NXT Diva Works More WWE Live Events

Much like she did in early December, NXT Diva Paige worked two main roster live events over the weekend, both to positive results.

She competed at the WWE live event in Kalamazoo, MI on Saturday night, defeating AJ in a singles match that also featured Hornswoggle as the special guest referee. It’s said that Paige won with a roll-up, which AJ threw a fit over and stormed out.

She also competed at the SmackDown live event in Cleveland, OH on Sunday night, once more defeating AJ in singles action.

PWTorch put over the match, saying: “They are really good together. Paige is going to be a great addition to the main roster and hopefully they give this match some quality TV time.”

Paige, formerly known as Britani Knight on the independent scene, is the daughter of reigning SHIMMER Champion, Saraya Knight, and a former Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion in the UK.

  • k2evecrew

    Are these gonna be televised??

    • DjayDay

      No, there house shows. When they put NXT superstars in house shows it’s usually an indication that there testing the water to see how they will do working with different main roster talent. It doesn’t mean their gonna call her up yet, but it does mean it may not be too long until we see her on RAW or Smackdown.

      • http://twitter.com/sieghrt sieghrt

        Do they really have to test the water when it comes to Paige? I think not, she’s goooood!

        • DjayDay

          You know what I meant. I know she’s good….they are just testing how she’ll do on the road. Chil.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Dude lol she is so damn pretty!!

  • wl75

    A couple of reports are saying they might bring up some people after Mania..

  • wwesvrrocks101

    You know Paige is something special if the WWE officials are impressed by her. Not just her looks, but her ability. She will truly be something great!

  • DJ8946

    I know Paige is talented but I just can’t get into her. I would’ve rather it been Sasha Banks or Audrey Marie But congrats to Paige. Also I really appreciate you Katelyn (thats my sisters name spelled Kaitlyn) because you report stuff that seems like the other reports dont give a shit about.

    • JillianHallTNA

      AUDREY MARIE?!?!?!?!?! *FACEPALM*

      • DJ8946

        As if I give 2 fucks about what you say.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson


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    • jonboi

      Good luck buddy I don’t do twitter I’m a FB man but I hope this gets noticed as I have been thinking that the wwe are trying to get the divas out of the company, so a HUGE good luck & keep it up each & every week somone may notice this^^^^

  • divaknockout0913

    I can’t wait to see her on the main stage! (But only if they use her right….)

  • i22

    I know I’m in the minority here but I really don’t get the hype for Paige. I’ve watched several of her matches and she’s nothing to write home about. From all the talk I was expecting some type of wrestling goddess but I was left seriously underwhelmed. I guess it’s her “anti-diva” image that’s getting her all this praise :/

    • DjayDay

      Her NXT is pretty over hyped, now her Indy and SHIMMER work…that’s another story. She’s seriously held back in WWE. I don’t know why people are getting excited over that.

      • i22

        Thanx for your input! I’ve only seen her NXT stuff but I’ll def. check out her indy stuff now.

        • Getdownwithachola

          Also I22 you probably didn’t watch her work with Alicia Fox.

    • charovnica

      It’s her charisma that people love,I think.It’s true in NXT she didn’t really get to showcase her full potential in-ring,but she’s very technical and the little things she’s doing come off really good.Her character though is the one thing that I think people fall for in her and her looks too.She’s giving some Lita vibes with the whole “being different than the others” kinda thing,and people dig that.I just hope to see Paige vs Nattie or Paige vs Naomi in future

    • Getdownwithachola

      Yep…The same way I feel about Trish and Lita who are considered to be Gods by the DD community.

      Paige deserves all the hypes due to her:

      1. In-ring skills, she may not be a Sara Del Rey but she could get the job done.

      2.Goth gimmick. (which is a rare in Illuminati dominated wrestling.)

      3.Competed in SHIMMER with the best females in the world.

      4.Been in Hardcore Matches.

      5.Started wrestling at a very young age. (You only see that in Japan)

      6.Last but not least she is from the indies. A group of hard working women who should be employed by WWE/TNA.

  • Brandon

    I sense a debut pretty soon:) in order to do a paige vs aj feud, they should have aj beat kaitlyn and there you go! Hope to see more debuts than exits

  • aldo

    If they use her properly, she can be great. I wouldn’t know what to do with her right now, maybe a feud with Rosa or something.

    • aldo

      Or AJ, she is doing nothing. AJ vs Paige

  • moonpiggy

    Paige will always fuck up AJ Lee and demolish/murder/kill/destroy/slaughter her in any type of match.

    • gl83

      Still real to you, huh?

      • gl83

        And I wouldn’t call needing Hornswoggle to help her win with a rollup as demolishing/murdering/killing/destroying, etc.

        • moonpiggy

          you forgot slaughter

  • Getdownwithachola

    That’s a Dream match for me :)

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Ahhh I hope she makes an impact on her debut… how awesome would it be to debut at WrestleMania for example!! :O