating her because they didn’t know about her and assumed she’d be far worse.

  • She’sGotLegs!

    I know Tamina doesn’t have anything to do with this match, but Tamina should take notes from Lei’D Tapa when it comes to samoan wrestling. I think Tamina has potential, but if she would develop a style similar to Lei’D Tapa, she’d be a better wrestler.

    By the way, Ivelisse vs. Lei’D= Women’s Wrestling Match of the Week!

    • Raekon

      Tamina has a wider moveset already but she always uses like 3 – 4 moves in the main roster matches because of the restrictions. :/

      The only match I remember her using more besides the houseshows was the november 2011 match on nxt redemption against kaitlyn.

      • She’sGotLegs!

        You do make a point about the restrictions. I feel like if there weren’t so many restrictions placed on the Divas, they’d stand out more. I mean, could you imagine the 4-5 star matches they could have?

        • Raekon

          Yep. All the Divas can work good matches when they let them but most of the time they don’t.

          That’s where TNA is superior for the most part cause they don’t only have good talent on the roster, they feature their talent and let it work well, aknowledging their worth.

          This episode already showed this by having 2 knockout matches when WWE doesn’t even give the divas 2 minutes in a 3 hours show in 2 weeks.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Lei’D Tapa! She’s awesome. I hope TNA picks up both girls. They should just bring them in together as a stable and take that tag titles back where it belongs… with the KO’s. It would be a big lost if TNA does not sign either. And talking about signings, where is that red headed girl they signed?

  • Raekon

    Well…. I understand why people say tara vs brooke was boring while ivelisse vs lei was fresh and interesting.

    In my opinion it’s not the skill of said 4 wrestlers that makes the difference, it’s the fact that everyone can watch Velvet vs Tara for so many times only.

    Ivelisse vs Lei was refreshing and new so everyone dig into it and enjoyed it.
    That’s what TNA also currently badly needs in my opinion.

    Sarita, Rosita, Angelina are all gone, Taeler and the Blossoms are still in OVW, Madison is mostly MIA (I know she is in her honeymoon at the moment but prior to that it was mostly the same), ODB is MIA for the most time.

    So the active division contents of mainly 5 women: Brooke, Tara, Gail, Mickie and Velvet (since she is back).

    It’s normal that when you have 5 actives only, that you will book matches between them all the time. This however is way too limited and the fans will grow bored at the end.

    Most of all since no turns are taking place anymore and all 5 girls are stuck in their roles like forever without anything new and interesting taking place.

    In my opinion they should sign both girls.
    Lei could learn from the veterans and get a lot better, while TNA could take advantage of her unique look and style in the process.

    Ivelisse is ready for action for a long time so all they need to do is give her some spotlight with matches against Gail, Brooke, Mickie and they could have 5 star matches in their show.

    Totally rooting for a Gail vs Ivelisse match cause I know it could be awesome.

    Both could sell each others offence, both have a good hard hitting style and both are capable to do high flying moves and great spots on the outside.

    If that’s any indication of how refreshing it was to watch new girls in the show, I watched the velvet vs tara once, while I watched the Lei vs Ivelisse 4 times already (gonna rewatch now for the 5th time :p).

    As about their gutcheck match it was good given Leis limited experience and both girls did greatly.

    I wish that Ivelisse would had used one of her 3 finishers but it made sense to try to take out someone by wearing them down when that someone is as big as Lei was. :)

    • Raekon

      As a sidenote:
      I loved both entrances (Lei and Ivy) and both outfits too. :)

  • Lily

    Ivelisse is perfect for TNA.

  • hemme Wilde

    i’ll be honest here, i didnt even watch the velvet, tara match cause personally im kinda tired of seeing the same knockouts every freakin week in som sort of differant combo (velvet, tara, gail, brooke) i know theres more knockouts on the roster than that, with that being said ivelisse, ive never liked the girl to be honest its nothing personal and her in ring skills are pretty good but here she didnt show anything except that stupid guillotine choke that she showed in her video package which btw the mma thing look if your gonna do mma and brag about it than stick to mma and leave the wrestling for the wrestlers, 2nd off Lei’d Tapa and i capatalized her name cause i just became one of her fans for life she is amazing her size, her look, her reaction to the fans, i admit she needs more work in the ring but what she showed was 100000Xs more impressive than the guillotine choke wizard, especially that kick! and her samoan drop seemed so much more painful than taminas, this girl has got it! she just needs a little more work, i think both girls should be signed and if ivelisse drops that stupid mma gimmick she’ll be ok, they both are unique in they’re own right and both have worked they’re asses off to get where they are now, that being said with ivelisse haveing 9 years under her belt she almost looked greener than Lei’d did, i didnt realize how tall Lei’d was shes massive, shes like rhaka khan but useful lol TNA would be idiots if they didnt sign both girls!

    • Juan

      Velez should keep that MMA/tough girl gimmick and submission style of wrestling since it would set her apart from the other Knockouts, likewise for Lei’d using power moves what with her size advantage and all.

      I think both ladies should be signed as both were very entertaining and their match told a story. Plus they had that in ring psychology that a lot of female matches have been lacking lately, down! Their match was far superior to the snorefest that was Velvet vs Tara.

      • hemme Wilde

        the only reason i think velez should drop the mma gimmick is cause she so much better than that, i admit that gimmick would set her apart from the other knockouts, but we’ve already seen how good she is in the ring and i think everyone was expecting her to be a little more flashy than what she was, that gimmick (even though it is badass) should be given to someone who doesnt have that much experience since the submission style of wrestling is in some ways alot easier than the technical high flying style that velez has shown in her previous matches as sofia cortez, i still remember her wheelbarrow ddt she used to put paige away, now that was impressive, or if she is gonna use the mma gimmick, use differant submission holds other than the guillotine choke, the guillotine choke seems like such a basic move for someone with her experience, but you know everyone is entitled to their opinion, i still think it was a great showing from both ladies and that TNA would be idiots to not sign them both


    Maybe I have an overactive imagination, but I’m feeling that Gail’s commentary was suppose to inject in our heads that Taryn and Velvet are in cahoots. And for some reason I can see Taryn and Velvet becoming the new TBP..

    • Raekon

      You might be right on Taryn and Velvet being into something. :)

      Even it was the right thing to send out Jessie, if you check Taryn at the end of the match, she gives some suspisious looks towards Velvet.

      • Matt

        I would love that. I don’t think TNA puts that much thought into their women’s storylines anymore but that would work out so well to explain Velvet’s dominance, it would give us a hot new stable, Gail would naturally turn face for the feud, Velvet owns as a heel. That would blow everything open and actually be interesting.

        What I think will happen in reality is that they’ll play it straight, Taryn will debut, Gail will job to her a few times and that will be the end of it.

  •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    Why does Ivelisse act like a man?!?!
    Velvet Sky is still very boring (make her turn hell please !!)
    Tara is perfect as usual !
    I wanna see Lei’D Tapa vs Tara !!

    • redsandman99

      How exactly does Ivelisse act like a man?

      • TCsinger09

        She said so herself in the interview she is not a girly girl and never was. I think what they are referring to is all the smacking of the chest and other things. I messaged Lei’D Tapa on twitter and found out she is 6ft tall