NXT Watch (March 6th, 2013): Some Funky, Foxy, & Foreign Fairy Godmothers Stop By; Plus Our First Lady Delivers Her Declaration

Good’ay everyone and welcome to this weeks’ edition of the NXT watch. Last week we had a bit of a bump in the road, but it’s time to shift gears and focus on what’s going on now. Ladies and Gentlemen… the day I have been waiting many years to see has finally transpired! Every week I used to review the past version of NXT, I would beg and plead to see Naomi (then) called up to compete among the best inside those coveted yellow ropes. And tonight, I finally get my wish. Sure, the show format is completely different, but it’s the principle of the matter! You see, tonight we have a match that I believe if you look up the word “fresh” in the dictionary, you would see a photo of right underneath the word.

That’s right, it’s a six diva tag team match which is at least double the amount of Divas in one ring that we’ve seen on Raw or SmackDown in weeks! Fresh off her loss to Audrey Marie a few weeks ago, Sasha Banks is seeking revenge as each Diva enlists in a pair from the main roster to come down and stand by their side. It’ll be Sasha and the Females of Funk, Naomi & Cameron battling the trio of Audrey, Aksana, and Alicia Fox who have quite a lot of “A’s” in their respected names when combined. After that’s said and done, we also get visited by everyone’s favorite interviewer since the days of Rue Debona… Renee Young! She will stand by with our resident first lady, Summer Rae, as we hear just whats on the blond bombshells mind regarding her past… and future actions.

Now let us begin.


Sasha Banks’ hip and happening theme music greets us to the start of some Divas action, and after some mild questioning of whether or not I’ve been transported to a club that involves drunken 20 year olds shaking their bottoms on the dance floor, I realize that the music not only works as a club jam but also maybe as a theme song too. Up next comes two Divas that I’m sure know all about the club life, the queens of funk… Cameron and Naomi! They dance down the ramp, around the ring, throw pom-poms into the crowd, and proceed to bust a move when inside the squared circle. Is there anything these two can’t do in their entrance? I surely think and hope not.

I’ve not even had time to recover at the glorious sight my eyes are bestowed with, but I must pick up the pace as it’s time to pa-pa-pa-partaayyy with Alicia Fox. And Aksana. And Audrey Marie. Triple A-itch struts their way down the entrance ramp (okay 90% of the strutting can be credited to the swaying hips of Alicia Fox, but I didn’t want to sell Aksana and Audrey short). The bell dings, as both Alicia and Sasha starts off. Banks demands Audrey, but seems to change her mind quickly as she locks up with the Foxy one. A wrist lock exchange, as Banks is sent off the ropes and scores a kick. She follows it up with one of her beautiful headscissors takedowns and a set of dropkicks to boot as Aksana tags in.

Sasha makes the tag to Cameron, as the funky one drops Aksana with a wheelbarrow into a split legged armdrag. Some booty shaking commences, before her attention is again focused on Aksana. She’s sent off the ropes, but it appears Audrey kicks her in the back and aids Aksana into taking the upper hand. Aksana Irish whips Cameron to the corner, and after some patented Alicia Fox screaming for her to show that rookie who’s boss, she begins to crawl around the ring like a cat… or a baby. Whichever you prefer! This appears to take a little bit of time away from what could’ve been an actual move, but it allows Cameron to boot her in the face and jump up to the second rope like spider(wo)man. A sweet crossbody, but only a one count before Aksana kicks out.

The tag is made to Alicia Fox as she slams Cameron’s head into the turnbuckle so hard that she may have just been knocked the funk out. One of Fox’s epic northern lights suplexes transpires, but Cameron kicks out and the tag is made to Audrey Marie. Marie assembles a leg lock around the waist as the crowd cheers Cameron into tagging out. Audrey takes it upon herself to shove Sasha a little, which does nothing but aggravate her. Cameron escapes a bodyslam attempt and after rolling through a pinfall attempt, makes the tag to Naomi!

Naomi leaps into the ring and drills Audrey with a set of punches. The booty call makes its NXT debut, as does her flipping clothesline! Naomi dropkicks both Aksana and Alicia to the outside, and then hits what may have been an attempt at her standing hurricanrana, but looked more like her finisher. She goes for the pin, but Aksana breaks it up and saves the day, allowing Naomi to hit an enziguiri. Back inside the action, Sasha flings Audrey’s face off the ropes as the referee has his back turned (awesome touch), and Naomi sets up for and connects with a second version of the Nightfalls! This time, she attains the three count and the victory for her trio as Triple A-itch head to the back in disappointment.

Some dancing ensues in celebration, but then we head to the back as Renee Young and her trademarked NXT microphone stand ready to go. We are asked to welcome her guest, which is none other than the first lady of the show, Summer Rae! Summer is not amused with Renee’s lackluster introduction, and quite frankly neither am I. We’ll both give Renee another week to get it right though… err, well, maybe I would have, but Summer Rae wants the intro done right now. Renee questions her seriousness, which is a big no-no. The first rule in all broadcast journalism courses is to never ever ever question a first lady. Whether it be Michelle Obama or Summer Rae, you just don’t do it. Summer takes us through the journey of her one woman revolution to rid of the enchanted raven haired lady. In her own words about Paige, “she’s gone… and she’s never coming back!”

Summer feels that the only reason Paige ever got such the reaction she did is because women like Paige are actually attainable to them, and in their league. (Side note: I absolutely love these Summer Rae interviews… sorry just had to get that out there.) Clearly, Summer is above us all and the sooner everyone can be like this recapper and admit that, the better off we will all be. She demands Renee focus her eyes on Summer’s glowing figure, before letting the plucky Canadian know that the next time she ever decides to walk onto this interview set again or merely speak to someone so below her own status she has set for herself, she had better be referred to by her first lady moniker. If Renee refuses to do so, there WILL be problems. She can obviously ask Paige just what those problems are, or she can simply wait a week and then ask Emma since apparently it’s just been made clear that my two favorites will be facing off next week! I’ve again assembled my church choir that’s always on stand-by when I write these reduxes to sing a benevolent hymn in celebration, but that’s not important. What is important that Renee understands Summer’s point. She leaves miss Young with three simple words that do more damage than any amount of physical pain could evoke:

“Got it sista?”

The first lady has spoken.

Thoughts: The match overall… I really don’t know what I think. The first time I watched it, I wasn’t really a fan. But this time I didn’t think it was that bad. There were some miscues and timing issues in parts, but I thought everyone recovered well and I love that Aksana broke up the pin after Naomi’s first go at the nightfalls to Audrey. Not only did it save the finish from being not-so-good, it also allowed Sasha and Audrey to get a brief moment of continuation in their feud since it was Sasha snapping Audrey’s neck off the ropes which lead to her losing the match for her team. Some other high-points for me would include Cameron’s crossbody, Sasha’s headscissors, and as always Alicia Fox’s northern lights. William Regal clearly loves her bridge pins, and I don’t blame him one bit. Also really love how fresh the match felt since it was completely different and incorporated Divas we don’t normally see surrounding each other on other programs.

Summer Rae can do no wrong for me, and I absolutely love watching her do anything she does. Her promos are so over the top that it works and doesn’t make me cringe like some other wrestlers can tend to do, and while we didn’t get a Paige appearance of any sorts, I’m glad to see she was acknowledged. To be honest, I could watch Summer Rae berate Renee Young every week, and that’s not a knock at Renee, but more so praise of how much I love their segments. It reminds me of when The Beautiful People would always target… I want to say her name was Crystal? I’m personally excited to see Emma and Summer mix it up next week and I hope we get some additional continuation leading up to Paige’s big return. Perhaps a backstage segment next week involving she and Summer? Fingers are crossed NXT. Don’t let me down!

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    I love what Aksana do in the beginig of her entrance idk why but is so funny for me XD

  • shameronstar

    I think Naomi and Audrey improvised the botch hurricanrana pretty well, and Audrey made up for it by selling Naomi’s leg lariet perfectly and better than anyone else has(at least Audrey would make a good jobber:P). I love Summer Rae’s over the top promos if Raquel was still in nxt they would definitely be wwe’s Beautiful People but Summer using the gimmick as a single’s star is just as good!

  • Simply Flawless

    I want to see something new from Naomi now :/

    • shameronstar

      I wonder can Naomi do a litacanrana? With her athletism she probably could do a Shooting Star Press, 450 Splash, and Phoenix Splash!

    • redsandman99

      What she needs is either a singles match or a tag match where she’s not with Cameron and she can start the match and play the babyface in peril instead. We would probably see some different stuff then.

  • velvelove

    that botched maneuver on audrey was her hurricanrana but everyone keeps thinking it was a dropkick or her leg lariat

    • aldo

      Oh, I knew something wans’t right there, I couldn’t figured out what…

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    Each woman played their role perfectly!

    I love it when William Regal praises Alicia Fox, she really deserves the extra credit! :)

    Aksana has most definitely become my favourite diva on the roster, she always entertains me & I too love her putting out of the imaginary cigarette!
    (It’s even funnier when she wags her finger at her opponent or the audience)

    I would like to see Cameron get a little more offense in sometime, because she continues to impress me even with what little she does.

    Audrey suits being heel much better.

    Sasha is great, such a little firecracker!

    Oh & yes, more Renee/Summer interactions please! =D

    P.S The Beautiful People used to taunt TNA backstage reporter Lauren Brooke!

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    It might be me but Naomi looked pissed birefly right after the pin but went back to smiling.

    Basic match wasn’t great but wasnt terrible. Cameron has steadily improved but still away to go. I love Naomi & Alicia :) Those two need a massive push.

    Also Summer Rae “Got it sista?” I can’t even…. It all sounded forced to me.

  • redsandman99

    I liked the match. It felt fresh and there were some nice spots. The hurricarana botch part was saved pretty well actually. First time I watched it I thought it was just Naomi’s leg lariat. It wasn’t until I watched it again that I realized what happened.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Summer Rae is building a nice character which i like, and cant wait to see her wrestle Emma next week

    as far as the match, i think it really showed who is strong and who is weak in the ring!!!!!, Audrey and Cameron as the weak, but cameron is learning very well, and doing well for only a year, Audrey still just doesnt click yet

    Naomi flawless,

  • charovnica

    Gosh…Audrey is so lost.She’s all smiley and all,she acts the same damn way she acted when she was face.She just fall down when Naomi was going for the huricanranna…not impressive once again. I agree that Naomi should start either show more technical wrestling or add more to the high-flying stuff she does.She is amazing,but it’s getting repetitive.

    Summer Rae is so good as a heel.She really manages to make me hate her.And I like how Paige is not shown,but still gets akcnowledged..works perfectly for the storyline.I think it’s time though that Summer starts shit with some other diva,so Paige can make a run in and continue their rivalry.

    • Raekon

      Audrey started getting lost when she noticed that she has to improvise a lot, after Cameron forgot what she were supposed to do in overall and just kept trying only to reach Naomi for the tag at the time Audrey were trying to apply the moves she were supposed to apply to her. :p

      • charovnica

        She got lost since her entrance.She looks lost 90% of the time (40% being while walking on the entrance ramp).

  • Simply Flawless

    Anyone else thinks WWE has it’s own little dancing Destiny’s Child. I want The Funks to team up with Layla or do a segment.
    Layla – Beyonce
    Naomi – Kelly
    Cameron – What’s her name again?

    • divaindemise

      I think Naomi might have the edge over Layla in terms of dancing ability, though.

      • Simply Flawless

        Have you seen Layla’s dancing back with Miami Heat video on YouTube not sure about that :/

        • divaindemise

          If you show me receipts, I will gladly retract the comment.

  • aldo

    The match was nice, but Audrie is too slow for Naomi, Rosa was better. And I’m not quite sure about what Audrie was trying to do to Cameron with that submission. However, Aksana, Alicia, and Naomi, were funny, fierce and athletic (respectively) as usual. And Sasha needs to be faster as well, I see her as the Laya or the AJ of NXT.

    Summer Rae is growing on me, she did pretty well in the interview :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

    love it the triple A’S LOL Audrey like I said improved but is generic =( Sasha I like her Naomi and Alicia did great cameron is ok, Summer =)

  • bjorn448

    For me Audrey is standing to long on the side of the ring in her entrance. I really hate that. She stands like 1 minute on the side of the ring.

  • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

    In regards to the match-I’m personally not sold on it. It was good for what it was, but it wasn’t all that. Moving on-Summer Rae, Summer Rae!! I love everything about our reigning First Lady! She’s gorgeous, not bad in the ring, and I love her snobby arrogant promos. I just live when I see her, just awesomeness.

  • divaindemise

    Sasha needs to hit up Snoop and ask for some of his swag. The girl has no attitude whatsoever.

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      I completely agree. I honestly don’t see what everyone sees in her. Basically look wise she is AJ 2.0 so I can’t ever see her being called up to the main roster.

      • divaindemise

        I think the novelty of being Snoop’s cousin will keep her around, and to Sasha’s credit, her wrestling skills aren’t too shabby. But I don’t see her possessing the crucial star power that has evolved in Paige and Summer Rae. In that breath, she’s completely expendable.

      • DjayDay

        There’s definitely some AJ in there. However, from the matches I’ve scene on YouTube and NXT, Sasha can work a lot better than AJ. I’m a big fan of AJ and all, but Sasha is more sound in the ring.

    • shameronstar

      But I like Sasha! She’s gorgeous and can wrestle. Even though her acting is almost at Claire Lynch level:P

      • Gail-Trish-Brooke

        You took the words out of my mouth with the star power thing. There is just something that is missing with her. I just don’t think she has enough star power to ever be a believable underdog. And lets face it, that’s the only role she will ever be able to play. To be that small, you really have to have something special to set you apart. And I really just don’t think she has “it”.

        • divaindemise

          Oh, and whilst I realise that extensions are a fashion common faux pas with female wrestlers, Sasha should really reconsider attaching turkey twizzlers to her hair. It detracts from an otherwise pretty face.

  • joshmm3

    I love any chance to see Naomi in action. She is easily the most athletic diva in recent history! btw does anybody else think sasha banks looks like a tiny drag queen?

  • divaindemise

    The match was a little nonsensical. There was no advancement on the Audrey and Sasha storyline, Cameron’s inexperience shone through more than it has in her previous outings, and there was of course the botched hurricanrana attempt. Naomi is still breathtaking to watch but the more she continues to evolve, I think it’s important they switch up the match formula a little.

    It really saddens me to see how limited Alicia Fox has become within the division, however. She is still quite young and has so much more to give, but it would appear she’s merely counting down the days left on her contract judging by her utilisation.

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      Hopefully Gail can get Alicia on over at TNA when her contract is up. Alicia could be doing so much more, but if WWE isn’t going to give her a decent run, I say she should go somewhere with less limits, because as she has shown in her matches on superstars, when she is given time she can be quite innovative in her matches.

      Would LOVE to see a heel Gail vs babyface Alicia feud <3

      • divaindemise

        Gail Kim and Alicia Fox as a heel tag team, reinvigorating the division sounds more appealing to me. Fox and Kim are excellent in heel mode, but in all honesty they’ve always enjoyed good matches together as well. I hope Alicia Fox gives the wrestling gig a bit more time when her contract in WWE is up.

        • DjayDay

          Oh god if only. It’s so sad to see her get wasted like she does. Probably one of the most underrated workers in the division next to Natalya. I don’t ever see Nattie leaving since she’s a company girl, but it’s only a matter of time before Alicia goes, and I hope when she does, she takes her work to TNA. She’s just so crisp in everything she does, it’s a joke she’s under utilized.

  • divaindemise

    Oh, and Summer Rae’s character is perfectly tailored to her unnatural speaking voice. That’s a huge compliment, because right now she’s playing the preppy playground bitch to sheer perfection. In this PG climate it’s a pastiche the WWE can work the shit out of on the main roster. A supercharged fan favourite AJ would be a great foil for this type of character.

    And I really like Renee’s natural charm.

  • GailKim95

    Naomi was awesome as usual. I didn’t even realize that was supposed to be a hurricanrana because they covered it up so well. Everyone else did good too especially Audrey selling Naomi’s leg lariat. I really want to see and Aliia/Naomi feud. They’re both so athletic, it would be and awesome match. I think if Naomi had a singles match she would be able to show more of her move-set but al least for now she gets tag matches with Cameron. I also love how NXT continues the Paige/Summer storyline while advancing the Sasha/Audrey one. NXT is only one hour and they can fit in two divas feuds. Why can’t WWE do this they have two 1-hour shows, a 2-hour show and a 3-hour show and sometimes we don’t get any divas at all!!!

  • bxradimus

    Dear Audrey Marie,

    Please find a new career.




  • notorious

    Audrey isnt terrible, shes just really generic and lacks charisma. Shes improved a lot. I think she should do the country girl gimmick to help her stand out from the rest but a little less trailer trash like nidia and more aggressive like jaqueline. I’ve seen enough glitter glammed bad girls bring on the hillbilly whore gimmick.

  • Raekon

    The match was ok for me, Aksana and Alicia did great, Naomi did her part, Sasha was ok Audrey was ok and Cameron messed everything up after she forgot to seel every move Audrey were trying to apply on her because she was way to eager to tag Naomi.

    The reason why I’m saying that is because if you see Audreys moveset, when she does the leg scissors, she is pulling the opponent with her legs, turning them over and slamming their head to the mat.

    Cameron obviously decided otherwise when Audrey went for the move so she just layed there flat trying to crawl around.

    Audrey turns around with a “WTF is she doing?” written on her face, then goes for another move which Cameron again refuses to sell while keeping crawling around.

    This part obviously messed up the whole match and it was plain bad for a match that could had been great otherwise.

    At least Sasha got into Audreys face to make sure their feud keeps going. :/

    • Raekon

      hmmm just rewatched the video here and it seems like an edited version of what I saw last week? O_o

      In this one Cameron only almost crawls through the scissors and after that everything is ok till the miscommunication in the hurricanrana.

      Makes the match of course look better. ^_^

  • DJ8946

    The match was good to me. The only noticable thing that was bad was that Cameron didn’t turn over for the roll.

  • 09DHK

    Random thought, but I think Kaitlyn’s new theme would fit Naomi MUCH better.

    • Raekon

      Not her character though..
      I’d love them to give Naomi her FCW theme cause it fit her totally and was a had a great beat aswell. :)

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Aksana’s selling is awful it’s pathetic how bad she is…the audrey kick to cameron’s back miss was terrible like cameron should have slapped her….i hope aksana gets released or kept out of the ring she has never gonna get it …
    audrey was awful as well…..naomi & alicia did great….
    im glad this was on nxt because this was bad….