Report: WWE Bringing Back More Former Divas?

divaslogoIs the WWE looking to boost the Divas division by bringing back former stars? That could well be the case, according to a report by F4WOnline.

The report states that WWE officials declared that they wanted “more women on TV and wanted to beef the Divas division up”. Thus, the reason why Brie and Nikki Bella returned to the company last night on Raw.

An original idea was to call up new Divas from NXT, but that was nixed.

Following that, the WWE contacted several former Divas and have offered them more money than they were earning before. Some have yet to reply to the WWE’s latest offers.

Apparently, the Bellas accepted the WWE’s first offer, hence them being the first Divas to return.

The twins were among a slew of Divas who had departed the company since the start of last year, along with Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Kharma and Maxine.

One name on that list, Kharma, was asked by a fan on Twitter if she will return now that her arch rivals the Bella Twins are back. She replied:

That’s one name in the “maybe” column!

Would you rather see past names return or have the WWE make new stars?

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  • Lanoom

    The only “past” star I want back is Kharma. The others had their runs.

    On the other side, the Divas remain indicative of WWE’s problem as a whole of making new stars, and becoming over-reliant on getting people to care just because a big past name comes back for a short while.To be sure, the Bellas don’t compare to The Rock, or even the New Age Outlaws, but the issue is the same.

    WWE has a prime opportunity to start fresh with new faces of the Divas division in Kaitlyn, AJ, Naomi, and Paige, and if the Bellas are used to help build them up, then alright. But, if they just hand the belts over to the Bellas and then proceed to not make anything out of anybody new, it’ll be a tragedy.

    • Brandon

      Kharma=A large chance in Beth wanting to return. Beth, Kharma, Eve, and Melina are the ppl I hope they contacted. I guarentee (hopefully) that Beth and kharma have gotten a call. “Former divas from the past few year” hmmm maybe michelle candice ashley maria jillian lol (Just hoping)

      • sasuke

        I hope Kharma doesn’t return. The indies are better. I want to see her in Japan and Shimmer not feuding with women who aren’t in her league

    • christopher_cc

      the bellas maryse even Kelly Kelly I am sure could be BIGGER NAMES if WWE let’s them not everything has to necessarily be about new faces to help build the divas division back up just saying

    • MaryseFan1212


  • wl75

    Out of those who left over the past year or so, I could see maybe Kelly Kelly coming back- most of the others I don’t think want to go back to the grind (maybe Maryse to be with Miz, but she’s got her fashion stuff and she might be too busy…)

    I think they made the right call not bringing up people from NXT just to bring them up- Paige is obviously ready to come up (and since she’s been working house shows lately, I suspect she’ll get called up after Mania is over), but I don’t know if anyone else is down there…

    • ricky_says_hi

      Kelly’s not likely to return. She was released because management kept offering her money to come back full time but she didn’t want to. Beth could probably make a return. They left her departure pretty open for a return

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    YAHHHHH this is so exciting, i am fine with any of the former divas listed returning, would love for Beth or Khamra to return, be so interesting

    the only diva i would be sad to see return would be Kelly Kelly, then we now it will be back to the kelly division

    i kinda am fine with WWE nixing bringing up some of the NXT girls, because really let them all train and develop more, before dropping them on the main roster, Paige is really the only one ready!!!!!!!

    so, lets hope for HARM to happen and doll heads to pop

    • AJFan95

      How? Kelly was there for 6 years and the division was only surrounding her for, what, 6 months?

      • Mr. AJ Lee

        she wasn’t the star of the division wrestling wise. But everything else basically revolved around WWE’s perfect Diva. I’m with u Sherri. I would love for any of the girl to return. Except Kelly. Don’t get me wrong. I like Kelly. And I stick up or her when ppl like to talk crap. But I don’t want we back right now.

        • Brandon

          lol I just thought of something. Now that the bellas are back and are building the heel side of divas stronger, maybe alicia will no longer be a tweener.

  • Ace Of Base

    Oh God yes!! Finally they’re opening their eyes! This isn’t going to turn it into the golden era 2 overnight, but its’s a start. I would love for these ladies to return asap!

    1. Kharma – Undoubtedly the most sought after woman in the wrestling world right now.

    2. Eve – She was just hitting her stride and left at the top of her game, she can comeback for revenge and regain her title.

    3. The Glamazon – Storyline wise, she was fired. So she has a built in angle with Vickie Guerrero already and a future money making match with Kharma if she returns as well.

    4. Maryse. – I know I was celebrating with her when she left, but …she’s atleast entertaining and will spice up the dull division as a Terri Runnels type Diva. Not wrestling too much, but being a good bitch!

    5. Melina!! – She’s fabulous in every way! She is a top diva!

  • xLitaFan4Everx

    With The Bella Twins returning I can’t say I’m jumping up and down about this. I was never a fan of them. Didn’t dislike them but didn’t like them either. Pretty much in the middle. :\
    “There was talk about calling up some of the NXT Divas but the idea was nixed.” So, no Paige debut for a bit then? Ugh. Brilliant. Not really. :|
    If they were going to bring back any past Divas I would much prefer Eve Torres, Maryse, Kharma, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool and Melina. I would not like to see Kelly Kelly back at all.
    We’ll have to see what comes from this, unless it’s just a rumour the Dirt Sheets have made up again.

    • wl75

      I think Paige is going to come up- they may have been referring to multiple callups, and frankly I don’t think most of the others are ready yet.

      • xLitaFan4Everx

        The only NXT Diva who is ready for a call-up is Paige in my opinion. The others aren’t ready. I’m just gonna see what happens though. Who knows, this dirt sheet report could be false, just like they almost always are. :\

        • redsandman99

          I agree with Paige being the only one ready. And if the supposed rule of nobody being called up until their 21 thing is now true, we won’t see her until then. And even if it’s not true, most likely she won’t be called up still until after Wrestlemania. Call ups rarely happen leading up to it.

  • sieghrt

    Can they hire the likes of Jillian, Melina, Katie Lea back? and and I actually wanna see Jazz vs. Tamina :<

  • moogle

    please lord, I am drooling for a Kharma and Bellas feud.
    Please please please please pleeeeeease!

    I’d adore Eve to return too considering how amazing she became, but I think that’s way too soon.

    I think Maryse would be a reasonable guess though, and I’d love her to bring back her amazing attitude.


    Maxine, Jillian, Eve and Kharma please.


      I tell you what I was peeved when I listened to Maxine’s interview. When she said that she didn’t want to wait for long, I understood to a degree but like Kaitlyn waited just a little bit longer and look at her now! – Divas Champion!


        she had such potential and was so entertaining

  • AJFan95

    I’m only interested in Kharma and Maxine returning. I wouldn’t mind Maryse either since her career was so bried and I miss that charismatic woman so much. Beth and Eve seem way too happy with their post-WWE lives to return, at the moment. Melina is a possibility, if they offered, I’m sure she’d accept in a heartbeat.

  • numero47

    Maybe I’m just a minority in all this but I’m not all that excited to see the Bella’s return. (Was just never a fan of theirs)

    However this news does excite me in the since that we may still be able to have that dream march between Beth and Kong.

    • jonboi

      Nope I think your with the majority of fans on thoughts on the bellas return

  • Roxxxy Andrews

    Honestly, i would not like to see Kelly Kelly back.

  • JD Sensations

    They should bring back some of the younger Divas, instead of Golden Era divas (because I don’t want their legacy ruined) so women like Savannah, Serena, Eve, Kelly Kelly, Maryse (could manage Miz) heck even Beverly would make a fine valet!!

  • PhoenixFire

    Out of the past divas that have recently left the only ones I can see actually wanting to come back would be Kharma, Melina, Maxine, Candice, Jillian (if they do right by her this time and not make her a jobber), Maria, (She’s decent enough if you watch her indie matches), Maryse, Katie Lea (Same with Jillian). The other girls either retired or made it clear they want time off.

  • Firewalker

    Jackie Moore, please.

    • Raekon

      Too old, they wouldn’t let her come back.
      It’s one of these stupid rules the WWE has.
      Males are coming back and get active again in their mid 40s-50s but god forbid a diva that’s older then mid 30 comes back. -_-

  • JD Sensations

    They should do what WWE have being doing recently and bring back older wrestlers to manage current divas (see Zeb Colter) so id love to see maybe Leilani Kai, Ivory or Jacqueline as managers for divas

    • SherriShepherdWWE

      omg omg i love that

  • richies88

    HOPE THEY BRING BACK MELINA,KHARMA and KELLY KELLY. (she deserves a proper run other than companies gold blond bombshell)

    would love to see roxxi angelina love and cheerleeder mellissa oh and sarita would be an amazing division then

  • MiPiMafia

    even though this would be great, I think we need to look at it from their point of view. Maybe the women weren’t happy with a number of things, not just the money. Maybe they were upset with backstage politics, not getting pushed, a storyline, matches, anything.

    Even though it would be good to put the divas on Mania, it doesn’t seem that they are going anywhere due to the bellas being back and perhaps having a feud with Kaitlyn who is currently in a possible feud with Layla and Tamina.

    If the divas are going to have a match at Mania, it should be a battle royal for the belt or a multi-diva tag. They could even go with Kaitlyn/Layla/NAO vs Bellas/Rhodes Scholars or maybe Naomi/Cameron/Brodus/Tensai vs Rosa/Aksana/Epico/Primo. Who knows whats going to happen.

    In my personal opinion, I think the divas should be kept off the card and then do what they perhaps are doing after Mania because around the Mania season, the divas are an after thought over the past 5/6 years and they are pushed the back.

  • ajfan83

    Why bother? Most of these women left voluntarily to try their hand at other careers. Let them stay gone. The only one who has potential to shake things up is Kharma, and she seems unreliable to me.

  • DjayDay

    Personally I’d say the only likely ones to return are Maryse, Melina and Kharma. I can’t really see any others returning. Maybe Maxine.

    • DivaDestiny

      I don’t think Maryse is at all likely to return. I just don’t see her having any interest in wrestling anymore. She didn’t even have it fully while she was there. I’m a fan of hers, so I’m not hating. I just don’t think she had the most passion while she was there…
      Maxine, not so sure. She seems to have various projects going on right now. Not sure she has the time, even if she wanted to. But who knows…

      • Jakey

        Not that Dave Meltzer is Jesus, but he often wrote that Maryse’s talents were misused as a wrestler, and I’m in complete agreement. She had GREAT heel presence and was one of the only definable “characters” of her era, but she would have been better off helping a male heel get over (that wasn’t Ted DiBiase).

        • DjayDay

          I do agree. She wasn’t the best technical wrestler, but her stuff on Smackdown and RAW are night and day. And it wasn’t the talent carrying her cause she worked with Melina, Gail, Beth and Alicia on RAW. It almost seemed like because of time constraints she relied on hair pulling.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson


  • candice7000

    Omg please let this happen Kharma is a must. Kelly Kelly I would love to see. Maxine and Beth Phoenix I would love as well. Eve I think may not return for some reason. But I can see this being wwe way of not trying to shove the nxt girls down our throats since they would be so unknown. They need to contact Mickie James, she’s not doing a damn thing in TNA.

  • French.One

    I don’t want any divas back, let the past be the past.

    • Monkey Tennis

      This. Priority right now should be on fixing the women’s division, and making people care about it again. Bringing in a bunch of former Divas won’t solve that. Unless we’re going to suddenly see more matches and more screentime for the division, all this will do is push the already largely sidelined women on the roster (AJ, Natalya, etc) even further into the sidelines.

      If anything, it just shows how little effort the WWE are putting into the division. It’s literally saying that they can’t be bothered with coming up with something new.

  • lucky1now

    I think it needs to be a mix bring up new and old girls older divas can almost gain fans back to familiar faces the new divas can also get seen and make a name for themselves

  • TNATaraNonstopAction

    Maryse & Eve is my favorite

  • shameronstar

    Maybe girls like Savannah and Serena can return. I know they made “mistakes” on the main roster but that doesn’t mean that a 2nd chance is out of the question, and they were new and never reached their stride! Melina seemed to be in the doghouse when wwe released her so maybe they can forgive her too. Jillian isn’t doing much these days and she was very entertaining. Pair her with Emma and they would be an hilarious duo! I don’t know if Maxine or Maryse would return since their issues were with the creative direction of the diva’s division. Michelle is retired, Eve is retired, Beth just left and probably wants quite a bit of time away from wwe for now! As far as classic divas go the only one who still wrestles and would bother getting involved with wwe again is Jacqueline but she’s a quite a bit older! and of course Kharma is probably the one everyone would care the most to see again since she didn’t really get enough time to change the division!

    • JD Sensations

      It was stupid to fire Serena and Savannah in the first place, Savannah was a fine wrestler and I can’t get over them firing her for fluffing her lines on RAW

      • WWFoverWWE

        I heard WWE never thought much of Savannah to begin with. FCW officials were high on her, but WWE officials didn’t think she brought anything new.

        They had Gail kim at the time who was clearly better than Savannah, so they probably didn’t feel the need to keep her.