Another Two Ex-Knockouts Say No to PPV Special

Do any of TNA’s former Knockouts want to return to the company? Plenty that do not have came out of the woodwork recently (after the announcement of an all-Knockouts Pay-Per-View) and another two girls have declared that they won’t be appearing.

Rain, who competed in TNA as Payton Banks, and former two-time Knockouts Champion Winter have both told fans on Twitter that they are not participating.

Rain simply told a fan “nopers” whilst Winter seemed even happier to declare her status for the event and tweeted “certainly not. :-)”

Rain and Winter join Angelina Love, Kharma, Roxxi, Sarita and Traci Brooks in the list of former Knockouts who have said no to participating in the event.

The PPV, one of eight “One Night Only” specials, will be taped this Sunday, March 17th.

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  • Number One

    They actually asked Rain?! What nerve! LOL!

    • Melissa K Killer 2010

      Rain can wrestle and her and Mercedes Martinez had epic matches check out WSU!!!

    • Melissa K Killer 2010
      Mercedes Martinez vs. Rain — Special Referee: Molly Holly


    Hahaha love Winter’s reply. Good for her, she deserved so much much more than a lot of female wrestlers and actually got shit from BOTH comapnies.

  • karl

    Who else is there left to ask?

    Sojo bolt? Rakka khan? Jackie?… Rosie lottalove?

    • Juan

      There’s Trinity, Desire, Alissa Flash/Raisha Saeed, Salinas, Jackie Moore and Hamada. Or at least those are the only bigger TNA Knockout names that have yet to turn TNA down.

      Too bad we won’t be seeing a reunion of the original 10 Knockouts though, what with Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Roxxi and Traci Brooks turning them down :( Oh well maybe we can get 6 out of the 10 since Gail Kim, ODB, Velvet Sky and Christy Hemme are still under contract and Jackie Moore and Salinas are just a phone call away :)

    • Little Red

      And LVE, which I am very much hoping for.

    • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

      Won’t see Rosie Lottalove :/ she got a very bad injury recently and had to retire from wresting :/

      I don’t see Jackie Moore returning seeing how badly they treated her the last time.

      Salinas & Alissa/Raisha is a possibility.

      LVE i think she’d appear but not in a wrestling role.

      Don’t see Hamade or Trinity coming back either.

  • Dave Muscarella

    There’s always Moose aka Mickie Knuckles.

  • k2evecrew

    I would’ve loved to see winter return

  • DJ8946

    Katrina made me GWAF! They’re gonna have to ask Jillian & Christina. Jackie wont because she didnt wanna renew, Rosie was screwed, & Sojo Bolt is still signed to TNA down in OVW so she’ll be there.

    • DjayDay

      Jackie didnt have a choice. They chose not to renew her. And Sojo is not still contracted to TNA. Although she’s in OVW, she’s not with the company.

  • wwe141

    Part of me believes some of them are saying no to not give away any surprises, guess well have to wait and see if they’re telling the truth

    • perceval

      Yeah, that’s exactly what people were saying before Wrestlemania 25, that some of the former Divas were lying about declining so not to spoil any surprises.

      It turned out, of course, that no, they really did turn it down.

      That’s the case with this, too.


    What are we down to now!?
    Jackie, Rhaka Kahn, Sojo Bolt, Rosie Lottalove, Moose, Athena, Desire, Sirelda, Lacey Von Erich, Lauren, Jackie Gayda, Hamada, Toxxin & Cookie?

    No offense to those ladies…. But they’re not exactly A-List!

    • DJ8946

      The only A-Listers that we know they asked where Angelina & Kharma. The only A-Lister out there is Melina but she is a WWE girl.

    • sasuke

      Hamada is a-list

      • DJ8946

        Maybe overseas.

        • Kessuki

          no, hamada is a-list when it comes to former ko’s.

        • DJ8946

          She won 1 title. So did Lacey Von Erich. Is she an A-List former Knockout?

        • Kessuki

          take into account wrestling and popularity. hamada had both and could outwrestle both angelina and kong.

        • Namor1987

          Hamada is A-List anywhere she’s goes. She can wrestle & hang with the best of them. She just sucks at English. LVE is a moron & couldn’t wrestle worth a damn plus she’s totally incompetent & a complete & utter imbecile. She’s about as worthless as Velvet Sky or Brooke Hogan.

        • DJ8946

          Wrestling: Yes A-List
          Popularity: No

          Wrestling:Yes A-List
          Popularity: Yes A-List

          Hamada isn’t nowhere as popular as Angelina & Kharma.

    • TCsinger09

      Toxxin aka Christina Von Eerie was never really given a chance to show her in ring abilities just like Santana.

    • notorious

      Forgot taylor wilde. But she might say no

  • Kayfabe!

    Thats a bad pic of Rain!

  • i<3 sable and alicia fox

    This is getting ridiculous lol I hope Rain and a couple more are holding off for surprises. Either that or TNA treats its talent pretty bad.

  • gavin harvey

    dont blame any of them not going back tna treated them like shite

    • sasuke

      TNA did treat them like crap and now the division is so horrible without them

      • Namor1987

        TNA didn’t treat Winter like crap/shit. WTF are y’all talking about? Hell they allowed her to pursue her acting career & gave her both the titles. Payton Banks yeah she got a shitty role

  • DJ8946

    Random but now WWE is supposedly doing this & they actually got a yes when they treating their women worse but when the Bellas, K2, Beth, & Maryse they all traded off wins & got some T.V. unlike TNA though so I can understand.

    • perceval

      The pay and benefits are better at WWE. They treat the Divas well in everything but TV time.

  • Kessuki

    the ppv wont suck but it could have been really good seeing some of these fomer ko’s mixing it up with current ko’s. i hope one or two are lying.

    salinas, alissa flash and hamada i’m counting on those three to say yes.

    • Raekon

      There is actually no real need to bring back old KOs for a one night thing because it makes the outcome of some matches pretty obvious since everyone would know that they will jump in to job for one night to the current knockouts by being eliminated from the tournament.

      With that said, they could had easily filled the PPV easily with fresh blood that could have surprising outcomes by letting Taeler, Lei D compete while also use and sign a few of the gutcheck girls like Athena, Jillian, Lufisto, Ivelisse, Jillian, Caylee, Alpha and lots more.

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    Was Winter really treated that badly? She had 2 Knockout Title reigns, and a go with the tag titles as well. Get over it, you can’t be on top all the time.

    Unless your Gail Kim :P
    (slightly joking)

    • redsandman99

      Winter had crap KO title reigns. If I’m remembering it right, she won the belt at Hardcore Justice, disappeared from TV until she lost it to Mickie on Impact. Won it back at No Surrender and then was really not seen until she lost it to Velvet in that four way at Bound for Glory.

  • 09DHK

    I’m pretty sure they can at least get Alissa Flash despite the fact that they probably treated her the crappiest out of ALL of the former Knockouts. What about Trinity? She’s one of the originals, and to my understanding left TNA of her own free will. Maybe some of the girls are lying to surprise us (though I doubt it). You’d think TNA would recruit the women to work the PPV BEFORE announcing the date of the PPV. Hell, if they get really desperate they could always ask Salinas, Lacey von Erich, and Jenna Morasca. I bet they’d even settle for CHYNA.

  • blazermaniac5

    Remember, that this is the company that thought Lacey Von Erich could actually wrestle. It’s also the same company, that had Cheerleader Melissa, cover her face. Rain & Winter have made the right decision. The TNA Knockout Division is a joke.

  • Spike7000

    Here’s who left

    – 2002-2005
    Mercedes Martinez
    Valentina (Lizzy Valentine)
    Simply Luscious
    April Hunter

    Salinas (Shelly Martinez)
    Kimberly (she made a few appearences as Eric Young’s kayfabe sister)
    Cheerleader Melissa/Raisha Saeed
    Rhaka Khan
    Taylor Wilde
    Sojournor Bolt
    Moose (Mickie Knuckles)
    Lacey Von Erich
    Cookie (Becky Bayless)
    Toxxin (Christina Von Eerie)

    • Juan

      Jacqueline, Salinas (those 2 are part of the original 10), Alissa Flash, Hamada and Trinity are the ones i’m hoping for.

      • k2evecrew

        Don’t forget that crazy pregnant chick Clair Lynch

        • SherriShepherdWWE

          Well considering,
          Taylor Wilde
          Lacey Von Erich

          they are all retired,so they wont be appearing

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    I also want to say that maybe some r saying no to keep everyone off of their guard. But if it is true and none of these ladies r coming. I don’t blame them.

  • theshadowranger

    Why even have women TNA? It’s clear that the fans are going to shit on you anyway? The comments here are disgusting.

    But on to the point. TNA already has enough women under contract to do the PPV.


    you also have taeler hendrix
    the blossoms, leid tapa, and sojo in OVW

    • numero47

      “Why even have women TNA? It’s clear that the fans are going to shit on you anyway? The comments here are disgusting.”

      Thank you! I’m content with the current roster too though familiar faces would be nice I still don’t see why this PPV wouldn’t do well

      • theshadowranger

        I want to see some new women as well.
        What’s bugging me is that once again TNA is giving fans what they say they want and the fans shit on it. How long have people said that they want the women in WWE and TNA to get more time. How long have they said they wanted the women to get the main event. TNA is giving you an all female PPV and yet most of the comments I’ve read are so called women’s wrestling fans showing glee that it’s having set backs. They are rooting for it to fail. Instead of being appreciative of the fact that TNA is doing an all female PPV they instead go out of their way to focus on, and over exaggerate the negative.

        Looking for trained female wrestlers on the indies instead casting calls for models isn’t enough.

        Having womens matches on tv every week with actual character development and stroylines isn’t enough.

        An ALL WOMEN PPV isn’t enough.

        So someone please tell me what TNA has to do in order to be shown a little bit of respect.

  • She’sGotLegs!

    What if for one night, we got to see Christy Hemme compete again? I mean, wouldn’t that be great. I miss seeing her compete. She’s one of the most underrated in my opinion.

  • theshadowranger

    here the entire PPV without using former talent. It took less than 10 minutes.


    Gail, Madison, velvet, odb, tara tess, mickie

    Match 1 battle royal. Winner gets 1st round bye

    Match 2,3 and 4 Round 1 matches

    Match 5 and 6 Round 2 matches

    Match 7 Special exhibition gut check vs. boot camp
    Blossom twins vs. Taelar Hendrix and Lei’D Tapa

    Match 8 Final match to crown winner

  • Little Red

    Come oooooon Lacey!

  • aldo

    Come on! Contact some Indie wrestlers, if they’re only appearing for ONE NIGHT ONLY what’s the problem?! Why not Melina or Mercedes Martínez? (I would LOVE to watch them going at it!)

  • AJFan95

    How does TNA feel? LMAO This is such justice after how bad they treated some of these girls ala Sarita or how they let them go so ala Kong.

  • Ryan

    Nooooo! Winter!!