Former TNA Knockout Taking Part in WWE Tryout?

Former TNA Knockout Rosita could be taking part in a tryout match prior to tonight’s Raw, according to F4WOnline.

Rosita, real name Thea Trinidad, parted ways with TNA in January, and she confirmed her release last month.

While under contract with TNA, the 22-year-old was a one-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion.

If the report is to believed, Rosita’s tryout will take place before tonight’s Old School Raw in Buffalo, NY.

Do you feel that Rosita would be a good acquisition for the Divas division?

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  • Zaye

    If she does tryout and works for WWE, she’d have a better chance at being used. :P

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Rosita in WWE, I liked her style on TNA.

    • Nostalgia

      I believe we should thank Josh Matthews for this! I really hope she gets signed

  • AlexxRaven

    I want

  • Lanoom

    Yay, someone for Rosa to tag with in 3 minute matches.

    • JD Sensations

      better that than never being used and losing to Eric Young

      • Lanoom

        You say “better,” I say “just as bad.”

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    yaahhhhhh, sounds soo good, she has so much potential, and i remember when she was signed with TNA, everyone said she looks much more like WWE diva and eveything

    i think she would be a great addition to up and coming divas like Paige, Emma, Summer, Sasha, Bailey, Rachelle etc

  • AlexxRaven

    Whoa. Computer failure.

    I wanted her to get signed to the WWE before she even got signed by TNA. I always thought she was a better fit for WWE. I really hope they pick her up. I don’t know why they wouldn’t though. Shes perfect for them.

  • Sitau

    Wow this would be a good addition to wwe, shes young, unique, and has charisma id say give her a lil makeover before she gets signed , i think shed make a hot red head

  • k2evecrew

    Yes & I hope they use her . I could see her rosa and aksana in a heel alliance .

  • DJ8946

    She’d probably be Fandango’s valet since she has a dance background. BTW Are you guys gonna do a NXT Review?; because I want to go in on that match!!

  • DjayDay

    Like someone said I always thought she was a better fit for WWE, not just looks wise but she just gives that aura. She can actually work and would be a cool prospect down in NXT, Del Rey could make her into an even better wrestler.

  • wwesvrrocks101

    OMG!!! This is awesome. She could bring in something that special. This year, we’re already going to see Paige and likely another NXT diva, like Summer Rae or most likely Audrey Marie (considering how much time she’s been in developmental) Rosita would be a great addition. If she does join, I hope WWE doesnt mess up her name or give her a gimmick of dancing with Fandango.

    • Rhawk

      Well she is a zumba instructor currently so that scenario would most likely happen. And that wouldn’t be te worst thing for her in all honesty since if it was just her and Fandango, she’d get over someday like Naomi & Cameron are getting over now while pairing with Brodus Clay.

  • Ryan

    Good luck rosa! Or Thea whatever u like to go by!! :)
    She’s pretty and sexy and she has a great heart too
    Also I like her attitude, while small in stature she is a big enough woman to hold her ground against a few idiots, while I am a fan of Bully Ray he is a complete dick, he picked on her size called her a Mexican mouse, andelle and picked on her dead grandfather who died in 9/11
    Only to piss her off and told him off on one of the round table segments. Good girl Rosa
    Besides, she’s Dominican you ass!

    • k2evecrew

      That’s disgusting.Was it apart of a storyline or was he serious?

      • art

        wasn’t it her dad who died in sept11?..i think that was all storyline…

        • DjayDay

          It wasn’t a storyline, her father did die on 9/11. You don’t lie about shit like that regardless of storyline. TNA pushes boundaries but they wouldn’t ever do that. She’s talked about it prior to joining TNA

      • Ryan

        Bully Ray he tends to get out of hand on TV, both wrestling and speaking, he started calling Mickie James a country horse faced ugly prostitute that wasn’t new to the nickname “hardcore country”
        Mickie just took it and was like,” that’s cool yeah I’m an ugly horse faced chick”

        Then he stops and sais sorry Mickie

        Same with Thea when she said her grandfather had died on 9/11, he stopped and he felt like a massive asshole..
        This was long ago though

        • Ryan

          Oh! This was during a TNA Spin Cycle
          Both Mickie James and Thea
          Bully being an ass and then apologizing because he realized he was being a total dick brained asshole

          Can’t remember if it was her grandpa or daddy that died on 9/11

    • Eric

      @Ryan I actually thought she was Dominican too but I met her once and she told me she was Puerto Rican.

      • art

        I mean the bubba ray bit was storyline….

  • shameronstar

    I wonder who her tryout opponent would be? Probably either Natalya or Naomi since both can bring out the strengths in whoever they face:)

    • Rhawk

      Could be AJ, she did a few tryouts with people before they got signed (Buggy Nova being one of them).

  • mpezza

    I really hope she gets it! I loved her the moment I saw her.

  • Rhawk

    I’d rather much like Thea to be apart of WWE. I mean while she’s still green in the ring, The Death Ray will help her out down in NXT easily. She has a sweet look, and she has a story that people can easily sympathize with her about that not many women have.

    And besides, if she does get signed with WWE, we can easily assume that she’ll at least be used more there than she was ever used in TNA.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson


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    • Getdownwithachola

      Look sweetheart, spamming every damn article isn’t going to help, take your head out of your ass and explore all women promotions in the indie scene.
      Like Gail Kim said, the wwe is a male dominated company there is no way they are gonna give a damn about your stupid trend. Clearly after Eve vs Kaitlyn received the highest rated segment of the night, wwe got angry because they don’t want the females to look better than the men.
      So go out seek some help to overcome your obsession with the divas, b/c girl when you put Torrie Wilson in your username then you seriously need some help not only that it is hard to take you seriously too. The division is dead its over damn it either move on to better things or be stuck watching old diva matches tell you rot.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    let see what they do with her Rosa and Rosita tag team sound awesome!

  • PrinceTony

    if she does get signed, i hope she gets to use her real name.

  • imj1995

    Funny how TNA gives Ivy a gut check and WWE gives Thea a tryout within a few days apart. Coincidence huh, but I’d love to see her mix it up with some of the new NXT divas.

    P.S. Paige wrestled a live event against Aj this weekend and won!!!


    Yes she would. As long she’s a face & not a heel, everything will be fine for the Diva’s Division. WWE still needs more divas.

  • art

    I hope she does get signed because she could bring something fresh to the division…

  • richies88

    A jesus they could have at least hired angelina or rosita but seriously she crap werstler model looks so she fits the wwe divas


    I would actually love that.

  • Spike7000

    Also word going around is that the way Kendra got signed is that she attended one of the recent tryouts and that she was very impressive

    I realized there’s more women now in developmental in ratio with previous wrestling experience to those that do not

    Paige, Sasha, Emma, Bayley, Charlotte, and Rachelle St. Claire (who I assume she will report to NXT entering summer time
    Anya, Kendra, Summer Rae, and Audrey Marie

    • carlos22

      Charlotte had previous wrestling experience? I’ve read that she had some training with her dad but thought she was still green.

  • Danni

    Ah! Called it!! Hope it works out for her, she has everything needed to be a top WWE Diva :)

  • Matt

    She would fit in so well. She’s beautiful and talented. If someone higher up sees the tiny Hispanic Trish in her, she’ll be signed on the spot.

    It funny but in this particular case, this is someone who will be used much more in WWE than she ever was in TNA. Even if they only give her maybe one match a month on SD or RAW like they do with most of the Divas, that’s still way more than TNA ever used her at any point.