Report: Three Former Divas Receive Offers to Return

Following the returns of Brie and Nikki Bella this past Monday on Raw, rumors began to surface that the WWE was reaching out to former Divas in the hopes that they would return to the company.

So far, three names have come up in connection to those rumors. Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly and Maryse have received offers from the WWE, according to reports by

No word yet on whether any of the three–all former Divas Champions–will resign with the company.

Would you like to see Beth, Kelly or Maryse back in a WWE ring?

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  • charovnica

    Gosh…please say no,Kelly! Please,for the love of God…

    • eyecon

      I would I would love to see Beth and Maryse back but not Kelly. I hope they re-hire Maxine


    Woo would love Maryse and Beth to sign!


      I’ve always thought Dolph Ziggler and Maryse would look good together, they could have like a very pretentious/power couple gimmick.

      Could have Maryse come back and feud with AJ that way too.

      • J.D.C.D.

        I like the Maryse AJ feud idea of yours. Some of the IWC were thinking Maryse and the Miz but Maryse is great as a heel and to me that wouldn’t mix well with the Miz’ face turn.

      • therightone

        Maryse will be back her jewelry line failed (google it before you people call me a liar this time) and she’s engaged to the Miz and he is awfullllllllll!

      • funtimeseany

        I’ve always thought the same about Maryse and Dolph. They both make excellent heels and have a similar look to each other. They both have “show off” personalities and along with their bleach blonde hair, they’re a perfect match.

        I’d love to see her come back and feud with AJ and align herself with Dolph

  • redsandman99

    Beth but I’m going to tell you this: I’m not buying these reports. I think the dirt sheets are pissed that they missed the Bellas getting signed back so now they’re going to cough up reports like this to try to compensate and hope they turn out to be right. Any time they miss shit they do stuff like this.

    • christopher_cc

      Why would they be upset over something like that?

      • redsandman99

        Because they don’t like to miss things or be wrong so when they are they typically backtrack in some way when they are. Now of course, WWE can change course on things, but there are times (and this is one of them) that the report itself smells fishy.

        • Kim099

          They missed Taryn terrels

    • Lancerboi1986

      You keep repeating this on every single story. We get it lol. Find something new to talk about plz!

    • JamieKym

      C’mon now. Like 90% of the rumors on the IWC are true.

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Yes to Maryse!

    Ok to Beth.

    NO! to Kelly…

  • Jake

    People are going to overreact to this. None of them will come back. Funny how none of the dirt sheets knew about the Bellas returning but now they have all in the information backstage about it…

    • charovnica

      I agree,but It might have something true about it since WWE is lacking veterans and I can see Triple H making it right by rehiring some of the released girls.

  • Lanoom

    Maryse and Beth, yes.

    Kelly, no.

  • pumped up kicks

    I would really really like for wwe to call some of the Nxt girls up! I think they are more than ready to handle their own in the ring. Bring back Maryse and Kelly Kelly…. You sign women like Paige and Sasha Banks but yet you want to bring back two pretty faces… I just dont get it.

    • MaryseFan1212

      true Bring Maryse and Beth

  • She-Wolf

    Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but…
    They have talented divas already. A division built around Natalya, AJ, Naomi, Paige, Layla and Alicia Fox has the potential to be incredible. The problem lies entirely in the booking.
    They could hire Kharma, half the Shimmer roster, the best in Japan and put Sara Del Rey on TV and the division still wouldn’t be worth a wank because nobody in the office gives a toss about the women, and it’s a damn shame.

    • charovnica

      I really think they’re trying to rebuild the division and we’ll just have to wait. A year from now I think things we’ll be a lot different and for the better.But rushing a debut when the division is not ready for it is not good.I really think some veteran divas can prepare the new division and make it work in future.Now who the WWE thinks can qualify as a veteran is a different question :D

    • Ryan

      @She Wolf

      5 Stars for the Debbie Downer comment!!!


      I’m at work, watched American Dad and instead of doing my job I guess like Steve smith said, being a Distracted Susan or Forget Me Mary
      Hahaha… Man I have too much time in my hands… :(

  • Smash

    Do at least one of these three have kept training, wrestling in the independant scene ? Not sure. The three of them are now legends in the history of the Divas’ division, their come-back would be surprising, maybe they could bring something great, but not something new. They represent the past, there is a whole bunch of young girls waiting for their moment (AJ/Kaitlyn/Naomi/Aksana/Paige/Audrey-Marie/Summer Rae/Sasha Banks/Emma). I would prefer the WWE to push its youngsters instead of calling back its oldies.

    • christopher_cc

      Lol most of the the former divas you call oldies are Just about the same age of those you call youngsters just saying

      • Smash

        Not a question of age, but a question of career, the three of them had their time, they belong to the past. I know they are not old ^^

        • christopher_cc

          I disagree because most these divas you call oldies weren’t allowed to show their real athletic and wrestling skills due to WWE’s stupid rules about them not being able to upstage the guys but if this rumor is true about WWE wanting to boost the divas division up this just might be their chance to show that they actually can wrestle and aren’t just pretty faces and yes including Kelly Kelly I’m sure she really does has what it takes

  • Bethinho

    as much,as a Beth fan,would like to see her returning,currently she doesn´t has a great reason to return.the divas division is in the same state when she left,and she´s very happy with her current life.
    i would like to see her coming back to make something completely different and that would be a feud with Kharma,and to me it would be one of the few reasons Beth would consider coming back….but Kharma isn´t there.
    and i don´t see her returning only for financial reasons,at least i wouldn´t like to see it….because let´s face it what´s Natalya been doing lately,for example?

    • WWFoverWWE


    • shaky209

      Yes Beth has a good reason not too return right now >I just got done ordering a piece of art work off of her and she seems to be very busy and very happy.And it would have to be an opporunity to do something that she’s never done before.I just received in the mail to day my first item that I bought off of Beth Phoenix and GlamCanvas and I love her new store.
      So no I think it would have to be something very special for her.And from what I’ve seen she owns her name and even her Theme song she appears to be a smart business women.I do thought look sometime this year somehow WWE will fine a way to get Beth on TV this year.!

  • Jake

    I don’t want to see any of them return. Their characters are stale and I’m ready to move on to the next generation.

  • sieghrt

    i dont mind seeing maryse, they need a credible heel haha

    and yes, chickbusters vs funkadactyls vs divas of doom vs the bella twins.

  • tnatiffany

    why not use the divas they have and bring up some nxt girls just a pretty face want get the job done,

    • lucky1now

      If they combine already well known divas with the current unknown divas it can be a win win if they mix it up right

  • Ace Of Base

    Well Maryse and Kelly have REPORTEDLY said no already. According to the DIRTSHEETS.

    • christopher_cc

      Judging by you’re pic you must be a big fan of new york/tiffany pollard?

      • Ace Of Base

        I’m a big fan of distinct personalities and characters. I think life would be boring without them. I enjoy uniqueness and sometimes an over the top Diva. Not always though, I dislike the bad girls club for example, because they’re “Divas” in the worst way. When New York did it, it was something new and fresh..

        On topic though.

        The ideal women who should be brought back are
        Maryse as an ocassional wrestler, but never a Champion unless she does the Stephanie McMahon route.
        And Eve Torres. – These are the women worth keeping because they’re all very different from each other and can create some magic in the ring.

        • christopher_cc

          Lol how was she so classy but ghetto at the same time I just like her dramatic ways and etc. But anyways on topic i feel they should at least give chyna a chance despite the fact her job is to get nude also Melina because she had what it took she was athletic and a great wrestler and also Mickie James she was released for a dumb reason but she is a great wrestler with tons of talent

  • litafan2000

    Maryse and Beth yes. Kelly can stay home. Wasn’t a fan of Maryse wrestling but she had a great gimmick.

  • Juan

    The WWE Divas division, like the TNA Knockouts division, is going through a dark age. Both divisions are past there prime and are but a fraction of what they used to be entertainment wise. Hopefully this changes sometime in the future.

    Kelly and Maryse were horrible wrestlers that were over while Beth was a good wrestler that could never get over. Don’t see how bringing them back will lead to anything positive. Now the likes of Kong, Lita and Melina are a different story.

    • Ace Of Base

      I strongly agree with you, which is why I hope the stories of Maryse and Kelly rejecting their offers is true. Beth I wouldn’t mind returning either. She can better establish herself without the barbie divas hogging the spotlight. Melina returning would be brilliant!!!

    • Francisco

      I strongly disagree, while WWE is indeed lacking Divas, i dont think its going to a dark age, because i think its the first time in years all of the divas have different characters, and they’re starting to get more storyline development and time, and you can’t ignore that the division has been at its best since late 2010/2011 because back then it really was about 2 minute matches with storylines and pushes being nixed all the time. This division has potential to be one of the best divas division the only thing lacking is effort from the writers/bookers part, because if booked right the current Layla heel turn can work wonders, and even if booked better, their match at Wrestlemania ( either Layla vs Kaitlyn, or Layla vs Tamina vs Kaitlyn) can be one of the most memorable in the past years! Plus you have the NXT Divas which tbh are the best developmental roster we have ever had, and its full of future stars, plus SDR is training, i mean she could teach a broom how to wrestle. I agree with the part of bringing them back wouldn’t bring anything positive, i say try builiding the division you already have and then if they’re in need of a ring general bring back Beth Phoenix in a shocking fashion !

      • Ace Of Base

        I like your ideas Francisco. You need to be a writer for WWE!

  • bjorn448


  • wl75

    Kelly and Maryse turned down the first offer apparently…and of the three I could see Maryse come back, if only because she’d have more time with her fiance Miz…the other two I’m not sure of, but leaning towards no (I don’t think Beth has anything left to prove, and Kelly’s only 26, so she could always come back later if both sides wanted…)

  • bjorn448

    They should bring back Savannah AKA Angela Fong.

  • k2evecrew

    I want kelly to return heel , Beth can stay at home or come back as a jobber she may be a good wrestler but she’s boring , the crowd didnt care about her, & her charecter has gotten old. I don’t see Marsye returning since she has her clothing line

    • DTWP75

      Kelly returning as a heel would not work, because she’d still get more of a pop from the crowd than most of the other divas on the roster!!!

  • vdcvt

    To be honest, I really do not hope any of them return. I doubt Maryse would return as she just recently got engaged. I am fans of all three former Divas, and all have left quite an impact during their time in WWE. Unfortunately if they do return, WWE will probably sully their ‘impact’ by doing completely nothing with them. I don’t even know if hiring former Divas is true as stated by other people due to the fact dirt sheets hate being wrong. But if they do, I think WWE will probably just rely on the namesake of the Divas to attract attention. I feel like they have done that with Kaitlyn. She had a good feud with Eve and as soon as she won the title it seemed like WWE thought that was enough to satisfy us Diva fans and just gave her title reign the weakest effort. All these three former Divas had a good run with WWE. The only former Diva I think would have the biggest impact return would be Kharma due to her popularity and her unfinished time with WWE.

  • Ryan

    Meh could care less about these three.. It would be nice to see Maryse though haha always a pleasure
    I’d love Angela Fong back hehe I mean if she is still good in the ring
    Or that one really pretty Asian chick she was so damn cute!!!! Lena Yada!!!! Jesus H Jones man!!!!
    Or Maxine!! I know Eve Torres is well enjoying life with her husband so is Michelle McCool. Candice is a full time mom as well, Maria is working ROH, so really Maxine is the one chick wwe needs and the woman I want back.

  • Matty

    Would LOVE Maryse to return.
    Would also be good to see Beth Phoenix return to WWE.

  • shameronstar

    Fun how all the divas asked to come back are the ones who don’t really seem to want to come back! Likewise, I bet they didn’t ask Melina:P

  • Simply Flawless

    I think they’ve all had their stints and done a decent amount. Out of the three I honestly think Maryse would be the best option but really WWE should focus on the divas they have now.

    • GlamazonInTraining89

      My thoughts exactly