Traci Brooks Clarifies TNA PPV Status

Former TNA Knockout Traci Brooks has taken to Twitter to clarify why she won’t be present for TNA’s upcoming Knockouts PPV.

It was recently reported that the “Original Knockout” had declined the chance to appear at the One Night Only: Knockout Knockdown event, and now she has reached out on Twitter once more to clarify her reason for saying no. She said:

“People r reading way 2 much into this. Unfortunately I had to say no to TNA for the KO ppv as I couldn’t make it that day. No other reason!! Tna is my family and hopefully be there next time and know my KOs will put on a hell of a ppv!! Xo”

Traci is among the likes of Angelina Love, Kharma, Rain, Roxxi, Sarita and Winter who have all stated that they won’t wrestle on the upcoming show, though only Sarita has given a reason for declining the offer.

TNA One Night Only: Knockout Knockdown, which will crown the “true Queen of TNA”, will be taped this Sunday, March 17th.

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    Lol “Other knockouts will put on a hell of a fight”. WHAT OTHER KNOCKOUTS?!

  • funkyweapon a-gogo

    Sarita is in Japan teaming with Kellie Skater in a 5 Way Tag Match in Korakuen for STARDOM (Probably be on an episode of Joshi No Oshigato/Occupation of the Joshi on SAMURAI TV In Japan)

  • Ryan

    I mean the more knockouts the merrier but hey I happy with the current knockouts!! :)
    No show? No loss! No crying over spilt milk. The current girls know how to get it done!!

    Lets go Knockouts!!!

    • jonboi

      @Ryan I love your optimism for everything KO/divas every post is praising them #truefanofwomanswrestling :-)

      • Ryan

        Yup same goes with the divas bro
        Kate Layla and Eve carried the division for a good while while they were allowed. With wwe its different. I take what I can from them from what they are allowed since wwe has us trained that way

        And all the current Knokouts same deal!! They all step up from Velvet Sky Gail Kim and ODB to Brooke Mickie and Tara!
        All keep it sexy and ass kicking! Glad TNA is making this happen!

        Love Women’s Wrestling my dude!! :D
        Not a fan of Indy at all but do love Velvet Sky, Angelina, Roxxi, Moose/Knuckles, Raisha Saeed/Flash and many others while they were on TNA!

  • GrrMonster

    Now you know she lying, or at least that what i think.

  • JD Sensations

    Stupid of TNA to tape it on St Patrick’s Day anyway #LOLTNA

    • Ryan

      It’s beig taped on St Pattys day???!!! :0
      Man it’s going to be a wild night for the ladies… I mean it’s going to be rowdy but still best of luck and also hope the ladies are careful in case some drunk shit faced idiots go too far. I mean I know it’s cool because security and the boys are going to be watching and will take care of the knockouts

  • theshadowranger

    So while everyone for the past few days has been jumping on the “bash TNA” bandwagon and assuming that they must have treated all the women horribly and that’s why they aren’t going to do the PPV we actually find out that it’s nothing like that. Let’s look at the facts for a minute.

    Traci can’t make it that day. End of story.

    Kong is trying to get back in WWE so it makes no sense to appear on a TNA PPV.

    Angelina was asked and declined but hasn’t given a reason.

    Sarita is on the other side of the planet.

    We don’t even know if Sarita, Roxxi, Rain and Winter were even asked.
    The tweets just asked if they would be there.

    I haven’t seen a single tweet where any of them actually said that they were asked by TNA to appear.

    • redsandman99

      Roxxi implied she was asked on twitter. After the headline announcing Kong declined her invitation, she said “there’s a lot of us lol”. That’s about it though.

      • theshadowranger

        Please show me the tweet where she does. I checked her timeline and I didn’t see anything like that.

        • redsandman99

          That’s the tweet Diva Dirt sent out promoting their headline. Third one down is her.

        • redsandman99

          Why it wasn’t on her timeline I don’t know but I knew I saw it. People on other threads pointed it out as well.

  • theshadowranger

    Please show me where it is. I haven’t seen a single mention in any of the threads where anyone showed that Roxxi was actually asked by TNA to be on the show.

    • redsandman99

      If the link I gave in an above reply didn’t show up, go on the main page of this site. Scroll down until you get to the headline with Roxxi and Sarita’s pictures on it with the headline about them saying they won’t be a part of it as well. In that article Diva Dirt posted, they provide a link to Twitter where Roxxi implied that she along with others turned down invitiations.

      • theshadowranger

        It just says “there’s a bunch of us”. that’s not really implying anything other than there’s a group on former KO’s that won’t be there.

        • redsandman99

          The fact that she replied to the article where it was said Kong DECLINED the offer and said that is where people are getting that she was asked and turned them down too. All I’m saying. It gave me that impression certainly. Show will go on regardless of course. I agree with everyone that’s said they can just bring up the women in OVW and fill out space there.

  • theshadowranger

    Ok. I’m not able to read Diva Dirt’s tweets so I didn’t what she responded to. I guess that could mean she was asked but it really doesn’t let us know for sure.

    That still leaves Rain, Sarita, and Winter on the list for not knowing if they were even asked.

  • Liam ‘

    Hey diva dirt I tweeted you about Taylor Wilde. Check out her response but don’t blame her. Such a shame she was one of my fav female wrestlers. Check her tweet on my profile @LiamJames_

    • theshadowranger

      oh great give the haters more ammo. I’m sure they’ll turn her retirement into TNA’s fault to.

      I do miss Taylor though. She was my all time favorite KO.

      • Liam ‘

        Same here. She was my fav for years was so excited when she went to tna but gutted age retired. Bit hey she’s married now so :) I’ll always be a fan.

    • redsandman99

      Taylor was great. Her retirement caught me off guard when it was announced but hey, whatever makes her happy.

  • J.D.C.D.

    Since it seems there aren’t a lot of former KO coming to the show can they bring in some of the developmental talent in OVW to wrestle. I keep hoping they will bring in more ladies from the Indies. Imagine if they do the ladies from Shimmer/Shine vs. the KOs?