Upcoming ROH Spoilers

Ring of Honor taped several episodes of their TV show on Sunday night at the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago, IL. Spoilers can be found below:

* Episode Two:
Charlie Haas def. Grizzly Redwood. He refused to release the submission, so Mike Mondo hit the ring for the save. Mondo and Redwood are interviewed by Veda Scott but SCUM, minus Steen, attack them and take Scott hostage. Corino demands SCUM vs. ROH next week and Nigel comes out and agrees.

* Episode Four:
Athena def. MsChif, Cherry Bomb and Scarlett Bordeaux with the O-Face on Cherry Bomb. (Source #1 | Source #2)


  • SherriShepherdWWE

    ssucks that it was on epsiode 4, i wanted it early!!!!!’ was hoping for Scarlett to get the win

    • mikie91

      I saw a Scarlett match not too long ago and she is VERRRY green. She has a potential and an amazing look but her beating all of those girls would be silly.

    • Getdownwithachola

      Outta of Mschif, Athena, and Cherry Bomb you picked Scarlett to win???

      Please do me a favor and never become a creative team member for ANY wrestling promotion.

      Sorry for being a b**** I had to let it out. Its OK to have your own personal opinions as long as they are intelligent.

    • JamieKym

      Scarlett is green as hell. she just started wrestling like in June of last year ad her in ring work shows it

  • Raekon

    A fatal four way. Nice! :)

  • TCsinger09

    WOW i’ve never seen ROH featured matches on here. Where can I watch this match?

    • Rhawk

      It was only taped a few days ago, give it another 4 weeks before the match airs on TV.

      However you can see MsChif VS Athena on Youtube from 9th February this year I believe.

      • Looking Glass

        I really enjoyed that match, the first bit seemed to be a bit A to B and I kinda do miss the ‘character’ moments you see in the top two. The moves though were just incredible and finally I’ve seen a decent angle of the O Face!

      • TCsinger09

        What channel would it air on??

  • wl75

    and Veda got misted by MsChif too…

  • pumped up kicks

    Nice job Athena! Hopefully ROH makes a womens division one day.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson


    Attention All WWE Diva Fans, It’s Time For Us To Band Together And Fight For Our Divas Division.

    Starting TonightMarch 4th, 2013 During Monday Night RAW. All Of Us That Have A Twitter Account Shall Help Trend “#WWEwantDIVAS”

    I Encourage To Please Keep This A Weekly Thing, I Know We Don’t All See Eye To Eye Sometimes But We Can All Agree That We Loooove Divas… I Don’t Want Our Division To Die Out, Because I Believe We May Be On The Edge Of That… Keep The Fight Going!

    • Rhawk

      Seriously, stop spamming. Your not making your plea any better by spamming it on every single article of this site.

    • http://twitter.com/sieghrt sieghrt

      Srsly Doood, WTF?

    • Getdownwithachola

      Look sweetheart, spamming every damn article isn’t going to help, take your head out of your ass and explore all women promotions in the indie scene.

      Like Gail Kim said, the wwe is a male dominated company there is no way they are gonna give a damn about your stupid trend. Clearly after Eve vs Kaitlyn received the highest rated segment of the night, wwe got angry because they don’t want the females to look better than the men.

      So go out seek some help to overcome your obsession with the divas, b/c girl when you put Torrie Wilson in your username then you seriously need some help not only that it is hard to take you seriously too. The division is dead its over damn it either move on to better things or be stuck watching old diva matches tell you rot.

      • puppies

        You need to get over yourself. Really, you’re beyond annoying speaking to everyone like you’re a fucking all-knowing women’s wrestling purist god or some shit. Just stfu once in while, hun.

        • http://aksanahq.com Aksana


        • hemme Wilde

          i second that amen!! :)

      • Getdownwithachola

        The last time I checked I live on a land where I have something called “Freedom of Speech” So I have the right to say the fuck I want weather you like it or not and with most of you diva dirters pitching out disgraceful and lame opinions, usernames “yes you @AKSANA” and choice of a favorite female wrestler I will call you out on it and there is nothing you can do about it :)

        But jeez @Puppies are you in that time of the month again or something??? because you sure sound angry. Its funny how I was reading the rated Teen thing on the back of my WWE’13 game case and when I read contains Blood, Violence, and Strong Language I totally thought of you. Anyways like I said I have freedom of speech so NO I will not stfu once in while, hunny. I’m another Amy Lee who is not afraid to speak whats on the mind.

        • puppies

          Not angry, just slightly annoyed. But good joke, if that’s what that was. Wonderful humor you have. Really though, you are right about one thing – you’re an Amy Lee! A pretentious cunt who feels they can talk down to people. That about sums up your comments.

          But *gasp*, you own a copy if 13’? Aren’t WWE video games a little too… ahem…
          *~ MAINSTREAM~~*?

        • Getdownwithachola

          Yes the last paragraph was a joke but its true though. and yes I’m the cunt I’m the purist God (even though there is no such thing as God) I’m the male version of Amy Lee but like I said if anybody post something stupid I will not hesitate to call you out, it is what it is hunny. I’m not sure if you aware but that chick has been spamming every corner in divadirt.com and it got a little bit annoying to the point I couldn’t take it anymore now don’t get me wrong I wish WWE would stop being sexist and let the divas do their thing but it ain’t gonna happen.

          WWE games are the reason why I became a wrestling fan, trust me if that friend of my mom didn’t bought me a copy of WWE here comes the pain for my birthday 6 years ago you will not see me here. As of now the reason I own a copy of wwe’13 is b/c there is so many great options for the females which motivates me to download tons of indy female wrestlers off CC who had competed in SHIMMER, WSU, EVE, Japan ,etc then put em all together and have my own women’s promotion only at Universe mode :) and this year there are many talented gamers in the CC uploading indy wrestlers everyday.
          So I don’t see the mainstream part of it as long I don’t play as any popular superstars they have on the roster. So your point is invalid.

        • puppies

          I actually find it so amusing that you went through all of the trouble of explaining your life story you have with your relationship with video games and what you do just to save yourself from looking to *dun dun dun* MAKNSTREAM. Thanks for the laugh.

          Anyhow, I could see how the spamming would be annoying, but it wasn’t necessary to mock whoever they are fans of just for the sake of it. Or more so for the sake of looking “superior” to them, which is what I suppose you attempted to do. Btw, as for your opinion on the subject of God’s existence, it’s probably best left unsaid if it’s not relevant to the topic at hand — which it wasn’t. Not that I have a doubt that you have a valid reason behind your beliefs, but I’m sure there are people here who do believe in a God (myself included) and it’s pretty disrespectful to show your belief as fact.

          Then again, you’re a badass, say-watcha-want, free, male Amy Lee, *cough* pretentious *cough* kinda fellow; what do you care?!

        • Getdownwithachola

          First off all you’re acting like if I’m some sort of hardcore hipster or something. The game its self contains dangerous moves and most importantly it lets your precious divas do whatever they want except wrestling with men something you don’t see on the actual program so if you where smart enough you would know what hell is mainstream as far as how you actually make the game your own non mainstream.

          About the spammer chick…..I’m in fact more superior to her and you as a wrestling fan only, b/c I know talent when I see it but outside of wrestling she maybe be a doctor, etc who knows, which is 10 times better than me.
          As far as God goes I do not believe that there is a man up in the sky who cares about us, currently there is 1,000+ Gods being worshiped across the Glop so what does that tells you??? and add insult to injury religions are the reason why we hate and kill each other everyday, but at the end of the day if there was ONLY one God one religion I would be more than happy to convert but that doesn’t mean I would give up on my alternative life style and choice of music genre.

          Now go on to your essay!

        • puppies

          Wow you’re really that triggered by the “m” word. Excuse me for not being “smart enough”. Because, you know, all of your opinions are a fact. Actually, why am I calling then opinions? Excuse, me once again, I’ll rephrase: “all of your facts”.

          Tell me something though, oh superior one, what makes you think I don’t know a talented wrestler? And what makes YOU a fucking “superior” fan to anyone? You can’t say you enjoy wrestling more than anyone. Perhaps you could say you know more, which would make you more knowledgable. That wouldn’t and doesn’t make you a superior fan of women’s wrestling. Besides that, you so far have only further proven my original point of what a deluded prick you act like (as I doubt you would treat to people the same way in real life).

          On the belief of God, I will say that I don’t believe in a God under religion. My belief is that there is a form of a higher being(s) than just us. I admit that I personally find religion to be one of the worst things to happen to society because of how much is divided and still dies divide us. With saying that, I respect anyone who is religious as long as they can respect my life style that isn’t exactly parallel to their ideas of living. Just as I do respect your beliefs (or lack thereof) on the subject. All I ask is that you respect mine, but as shown before, respect doesn’t seem to be your forte.

        • Getdownwithachola

          What makes me superior to most of you diva dirters is I only been watching wrestling for only 6 years yet I know and ENJOY stuff outside of Illuminati wrestling instead of sitting through WWE shows and begging and crying when the divas are coming out and when they do they just get an average 2 minutes of TV time, Not only that I heard some people buy a whole ppv just for one diva match doesn’t that makes you a slave for the WWE?, but most of you here have been watching wrestling way longer than I’m but you guys still don’t want to discover other types of wrestling outside of the Illuminati realm of the wrestling world which is sad to see you all waiting for this Trish/Lita like moments to come back soon and hunny they are not so you will still have to go through crappy diva wrestling and air times. However I’m a straight forward person and I will act like that in real life too and there is no one can dare to wop my ass about it, I’m a trained Jujitsu/kick boxing person so try your luck hunny but again I have yet to meet people in real life with stupid opinions about wrestling like most of you here in fact I live in CA so no one here gives a fuck about wrestling.
          As far as my superiority goes on DD I’m not the most superior @Mika is one of the most superior, awesome, intelligent of all diva dirt users I wish we can have more people like her :)

          On the religion topic: Religions are like penis you should never let it out in public, Keep it to yourself, and most impotently don’t shove it down any ones throats so as longest you are not one of those people then I’m cool with your beliefs.

        • puppies

          No. Just no. First off, I’m a fan of wrestling in general, I’ve just always enjoyed the women more. If I watch “Illumnati” wrestling it’s because it entertains me. That doesn’t make me any less or more of a fan of wrestling as you, or @Mika, or @Candice&Torrie. You are not, not is anyone else, superior to a single person here unless they’re racists, rapists, or murderers. Even in that case, you would only be a better person by comparison, not a superior fan of anything.

          Yeah, you’ll see me complain about the state of the Divas division because I think it’s a shame that it could be more entertaining than its aloud to be, but I’m the first person to boast about what a good match or segment or feud they have. I’m a fan of the Divas division. This makes you a better fan than me because your taste is different? Alright, whatever gives you that sense of superiority you so desperately need.

          No one is trying to “wop your ass” lol. Being trained in juijitsu doesn’t give you the right to be an ass to people, or “straight forward” as you like to call it. Regardless, I’m done here. I’ve made my point, said all I really wanted to. It’s not like me or you repeating ourselves once again would change anyone’s opinions.

        • Getdownwithachola

          If your not reading my comments clearly my superiority over most of you have to do with mostly with knowledge based on talent and wrestling promotions. So I would say yes that makes @Mika and me a better fan than you b/c only we know so many group of women wrestlers who are so talented they put the divas in shame.

          As far as we can’t change anyone’s opinion, never underestimate people changing other’s opinions. How did you think I became an Indy fan???

        • puppies

          You have no fucking superiority over anyone. Knowing more wrestling promotions or Indy wrestlers doesn’t make you a better fan. All that means is that you (assume) know more. It doesn’t mean you enjoy or have more of a passion for wrestling than me or anyone else.

          Wrestling (professional and amateur) has been a part of my life since I was a child. Because my favorite wrestler is Lita, that suddenly makes my opinion on talent inferior to yours? Absolute bullshit. Professional wrestling is about more than talent. It’s about entertainment as well. You don’t have to be the best wrestler of all time to entertain people more than someone who is more skilled than you. I’ll give you something, there’s not a doubt in my mind that you know more pro-wrestlers than myself. Kudos, I suppose. That makes you a better fan how exactly? I can’t talk for everyone else, but I know what makes a talented wrestler. Ok also fully aware that the Divas aren’t the best wrestlers, but they do have talent and in my lifetime have given me the most joy in this industry. I’ve checked out the indies. Not for me. Not bad, by any means at all. I just prefer a more polished style of entertainment.

          At the end of the day, if Lita and Trish do it for me, and Candice and Michelle does it for the spammer person, and whichever talent from your vast knowledge of the women’s wrestling does it for, it doesn’t matter. Unless someone is completely clueless or deluded, you’re simply not and will never be “superior” to them as a fan. No matter how many times you say it, you can’t just declare superiority over someone when it comes to things like this.

        • Getdownwithachola

          First of all the word “superior” seems to be extremely offensive, so lets not use that term anymore! OK???

          If you for one moment thought I’m less superior than you because you think I don’t enjoy nor I have passion for the business then your wrong hunny…I love wrestling more than anybody I know in fact its the only sport related thing I love and I’m looking forward to train to be a pro wrestler someday, add to that I treat it and see it like a sport.

          Judging from your so called “polish style of entertainment” you seem to be a typical diva dirter who prefers mic skills, storylines, and looks rather than what a wrestler can do inside the square ring. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy them but they should never be a head of in-ring skills.

          Wow this is sure turning into a Sebastian Columbine’s facebook post.

        • puppies

          No, in no way at all do I think I’m a better fan than you or anyone else. That’s the difference between me and you. In fact, I can tell that you’re very passionate about wrestling and I do hope that you fulfill you dreams and aspirations.

          By “polished” I meant as far as the production, schedules, and professionalism were concerned. However, as an actor, I do absolutely love mic skills, storylines, and all that jazz. A good looking person doesn’t hurt either, as long as they are talented or play their role correctly. As a wrestler/athlete, I will add, that I equally enjoy seeing what they can do in the ring. Remember that pro-wrestling is a scripted sport. Therefore, without acting, characters, and storylines, it wouldn’t be what it is and not nearly as entertaining.

          I personally believe that a good entertainer should be able to do both. In ring skill is important and I agree that in the WWE it should be a higher priority, but if you have no personality that shouldn’t be overlooked either.

  • Rhawk

    I truly didn’t expect Athena to pick up the win, glad to see it happen.

    Also, apparently MsChif spat green mist at Veda Scott after the match, the poor girl couldn’t catch a break on these tapings could she? =-P

    I also hope either Mia Yim, MsChif, or a new chick or two joins SCUM since they have more people joining them by the day.

  • Getdownwithachola

    I’m expecting Athena to be a regular in ROH since she is over.

  • hemme Wilde

    yay!!! so happy Athena won!!!! :)

  • dukelorange

    Is there a clip of this match?