Today in History: Christy’s WrestleMania Mentor Revealed

On this day in history:

March 7th, 2005 | After a series of humiliations and attacks at the hand of Trish Stratus, Christy Hemme challenged her to a match at WrestleMania. Trish was very happy to accept, but when Lita, returning from an ACL tear earlier in the year, was revealed as Christy’s WrestleMania mentor, the outcome no longer seemed so cut-and-dried. What a twist (of fate)!

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  • velvelove

    Christy actually did a decent job at WM to which suprised me.

    • vdcvt

      Yeah, I agree. Christy surprised me too. One of my favourite matches of her was when she was in TNA and faced Taylor Wilde. She lost, but she really impressed me with that one match.

      • Ryan

        That match with Taylor Christy was on point! Very impressive by Hemme also one of my favorites has to be all her matches with Melina, Melina really stuffing Hemme, Hemme took it and got back up took some more and so on

        And yeah her match at mania was goofy but was still pretty great haha
        Crowd was loving it!!

    • GrrMonster

      She did, even though she had issue going with the flow with the moves, she shown character and aggressive I think she did really good for a person who didn’t have that much training.

      • GrrMonster



    I loved this angle, was a great way to bring in Christy. And well Lita and Trish just have chemistry whether in the ring or verbally berating one another haha ;)

  • Ryan

    Man Trish as the bad guy rocks haha she is so pompous and full of herself it’s sexy freakin hot and actually really funny
    Have always liked chicks like her, Megan Fox style!!

    But yeah it’s fun watching Trish get her ass kicked too hehe
    And I remember seeing Lita come in and I jumped up with a OOOOH!!! Straight up Lita fan forever

    Awesome twist of Fate Hemme!! I really wish christy would of kept the twist of fate as her finisher throughout wwe! Would of been awesome seeig Christy destroy Melina with it in late 2005! :)

  • jonboi

    Yip I liked christy to but I don’t think she wouldve been aloud to use the TOF as matt jeff lita all used that move she used the TOF after wwe though, I wanted to see her feud with kong on tna its a pitty like lita here christy got injured & feud ended!

  • Brandon

    If Lita wasn’t hurt at the time, I think WWE wanted her to face Trish at WM. That would’ve been epic. What bugs me is that Lita only fought in one WM match against Jazz and Trish. It’s weird to think that such a popular diva would only compete once on the grandest stage. I’m guessing her injuries kept her out of some matches?

    • redsandman99

      She was injured going into Wrestlemania 19, Victoria and Molly were feuding going into WM 20, she was injured doing this and then she was stuck managing Edge the next year…it just never really worked out for her.

      • Jcott3

        Don’t forget that she was with the Hardys for TLC 2 at WM 17. They also asked Lita to take part in the WM 25 battle royal, but she wasn’t available.

  • mykel1990

    I love heel Trish. Her promos and matches to me were so much better to me.

  • perceval

    Trish managed to carry this feud JUST on the strength of her promos. She’d wanted Molly for her WM opponent after Lita was injured.

    • ajfan83

      She wanted to work with another heel who had already given their notice to the company? I’m SHOCKED that didn’t happen. BTW, Christy’s big push came right in the middle of the so-called “golden era” you always harp on about. As did pushes for Candice and Ashley. Might want to take off those rose-tinted glasses.

      • Ryan

        Molly didn’t give her notice until mid 2005 when all those divas got fired at once. Trish was out if action by then though.

        • ajfan83

          Molly officially left around WrestleMania. But reports said she had wanted out for months, when WWE made it clear they were phasing out a competitive division in favor of the diva search girls. Just further adds to my point that the golden age never really happened. For roughly two years (2002-2004) WWE pushed the division. Then around the time Trish and Lita headlined Raw they decided to go in a completely different direction. Two years does not equal an “age”.

    • Jcott3

      WWE was NEVER going to go with Molly for WrestleMania 21. They spent all of 2004 jobbing her out to every single woman she was in the ring with, most likely because of her real-life refusal to have the sex appeal WWE wanted the Divas to have. After she had to put over Stacy Effing Keibler three weeks in a row, she had no credibility left. It also didn’t help that Trish and Molly were both heels and Trish, the #1 female heel in the company, was infinitely more popular than Molly.

      Many of you have probably heard the story of Molly’s final months in WWE in 2005. She had a breast cancer scare in January of that year, which opened her eyes and made her realize how unhappy she really was in WWE (the constant travel, never seeing her family & friends, having to play a character she loathed, …) The week after WM 21, Molly had a meeting with WWE management and asked to become a face again, citing her belief that it would refresh her character. John Laurinaitis told her “It’ll never work” and she asked for her release right then and there. Vince told her she was welcome to come back any time if she wanted. TNA courted her during that summer, but nothing came of it.

      • ajfan83


        Don’t let facts get in the way of Perceval and his delusions. I’m sure in his mind Trish and Lita would have headlined Mania if both were healthy.

        • aldo

          I thought that was true and Lita was supposed to be champion until her feud with Mickie James at WM 22, of course in WM 21 instead of Trish vs Christy it was going to be Trish vs Lita, which didn’t happen because of Lita’s injury.

        • perceval

          Don’t you have a toll bridge to guard against billy goats?

        • ajfan83

          That the best you got? I rarely even comment on this site anymore but your idiocy always makes me laugh. Molly Holly, who was jobbed in to oblivion by that point, was suddenly going to get a title push for a WrestleMania that was stacked from top to bottom? If Christy wasn’t getting the Playboy push there’s a better chance the divas would have been left off the card completely once Lita went down.

  • Flawless_Don

    Trish was such a bad ass & funny in her last heel turn. This is what we’re missing in wwe today.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Man, I miss Lita!
    I wish she didn’t get injured. And holy shit at her crowd reaction,the fans went nuts. I have yet to see a diva get such great reactions when it comes/came to returns/comebacks.

  • 09DHK

    Am I the only one who thinks that Christy actually looks a little like Trish?

  • Ace Of Base

    I think Christy looks a little like Trish too. It’s funny because Ashley was more like Lita and Christy like Trish, so imagine if it their mentors were the opposite. I think it would’ve been cool, although to be honest, Ashley’s style was 90% ho-ish and 10% punk lite. Christy was just a spirited little Diva wasn’t she? I miss her.

    As for this segment was so great, the reaction Lita got was brilliant and I love anything Lita and Trish do together, they’re the “Midas Touch” in the women’s division, especially together. Everytime they had a stare down, you had to love Trish’s devious smirk that would quickly emerge. It was almost like she couldn’t help herself and maybe wanted to laugh, but she held it in somehow. Pure speculation right, but it’s fun to think about. :-)

  • Jcott3

    It’s pretty well-known that WWE had planned to do a Trish vs. Lita program leading into WrestleMania 21, until Lita tore her ACL. Making her Christy’s mentor was just WWE’s way of keeping the Trish vs. Lita fire going, and also might have helped to take some of the pressure off of Christy, who was really too inexperienced in-ring and on-mic to be in a high-profile program like that.

    I didn’t think Christy was that bad at WM 21, but I’ve heard stories about her going around afterwards and apologizing to management for her poor performance.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    I shouldn’t been Lita VS Trish, Also I Can’t Believe There Was Never A Team Trish VS Team Lita @Survivor Series

    • aldo

      Yeaaah! Right? Maybe if Lita hadn’t been injured…

  • WweLitafan4ever

    The pop Lita got here is the response I want her to receive for current comebacks.

  • aldo

    What did Christy Hemme did after her feud with Trish? She wasn’t that good in the ring but working with Trish and Lita should have been really helpful. By the way, Trish was gold with the mic! XD

    • redsandman99

      She had a feud with Victoria before being moved to Smackdown and ended up feuding with Melina. Then she was sent to OVW where she ended up either released or not having her contract renewed. Can’t remember which.

      • Ryan

        She was randomly fired..
        She showed signs of willingness and improvement, and sent to OVW but then fired like a week later
        Did not make any sense

      • Jcott3

        Christy herself claims it was her decision to leave WWE, but everyone else says she got cut. Why she was cut, I’m not sure. I’ve heard so many different stories I’m not sure which one to believe.

  • Matt

    Watching this video made me realize………………my girlfriend kinda looks like Trish!