AIW “Girls Night Out 8″ Results: Allysin Kay Defends Women’s Title, #1 Contender’s Ladder Match

Never ones to shy away from chaos, Absolute Intense Wrestling pulled out all the stops last night for their debut internet Pay-Per-View show, “Girls Night Out 8″.

In the first of the two main events, Allysin Kay was set to defend her AIW Women’s Championship against a mystery opponent. That person turned out to be a returning Mickie Knuckles, wrestling her first AIW match since vacating the title due to pregnancy in April last year. The pair brought the pain to each other, taking the match to the outside with Knuckles hitting Kay with a huge German suplex onto the stage, and Kay narrowly missing with her trademark machete. In the end, however, it was “AK47″ who emerged victorious, choking out Knuckles to retain her championship.

Her next opponent for the title was also decided last night in the closing match of the show. The first half of “Girls Night Out 8″ had consisted of four singles qualifying matches, with the winner of each going on to take part in a ladder match for the number one contendership later that night. Addy Starr pulled off a surprise victory on her AIW debut against a Sassy Steph who can’t seem to buy a win in AIW at the moment, Athena and Kimber Lee had an excellent match which culminated in Athena picking up the win with an O-Face, Veda Scott defeated Leva Bates (dressed as Daredevil) in a solid but unspectacular match that was hugely improved by Veda and Gregory Iron’s promo at the start (something about petroleum jelly? I don’t know…) and “Crazy” Mary Dobson defeated Annie Social despite interference from Social’s stablemates to complete the line-up.

The ladder match itself was a brutal and unforgiving encounter, with spots galore as these four women gave their all to get the contract hanging from the ceiling. From Veda Scott getting crushed between a ladder and Addy Starr’s knees, to Athena and Dobson both getting put through tables, to Athena hitting an O-Face from the top of another ladder, this was a frenzied and raucous affair that made that AIW Women’s Championship contract seem like the most important thing in the world. Alas, when the dust cleared, it was Veda who emerged victorious, ascending the ladder and taking the contract, setting a match in stone between her and Allysin Kay for a later date.

Elsewhere on the card, Angelus Layne and her incredible hair impressed in an Absolute Opportunity match for a place on the AIW roster, defeating Jodi D’Milo in an superb match that saw both talents bring out their ‘A’ game, and I would be more than happy to see both wrestlers back in an AIW ring in the near future. Finally, Nikki St John and Heidi Lovelace of The Social Network defeated Angeldust and KC Warfield in a great tag team match despite an awkward interference finish.

All in all, “Girls Night Out 8″ can certainly be considered a success. The final two matches more than made up for any blips along the way, and are worth the money alone. The rest of the card, while hardly breaking any ground, was a solid display of wrestling and most importantly of all a great deal of fun, and being able to watch the show live on iPPV was a nice novelty, with decent enough production and hilarious (if a little non-sequitur) commentary. Just don’t get me started on the fans in attendance! On the basis of the two main events, I would definitely recommend ordering the replay. Here’s hoping this isn’t the last we’ve seen of AIW and the “Girls Night Out” series on iPPV!

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  • Rhawk

    Heidi Lovelace won a match for once? WHAT IS THIS?!? =-O

    • Adrian

      To be fair, it wasn’t clean. But she got the pinfall!

      • Rhawk

        Doesn’t matter, its still a win in the record books as far as everyone needs to know. =-P

      • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

        Adrian, do you think maybe an article could mention “#WWEwantDivas”. Maybe on the RAW Discussion?

        • k2evecrew

          Or could u guys do a tweet on the diva dirt twitter page & ask your followers to do it too?

  • Kayfabe!

    Wow all my picks won!

  • Getdownwithachola

    Jesus have mercy why does Sassy Stephie loses every where she goes?

  • Monkey Tennis

    I’m curious. How is it that this week’s episode of Main Event, which featured precisely NO women’s matches whatsoever and nothing more than a couple of backstage skits with Kaitlyn got a longer write up than an all-female show, with eight matches on the card?

    • Rhawk

      Maybe no one from Diva-Dirt watched the show? Maybe they could only comment from the results they’ve read online in places?

      • Monkey Tennis

        No, not the responses. The actual write up itself. Four of the matches on the show are covered by just one paragraph, essentially just listing off the results.

        There was more commentary about a male wrestler’s moustache in the Main Event redux than this report gives about most of the matches on the show!

        • Monkey Tennis

          Oh, wait. I get your point. You’re suggesting that Adrian didn’t watch the show and just wrote this article based on other reports? I guess that’s possible, but it does read like he did at least watch the iPPV

    • Matt

      Maybe cause Main Event is on basic cable and GNO is IPPV

    • Adrian

      I did watch the show. Granted, I could’ve probably gone into more detail in this piece, but there wasn’t really a great deal to report on most of the matches, save for the results. Not to mention that despite what you rightly said about Main Event, Bobby’s redux this week still got a good double the amount of comments most of my articles tend to get. It can be more than a little disheartening sometimes being the resident indy guy on such a WWE and TNA-centric site ;)

      Check out the reports of previous Girls Night Out shows on DD from before I joined the team. Most of them are literally just lists of results, this report is a bastion of information in comparison. But hey, I’ll gladly take your comments on board, there’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism. I’ll try and make a bit more of an effort next time :)

      • Monkey Tennis

        Just to clarify Adrian, my intent wasn’t so much to criticise this article as it was to draw a comparison with Diva Dirt’s coverage of two such disparate events.

        And I can certainly understand your frustration when there is more response to an article about a male wrestler’s moustache or Stephanie McMahon(‘s publicist) joining twitter than there is ever is about any of the indie shows on here.

        Sure, it goes without saying that significantly more people can watch the WWE’s programming than the real women’s wrestling being done in the indies, even with the increase in iPPV’s. But sometimes DIva-Dirt just comes across as though the WWE (and TNA) really are the be-all-and-all of all women’s wrestling.

        For me, that Main event redux was a perfect example of that. It was essentially saying “Sure, there were no women’s matches on this show and the Women’s Champion did nothing more than tease a potentially limiting girlfriend role – but hey, it’s on the WWE so let’s give it more coverage than we give to most indie shows”.

        OK, I’m paraphasing to a pretty hefty degree, that’s true. But that is the message that Diva-Dirt can sometimes put across. Of course, that’s no fault of yours. But it would be nice to see more of a balance around here.

        • pumped up kicks

          Ringbelles does a really really good job of covering the indies! I love diva dirt cause I watch everything, but when I wanna know about the indies and shimmer tapings, girls night out, shine and whats going on Japan, Ringbelles is for me.

  • hemme Wilde

    would have loved to see allysin kay vs mickie knuckles that match sounded soo badass!! oh and the hash tag stuff really needs to stay on twitter, anywhere else its just annoying especially on here! we’re here to read and talk about womens wrestling not trying like hell to get a damn trend going that wouldnt even get lifted off the ground if you wanted it to, cause news flash, this isnt twitter! things dont trend on here! and if they do its from the diva dirt twitter page!