Today in History: Melina vs. Mickie in a “Falls Count Anywhere” Match

On this day in history:

March 5th, 2007 | Soon after winning the Women’s Championship for the first time in her career, Melina put it on the line against Mickie James in the first-ever Divas “Falls Count Anywhere” match. They made use of the stipulation by traveling to the backstage area, fighting in the Divas locker room before returning to the ring to settle the match the old fashioned way. Mickie knocked herself loopy with a missed Frankensteiner and the match ended soon after, with Melina retaining her title.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

Also occurring today in history:
* 3/5/76: The Fabulous Moolah defeats Sue Green to win the NWA Women’s Title.

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  • wewantskill

    good macth but they should have went futher back stage

  • nathan3050

    i loved that match! thoose were the days! mickie vs melina was on of my favorite fudes!

  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    Love this match & i loved this feud. They’re gonna be in the finale two for raws diva of the decade I can already see it now.

  • GailKimFan09e

    I don’t see why wwe can’t have a match like this at Wresltemania With Aj vs Kaitlyn. I mean the way i see it is Both girls have a history together, and can defiantly bring the aggression like melina and mickie did in this match, with Aj being the Crazy heel and kaitlyn the uber face. and throw in cameo and diva involvement that they get their maina pay and wwe get to throw in likes of santino, or whoever else they want.

    • GailKimFan09e

      Also like to add, that it would make sense seeing how we have had no diva action on raw or smackdown for a while now.. since aj seems the most heavy pushed and kaitlyn being the divas champ. Everyone wins we get a divas match a maina, wwe gets to throw in anyone they want for gimmick purposes, the divas get their maina shine and wwe doesn’t get to hear us rant…

  • Ryan

    Haha classic! The drop kick to the vagg take that bitch!
    I also loved Mickie and Melina firs time Mickie defended her championship against her with the Mexican dude and Morrison on their corners,
    Mickie kicked Melina’s ass so bad and the crowd was roaring Lets Go Mickie!!!

    Btw Torrie with the hair spray to Victoria Maria pouncing on Melina and Candice and her nudity hahaha damn cameraman!!! Lol
    Diva Madness at its best!!!
    But that ending botch ouch man poor Mickie almost died :(
    Props to Mickie’s physical toughness because Candice almost fell the same way and poor thing broke :(

    Still awesome moments! And love seeig Ashley Massaro she rocks :)

    • BillyGP

      Ryan look at Melina she blocked the move at the end not really a botch as Melina ducked.

      • Ryan

        Actually looked like Melina ducked but her head and neck hit Mickie’s legs causing her to land head-straight first
        I have seen Gail Kim get the frankensteiner blocked and she never has landed on her head

        • LightsOut

          Maybe Mickie wasn’t expecting the fall and didn’t flip correctly so she could land safely? I think Gail is a lot more aggile than Mickie, that’s why she never landed like that.

  • Hdiputra

    You forget today in history also Ivory Vs Lita on RAW 2001 for women,s title , Ivory won after neckbreaker on Lita

  • Ryan

    Also in history:
    Jillian Hall interrupts Kristal Marshall, have a little chit chat, strips Jillian to her top almost exposing her boobs for calling her a cheap bimbo, Kristal continues and strips for te fan in one of the sexiest things of beauty I have ever seen on TV
    (Meanwhile the generic yet awesome diva theme Burn It Up playing full blast)

    Go Kristal!! :)

  • Liam Holden

    Omg Candice haha

  • melina prez

    This was such a great match… instant classic! but ill never forget Candice having her robe taken off of her! good times!

  • Chika

    Well I wouldn’t call it ‘gracing’ the cover of playboy. Yuck.

  • aldo

    What a great match. Mickie vs Melina is definitely a feud I’ll always remember!