Today in History: Candice and Victoria Oust Torrie

On this day in history:

March 6th, 2006 | Celebrating her Playboy pictorial with the customary cover reveal, Candice Michelle was joined by friends Torrie Wilson and Victoria. Candice made a speech which, with her heel persona, was a bit more interesting than the usual “You like me, you really like me!” Playboy celebration spiel. Soon it all turned it into a method of betrayal when she suddenly turned on Torrie and teamed with Victoria to take her out. You know what they say: three’s a crowd, especially when one of them has enough ego for two.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

Also occurring today in history:
* 3/6/06: Sensational Sherri is announced for the WWE’s Hall of Fame Class of 2006.

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    I really liked Vince’s Devils. Would have like them to gone a bit further, but it was short and sweet.


      Although when Victoria got her hair cut in this style while with Vince’s devils, she kind of came across lesbian looking. Just an opinion I thought I’d share.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    Candice Was Sooooo Sexy! Loved Vince’s Devils

  • vdcvt

    huge fan of the vinces devils as u can maybe tell by my username lol. really liked their dynamic as a group

  • Number One

    I loved this segment! I often thought that Candice was the star of VInce’s Devils, and this proves it!

  • Ace Of Base

    Candice was the focal point no doubt and I’m glad Torrie eventually turned face. She wasn’t a great heel by any stretch and she always made a great babyface anyway. Her pops ultimately died down though. I’m not sure if it was because her theme changed and was less recognizable or the fans had grown tired of her? She never got back to her old 2002/2003 level of glory which was sad to see. Although I preferred the wrestling divas like Victoria, Lita, Molly, Jazz, Jackie, Ivory etc… I always appreciated women who could be both pretty and wrestle like Torrie, Stacy, Dawn, and Sable -(Sable to some measure lol) Candice would have been better off as a eye candy diva who occassionally wrestled. Instead they attempted to make her the next great model turned wrestler, only to lose out in the end. I miss Candice a lot, although I couldn’t stand her voice at times, but she was endearing with her charm and passion. I think if she would’ve stayed as eye candy and occassional wrestler, she would have lasted longer in the E.

    • perceval

      Well, with Torrie, it was the move to Raw. On SD, she was the top girl. But, on Raw, there was Trish, Lita, Mickie, and, less than three months after this segment, Beth & Melina. There was just no way Torrie could have the top spot with those five running around.

      • Ace Of Base

        I guess that makes sense, but then later when she moved back to Smackdown as a good girl, she still couldn’t reach the top spot anymore.

        • art

          when torrie moved back to smackdown she got some good pops…


      I think if Candice would’ve got her push like immediately after Trish retired she could’ve been the next Trish (to a extent). She was improving rapidly and the fans were deffinately on her side. Lets face it she had the stunning looks too. Too bad she suffered that injury in 2007 at the hands of Beth Phoenix. I always wondered what happened there…was Beth’s bumping into the ropes with Candice on them planned or no? Hmmm

      • Jcott3

        I fully agree Candice could have gone far. She had the look, the personality and the desire to learn (she was PWI’s Most Improved Wrestler of 2007). The only problem was her body couldn’t take the bumps and she kept getting hurt.

        • EVEROCKS

          yes! Her return in 2008 was sadly very underwhelming. So sad because she really had mad potenial. And the most heart ive seen since Trish and Mickie.

          The injury in 2007 really set her off course.

      • art

        The beth/candice bump was planned they were doing it coming into raw at the houseshows its just candice over sold it & got hurt,beth had no idea candice was actually hurt….candice wasn’t over at all lol….

        • Valese

          And neither is Layla… Candice was over; She got some heat in this segment.

        • JJ

          I always get a laugh out of “xxxxx wasn’t over!!” comments.

  • candice7000

    Candice Michelle is my all time favorite diva. I haven’t connected with another diva on the level I have with her. This was like my 2nd favorite moment of mines. Her winning the title was everything to me. I cried when she won that title. I wish she’d gotten the chance to go further. But I’m happy for her in life and hope her and her family enjoy their life. BTW I’m truly Candice biggest fan lol.

    • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

      Same Here! Never have I ever connected with a Diva Like That. She’s Always be My Favorite too

  • perceval

    This was one of the two times they did the Playboy match at WM right (the other being Wrestlemania 20) by keeping it separate from what the Women’s Champion was up to. They were able to have the Playboy match between Candice and Torrie and still have Trish vs Mickie.

  • Ryan

    Even as a heel Candice was like able and sexy as fugg!! :)
    Such a sexy flirt! Pure sex appeal
    Torrie rocked but yeah when she turned good guy again she wasn’t as over as In Her Smackdown days… Probably due to the song change..

    Also I had NO ideas they were called ladies in link or Vince s devils until like maybe over 7 yers later lol
    They weren’t exactly a serious stable like LayCool or Beautiful People haha
    Just 2 hot sexy chicks causing trouble and Tara


      …”And Tara”. Wow…

      • Ryan

        Well she looked like a man then!! :(

        She’s incredibly sexy now!! Like totally love Tara! She ages greatly! What a woman! Not many chicks now can hold a candle to Tara’s sexiness

        • EVEROCKS

          Haha shes still good looking but i preffered her more back then

        • Ryan

          Oddly I found her incredibly hot when she was muscular!!! Plus how angry and pissed off she looked al the time and the way she would storm down the ring like she was about to tear some chick up I found that hot! I could sense her intensity haha
          But then after she was looking good but then she started dressing like a transsexual hooker and yikes man!! But she looks great now

        • EVEROCKS

          Haha! I too liked her as a muscely woman. My favorite physco Victoria moment was when they had a gimmick match of some kind, she had a sucker in her mouth, and she stopped and ripped the whole thing off the stick and threw the stick behind her. Lol

        • Ryan

          Oh yeah!! The Christmas Math in 2002
          She licked the lollipop in a very sexy manner then viciously chomped it up!!!! O.o
          A fair warning to the men around the world!!!

          My favorite was the fist fight she had on top of the stage with Trish. She was so bulky and big and well some good shots from Trish but ultimately Victoria the dominant woman overpowered her against the metal wall and slammed her face many times against the metal floor

          Officials had to stop and mount her because she kept dragging herself towards Trish
          That was beyond psycho!! Like Sarah Connor kind crazy!!
          Man that was sweet!!

        • EVEROCKS

          Lol! I also liked her debut alot

        • Ace Of Base

          Quote Ryan
          [[["Oh yeah! The Christmas Math in 2002. She licked the lollipop in a very sexy manner then viciously chomped it up! O.o A fair warning to the men around the world!]]]

          LMAO! Ryan, you’re so funny, in a good way. The tranny comparisons were hilarious! I love Victoria/Tara, but I have to agree at the time she wasn’t wearing outfits that complimented her figure. You gotta respect her for having “balls” though. This because, even if she didn’t look her best, she still had the courage to try things and be herself. Well anyway Ryan, I would LIKE all your posts in this thread if i could, I needed to laugh, thanks!

  • perceval

    Good night for the Divas. This also had Lita vs Maria, & Trish telling Mickie they needed some time apart. And, of course, the announcement of Sherri entering the Hall of Fame.

    • Ace Of Base

      Oh yes that’s right! I loved Lita’s outfit during the match and she looked sooo hot! Hotter than Maria imo and I didn’t think that was possible since I believe Maria to be one of the prettiest divas ever. It was nice to see Lita back on the winning side of things.

      Also, I remember the backstage segment with Mickie James talking about Sherri. It was so wonderful to have Sherri announced in the HOF and even better to see her receive it. I felt bad for Mickie getting rejected, but I guess she deserved it.

  • divaindemise

    Love Torrie Wilson. Wasn’t specifically great at the craft in any aspect, but she was undeniably likeable.

  • art

    Torrie was never meant to be heel it was just never believable & candices voice is like nails on a chalk board could not stand her at all….shame torrie never got alot of chances to show what she could really do or get a championship since she was really popular….

    • Jcott3

      I agree. WCW kept trying to make Torrie a heel and it never worked. When they did the brand extension, Torrie should have been kept on Raw with Stacy Keibler being sent to Smackdown. I say that because between the two of them, Torrie was more interested in learning how to wrestle than Stacy.

      • art

        That’s true stacy had no desire how to learn to wrestle while torrie did….

  • aldo

    Candice was great here!


    I loved this segment. Dont know why some people are complaining about Candy’s voice? Have you guys heared Madison Rayne? Shes 10x worse but everyone seems to love her…

    Torrie is gorgeous!! I miss her alot.

    • VelvetLoveFan

      But that was Madison Rayne in character

      • EVEROCKS

        Still! >.<

        • puppies

          When you’re bad on purpose, we can appreciate their badness. When you’re bad because you can’t help it… then you’re just bad.

  • Kessuki

    Torrie Wilson may not be a former womens champion but she was a sweetheart, a darling, a beauty to behold. i absolutely loved when wwe signed her up because she was my fave girl second to madusa, back in wcw.

    she was best as a face imo and i think it was fun for a while but it’s good they pulled her out of vince’s devils when they did and get the fans cheering for her again. i think they should have stuck dawn marie in the group instead.

    also i remember at the time thinking if this blind assault on torrie continued a little longer i would loved to have seen Sherri get the chance to come out in aid and hair toss victoria and throw candice out of the ring. lol

    Was super chuffed that the great Sensational Sherri was inducted into the HOF. It’s sad that she’s no longer with us as i think she would be perfect in a managing role for one of the current divas or as a smackdown co-general manager.

    • perceval

      Nah, Vince’s Devils worked so well because of that specific combination of all three. Torrie brought something to the mix that Dawn wouldn’t have. She played the Paris Hilton role perfectly, especially when she started bringing the little dog to the ring.


      It really surprised me that they never gave her a title run.

  • AdrianRay

    I am one stupid little bitch! I call myself a fan and have never witnessed this segment! Ugh! Candice was so FLAWLESS in this promo, ugh! I loved Vince’s Devils, my all time favorite WWE heel diva stable!

    • Ace Of Base

      Easy girl! Don’t you just love it when you find hidden gems such as these? I know I do.

      • Ryan

        Lmfao AdriaRay

        There’s a LOT of segments I have yet to see yet I think I have a historic memory of ALL the matches and segments I have missed a lot specially stuff from late 90s and 2000

        And thanks Ace of Base
        Shit looking at my comments it does spun kind of mean specially since I like Tara a lot
        But I thought she looke smokin hot in her line green and hot pink or shiny black and red leather pants! All the girls back then had tight leather gear
        Then Victoria started using make up and shit I found it hot when she had those dark areas under her eyes!!

  • Matt

    I remember this segment! It happened when I was in 2nd grade! Anyway looking back on it I always thought that Torrie was the sexiest diva in Vince’s Devils, but now without question Candice was the sexiest, but Torrie was the prettiest. Anyway Vince’s Devils FTW!

  • wewantskill

    um torrie should have been nominated for the diva of the decaed even though she would’t win i belive even though she was more eye candy she had a lot of miberble moments and she wasnt that bad of a wrestler

  • JJ

    I loved the “Cover come to Life”