TNA Gut Check Results: Newest Knockout Joins the Roster

On tonight’s Impact, TNA brought aboard its newest Knockout.

Last week, Ivelisse Velez and Lei’D Tapa competed in the ring as part of TNA’s Gut Check challenge. Ivelisse came out with a win, but would that translate into a contract offer?

Just the opposite, as it turned out. Early in tonight’s show, Lei’D and Ivelisse faced the judges. Ivelisse was given the axe and would not advance in the challenge.

Later in the night, Lei’D got the chance to speak in the ring and convince the judges that she deserved a spot on the roster. When all was said and done, Lei’d was offered a contract and became TNA’s newest Knockout.

Do you think the right woman won the Gut Check challenge?

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  • notorious

    i knew it

  • TCsinger09

    CONGRATS to Lei’D Tapa on becoming the newest TNA Knockout

  • Blac Chyna

    Finally we can see a black woman on tna again (no offense lol)

    • Stuff

      Tongans are Polynesians

    • Getdownwithachola

      Yes they look like Blacks but much bigger.

      • puppies

        She definitely has black blood in her. Remember that there’s really only about 3 races and others are just mixes of it. Not that it doesn’t mean it takes anything away from that race, but that’s just how it is.

        • Vivianna

          I had to chime in here because I’ve been learning about this topic.The concept of race is debatable. Researches in human biology no longer believe that races are distinct biological categories created by differences in genes that people inherit from their ancestors. Genes vary, but not in the common notion of black, white, yellow, red, and brown races. Generally, race is a social, cultural, and political concept based on superficial appearances.

        • Getdownwithachola

          Wow @vivianna with that nice piece of paragraph you sure deserve some kind of degree. I’m serious though.

  • redsandman99

    She’s a fresh face but will she actually get to be on Impact now or will she end up in OVW like Taeler Hendrix?

    • Spike7000

      She’ll likely be down there for a bit probably until they finish the Velvet/Gail/Taryn storyline. Even Jay Bradley is now down there

  • Jinzo

    I hate how people are only excited about this just because she looks like a monster. Somehow that automatically makes her talented? No. She can’t wrestle, she can’t talk, and the fans obviously don’t buy into her. She has nothing going for her besides the fact that she looks different.

    Even as a monster, what would be the point? That’d only hurt the division even more than it is right now. The rest of the Knockouts would basically have to water down their movesets and hold themselves back to try to make this talentless clutz look good, it’s not gonna work.

    Do any of you really want to see Tapa come in and bury all the Knockouts for months? What good will that do? So one of them can eventually beat her and have a triumphant victory? Is one little moment like that worth sacrificing the entire division?

    This is a very bad acquisition for TNA. They had a chance to help the division and they threw it all away.

    • pumped up kicks

      Hopefully they take her and put her in Ovw for awhile and train her a bit more on the wrestling side… And I don’t think Ive is done yet. People are saying she may be in aces and eights, and that would be cool to see a woman in that stable kicking ass.

    • Spike7000

      Another person using a term loosely, stop overexaggerating

      Look at Kharma when she was in TNA, sure she was undefeated for a few months until she and Gail feuded but she did mix well with the other girls later on

      The reason the ”fans” were booing her last time was because the stereotypical oh she’s not beautiful

      • Raekon

        You can’t compare Kharma to Lei.

        When Kharma came to TNA she already was very experienced and had worked for many years down in Japan with the most skilled female wrestlers in the world.

        Her and Sara had feued down there against each other when Sara also went to Japan to learn how to wrestle.

        Lei just started and even she has the talent and the looks, she won’t be able to put up the matches Ivelisse can.

        It showed already in the gutcheck match that Ivelisse watered her performance down to fit Leis experience.

        Watch her matches and you’ll see.
        Even in Shine, she worked differently with more experienced persons than with some that have less experience.

        She has 3 devastating finishers but Lei wouldn’t had been able to sell any of the 3 so she ended the match with a submission.

        Anyway… she has enough bookings and she will be ok, it’s not her loss, it’s TNAs.

        All the best to Lei.

    • sieghrt

      I didn’t root for her just because I think she’s this monster in the ring. I think that it was right for TNA to give other people a chance to shine.

      Ivelisse, I love her though, I do think that she won’t be having problems getting signed and book in different promotions coz let’s face it, she’s fucking awesome, her ringwork is so good that people refuse to see the talent that she got. On the other hand, Lei is this new person, she has less experience than Ivelisse but, a lot of us think that she’s got the potential to be a huge star in the industry. I think that it was the right move to give the ball to Lei. Like the WWE, TNA should groom their own homebrew star.

      • Jinzo

        Why sign someone just because they’re “fresh”? That’s like if I wanted to hire a plummer to fix my sink, should I hire the guy with experience who works for a major pluming company? Or should I go on Craig’s list and find a guy whose dad is a famous plummer just because he “might” be able to do a good job?

        Why sign someone if you know they’re not good just because they think they “might” be good one day? Why not wait until they know that person is ready before they waste the time and money bringing them in? Especially when they passed up someone that already is ready and could help the division now.

    • jonboi

      @jinzo as opposed to velvet sky who has 10+ yrs in the ring & am I also guessing u were not a fan of kharma then because that’s what wwe had planned for her to destroy every diva till beth was left & everyone was super excited about her debut, anyway nt seen this chick in the ring but I’m sure she,ll do just fine if the KOs can carry the champ then I’m sure they can make tapa look good!

      • Jinzo

        What does Velvet Sky have to do with anything? No, I liked Kong because Kong was actually good and even though she was destroying people, she could make them look good as well. Tapa can’t do any of that.

        Funny, you assume she’s good even though you never watched her, I bet you’re one of those people who gets mad if someone likes an attractive diva just because they’re attractive, even though you only like Tapa just because she’s not attractive.

        And there is a difference. With Tapa, the knockouts will hardly be able to do anything in the ring. They’ll have to water down their moves to punches and submissions just like Valez had to do because Tapa won’t sell anything else. That means every knockout match will be filled with nothing but punches, kicks, submissions while Tapa squashes them the rest of the time with clothlines, headbutts, and an occasional scoop slam.

    • therightone

      Better than a diva reject

      • Jinzo

        So someone with no talent is better than someone who worked for the #1 wrestling company in the world? Please, if you’re going to try to argue use better logic.

        • therightone

          She was signed by New Japan?

  • silverink-25

    Ivelisse is a way better wrestler. When I first saw Lei’D Tapa, I immediately thought, TAMINA! I have a feeling TNA thought the same thing. What a coincidence that WWE is still pushing Tamina and Lei’D Tapa gets signed to TNA….

    • silverink-25

      I don’t want to come off as one of those “TNA is copyting WWE” kind of people, but there’s no way you can say that this isn’t tied to the WWE in any way…Well, I guess which ever way they went, it would’ve been tied to the WWE.

      • sieghrt

        I think that we should stop comparing people to other people. Lei is Lei, Tamina is Tamina. Don’t compare them just because both ladies use the samoan drop and just because they came from Islands where you guys think monsters came from.

        • charovnica

          I so agree with you SIEGHRT! People need to realize that most wrestling moves like samoan drop are in the pool of choices every new/current/old wrestler can pick from.It’s not stealing.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    I like her, women’s wrestling is going to shoot out in the next 3+ years I predict.

  • jdcabltv

    you all are aware taht lei is the daughter of a WRESTLER…who worked with alll of those judges…so go figure…LOL but i agree with silverink, welcome to WWE

    • Little Red


  • Onetooth

    Congrats to her. I’m surprised she got it, but at the same time I’m glad she did. Personally I found her to be more entertaining then Ivelisse and she impressed me more.

    • hemme Wilde

      im glad someone else agrees that Lei’D impressed more than ivelisse!

  • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

    I have a feeling that although tapa won the contract, velez has been signed too, and will debut at the all ko ppv by attacking someone all pissed off she didn’t get signed starting a feud

    • TCsinger09

      I hope your right

      • sieghrt

        I was hoping for this actually, that Ivelisse will attack people and give her a “jealous” just because she didn’t get hired. (Just the same when Jackie and ODB appeared attacking people before)

  • Rivsy2000

    Not to thrilled about this signing. To me she’s just a copy of Tamina Snuka… Hope I’m wrong

    • charovnica

      How is she a copy of her? I really don’t see it.If you’re talking in-ring like the samoan drop and her kicks…she’s doing them way better than Tamina.If you’re talking about her look I don’t see any similarities.Tapa is quite unique looking

    • sieghrt

      You guys keep comparing people to other people… What a shame, you guys clearly haven’t seen what makes the woman different from the other woman, and I think what’s important is that they both make a statement and show us what they’ve got.

      • k2evecrew

        I like Tapa but Tamina’s skills aren’t that bad. Tapa was moving in slow motion during that gutcheck match . & the drop looked kinda sloppy. Give her some time in ovw & she may exceed Tamina one day.

  • MrHVaron

    I don’t agree with the Tamina comparison. The only similarities are that they’re both exotic looking and powerful women.
    What impressed me about Tapa is her connection to the crowd and her charisma.
    For being relatively unknown, I would dare to say that she got more heat than anyone else tonight.

    • sieghrt

      Finally, someone who shares my sentiments. thank you!

    • Firewalker

      That was “X-Pac heat.”

      • Rhawk

        That was “Impact Zone Heat”, which hardly means anything in wrestling.

  •!/TheRJBlanco TheRJBlanco

    I was at the taping tonight and fans were NOT happy that Lei’d Tapa was picked over Ivelisse. They were legit booing her and someone in the audience said she looked like a Giant Beyonce. I personally thought she looked like a mesh between Beyonce, Chaka Khan and Tamina Snuka all rolled into one. I hope this girl brings something to the table. I was rooting for Velez but seems they didn’t want her. Sucks! :(

    • Spike7000

      I’m pretty sure those ”fans” are not too familiar with the company over a lot of female talent who shared diversity like Tapa before now and are only familiar from in recent

    • Getdownwithachola

      Those idiotic fans are the reason why we don’t see diversity in the knockouts division. I’m not asking for Honey Boo Boo mom’s look alike fill the roster but there should be a little bit of everything, as of now 90% of the roster have this one specific look that is typical among horny men which is a no no. If TNA going to see idiots in the audience criticize female talents based on looks then they have no choice but keep pretty faces with nice tits and ass.

  • charovnica

    Fuck yeah!Haven’t watched the show yet,but I heard Ivelease wasn’t even given reasons why she wasn’t picked…which is kinda fucked up and disrespectful.Still..I’m so glad for Tapa,I really think she’ll more valuable to the division.

  • adam

    I think it is only fair to give her the benefit of the doubt. It would be great to see her develop within the company and not be another ex Diva signing. But I hope they do realise Ivelisse is a star. With Eric Young returning it would be a really exciting storyline to see ODB join the fold, and Ivelisse to be Aces and Eights equaliser or vice versa. With Hendrix and Bordeux joining forces in OVW maybe the KO’s will get a boost sooner rather than later.


    Oh shit, for real.

  • k2evecrew

    As much as I liked ivelisse’s wrestling I liked the potential of what Tapa could be with the correct charecter development & in ring training. I don’t feel bad for ivelisse because this wont be the last for her. She has her spot at SHINE & I feel like if Tapa didnt get signed this would’ve been the last we see of her in long time. Atleast she’ll get heat if they choose to make her a heel

  • Raekon

    So much for Ivelisse cancelling her MMA Debut.

    It was confirmed months ago and even mentioned in SHINE 5 (or 6 don’t quite remember) that she would had it.
    So when they mentioned it in the gutcheck it wasn’t made up, it was the truth.

    Anyway, this can only mean that Ivelisse will remain as a member of Valkyrie in SHINE and I’m very happy about it.

    She also feuded with Winter in FWE for the title that Maria recently won from her so she might even go after Maria there. :)

    Kinda unfair to pick the rookie over the vetera.
    I hope they will send Lei down to OVW for a while so she can improve more before she really debuts or they might end up having another Rosie in the ring that manages to injure someone out of sloppyness or inexperience.

    All the best for Lei, she is talented and also has a unique look so all she needs is to improve more and she is good to go. :)

  • Juan

    I wanted Ivelisse to get signed. I hope that this is just a work, and she ends up joining Aces and 8’s and attacks the other Knockouts. That would be awesome!!

    Congratulations to Lei’d Tapa though, she is quite unique!

  • 09DHK

    Uh, they give Taeler Hendrix a main roster spot and not Ivelisse?!?! I’m not too upset about Lei’D Tapa getting a contract, but Ivelisse should’ve been signed also. There aren’t that many Knockouts on the roster as it is, let alone regularly featured on television (even WITH the addition of the Blossom Twins and Lei’D Tapa), so can TNA really afford to be knit-picking here?

  • ahlanthony

    Wow, a lot of you won’t just stop complaining. For me, Tapa’s signing is a good move for TNA. Lei’ D Tapa, if you ever read this, I love you already. You’re a beautiful woman and I know, you’ll do great in TNA.

  • Getdownwithachola

    I’m happy to see Lie get the contract but I sad Ive got rejected.

    One thing I would like from Lei is to change her move set and have her own unique move-set b/c a lot of Pacific Islanders do the same moves and right know only Samoa Joe stands out since he does different moves from the typical Samoan style of wrestling.

  • hemme Wilde

    god forbid that someone other than another wwe leftover gets a contract, i swear some of the people on here are never happy, PEOPLE WE GOT A NEW KNOCKOUT!!! that alone should be reason enough to say yeah she may not be the most experienced but at least TNA are all for switching things up, and im sorry but last week Lei’D did impress more so than ivelisse, get over it and stop bitchin its really getting annoying!! sure Lei’D only has about 2 years under her belt but umm if she impressed them more than someone who has 9 years under their belt than that says something, give the girl a break hell this is her first big opprotunity and instead of being happy for her half of you just wanna make a big deal about well shes not that experienced, she cant work the mic…. hello first big opprotunity im pretty sure she hasnt had much practice which is why shes going to ovw first duh! personally im glad she got signed over the gulliotine queen! ivelisse looks like your generic knockout molded from a doll…. Lei’D is differant, plus i think her kick last week outshined ivelisse’s half assed ddt, yeah her hurricanrana was pretty spot on but other than that what di she do…. nothing…. so get over it!! and at least be happy we got a new knockout! i swear diva fans are the hardest people to please!! stop being divas yourselves people, lets leave that to the women who make the wrestling world entertaining! congratulations Lei’D Tapa!! looking forward to seeing great things from this young amazing talent! :)

    • Getdownwithachola

      Oh yeahhhhhhhhh we got a NEW KNOCKOUT!!! Did you throw a party too???

      but seriously though. Didn’t Tealer Hendrix won and disappeared to OVW??? So what if Lie gets the same fate? Wouldn’t that party you throwed last night goes to wast :p

      • hemme Wilde

        first off, learn how to type and speak and please stop butchering the english language, second her name is Lei’D not lie dumbass! third if i threw a party than thats my own damn business. and definetly isnt any of yours! why the fuck even comment on my comment, if your just gonna be a sarcastic bitch! why dont you go and paint your eyebrows on and cry in the corner with ivelisse.

        • Raekon

          Maybe you should learn how to type “different” before you give other people lessons by being a grammar nazi. Mr. “differant”.

          Fact is that she got this opportunity entirely based on being a second generation wrestler, her uncle have worked with Al snow in the past additionaly to her look.

          At the moment I saw how Snow talked backstage I already knew that it was settled that she wins and by seeing how pissed Ivelisse was and ready to leave, she probably got to hear from him that she isn’t “girly” enough (like he told the twins).

          They didn’t gave any reason on why they cut her, they just said two words and finished everything.

          That should be proof enough what was going on there and why Lei won.

          I wish her all the best and I hope she will do well but the whole thing was unfair and rigged to even start with.

        • Getdownwithachola

          Wow lol if you’re going to be a grammar nazi then at least learn how to write correctly, you just made an ass out of yourself and you deserve it though.

          Yes her name Lie and I already know how to spell it but I chose not to. So you did indeed throw a party over a new knockout who is more likely going to OVW for a year or so. I commented on your comments is because I CAN as longest you have a reply button there is nothing you can do about it :p

          And was your last sentence supposed to be an insult ??? because I don’t paint my own eyebrows since I’m already gifted with the most beautiful eyebrows ever and I personally didn’t care whether Ive won the votes or not so your insult didn’t even hurt my feelings it only made you look more stupid than you’re already is.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Yes I am a fan of Ive but even if I wasn’t Tape did not impress me at all. And let’s be honest, her mic work yesterday sucked. her promo was horrible. I have nothing aganst Tape but she so did not deserve to win GUT CHECK.

    I said this last night:
    she lost her match
    she lost her match by tapping out.
    she did not have the fans support like at all
    her promo was awful
    Say that out loud and tell me how she could win.

    I hope this is a work otherwise TNA shows once again their lack of credibility

  • SweeneyTodd

    Taeler Hendrix won cut check but Ivelisse not…a farce…