Former WWE Divas Return on Raw

Tonight on Raw, Brie and Nikki Bella, collectively known as the Bella Twins, made their returns to the WWE.

The duo–both former Divas Champions–appeared in a backstage segment, confronting Divas Champion Kaitlyn and claiming that they returned to the WWE because they saw that the Divas division was “lacking”.

The Bellas, having left the company last spring, never ruled out a WWE return, telling fans that they were simply taking time away from wrestling. It appears that 10 months off were enough.

The Divas have quietly resigned with the company, according to PWInsider.

Soon after their on-screen return, they tweeted:

Watch the Bellas’ return:

Are you excited about the return of the Bellas? Does this shake up your WrestleMania expectations?

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  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    Where is the one I want, where oh where is Kharma!!!!!

    • Brandon

      I’m pretty sure that’s the first thing that came to every diva fans mind. Right when I saw the belalas, I was like “kharma could come back and get a proper return”

      • French.One

        That storyline is dead, and It’s not even considering WWE is used to screw divas storylines …

  • Simply Flawless

    #wewantkharma If God is good they’ll be gone just as quickly as they came back.

    • therightone


  • Brandon

    I was just watching the video where kharma cried in front of all 8 divas. None of them are in wwe anymore except now the Bella’s are back. I may not like them, but the divas division needs any kind of depth it can get. Plus the heel side of the divas is weak which the Bella’s can add a bonus. Just read kharmas tweet. She was asked by a fan if she’d return because the Bella’s are back and she answered…perhaps. This could give kharma the proper return if she ever does come back which I think she will.

    • ballplayer10123

      I’m just praying Kharma would return to get her revenge. Kharma is NOT going to save the division. She can only be a key piece of the puzzle to save the division. The pieces are there if booked correctly. As long as WWE keeps making smart signings, the future COULD be very bright for the Divas. Unfortunately, what is possible can be very different from what actually occurs.

      I’m glad the Bellas are back. They are a small portion of what could make the division good. I’m a bigger fan of their characters, than their wrestling skills. I would really love for them to use a different finisher. Nothing says weak, jobber finisher like sitout face buster.

  • steveo41192

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Karma actually returned and took them out? Lol.

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    Uut of all of the Divas they could of brought back they pick The Bella Twins?

    Melina, Maryse, Michelle, Beth, Eve, hell even Smelly Kelly would of been a better choice.

    Not to mention there are girls like Summer & Paige down in NXT that are already potential stars.

    AND we have girls like Nattie & Alicia that can’t even get decent pushes.

    But of course the Bellas will get pushed straight to the top of the division because Vince loves them, and one of them is fucking Cena.

    • Brandon

      I’m not a fan of the Bella’s, but u do realize that over the summer the twins said they plan on returning to the wwe one day. The rumors are reporting that they came back to spend more time on the road with their boyfriends. Also they had nothing better to do.

      • art

        im hoping they wont stay long…

        • Valese

          Haha but why, Art? Are you fearing for Layla’s push?

        • Melissa

          @ Valese


    • DivaDerby

      I agree, that’s the first thing I thought when I heard. So many talented divas, and they bring back THE BELLAS?

      • Jinzo

        Because they’re the only one of all the divas that have left that actually want to come back.

        • puppies

          All the people you mentioned don’t want to come back. The Bellas are established heels who the fans recognize and they were improving so much as wrestlers and could continue that. If they’re gonna get the Divas more TV times and an actual feud, I’m game.

        • art

          funny @VALESE no because they can’t wrestle well & are pretty boring to watch…


    k thats nice.

  • redsandman99

    It’s way too early to be sure how this is going to go. The odds of them being put straight into a feud with Kaitlyn are good because the division doesn’t have any real big heels right now. Like I said in the Raw thread though, we probably will get a feel of where the division will go from here come Smackdown.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Well I think I am the most pleased out od all the Diva-Dirt users…Nikki & Brie have always been my favourite DIVA’s!


    I’m hoping for a Funkadactyl fued!

    Will Brie still be eligible to cash in her mistletoe on a pole win & kiss any superstar of her choice?

    Will Nikki still hate Layla for taking her title?

    Will they become involved with their real life partners on screen?
    Brie/Daniel Bryan
    Nikki/John Cena

    All I know, is that WWE have always been quite high on the Garcia twins & they always managed to get some screen time, let’s just hope this reflects well on the diva division! =D

    • Lancerboi1986

      I love them too. I am so happy!!

    • Valese

      Add me to the list. Now, finally, I can finally watch WWE without being annoyed by AJ and bored by Kaitlyn, Layla and that trainwreck Tamina.

      • k2evecrew

        U can add me too! #BellaArmy

      • jonboi

        Haha @valese that joke cracked me up “trainwreck tamina” I’m going to go out on a limb here and presume you’ve not seen houseshows with tamina vs lalya & kaitlyn?? She’s WAY better than the bella twins 2rd gen wrestler & if she was given time would be good at promos NOW other than being great at acting cheap with celebs what are the PG bunny twins good for ? ( In the wwe)#BellaArmypmsl

        • Valese

          Um what? No-one cares about Tamina and that just nullifies everything you said. Good wrestlers can draw crowd interest and so can good characters… Tamina doesn’t doesn’t possess anything except your support. I guess there is a Tamina fan out there. Congrats.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Oh & what with Nikki’s “Twin Magic” of her own, I’m assuming they won’t be able to pull the ole “switcheroo” anymore!

    • pumped up kicks

      Bahahahahahaha right!

  • Johnyfaction3

    It seems that’s is a set return since they charged back their twitter name. Honestly at this point I take whatever as long as its fresh. I would honestly die of this leads to a Kharma return.

  • Lanoom


    Bellas take title off of Kaitlyn since theyr’e the only credible heel Divas around.

    Naomi or Paige feud with them. Probably Naomi so Cameron can assist.

  • velvelove

    guess they couldnt be famous without the ring?
    Glad theyre back. i never thought they were bad, just overused at the end and became stale.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    If Nicki was not with John, I don’t think we would see them back. Welcome back Bellas.

    • Matt

      We would’ve Vince & Laurinitis love them

    • DivaDestiny

      While I have absolutely no love for Cena, I’ll have to disagree. I knew that when they came back people were going to start with the Cena stuff. :/ They would still be back if she wasn’t dating him. They’ve said since they left that they would be coming back in the future and they needed a break. They got their break and now they’re back.

  • notorious

    Looking forward to the funkadactyls vs the bellas. It will be interesting. Welcome back bellas

    • sieghrt


  • DnelDivaLovin89

    Im excited, itll defiantly shake the division a lil!

  • DJ8946

    People saying they are back for money & because of Cena are retarded. They said when they left that they were taking a break. Anyways whatever match we do get it’ll probably be fore the Divas Championship but it’ll have to be a six pack challenge match. I mean they had Kaitlyn vs Layla vs Tamina in the works. Then they have been building up Naomi, its in AJs homestate & she is kinda a top diva, & they just signed the Bellas back so I see Kaitlyn vs Layla vs Tamina vs Naomi vs AJ vs Brie/Nikki Bella.

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      Yeah because WWE is so good at keeping up with feuds. And there hasn’t been a 6 pack challenge match in over 10 years. So that theory is pretty much dumb.

      • DJ8946

        You are such a bitch. Was it necessary to call my theory dumb? No. If anything you could’ve said simply that it probably wont happen. Please leave this fucking site & Im not the only one thinking it.

        • Ace Of Base

          Simmer down girls, I think the 6 pac challenge is a brilliant idea and have personally been wanting to see one for the longest time!

        • Gail-Trish-Brooke

          I would love to see one as well, I’m just being realistic in that if we haven’t seen one in 10 years, we probably wont get one. Heck we haven’t even had a fatal 4way in ages.

          Plus, I’m not a girl :P

        • Ace Of Base

          I think your reasoning is fair GAIL-TRISH-BROOKE and my mistake. My apologies.

  • Anthony

    I’m excited the Bella’s are back. I personally loved them, and the WWE needs all the help they can get right now with this division. It’s becoming the norm not seeing diva matches on raw. I feel like that will change. Admit it or not, the Bella’s weren’t that bad in the ring. I’m excited!

  • DJ8946

    Also I don’t see Kharma coming back until the end of The Bellas contract & then have her feud with The Chickbusters.

  • Lancerboi1986

    I marked!! Hope they stick around and add some depth to the divas division with some decent matches outside of the title picture. (when is the last time we saw that??!!)

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      When is the last time we saw them have a decent match is a better question.

      • Jinzo

        Superstars, NXT, Smackdown, PPV, ECW, just about any time they got more than 2 minutes to work with. They aren’t as bad as people like you attempt to portray them.

        I’ve got a question for you, what specifically makes them as bad as you claim? It seems not a single person I talk to even knows why they hate them in the first place. No one has ever been able to pinpoint a single thing about their in ring ability that is on a below average standard from the other divas.

        • art


        • French.One

          No one you talk can pinpoint why they are bad, because they are so bad no one can bear to watch them more than 20 seconds.
          The bellas have a poor moveset, they are unable to fill a 5 minutes match with interresting stuff. They botch relatively often when they try serious stuff which is why they usually are told to stick to they crappy slaps, headlock, whatever submission they try, and their crappy sit out facebuster.
          Honestly their wrestling skills are poor, they’re unwatchable in the ring, they can’t cut promos, and when they were divas champion the division was as lame as it is now.

      • Jinzo

        @art thank you for proving my point.

        • ballplayer10123

          I dont hate the Bellas. I dont think they are good wrestlers. I’ve seen their house show matches, and while better, still not that great. The Bellas characters are good. WWE seems to care about them, that is always a bonus.

          For me their wrestling just does not have the kind of uptempo flow I would prefer, even if only for brief moments of the match. Plus if the are going to use a mat-based moveset it is hard for me to take them seriously as ground and pound submission specialists. If they worked on each of these weaknesses it would help greatly. They also need to get rid of the sitout face buster as a finisher, IMO it is the next best thing to a roll-up. Lastly, dont play the hell out of the “Twin Magic.” As a concept that is sparsely I find it fine. However, with WWE it is simply an easy way out to book a match that is short and ends abruptly.

          I’ll reiterate, I am very happy they are back: WWE cares about them, they are decent characters, and are good looking. However, they are certainly not the polished wrestlers I would prefer the division was based around. Nonetheless, there is certainly a place for them in a well rounded Divas division.

      • DjayDay

        The Bellas aren’t bad by any means. Overused with a stale gimmick is a better description.

        • Gail-Trish-Brooke

          They were much better as babyfaces, i’ll give them that. Once they became Vince’s favorites, that became complacent in the ring, much like Kelly did late in her career.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    yahhh, always love seeing former divas return, maybe this will make WWE pattention to the divas LOL

  • Jcott3

    The Bellas are half right. The Divas division is lacking, but they are not the solution.

  • art

    The only thing they bring to the division is that their twins…their not that good of wrestlers & i bet they push them straight to the divas title…when the nikki won it she had an awful reign with sloppy matches & botched promo’s all against kelly….

    • WWEStarInTraining

      That was Brie, Nikki is the one who had that one week reign

      • art

        ooh well i forget….

    • pezbawt

      lmao this coming from a Layla fan. A diva who botches every match, only has 5 moves, has to be carried to decent matches, and had a 5 month title reign where she wasn’t even on TV for 4 of those months.

    • Matt

      Well when you look at it the last girl that got a decent one was Eve, the rest after Kelly have sucked ass

      • art

        even eve’s was shitty thou it just picked up because she was on her way out & wanted to give kaitlyn a rub….

        • puppies

          Eve didn’t have a shitty reign lol. From the start she was given a proper feud, a gimmick, and was featured on RAW every week.


          There’s no point in debating with Art. He probably thinks Layla ha a good reign. The delusion….

        • Brandon

          Eve actually had a good run right away. I mean that was the start to an actual storyline to search for kaitlyns blonde attacker. U probably didn’t care for that feud bcuz eve kept outsmarting layla :D eve definitely had the best character.

        • art

          layla had an awful reign idiot i know that hell even helen keller could see that…so no delusions here so maybe read my other comments here before saying such retardation….
          eve’s storyline was awful the attacker bit was dropped just after aksana got revealed,eve was not getting any reaction as a heel plus having awkward matches with kaitlyn till her final match….

        • puppies

          1. “Awkward matches with Kaitlyn”, 2.”attacker storyline was awful”,3. “no crowd reaction”.

          1. Come on, you’re going to tell me their Super Smackdown! match 12/18 for the title was “awkward”? Or the match they had on RAW 12/17? Or their interaction during the Santa’s helper match? Hell, even the match they has during Kaitlyn’s “injury” on RAW was good. Their Survivor Series match as well.

          2. The storyline was a storyline, at the very least, which is more than you can say most Divas revieve during their reigns. Of course it was dropped once Aksana was revealed… What the hell else were they supposed to do with it after she was exposed? After that it became solely about Kaitlyn’s struggle to win the title, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the evolution of our current Divas champ.

          3. Eve was able to get “Hoeski” chants in the earlier months if her reign, and when she lost that, she began her wave and post-match/pre-match photoshoots to get short-term heat from the crowd. Not to mention the instant heat she would receive from crowds during her extremely heelish tendencies like attempting to escape into the audience, trying to beg her opponents forgiveness, or getting cheap shots.

        • art

          they had seriously awkward matches like that ppv match was down right sloppy among other matches….
          because kaitlyn is still having matches with aksana so it means nothing?? eve & aksana should have done more as a team but no kaitlyn just continues to have matches with aksana
          eve got no heat with that wave at all or begging for opponents….

  • WWEStarInTraining

    Now that the Bellas r back I hope this ends Tamina push, The Bellas could start a feud with Kaitlyn and Layla

    • gl83

      So, I guess this puts an end to the possible Layla Heel turn angle, doesn’t it?

  • Onetooth

    I’m very happy to see them back. It was really unexpected since it just popped out of nowhere. I’m looking forward to their return since I did enjoy them during their last run. Personally I think they’re decent workers and I’ve liked a lot of matches they’ve had.

  • Len

    Fml why are they back? If they think they can fix the division they are clearly delusional! What is average ring skills and less than believable acting going to get them…. What will they do win against layla this smackdown by roll up or face buster and then win the title at wrestlemania and go down hill. That’s what will happen hope they’re gone ASAP hate these greedy ring rust bitches!!