Impact Write-Up (March 14th, 2013): Velvet and Mickie Are Winners, but Brooke’s a Bit of a Mess


Hello Diva Dirt fans, and welcome to an exciting edition of the Impact Write-Up. I’m Eleri, and I’ll be your host this week! Cue game show music… Or not. Enough about me; there’s lots to discuss!

After the rather dramatic end to Lockdown this past weekend, I think we’re all a wee bit concerned about Brooke Hogan‘s state of mind. There’s also the boiling tensions between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell to think about. I cannot wait until it all comes to a head between the two of them. We were treated to a Knockouts tag team match on last night’s Impact, featuring the lovely Knockouts Champion, Velvet Sky, who teamed with my spirit animal, Mickie James to take on Gail Kim and the hometown hero, Tara. As per usual, the beautiful Taryn Terrell was the referee.

We kick things off with a recap of what went down between Gail and Taryn at Lockdown.  On commentary, Tazz seems pretty convinced that Taryn cost Gail the Knockouts title at the pay per view, after Gail slapped her in the face and Taryn took matters into her own hands. Whatever you believe, Velvet walked away from Lockdown with her title still firmly in her grasp.

We’re onto Christy Hemme, who’s looking fierce in a sheer black top as she introduces Gail Kim first. While Gail makes her way to the ring, we are shown a backstage video of her offering her sympathies to Brooke Hogan, and then she reveals that Taryn has been put on probation after her actions in the title match this past Sunday! Gail looks pretty pleased with herself and she enters the ring, and proceeds to get in Taryn’s face. Taryn wants nothing to do with her at first, but Gail is intent on winding her up. Handbags away, ladies! You’ve got business to attend to. Tara makes her way out next, sporting an outfit the Chicago crowd can appreciate. She’s accompanied by Jesse, and just as the pair begin to show off in the ring, Hardcore Country sounds through the arena. Mickie James is out next, looking fabulous. She’s quickly followed by the Knockouts champ, Velvet Sky. Taryn calls for the bell and we are underway.

Gail and Velvet start us off. Velvet goes in for a headlock but Gail fights out and takes Velvet down with a shoulder block. Quickly back on her feet, Velvet is on the offense with successive arm drags. Gail recovers and attempts an arm drag of her own, but Velvet blocks her and drops Gail with a hard clothesline. Velvet tags in Mickie and the pair deliver a nice dose of double-team action, finishing with a double drop-kick to Gail. Mickie drags Gail to the corner, bouncing her head off the top turnbuckle. Ouch. Mickie climbs the ropes and starts hitting Gail as the crowd chants ’1, 2, 3…’. Tara tries to intervene but Mickie drops her with a shot to the jaw. Gail staggers out of the corner and Mickie delivers a beautiful enziguri to her! Mickie goes for the first cover attempt of the match, but only manages a two count. Tara intervenes with a kick to the back of Mickie’s head as we head to commercial.

And we’re back, with Tara in control of Mickie as the match resumes. Tara has Mickie in the corner, but Mickie tries to fight back. Tara catches her in the Tarantula, and it does not look comfortable. Tara rolls back into the ring and distracts Taryn, just long enough for Gail to interfere on the outside. She rolls Mickie back into the ring and Tara goes for a cover, but it’s only a two count. Tara is starting to look desperate. She tags in her partner and they hit Mickie with a double slingshot suplex. Lord, that looked painful. Velvet tries to get the crowd going for Mickie as Gail goes in for the cover. It’s another two count. Gail sends Mickie into the corner, and then turns her attention to Taryn. Distracted for a second, Gail gives Mickie time to recover and the two-time Knockouts champ mounts a comeback! She hits Gail with a beautiful hurricanrana off the top rope, sending Gail across the ring. The ladies then lay each other out with a double clothesline!

The crowd’s getting behind the match as the hot tag is made on both teams, and in comes Tara to take on a fresh Velvet! She takes Tara down with successive clothesline, and then a back elbow. Velvet heads over to Gail on the outside and nails her with a kick to the mid-section. Velvet runs the ropes and Tara scoops her up, but Velvet slides through and hits a powerful side russian leg sweep on Tara. Velvet goes for the cover but Gail breaks it up after a count of one. Gail gets in Taryn’s face yet again, begging the referee to hit her first.  Taryn doesn’t take the bait, and Gail pie-faces her! Taryn hits back with a slap to the face that knocks Gail down to the mat! Meanwhile, Mickie climbs to the top rope and takes down a dazed Gail with a press. Tara rushes in and catches Mickie, nailing her with the Widow’s Peak. The champ is back on her feet, and Tara turns right into her grasp. Velvet finishes Tara with the In Yo Face for the three count. Velvet and Mickie win! Velvet celebrates alone in the ring; that Widow’s Peak on Mickie did look very nasty, after all.

Later in the night, we’re shown an exclusive video of Brooke Hogan’s reaction to Bully Ray’s betrayal at Lockdown, which we covered a few days ago. She’s storming through the hallways, angry, swearing, throwing things around… It’s heartbreaking to see her a little later on; she’s so torn up. She proclaims while in tears: ‘I’ve had so many people take advantage of me in my life! I had no idea… that he would be one of them!’

Brooke looks absolutely devastated as the recap cuts to her from the footage of Bully Ray admitting that he used Hogan, and he screwed Brooke. As the recap cuts to her a final time, Brooke asks for her dad and says she doesn’t want to be there anymore. Oh Brooke!

Thoughts: Firstly, I loved the tag match. It told a brilliant story from beginning to end. I loved the double teams from both sides, especially the slingshot suplex on by Gail and Tara. It did not look nice! Gail was on great form tonight, and her interactions with Taryn were the highlight of the match for me. There were lots of stories being told, but that was the one shined above them all to me. I can’t wait to see where the feud between Taryn and Gail goes. I see only great things ahead. That said, the match kept Velvet elevated as Knockouts champ and she shined, too. Having her pick up the win was a great – albeit a little obvious – ending.

As for Brooke, I enjoyed her reaction. We’ve seen Divas and Knockouts cry – or at least try to – in the past, but she was great in that segment so props to her for that! I’m looking forward to next week to see where it goes. I have a feeling the Brooke/Bully Ray saga is far from over.

Thanks for tuning in to my very first recap, guys. I can’t wait to bring you more. For now, Eleri out!

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  • Juan

    Man am I so glad TNA has left the Impact zone permanently!!The crowd really does make a difference as their reactions made the match more enjoyable!!

    It seem Velvet may be taking a backseat to Gail/Taryn but what I’m hoping for is that this leads to a 3-way feud and Velvet/Taryn forming the Beautiful People 4.0. I also want Madison Rayne to reappear and back up Gail Kim, lol anything just to have Madison back!

    • Ryan

      Madison and Gail Kim as BFFs te whole queen crown haha freaken Madison is awesome haha

      • TheGamergirl22

        I was thinking ODB returns as an Aces and 8 (she turns on Eric Young) and feuds with Velvet and losses her belt and Madison returns as a face lover her theme.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Welcome to Diva-Dirt family, Eleri! :D

    • Kessuki

      was just going to say this :). lovely name too.

  • shameronstar

    Yea, I hate when those reports don’t give the divas more credit! Also, it seems that the Bella’s acting and heel mic work has improved because they were actually kind of funny in the segment!

  • JillianHallTNA

    Wrong corner Velvet!! God… don’t forget guys, she’s our Knockouts champion…. LOL

    • VelvetLoveFan

      Mistakes happen to everyone. Nobodies perfect and it wasn’t even that big of a deal

      • Melissa

        y u mad tho????????

        • VelvetLoveFan

          Umm imm… Not

  • Rhawk

    So it seems Eleri is the new writer/one of the new writers of Diva-Dirt. Well you’ve done a pretty fine debut so far, keep up the nice work. =-)

  • velvelove

    Who cares if she went to the wrong corner!!!!

    Velvet has impressed me more each week since gaining that belt.
    Have some more Hatorade.

    • velvelove

      Nice write up Eleri :)

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Loved the new moves and tag team moves in this match

  • She-Wolf

    Welcome Eleri, it’s refreshing to read a diva dirt article not bashing TNA. Great write up!

    I really enjoyed the tag match, Velvet has really been stepping up her game lately and it’s nice to see her prove some of her doubters wrong.

    I’m liking the Taryn/Gail feud. Watching what Taryn’s been doing in OVW lately – her ring rust is evident, but there’s nobody better than Gail to bring out the best in her. Taryn was starting to really come into herself as a wrestler before her release from WWE and I’d like to see what she’s fully capable of. One thing I really like about TNA is that they let their talent show what they can really do far better than WWE does. (Tessmacher, Christy Hemme in 2008)

    It’s always great to see Mickie on the screen, although I’m hoping for a return of psycho Mickie, I’d actually like to see her bring the lesbian tendancies back, to psyche Velvet (and other opponents) out a bit.

  • Getdownwithachola

    Velvet is extremely underrated when it comes to her in-ring skills.


      Maybe but she is still the worst knockout of the division

  • Ryan

    He he velvet wrong corner it’s cool though it happens lol glad Victoria didn’t snatch u haha
    But damn I’m digging her new moves! :)
    That’s my sexy Knockouts Champion right here baby!!
    Taryn Tara Mickie and Velvet specially look so freakin hot! That double suplex looked painful when her knees landed on the cable ropes OUCH! Poor Mickie

    I want to thank the knockouts for always kicking each others asses for us! Love u all!

    And Brooke she’s so beautiful hate to see her cry :(
    But she’s pretty when she cries

  • Johnyfaction3

    Haha I never notice how cheap the KO titantrons were compare to WWE.

    This tag matches are always soo good, but they over do them with the same partners and they lose that special feel.

    • TheGamergirl22

      Titiantrons in TNA are cheap in general they just show the logo but not the ring highlights

  • divaindemise

    Velvet Sky not only seems to be adding to her repertoire, but it would appear she’s working on her physical condition as well? She seems to gained gained a degree upper body strength.

    Mickie James was, as per usual, a delight to watch.

    Gail Kim’s heel character is my favourite thing in TNA.

    • divaindemise

      Ugh. Grammar holocaust.


    Taryn for knockouts champion, gurl.

  • let the pigeons loose 12

    Love the match.

    And how I dream of seeing the KO PPV going.
    Queen tournament Brooke hogan says every match has a stipulation
    1st match. ODB vs Alisha flash hardcore ODB wins with a chair shot.

    2nd match Taylor Hendrix looses to Gail Kim submission match. gail wins with the I believe it’s called Chritzo (octopus style submission) Then gail says she is going to win the crown she was the 1st champion.

    3.mickie comes out and says she’s looking forward to her falls count any where match. Then Jackie comes out and they have a good match winner Mickie who shows heel qualities in the match.

    Madison comes out and says she’s already the queen no one else. She then says whatever HO they brought in to fight her should come out so she can make her famous. out comes Lacey Von erich who squares up to madison . They fight in a last knockout standing won by madison

    Then tessmancher comes out and faces Moose and wins barley

    Then velvet calls out whoever challenges her out comes angalina I know she said no but my dream people. They have a all out table match with vel winning

    Then a battle royal to see who wins if they go this route old against new KO let’s face it the current roster will win just because of booking

    • Raekon

      First of all you forgot Tara and Taryn that could compete aswell and secondly, having all the older knockouts to appear only so they can lay down and get pinned to the current, makes not a good ppv, it makes a predictable one.

      • let the pigeons loose 12

        Oh sorry I meant to put tara vs trinity in and yeah it will suck but let’s face it , it probz will go that way

  • Slapavel

    im not a fan of velvet, but omg she was freaking awesome in this match! and i think she meant to go to the other side to tease tara..

  • Brandz785

    Velvet has always been my favorite KO and to see her get better in the ring is a delight :D

  • 09DHK

    Whoever Velvet is training with is working WONDERS with her in-ring ability. She actually looked like somewhat of a credible wrestler in this match. As for the Gail/Taryn angle, I feel like I’d only care for it if Taryn didn’t become a full time Knockout; like if she worked a few matches with Gail, then went back to officiating (or something along those lines).


    Like the earlier post said, I feel like these shows outside of the impact zone are making such a difference. This is probably the first knockouts match that wasn’t at a PPV that I watched the whole thing and part of that was definitely because the crowd was so into it

  • redsandman99

    While I’m not much of a fan, Velvet definitely has had a fire lit up underneath her these past couple of matches and has looked impressive. Hope that continues.

  • DjayDay

    I don’t even think I have one complaint. Since TNA has left the Impact zone their weekly episodes have been awesome! Oh, and welcome Eleri. I love someone who does over analyze everything like alot of us wrestling fans do.

  • melina prez

    GReat match! i dont even care about Velvet going to the wrong corner..she did great in the match!

    the only thing is sh (Velvet)e needs to get rid of those pink fluffy things on her boots….i hate when women wear them…they loooked horrible on Melina and Torrie Winson tooo….

  • DJ8946

    I dont care for Velvet but she is stepping her game up! Good job girl.

  • wynterangelLV

    Please, TNA, show us Heel Mickie… lol

  • NT86

    I thought Tara was from California. Has she changed hometown now?

  • Raekon

    The double team moves were great, the interaction was great, the storylines told were great.

    What Velvet lacked on in ring direction ending up on the wrong corner with Tara having a WTF written on her face, made up good by adding more moves into her moveset that makes her look better than before.

    Just hope she will drop the Kelly Kelly whirlybirdie headscissors she is also partially doing and we have a good moveset that works for her and makes her look credible as a wrestler and as a champ.

    Kudos to the Brooke storyline with Bully Ray, it works well, it plays well and most of all it’s well written. :)

    • tazmark2002

      Velvet also needs to drop her barely-connecting clotheslines.

    • Ryan

      Not a fan of Kelly at all… But Kelly and velvet rock that Whirlie bird head scissor.
      Plus now it’s head scissor Russian leg sweep! :D
      The wrong corner thing… Shit happens even the MEN on TNA mess up… So no biggie at all it shouldn’t merit negative attention.
      It was funny actually seeing velvet like D’OH!!! >_<