Free Pro Wrestling: EVE Match to Celebrate International Women’s Day: WWE NXT’s Paige in Action

shannapaigeTo celebrate International Women’s Day today, the folks over at Pro Wrestling: EVE have uploaded a free match from their back catalogue, where “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna made her debut in exciting fashion against Britani Knight (now known as Paige in WWE) back in 2010.

EVE have also announced the launch of their new Video on Demand section, where a wealth of previous shows and matches from EVE’s history can be purchased and downloaded.

Details below:

To celebrate International Women’s Day we at Pro-Wrestling:EVE have decided to upload a match of a UK native who’s certainly making an international impact in the form of the first EVE Champion WWE / NXT Diva Paige!
In this match prior to her WWE days, Paige goes by the name of Britani Knight and is in EVE action against the debuting “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna.

This match took place at the second set of EVE tapings on October 16 2010 and is available to purchase at

Also at in the media section you can check out our new Video On Demand section where you can purchase individual matches and immediately download to your computer!
We hope you enjoy this match and also join us in celebrating International Women’s Day!

Watch the match below:

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  • gingerjaffa

    She needs to start using the knight light (RamPaige) again, it’s devastating, not a bad match just abit pissed with all the clapping tho

    • carlos22

      Unfortunately, too devastating for WWE.

      • Getdownwithachola

        Well it looks better than 90% of the finishers wwe men use so its a no no :(

        • Raekon

          How DARE YOU say something like that against the superstars of the WWE GetDownWithAChola????

          Santinos Cobra isTHE finisher of the century and the most devastating move EVER! :p

        • Getdownwithachola

          I guess that what wwe told her after she used the move :P

  • Getdownwithachola

    Sadly some diva dirt users are gonna think Shanna is Audrey Marie.

  • Getdownwithachola

    Big thank you DD for posting the match :)

  • rodneyclint

    I’m glad she got a makeover in the ‘E, cause I’m not feeling this look on my girl Paige. Pretty solid match up, one of the better indie matches I’ve seen from Miss Knight. But yes, the constant clapping even while taking a beating was rather annoying.

    • Getdownwithachola

      The clapping is a really great strategy of getting over I don’t know why mainstream wrestlers don’t do it, but you shouldn’t do it while taking a beating though.

  • mpezza

    Shanna is freaking gorgeous! Pretty good match.

  • Raekon

    Thanks for posting the match DD! :)
    Nice match too.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    this is a great match nice flow of moves and counters and a running superkick Holy Cow what a move. thanks for posting this raw gem for us!!! very nice find!!

  • Monkey Tennis

    Awesome match. But it’s Britani and Shanna. so that’s no shocker. And I’ve got no problem with the clapping (I’d be a hypocrite if I did, cos I was one of the people there doing it!)

    What DOES spoil the action though is the commentary. Even the very best commentary (such as on Shimmer’s DVD’s) can be a distraction, and this is clearly NOT the very best commentary. It’s a little… ‘droney’, for want of a better word. It just sounds like two blokes chatting on a bus.