In Video: Brooke Hogan Reacts to Bully Ray’s LockDown Betrayal

If all you saw of Sunday’s TNA LockDown was the referee-on-wrestler violence in the Knockouts Title match, you missed a dramatic turn of events in the life of Brooke Hogan.

Over the past few months, Brooke had been wooed by Bully Ray, much to her father Hulk’s dismay. Their fate became entwined with that of the shadowy, villainous group Aces and Eights, who crashed the lovebirds’ wedding in January.

This all led to the main event of LockDown, where Bully Ray became TNA World Champion and revealed himself to be the President of Aces and Eights, much to Brooke’s dismay. Ray told Hulk that he used him and Brooke that he screwed her.

A TNA camera followed Brooke backstage after the betrayal, showing her sobbing and seeking out her father so she could leave the building. Crying, Brooke told the camera that so many people in her life had taken advantage of her, but she never expected Bully Ray to be one of them.

Well, that makes one of us.

Watch the video below:

Where do you think Brooke’s story will go from here?

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  • TheGamergirl22

    What should happen to Brooke?

    Bully-Get the tables!

    would be cool to have her put through a table

    • 21st Century Achiever

      That idea is SO WRONG TO THE FLOOR! Lol. If that happens THE WHOLE TNA LOCKER ROOM, not just daddy Hogan will be out for blood! I believe that everyone in TNA respects Brooke. It’s been along time since they have put women through a table. Great idea for a Brooke-Bully Ray storyline @TheGamerGirl22!

    • shameronstar

      That would be so cool and would almost make up for Stephanie never being put through a table. The only problem is would Hulk and Brooke approve? If they did and tna went through with it I think EVERYONE would have so much more respect for Brooke, but it’s ultimately her and her father’s call!

    • wl75

      Spike’s got a no male on female violence policy though…

      • Ryan

        Good thing Spike has that rule
        Curse you! You blood thirsty heathens!!! >_<

        Lol I would never want to see poor Brooke Hogan put through a table!!
        That's the kind of woman who is just too beautiful to have to go through that just like Maria, was just grotesque seeing Maria get beat up by Beth and Michelle!!


    • joshmm3

      how about all the knockouts tna let go to pay for her salary all come back and put her through a table ;-)

      • Raekon

        That’s bullshit JOSHMM3.
        Brooke replaced Karen Jarrett and no one else.
        Due to that actually no one had to be “let go” because of her.

  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    I bet he’ll be talking about how she was in bed on the next episode. I like the way this story is headed

  • IvIBlueBloodIVI

    Her Actings not bad here…

    • 21st Century Achiever


    • shameronstar

      Everyone else have actually been completely bashing Brooke’s acting when she’s honestly not THAT bad! I think it stems from people just not liking the Hogans!

      • puppies

        Her acting couldn’t be bad, she had years if training on Hogan Knows Best! Also, when she pretended to be a singer! Classic stuff.

        • Ryan

          Pretended? No she is a pretty good singer. She just isn’t popular singer.
          I never saw Hogans Knows Best but her acting is the least of what I care about her.
          I like Brooke! She’s a beauty :)

        • 09DHK

          I feel like people never really gave her music career a chance due to who her father was, but she is a pretty decent singer. As for her acting, it can’t be any worse than Claire Lynch’s.

  • Ryan

    I love her bad acting haha she’s so pretty :P

    She’s a real beauty

    Bully Ray .. A pitbull is gonna be a pitbull ;)

  • sasuke

    I respect brooke but i don’t care about her. She couldn’t be a star in the music business and had that horrilbe tv show. This division was better before her. I just want her and her dad to just leave TNA already. I feel like I’m watching a crappy wrestling version of Hogan knows best

  • pumped up kicks

    Bahahahahahahaha!!! Her tearing up the backstage area was so funny!! Oh gosh she and Garrett Bishoff are soooo dang bad!! Talk about nepotism at its finest!

  • Raekon

    The outcome of all of this is actually a better written storyline than what we had in WWE “Marriages” so far.

    Would be still cool to add a female in their group like Ivelisse or Christina von Eerie or both?

    • Ryan

      If I could choose who to add to that As&8s
      I would pick Melina or Maxine.. Those two bitches have the best look and have the strongest mic skills have seen on almost anyone!! :)

      Plus they can back it in the ring both very hard hitting and know their role as a manager role

    • wl75

      A lot of people have speculated that they wanted to get both Ivelisse and Tapa into TNA, and that’s why they cut Ivelisse early last week, to give her a reason to join A&8’s because of the disrespect of cutting her even though she won the match…the group needs a female member, plus Velvet is gonna need a new opponent (because Gail is shifting over to feud with Taryn now). It makes sense if it happens.