Today in History: Kong vs. Gail vs. ODB For the Knockouts Title

On this day in history:

March 9th, 2008 | A Triple Threat Knockouts Title match at 2008’s Destination X that pitted champ Awesome Kong, Gail Kim and ODB against one another promised plenty of fireworks, and it delivered. With the unpredictable nature of the three competitors, combined with the possibilites a three-way match provided, there was no telling how the match would end. But there really is no betting against Awesome Kong, and she won the night, hitting ODB with the Awesome Bomb after some helpful interference by Raisha Saeed.

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    Loved it, this is when TNA overtook WWE and the Divas, in the beginning. It kind of died out in 2009.

    Another thing is people complain about WWE and missing the attitude era but at least WWE’s “good period” lasted a while.

    TNA’s ‘golden era’ ended two years after it began.

    • Ryan

      Mainly due to the departure of awesome kong. TNA did it right thought in between those two years. They used kong to the fullest. Something wwe didn’t do (or we will never know of they planned to or how they would of use her)
      But even with their small crop of knockouts TNA will still use them all to the best of their ability.. Ie Mickie James off the cage, Brooke Tessmacher and Gail Kim carrying the division all summer long last year. TNA does screw up a lot. But they do their best with the Knokouts.
      Only complain about the divas was the waste of time from 2011-2013… Divas of dumb, Kelly as champ (no offense to kell she rocked but her push was kind of weak due to wwe how they limited her and the many other girls on raw and Smackdown) yet on NXT AJ and maxine aksana and the wedding, naomi and the rest were showing how wrestling is done! Then they cut off NXT, and NXT redemption,
      I’m glad I got to witness enough wwe to catch the AJ being owned by Daniel Bryan segments and AJ goin into a state of odd yet genius madness, Eve and her conspiracies with Kaitlin and Layla working together to stop her, those were really cool storylines and good wrestling!! :)
      Fact is before eve really the divas straight up sucked , and Layla I mean she was champ but only features on superstars and stuff her push was weak just like Kelly’s thanks again wwe,
      We know the divas can get the job done but again it’s up to wwe if they want to let them which sucks

  • Ryan

    Awesome match!! Love the craziness from ODB and Gail Kim!! Specially where they drink the flask!! Haha u both are the coolest craziest baddest bitches!! Love u both!!
    Also that spear from Kim fucking whoa!! Had ODB like surprised and stuff!! cant keep the ninja Gail Kim down! loved wen Gail and kong start grappling viciously damn that was awesome!! Both go at it so viciously! I love this Gail Kim so bad!! The good guy Gail Kim will always be the best!! I my eyes she’s up there with Mickie Lita and Trish
    And Kong with her awesome splashes and that awesome bomb was destructive!!
    This Is how u do it man, no sparkles or glamour none of that BS all wrestling and all championship!! Knockouts Not Divas
    Awesome Kong is one tough and awesome destructive force!! Love this woman!!

    Side note: Layla Kate and Eve in the triple threat love how Layla didn’t hesitate to take on Kate despite being the good guy much like Gail and ODB went at it haha!! Good friends like Trish and Lita but won’t hesitate to take each others heads off for the title!! So Layla, stay a face but take Kate’s belt!! Forget the whole “she needs a heel turn”, all Layla needs is that belt BAM! OHH! ;)

    • vdcvt

      Yep this match was definitely a highlight for the TNA Knockouts. I remember thinking holy crap when Gail was pretty much crushed by Kong towards the end.

      On a side note about Layla and Kaitlyn, personally for me I would prefer Layla as champion to Kaitlyn but I don’t really care if she wins the title off Kaitlyn. I just hope that whatever way WWE uses her in this storyline with Kaitlyn they just show her personality more, heel or face. I find Layla to be one of the most entertaining Divas at the moment.

      • Ryan

        Ya I love Layla! She’s awesome and a lot of fun! Her wrestling style is pretty technical and love her kicks!
        I love Layla as the good guy!

  • richies88

    shame wwe let kharma and gail go. both could have made the divas division respectable again. they was never ever going to be used to full potential. at least we kind of got home wwe fans that kharma has stated she will never return to TNA. Her heart lies with wwe. WWE missing out on Rieesha/cheerleader Melissa and Angelina


      I know right! And I would have thought Angelina would be right up their alley, you know.. Blonde, beautiful and skilled. It’s such a shame D:

  • Getdownwithachola

    TNA was awesome before the Illuminati took over, but recently they are planning cool stuff with knockout so I guess they could be going back to that route of awesomeness.

    • Jillfan1

      one of my favorite matches hell even the guys reacted in the front row Holy sh*t! it was something new and innovative we need this again I agree not onylt he KO’S division where is aj styles? he deserves to be on the spotlight without STYLES,ARIES,STORM OR ROODE, KIM AND MICKIE JAMES TNA is bleh I agree on the illuminati part

  • Garouix

    I get really sad every time I remember how amazing the Knockout Division once was. Those were great times.

  • aldo

    Awesome, awesome match! I always think that in TNA, we can watch our Diva Dream Matches. Now, I want Beth Phoenix vs ODB or Tara, Melina vs Tara or Gail, Layla or Kaitlyn vs Brooke Tessmacker, and Maryse vs Angelina Love.

    • LightsOut

      I’d love to see Melina or Beth (once again) take on Tara.

  • divaindemise

    What I love most about this period in the Knockouts division is the resounding reminder that her comedy gimmick aside, ODB is one hell of a wrestler.