Today in History: Trish Stratus Snaps on Jazz

On this day in history:

March 4th, 2002 | Despite having a Women’s Title reign under her belt, Trish Stratus was still considered to lack a certain “fire” as a wrestler. That is, until she was sufficiently provoked by Women’s Champ Jazz in a match with the title on the line. Jazz accidentally ripped Trish’s top off when tossing her across the ring, and this seemed to flip a switch. She immediately took Jazz down and locked her in her own submission hold, the STF. Trish seemed to forget that the title was on the line, and was DQed when she wouldn’t release the hold for a rope break. Even when banished from the ring, Trish wasn’t done. She gave Jazz one hell of a slap through the ropes before she finally left ringside. Well, so much for a lack of fire.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • shameronstar

    This feud was really heating up! Jazz as a top heel sure know how to kick some ass and seeing Trish stand up to her and grow into a better wrestler every time they fought was great:)

    • Ace Of Base

      In this case, I thought it was strange to put Lita in the feud at such an advandced stage. They just didn’t invest too much in developing the Jazz/Lita situation as they had with Trish and Jazz. Ofcourse by this point Lita was just getting thrown into the mix after a two month hiatus, but perhaps the Wrestlemania match should have simply been Trish vs Jazz and early in the card I might add. It would have made more sense for Lita to be with the Boyz at ringside as an equalizer to Stacy since she did have heat with her, storyline wise atleast for months at that point.

      • perceval

        Lita’s involvement played more on her situation with Trish than with Jazz, the Trish-Lita rivalry having restarted at Survivor Series. Back then, faces could feud when there was a Championship at stake, which I always thought made more sense than faces being completely uninterested in a Championship if another face was holding it. Now, there’s speculation that Layla will turn heel because she keeps looking at the title belt. Shouldn’t she want that back, anyway?

        Also, Triple Threats allowed someone to go over clean without the other two losing anything. Jazz won at WM without cheating, but because Trish & Lita were so focused on each other she was able keep from getting pinned and took advantage of a beaten down Lita while Trish was out of the ring.

        • Ryan

          At some point Jazz went after Lita hence why the triple threat came in and yeah Trish and Lita best of friends but when championship came into play they were out to take each others heads off
          I still love that nasty fist fight both had in the locker room! Yikes! Don’t mess with Trish and Lita!!!

          but Lita was hurt and then Jazz was hurt, Trish and Molly picked up the slack and went through table matches and a lot of crazy moments, summer 2002 with Molly and Trish is greatly disregarded and under appreciated I think :)

          Also when Lita came back in 2003 jazz was currently out by then all the divas were doing their own chaotic thing

  • Ryan

    Wooooo!!! Puppies out and joking ass!! Go Trish!! Nothing is hotter than feminine fury!!
    This was oddly sexy yet ass kicking watching Trish get tossed and slammed face first by her hair and that shove by jazz meant she meant business!! Damn! Jazz is beyo scarcely awesome anyone who votes Kelly over jazz should be either slapped by Trish or punched by jazz just like that nasty punch that had Trish stumbling here haha ouch!! That STF was like ouch and Trishes chick kick was, sweet and hard! (***Phrasing!!!** BOOM!!)
    No body can do it like Trish sexy under dog that is tough pretty and kicks ass!
    Jazz your the bitch so take that slap bitch!

    Awesome match ladies!! Both showed their ferociousness and aggression towards one another! Trish wasn’t in the defensive anymore
    It wasn’t she lacked fire but Trish seemed scared of jazz haha thug bitches man,.. But then Trish gained experience and well here we are!
    Love Jazz too dude but Trish all the way!!

    • DJ8946

      Can you please leave? You’re an example of why WWE liked K2.

      • puppies

        Give the guy a break. No one tells me anything when I slobber over Ziggler or Cena. It’s not like attractive you can’t find a woman attractive and still appreciate her skills.

      • Ryan

        Thanks Puppies ya I stay away from Monday night raw here on DD you guys go nuts for the guys on the comments
        (***phrasing!! Boom!**)

        Dj, guy like me? I don’t like Kelly FYI I always thought she was a weak broad
        She wasn’t that hot, too skinny had those baby fat skinny legs, no ass, no boobs, and she sucked in the ring.. Nothing about her appealed to me.. well maybe when she was hotter when she was like 18-19 Guys like me like Trish Stratus Candice Michelle Maxine Brooke Tessmacher Velvet Sky Mickie James! The whole package you know, sexy women who can hang ;)
        But also appreciate the hell out of Jazz Molly Tara Michelle McCool Layla Lita and the rest! This current crop of divas and knockouts really are on point :)

        And sorry typo, I didn’t mean to type joking ass, meant Kicking ass

      • Melissa

        @ DJ8946


  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson


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  • aldo

    Wow wow wow. The first time I see this match and it was WOW. It was short but the intense went from the beginning to the end. It’s all about quality.


    Every match in this era that I watch I just get nostalgic. Great, I miss it dearly.

  • art

    i did find it hilarious that jazz could have easily broke out of that move like trish did her bra…

  • shameronstar

    Unrelated, but there’s rumor that Rosita may get a tryout today before Raw starts airing!

  • Aksana

    I remember watching this as a child and absolutely HATING Jazz! So after watching Trish get a hard time in recent weeks I was thrilled to see Trish showing some fire.

    • Ryan

      Hey aksana lol yup!!
      I was really hoping that Jazz and Mighty Molly would stop jazz from getting to Trish but nope she tore through them lol
      Even worse was the next year Jazz returning and kicking Trish’s scared face!!

  • Jakey

    “Despite having a Women’s Title reign under her belt, Trish Stratus was still considered to lack a certain “fire” as a wrestler.” I love this description! While, for me, Trish showed her first “fire” at Royal Rumble, this match had an intensity that the Rumble one didn’t. This was the time when she was forced to take a month off TV after turning down the Torrie Wilson bikini posedown angle (that they later gave to Stacy Keibler), so maybe that added fuel to her fire!

    • redsandman99

      She wasn’t off TV for a month at this time. This was right before the triple threat with her, Jazz and Lita at Wrestlemania and after that she was still on TV, feuding with Jazz and Molly turned heel on that as well.

      • Jakey

        Oh, I know! I should have clarified that she had been off TV for a month *prior* to this. She dropped the belt to Jazz on February 4th and hadn’t been on TV since then.

        • redsandman99

          Ah. Alright. I thought you meant after this.

  • JDernTrishStratusFan

    Watching this is actually kinda hard for me. This era of Divas was when I was growing up, it honestly changed my life. I miss it.

    I’m the biggest Trish fan ever and when I saw this for the first time, I was just so proud of her for finally giving it to Jazz.

    Miss these days more and more.