Who is Raw’s New Diva of the Decade? Round 1: Beth Phoenix vs. Lita

It’s been 10 years since Trish Stratus was named Diva of the Decade as part of Raw’s 10th Anniversary celebration. With Raw’s 20th Anniversary just behind us, we think it’s time to look back at the last decade and crown a Diva of the Decade for the 2003-2013 period. Will Trish hang on to the crown, or will another Diva emerge? It’s all up to you!

Based on your nominations, we picked the 16 most popular Raw Divas to advance to our knock-out bracket tournament. Keep your eyes peeled over the next several weeks as you will be asked to choose between the greatest Raw Divas of this past decade and help us narrow it down from just 16 to one! (View the brackets below.)

Round 1: For round one’s fifth match-up, the Glamazon Beth Phoenix goes up against the Queen of Xtreme, Lita.

Watch both Divas in action:

Beth Phoenix wins her first Women’s Title from Candice Michelle at No Mercy 2007:

Lita defeats Trish Stratus for the Women’s Title in a 2004 Raw main event:

Vote below:

Tournament brackets (drawn at random)

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  • ETR

    Lita is my favorite women wrestler of all but I am voting for Beth Phoenix.
    Lita was from 2003-2006,Beth was from 2006-2012.
    Beth was the most solid worker the entire time she was there, she could have a good match with anyone, she was very solid and rarely botched, she was the 2nd diva to enter the rumble , she won the women title and divas title on different occasions, participated in the first ever women i quit match and won, had many funny moments( glamarella) . So yeah

    • Lita-Sault-666

      Exactly what i was going to say, Lita is my favourite diva ever but this is a poll to vote for Raws second decade diva, which Lita was a part of for three years. In those three years Lita has a solid character as ever and she played her heel character extremely well, but up against The face of he division since 2006 until her departure, this is a no contest really :).

      My vote is for Beth xD.

  • Ace Of Base

    Tough choice, but ultimately Lita gets my vote. From 2003 to 2006 I feel she did alot more than Beth in her entire career. Not knocking it, but I think Lita was given better opportunities.

  • Maxine

    This must be the hardest one, but my vote goes to Beth. She was the best there was, she put on great matches with anyone, and had amazing mic skills. And so did Lita, but Beth was there more in the decade than Lita was.

  • http://www.twitter.com/DanGM DanGM

    uuu though one! Beth is one thw best divas i ever saw. I really love her matches. She like attitud women! But Lita is Lita! The extreme diva! My vote is for her!

  • charovnica

    I’d say Lita! I’m a huge fan of her,but it’s not just this.I really loved her from 2003 till 2006.She really shocked me with her ability to pull off and embrace the heelness :D I was completely in love with her heel persona,loved her face run earlier too and I loved that she was up for all kind of silly things.I’m not gonna talk about accomplishments since we all know them.

    Nothing against Beth,she did quite a lot with what was given to her prior to her release …and I really enjoyed her work with Candice,Mickie & Melina,but she never really connected strong with me for some reason.

  • joshmm3

    Im was so torn. They are both truly talented. In the end, I had to pick Lita!!

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson


  • https://www.facebook.com/matt.medina.75 Matt

    Lita for me, but guys yall have to stop referring to Lita as the queen of extreme, that title is already taken by Francine!

    • Ace Of Base

      Well to be fair, Francine was “Extreme” in reference to ECW and Lita “Xtreme” iin reference to Teamm Xtreme along with The Hardyz.

      Also about Beth. I really enjoyed watching her, but to be honest…she never really had that charismatic vibe about her like Lita did. Beth is coool, but she was very dull. Furthermore, her career was veryone dimensional, with the exception of her comedy pairing with Santino, I really can’t think of muuch else she did rather than chase after the title. Which is a shame because I know it wouldn’t necessarily be her fault. All these reasons made me vote for Lita who’s career from 03 to 06 was more full than Beth’s six years.

      • WweLitafan4ever

        Beth Phoenix’s a boring dud. **yawn**

        • TheLadySamantha

          Lita is a boring crack den ho with cocaine connections throughout Mexico.

        • WweLitafan4ever


          How funny,you just described yourself

        • Ace Of Base

          Someone please ban this escaped mental patient

      • 21st Century Achiever

        That was funny ACE OF BASE. ” Someone please ban this escaped mental patient.” Lmao!

  • lucky1now

    this is tough im always going to love lita
    but beth was around more of this decade and had some great matches

  • xLitaFan4Everx

    While both women are extremely talented and successful I’m voting for Lita. I just feel that she was more memorable and made a bigger impact than Beth Phoenix did. While they were both involved in great barrier-breaking matches I just feel Lita had more memorable matches and moments and Lita was much more over/popular than Beth. Lita is the Diva I think of when I think of a Raw Diva. I really believe Lita connected with the crowd a lot more than Beth did. I am not going to discredit Beth but I just feel Lita should win this round. :)
    Lita gets my vote. <333

  • richies88

    this is just to mean. I love both of them? but i have to give my vote to beth reason being I start the gym because beth had a more masculine body than me lolol

  • k2evecrew

    Beth did a lot during her run in the division , put over numerous divas, had 2 mania moments with Melina & kelly kelly . Won the women’s & divas belt. Was involved in the first divas tables match & the first I quit match. Lita had a good run too but ill have to choose beth

    • k2evecrew

      *first Divas I quit match

      • puppies

        Lita was in the first Divas steel cage match, numerous main events – including her’s and Trish’s for the title in 2004 – was involved with many high profile storylines with Eric Bischoff, Trish, Edge, Matt, Kane, and Cena, she won two women’s championships and had one of the biggest heel turns a female has ever had in the company. Not to mention that she played a key role in passing the torch to Mickie. Tough choice. I won’t vote this time, I don’t think; not quite yet, anyway.

        • Raekon

          She did all that Puppies but its about the decade between 2003-2013 so lots of things she did between 2001 – 2003 doesn’t count.

        • WweLitafan4ever

          Everything puppies mentioned was from 2003 and onward.

        • puppies

          Yeah I didn’t mention anything prior to 2003. I also failed to mention her involvement in ladder and TLC matches.

  • HeelEveRulez

    sorry this is out of topic but at a live event Summer teamed with Audrey Marie to take on Paige and Sasha Banks. The match ended in a no contest after Anya interfered.

    • HeelEveRulez

      BTW i voted for Lita i think beths 3 titles combined isnt even near to what kind of an ?mpact Lita made.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    gotta be Beth, she has had an amazing run, and i believe it goes over Lita last few years any day

    i think Lita will win, because of her fans, personally i dont think she had a better last decade than beth

    • k2evecrew

      That’s what I don’t understand. Yeah we got some good matches out of lita during those few years but what did she really do that was meaningful. All I can remember from those years was her feud with trish ,her being pregnant,& then laying naked in a bed with edge in the middle of the ring.

      • charovnica

        Ding…the steel cage match.Two championship reigns.Played important role in the ME along with Edge.Her storyline with Trish.Putting over Mickie.Pretty busy girl she was. And what I can’t understand is why are people saying that every single one of the past divas featured here is going to win out of their fan’s love rather than their accomplishments when it’s not true.At least I don’t think my judgement is so childish.For me a great raw diva has to have great connection with the crowd too and charismatic personality along with good wrestling abilities.In my opinion Lita had all of those.And the great part of it is that she didn’t even have to speak,she was just there and people were reacting to her.Beth did some pretty amazing stuff during her run too.I’m not taking away anything from her.The double back breaker submission,her rivalries with Mickie,Candice & Melina.Also that amazing Glamslam from SS 2011,but to me she lacked at connecting with the crowd and she never really was all that charismatic.So all I ever understood about her is that she’s a great wrestler…but this is not enough imo.

        So what I’m trying to say is that people are not voting for Lita cause she was from the old set of divas,but rather cause they were more connected to her than Beth.

    • Ace Of Base

      CHAROVNICA – Best post ever. This is exactly why I voted for Lita. For some reason SherriSheperdFan chooses to blind herself/himself to those facts and just likes to throw dirt against the wall. Lita accomplished more and she was multi faceted, unlike Beth’s one dimensional character. Beth was the superior wrestler no doubt, but Lita was the better overall superstar and subsequently created more memorable moments.

      • WweLitafan4ever

        Also,this is the WWE we are talking about,where charisma/fan connection is more important than in ring skill,and Lita trumps Beth in that category. No diva connected with the fans like Lita did.

        • k2evecrew

          I just looked up Lita’s run on Wikipedia lol sorry didnt know about the cage match

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    U suck Beth..

    Lita all the way!!!

    • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

      Jk Beth is awesome and probably one of the greatest wrestlers ever, just not a fan

      And she seems like a decent person :)

      But still Lita owns u Beth!

  • jonboi

    Loyal to the end LITA all the way love beth but litas the reason I got back into wrestling plus beth moved to smackdown lita stayed on raw from the start of the draft

  • Kessuki

    had to go with lita. i think the final should be lita vs mickie.


    Lita without a doubt

  • WweLitafan4ever

    She did more in 3 years than Beth did in her 6 year run.
    Hell,Lita did more in her first 9 months than Beth did in her entire run.

    • 21st Century Achiever

      @WWELitaFan4Ever, when you said “Hell, Lita did more in her first 9 months than Beth did in her entire run.” Are u referring to her debut year(2000)?

      • WweLitafan4ever

        Yup,I was talking about her debut/first year in the company(her rookie year.)

  • WweLitafan4ever

    From 2003-2006
    Lita won 2 additional titles(one being the MAIN EVENT on RAW)
    – 2 RAW Weddings
    -Live Sex celebration(one of the highest Rated segments in RAW history)
    -Steel cage match
    -And an amazing heel run with her and Edge as a power couple. She was in storylines(alongside Edge) with guys like Foley,Cena,and Ric Flair.
    Lita’s moments are clearly more memorable and important than Beth’s…this isn’t even close.

    • Ace Of Base

      She was also involved in a memorable rivalry (along with Trish) with Y2J and Christian which culminated in the Battle of the Sexes matches. She was consistently put in storylines with Superstars and Divas alike. This is why Lita to me, is more memorable than Beth. Again, I don’t necessarily put the blame on Beth, because she had great matches and many firsts. The problem here was that alot of the stuff she did was cut short or simply wasn’t as popular or memorable as Lita’s was.

    • JD Sensations

      Lmao at a wedding and having sex being considered achievements.

      And i really hate to be “that guy” but the sex segment was one of the highest rated that year, not all time

    • revivingophelia

      While you may not be counting it because she won the title on a ppv that time, Lita actually had three title reigns between 2003-2006. She won once in 2004, then won it twice in 2006 shortly before she left. (Once on RAW against Mickie, then again at Cyber Sunday against Mickie a few weeks before she retired).

      • WweLitafan4ever

        Yeah,I realize that lol,I was referring to the titles she won on RAW.

    • Harry

      In January 2006, according to wwe.com, Lita and Edge delivered a 5.2 segment rating, the first time since Feb. 21, 2005, that RAW had achieved even a 5.0 segment rating when Batista’s WrestleMania contract signing delivered a 5.0. I believe 2005 and 2006 are a part of the period covered. The 5.2 segment rating included Lita receiving John Cena’s finisher!

  • AJFan95

    I’m a fan of neither, but Lita completely trumps Beth.

  • jonboi

    @ACEOFBASE that’s exactly what I was gonna say about francine being ECW & lita as Xtreme highflyer, also one more thing is the ace of base name from the band of the same name from 00s? Always wondered that

    • Ace Of Base

      Yes. My username is a direct reference to that group. I love them.

      • jonboi

        Got (I saw the sign) on my BB I loved them yrs ago love listining to ol skool pop & old music just as much as I love girls aloud or rhianna I’m loving winters tna song at the moment anywho glad u got back 2 me

      • JD Sensations

        Their songs are the best!!!

  • divaindemise

    Lita had more high profile events and sustained more popularity until she left. Beth, whom I love, struggled because of schizophrenic booking and an obvious further decline in women’s wrestling. Even in the two year period of which she qualifies for this competition, Lita, in my opinion, has a stronger case. If people are to argue in Beth’s favour, then let it be the reliable ring general she was for PPVs and not as the once-revered monster heel that lost to countless roll ups nearer the end of her tenure.

  • JD Sensations

    Beth Phoenix. No contest

    • Ace Of Base

      Lol. XD

      • JD Sensations

        If I’m being honest. Lita’s entire career > Beth’s but Beth’s career > Lita’s 03 – 06 run

  • Blac Chyna

    who a better wrestler? Lita
    who looks better? Lita
    who doesnt look like a man? Lita
    who is the queen of extreme? Lita
    who competed in a steel cage match? Lita

    Beth sucks in every way

    • k2evecrew

      Beth wasn’t that bad looking when she had her hair straightened. . .

      • Blac Chyna

        Dont let me get started on her WWE’13 model

    • Flawless

      Lita a better wrestler? LMAO. i’m not gonna even bother with you.
      PS I love both but i’m going with Beth.

      • Blac Chyna

        explain how beth is better beth not even better than trish lmao

    • http://cmpunkscrazychick.tumblr.com xoxoRKOxoxo

      Beth was the better wrestler, not Lita, Lita was more popular. And Beth is a beautiful woman, just because she has muscles, and isn’t a Kelly Kelly barbie doll, doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful because she is!!!!

    • JD Sensations

      Better wrestler – Beth
      Better looking – also Beth
      Queen of extreme – umm it’s Francine not Lita

      • Blac Chyna

        hunny lita is clearly better than beth and lita is by far hotter and i meant queen of xtreme dumb broad

        • 21st Century Achiever

          If Francine would’ve been in a match with Lita, Lita would’ve wipe the floor on her. Lita doesn’t need to rely on weapons to destroy her opponent.

    • Lancerboi1986

      It is one thing to be a Lita mark, but it is another thing to be completely disengaged from reality. I didn’t realize that Michele Bachmann was a commenter on Diva Dirt….

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        beth doesn’t look like a man so get over that..

    • TCsinger09

      I would say they both had their moments as far as looks go. As far as wrestling ability I think Lita was so over because her moves were flashy. Ivory said in an interview that Lita is like Gumby.