Saturday Morning Slam Watch (March 9th, 2013): AJ Lee vs. Natalya

What’s the best way to spend a Thursday? Catching up on things you missed from the last week, of course!

In a match that was featured on Saturday Morning Slam last week, former Raw General Manager AJ Lee faced off against the show’s backstage interviewer Natalya.

In a very fun match, who would emerge the victor? Can “Cray-J” pull off her third win over Natalya in recent times or will the “Queen of Harts” punish AJ for all her past crimes?

You can watch the match below. The Saturday Morning Slam Redux will return in the future. I promise!

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  • bjorn448

    Love it.

  • jonboi

    Good little match everyone says aj needs a push into the division, I say let’s get nattie into the title pic , anyhow this match has been out since lst week

  • jonboi

    On another note wwe has reached out to kelly kelly mayrse & beth its been reported anyway I don’t know if its tru though hope they reach out to lita now!!!

  • charovnica

    Loved that match tbh! Both showed off their characters pretty well and there was some good wrestling along with the silly and goofy moments :D I hate how they cut off to the commentary table though.I hope we’ll see more from AJ & Nattie

  • redsandman99

    I enjoyed the match. Perfect mix of fun and wrestling.

  • OJ Von Erich

    This is exactly the type of matches we need on the main shows… Full of character & a decent amount of time!

    This is why I’m happy The Bella’s are back, they always added character to thei matches, just like Alicia Fox, who I wish would come back to the main stage!

    All of the girls have potential & whilst you may not be the most technically skilled, such as Rosa/Aksana (Who I love both) just watch Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley VS Trish Stratus at No Way Out!

    The WWE can put on great diva matches, if only they let the girls shine more often! -_-

    I guess only time will tell, but it looks like they are trying recently! :)

  • shameronstar

    I almost forgot how technically proficient AJ actually is when she’s allowed to “wrestle”! Put her in the division already!

  • jtiera

    Hey not new to the site my new to commenting… Loved this match!!!!
    All I need is Natalya, AJ, and Naomi with a dash of Paige and I will be happy.
    AJ and that bridge tho>>>>

    • gl83

      Kinda funny that Dolph was taking credit for that submission hold, when in actuality it looked more like something from Daniel Bryan’s playbook(It looked like a Half-Cattle Mutilation).

  • i22

    This match is all the reason why AJ needs to be in the division instead of just being a valet. I dont get why they just dont have her do both, plenty of women in the past have done it.

    Im still holding up hope for that Kaitlyn n AJ fued. I know I sound like a broken record but the history for the fued is there n they’ll undoubtably have great chemistry together. Though with the Bellas back one of them will probably take the title off Kaitlyn.

    • gl83

      I don’t know. The comment that the Bellas made on Raw Monday said that “they are back in the diva division and not a moment too soon”. Implying that the Divas division needs them. Which is a not-so-subtle shot at the current divas division and its Divas champion, Kaitlyn. Booking 101, would dictate that Kaitlyn would have to beat the Bellas in the end to show that the curent incarnation of the Divas division is just as good as the one that the Bellas came from. Which would further help put her and her title reign over.

      • Crazy_J

        Then again if Kaitlyn beats the Bella’s their return would kinda burn out rather quickly. IMO anyway.

        I also agree they need to let AJ both manage and wrestle in the title picture, you’re reasoning “diva’s in the past did it” is what they NEED to do to get diva’s over. It’s why Lita & Trish were so popular.

        • gl83

          WWE really booked themselves into a corner here, with the Bellas’ comments. I mean if the Bellas lose, their momentum would get burnt out. But, if Kaitlyn loses, then the Bellas’ comments about the Divas division and Kaitlyn have been proven right, which hurts Kaitlyn’s credibility. So, it’s a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” kind of deal.

  • BillyGP

    Nattie won but AJ was the star of the match and to the WWE PUT AJ IN THE DIVISION NOW and Bring up Paige i read their house shows matches was very good together.

  • Johnyfaction3

    Pretty good match kind of silly stuff though. I guess since is a kids show. They aren’t allowed to show cleavage in this show which is why Natalya had that thing under.

  • She’sGotLegs!

    I liked the match! It was the perfect combination of entertainment and wrestling. I absolutely love Natalya. She makes me laugh everytime she shows off and is sarcastic towards her opponents. Please give this woman a push. And I love heel AJ. I do, however, feel that she’s lost her momentum now that she’s nothing but a manager to Dolph. I like the pairing, but at the same time, AJ hasn’t stood out much to me lately.

  • GailKim95

    LOL Dolph: “My eyes are up here Josh”
    Solid match except there were a little too many quick pin attampts for my tstes and they kept showing Josh and Dolph too much

    • GailKim95

      *attempts, taste

      • J.D.C.D.

        Exactly. During really good parts of the match they cut away to Dolphy Z and Josh Mathews. I kept thinking to myself why in the world would you do that. I really enjoyed both ladies mixing it up in the ring. Sometimes with Natalya’s trash talk it makes me wonder who the heel is but she just does a great job as either a heel or a face. I hope AJ takes on Alicia Fox next.

  • KJ Mendez

    Finally AJ gets to show what she can do ! She’s good in the ring when she’s allowed to be . I thought Nattie was gonna job this again , but at least we got to see her AND she won . I feel like everyone forgot their finisher . The only finisher I remember seeing in the last couple of weeks was Kaitlyn’s spear .

  • divaindemise

    Too many camera cuts to commentary aside, I thought this was a nice technically paced match that displayed the abilities of both women nicely. AJ should start wrestling more to back up an ambition to be part of a champion couple. It would put both she and Dolph over as a combination better.

    • redsandman99

      I agree. I almost see her going after the title though after Dolph cashes in and takes the world heavyweight belt. Problem is now is that her, Dolph and Langston are kind of at a stand still since Swagger/Del Rio needs to at least get to Wrestlemania.


      I think the show idea is just stupid. You cannot have wrestling without them aiming at the neck or head, And when you get the constant shots to commentary it really ruins the match. I love a show that gives us the chance to see more divas, but not this type of show…I really hope it gets canceled soon.

  • aldo

    I’m happy because finally Natalya defeated AJ, I love Natalya and she should be in the title picture SOMEHOW!, and because we saw AJ doing what she does best!

  • Jillfan1

    One of my favorite matches these 2 shouldbe the duo tha’s featured constantly

    • jtiera

      I agree

  • Rivsy2000

    Great match! Feuds for the divas title should be either AJ vs Natalya or Alicia fox vs Natalya.

    • BitchesBeLike

      AJ vs Natalya / or Kaitlyn – Diva’s title
      Bellas vs Naomi & Cameron – Diva’s tag title
      Book it E!