TNA LockDown Results: Taryn Snaps, Velvet Retains

Unluckily for Gail Kim, tonight was the night referee Taryn Terrell reached her breaking point.

After weeks of tension between the two Knockouts, a slap from Gail sent Taryn over the edge. She speared Gail right in the middle of the Knockouts Title match, pummeling her and setting her up for the final touch from champion Velvet Sky.

Velvet hit Gail with the In Yo’ Face, and Taryn happily counted the pin, gleefully raising the winner’s hand. The referee was clearly pleased to help Velvet retain the Knockouts Title, or, rather, pleased to prevent Gail from winning it.

What did you think of the match?

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  • redsandman99

    I haven’t seen the match yet (will when it gets uploaded somewhere) but judging from the tweets I saw about it, the story here isn’t so much about Velvet retaining as it was really getting the Taryn/Gail feud going. And I love both Taryn and Gail so that suits me just fine.


    Wooo awesome, I subscribe to Diva Dirt on Twitter and get the news straight to my phone! Sounded like a good match! Looking forward to see the video! I’m glad Velvet won, I couldn’t bare to see a new champion already.

  • Lushh

    The match was amazing. I literally had tears after watching.

  • Ryan

    Heard Velvet and Gail were rocking!!

    • sasuke

      I think Gail carried Velvet

      • Jinzo

        If that’s how you feel then I challenge you to explain how Gail carried her. I’ll gladly explain what really happened in the match.

        Velvet had control the early couple minutes, pulling out moves we’ve never seen her do before. Gail took control the next couple minutes, doing her usual signatures. Then it was back and forth counters after that from both women until the finish.

        Care to explain your side of the story? Or are you going to admit that you’re simply one of the very small minority that nitpicks are all Velvet Sky matches because you see it as the “cool thing” to do.

        • Ryan

          Love me Velvet Sky!!! Woooooooo!! She rocks and Gail Kim can go back to the kitchen where she belongs… Oh wait she sucks as a cook, never mind her husband is a chef :)

          Jk great job Velvet love this chick she’s down right cool as hell and Gail Kim relentless as eer!! Great job ladies!!

          Btw watching bobs burgers lmfao I’m laughing so hard at Tina’s autism lmfao

  • sasuke

    To be honest, I’m not excited to a Gail vs Taryn feud or Velvet’s next challenger because every single ko has held the title.

    • Deezo88

      Taeler Hendrix?

      • Jillfan1

        no maybe a fresh face ive seen Taeler she isn’t really umm good

  • Lushh

    Now the backstage segment , my heart is overwhelmed.

  • Ace Of Base

    I heard it was really entertaining, and I can’t wait to see Taryn finally wrestle!

  • Marcos Navarro

    The match was awesome and did not disappoint! Missed the backstage tho :/
    Hope someone uploads it!

    • Lushh

      Jb was interviewing Taryn and Gail attacked her from behind and they both had to be separated by officials.

  • 09DHK

    Maybe Taryn will turn on Velvet and take the title.

    • fragile

      who would ref a velet/taryn match ?

      • JD Sensations

        Gail Kim?

        • fragile

          sounds great…

  • k2evecrew

    Looks like these girls turned it up tonight. I can’t wait to see the match

  • Juan

    The match was really good!! Velvet really surprised me! The crowd was definitely into it. The fight between Taryn and Gail was awesome!!

    • fragile

      yeah velet, is definitely improving.pleasant surprise…

  • TCsinger09

    OMG I’m very excited to see Taryn in the ring

    • Ace Of Base

      Me too. She’s intense, which makes up for her inexperience. She’s a fiery one and I really do believe WWE missed out on turning this girl into a key player for the divas. She showed a lot more promise than a bunch of the other divas including K2, so I’m glad to learn that they’re going to finally use her in the ring. Working with great veterans like Victoria, Gail, and Mickie James.

      • TCsinger09

        Yea! She can only get better by working with those girls

  • Matt

    *Sigh* I miss when TNA use to have ALL the matches in a cage.

  • Getdownwithachola

    I heard the match was great though, Sadly I couldn’t watch the PPV due to the fact I had to be a bodyguard for some hoe’s 3rd date smh.

    But why they didn’t set up the cage for every match???

    • fragile

      if only you gave a weeks notice i would have been the bodyguard for the “hoe’s” date and you could have seen a good match. for future reference i’m here for you. ha ha.

  • 3xplicit

    Wait no cage match? Once again TNA going against their originality and following WWE.

  • charovnica

    The match was pretty good! I was actually surprised.I loled so hard when Taryn started ponding Gail and Taryn’s extensions went flying in the air :D The crowd was really behind it though :D

  • Lita-Sault-666

    I thoroughly enjoyed this match, one of my favourites so far in the year from all major brands. Velvet is obviously the weak link between the two but did very well, and the acting between Gail & Taryn to continue to build the tension over the past several months has also been well worked & helped get the crowd on Taryn’s side for the ‘snap’ moment to finish the match. AWESOME!
    Can’t wait for Impact

  • AJKaitlynFan

    So Glad Velvet Sky Keep Her Title And I’m Happy Taryn Finally Snapped And Took Out Gail She Had It Coming

  • art

    Gail vs Taryn is going to be good & i hope taryn gets to step into the ring often because wwe made the mistake of letting her go when she was improving rapidly…..

  • let the pigeons loose 12

    SO happy Taryn is on the edge of wrestling again, all ways knew there was something special about her. I remember a few years ago how much i wanted her to beat laycool for the title. And whenever someone mentions her and drew i just think of the cell block tango from Chicago

  • BobAnthony

    The match is up on Dailymotion…sound a bit tinny.

    Match of the year for the women…even with Tarrell snapping after Kim read her the Riot Act and then some.

  • divaindemise

    From what I’ve been reading, the match’s lack of audience interest was more than compensated by the intense reaction to Taryn beating the shit out of Gail.