Meow! Current and Former Knockouts Exchange Swipes on Twitter

brooke-angelinaWe often hear the “We all love each other!” line in interviews, but Twitter — that oh so magical place where heat-of-the-moment comments can never be taken back — has a funny way of showing people’s true opinions of each other and to the shock of no one, your favorite lockerrooms aren’t as harmonious as they appear.

Case in point: Current TNA Knockout Brooke Tessmacher and former TNA Knockout Angelina Love appeared to snark about each other on the social networking site yesterday after the five-time Knockouts Champion seemingly took offense to a tweet from Brooke.

The two-time champion responded to a question from a fan about tattoos, feeling that tattoos on women should be “classy, not trashy” and able to be covered by clothing.

She wrote:

The heavily tattooed Angelina, who left TNA last year, hit back with a veiled (only just!) tweet of her own. She wrote:

Tessmacher came back with a low blow of her own, taking aim at Angelina’s oft-speculated weight:

If Rihanna and Ciara have taught us anything, it’s that some of the best feuds happen off screen!

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  • moogle

    I like Brooke, but she was in the wrong here. If this wasn’t a work, I’m really disappointed in her for that comment on Angelina’s weight…

    • TL323


    • lelloo7

      seriously ? she just gave her opinions on tattoos, she never even mentioned Love.. so if someone says they don’t like blond chicks, Love will insult them ?

      • Storm

        Tessmacher gave her opinion on tattoos, yes. But it still applies to Love since well, she is a woman; “On ladies no.”, and she has tattoos; “Tats should be coverable. Classy not trashy.” I’m not hating on Tessmacher or anything, but her opinion – especially on a public site – can definitely be directed to Love. May not be intentional but it still applies to her. Also, I think they – peoples comments above – are talking about the weight comment, that was totally unnecessary and pretty rude. Silly Tess.

        • Lita-Sault-666

          I’m with Tessmacher here, she only gave her opinion on tattoos, it was hardly a direct swipe at Love. She was the one who made it more personal, fair play to Brooke I say!

      • TL323

        I agree she is out of line about the weight thing, its not a joke if she really doesnt eat like she should just to maintain the size she is now, as for tattoos I dont care for them but I wouldnt classify them as trashy

  • charovnica

    LOL how did I miss this? I only saw Tessmocker’s surgery comment and was so confused …haha now I know why she said it.Both have some skanky in them,so why fight? :D

  • Liam ‘

    Wow that was not good for Brooke at all. No need for it

  • Matt

    I love Angelina but she was in the wrong here, Brooke never said Angelina/Angel/Lauren, so………………….DOT MESS WITH TESS!!!

  • THETommyTommy

    Woah, totally out of line Brooke. Someone sound the bitch alarm.

  • fahkyooh

    Is Brooke serious? She looks like a monkey or something. Her jaw and thick face looks deformed. You can fix some weight or stop tanning, but you can’t fix the shape of a down-syndrome looking face. Brooke literally looks like tarzan or something. Her style is also terrible and she’s so unoriginal she rips people like Candice Michelle off LOL.

    Angelina Love is way hotter, the only thing wrong with her is her nose, but even Trish had a big nose. You can’t fix an ugly face and retard eyes, but you can get a nose job.

    • Raekon

      Brookes Jaw was broken after a huge car accident, that’s why her face is partially deformed.

      It could had been even worse without plastic surgery so that’s why she wrote “save surgeries 2ur face when they are actually needed”.

      She didn’t do it to look different like many are doing, she did it only because it was indeed needed.

      Also doubt she rips anyone off.

      The problem here are the fans that ALWAYS drawing comparison at the first glimpse of a similar move, way of walking or even the same eyebrows as if everyone would need to copy a other.

      • fahkyooh

        It doesn’t matter why or why not she needed it. She’s in NO position to be insulting Angelina Love’s looks with a FACE like that and a thick waistline like that. Compared to other mainstream female wrestlers, her thighs and her head are too big. She has no waistline. She looks like a retarded zoo animal high on prescription medications. If Shawn Michaels had a son it would look like Brooke.

        And no one is drawing similarities. Have you seen her entrance? It’s a Candice Michelle rip-off. Her entire move-set was taken piece by piece by half assed Diva Search girls. The bulldog, the bronco busters, the clotheslines, there is nothing original about her at all.

        Angelina Love DESTROYS her in looks, the ring, on the mic and in anything related to wrestling. That ugly girl should show some respect.

        • Raekon

          Congratulations on your shallowness!
          That’s one of the main problems in our world today and you are the best proof for it.

          Looks over anything else right?
          Like others said, Angelina started all this, not Brooke.

          I explained to you WHY her jaw looks that way and you keep going at it as if she were born that way only to have something to bitch about?

          Also congratulations on showcasing how much you know about wrestling movesets.

          Now go watch tons of male and female wrestlers so you can find out that there is only ONE pool of moves they all are picking moves from.

          So it’s SHARING of moves, not ripping off.

          When you go and learn martial arts you will also learn the same moves everyone else learned you know?

        • therightone

          Agree with you!
          Raekon, you’re dumb, Brooke is only there because of shallowness. She’d be back at Hooters with the rest of the porn stars in training otherwise. Her looks and her fake tits got her the job.
          Angelina is a better wrestler period, Fahkyooh, is in the right.
          brooke is a knock off not a knock out

    • GoldenAgeRuled

      Hahaha laughing my ass off, actually hilarious… definitley the best laugh I’ve had all day… I love it harsh bitch ;) xoxo

    • jonboi

      Whooo someones got anger issues there’s no need to say that about brooke, you wouldn’t like it if people said you had a” face like a well skelpt arse” or ” a face only an ape could love” its not rite man to make fun of people, who knows she might read that one comment (highly unlikley) and be affected by it, so nxt time be classy & don’t mention names!!!

    • misschrissi7

      Brooke looks amazing the way she is. Alot of TNA & Angelina fans have been saying for months that she looks really underweight.

      Also Velvet has a tattoo on her hand. How did Angelina not think that it could be meant for her former TBP partner? Its just a comment that one disgruntled former TNA employee has taken offence to.


      Trish had a thick jaw too are you calling her ugly and saying she has downs too? Your a bitch. Angelina got invoved in something that had nothing to do with her, and Brooke OWNED her because of it. Angelina seriously needs a cheeseburger and a milkshake. Her face is so stuffed with botox it looks like it can’t move. I bet your no prettier than Brooke is! You need to get over yourself you butthurt biotch.

      • fahkyooh

        There’s a difference between a defined, model-esque jaw like Trish, and a thick, squared, Jay Leno jaw like Brooke.

        Please don’t mistake the two.


        • EVEROCKS

          Seriously? Ok and theres a difference between a screwed up nasty nose and a “model-esque nose like Trish”. Your delusional. You right Brooke can’t change her jaw, so why bitch and whine about it? But on the other hand Angelina can change her nose and her other flaws and she probably should. Btw thick waste lines are hot. Atleast Brooke has a figure.


  • King of Mean

    Oh my God! Brooke talking about Angelina’s weight? I used to like Brooke, but after tgis, I don’t wanna hear nothing about her, Angelina has never got eating disorders so Brooke must shut her mouth!

  • nismos69

    Wow, Brooke probably will regret that, it’ll be funny if this changes Angelinas mind for the one night only ppv thing

  • Chryst Voegele

    as Tara said… Love didn’t look friendly with other (except Velvet)… Brooke only gave her opinion about tattoo (but brooke’s revenge is little rude).

    • soju81

      When did she say that? Not very surprised to hear that actually.

  • Melissa

    Agreed with Brooke tbh.

    • Divo


  •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    I think Brooke’s opinion about tattoos is unfair. A tattoo which cannot be covered isn’t always “trashy”, it depends on the person. Angelina’s tattoos are gorgeous and they look perfect on her. Attacking her on her possible weight disorder was not a thing to do, that’s disrespectful to the men and girls who really have troubles.
    Moreover, Brooke’s tattoo on her wrist isn’t really coverable…

    • Raekon

      Brooke talked in general about tatoos without naming anyone, Angelina immediately went after her so… she had it coming.

      I know some stuff might have been out of place but we really don’t know if they had an issue with each other before. :/

    • funkyweapon a-gogo

      Velvet Sky has tats, Mercedes Martinez Has a bunch of Tats, and MM’s tats have reason/background behind them (like the rosary beads on her hand/forearm, the conga drums on her back, the dreamcatcher etc).and “trashy” is certainly NOT the word to use there.

    • lelloo7

      I’m no fan of brook, i dont even know her last name.
      But she has the right to have an opinion no matter what that opinion is!
      She never said that love’s tattoos are trashy, if Angelina’s gonna go looking for a fight, she sure should get one

    •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

      What I didn’t appreciate about Brooke’s tweet is that she talked in general. A hooker without tats will always be more “trashy” than a tattooed girl, I think that’s what Angelina meant.
      Take Angelina Jolie, she has a lot of tats but she still one of the most classy and glamorous woman on earth ^^

  • Raekon

    I really don’t know why Angelina went after Brooke, whe it was obvious that she talked generally about her taste on Tatoos.

    Don’t mind tatoos on others myself cause they have to carry and live with them but I dislike most of them myself.

    The eating disorder thing might have been out of place but after Angelina attacked her and since we don’t know if they had any issues with each other in the past, I can’t tell what Brooke might know or not.

    For all we know, Angelina might had/have one.

    Not that I would make it public like that but when you attack someone, then maybe you should think first with what they might come back on you.

    The surgery thing I entirely agree cause honestly I really don’t understand why all these women that are beautiful anyway, have to go and let their faces get cut to look more different for the smallest things ever.

    At least Brooke had to do it after her accident that gave her a broken jaw unlike many others that are doing it only because they feel like it.

    • Melissa

      “I really don’t know why Angelina went after Brooke, whe it was obvious that she talked generally about her taste on Tatoos.”

      ^ this

    • charovnica

      I agree.But the way Angelina reacted makes me think they really have had some problems before.

    • AJFan95

      I don’t think it’s fair to act like Angelina provoked a personal attack. Brooke is just as in the wrong as Angelina.

      • Liam ‘

        Brooke simply could’ve said she wasn’t a fan of them. By saying they were trashy was an insult to those who have them. And the weight comment was too far! Brooke is in the wrong. Not only did age insult angelina but also lita and other women with tattoos.

        • puppies

          No it wasn’t. If Brooke thinks hand tattoos are trashy that’s her opinion, it doesn’t mean she’s calling anyone with them trashy. Angelina, on the other hand, actually did call Brooke trashy… So, who started it again?

        • Raekon

          There is a difference if someone personal attacks someone or talks in general in my opinion.

          There are tons of males and females being them wrestlers or not and no one except Angelina answered to brookes tweet while taking it personally.

          Angelina went at her first and in a insulting manner aswell so its normal that the other person (in this case brooke) will give her a backslash.


    No, Brooke is wrong. How can she write something like that?

    She wasn’t just insulting Lauren/Angelina loads of female fans that have tattoos on their hands in general. For me it’s a very stupid Tweet to even respond to.


      THING is Angelina didn’t insult Brooke at all. Angelina tweeted back because she obviously took offense to what Brooke said.

      And instead of Brooke apologizing for hurting her feelings or anyone elses she just decides to offend some more. REALLY CLASSY.

    • lelloo7

      why should love take offense in the first place ? it’s just brooke’s opinion! she has the right to have one you know


        Yeah and so am I.

        • Liam ‘

          Brooke could of simply said she wasn’t a fan of tattoos, but by stating they were trashy was a step too far, insulting not just Angelina but also fans and other wrestlers with tattoos.

  • AndieMcPhee

    Classless of Brooke but hey, it’s no surprise really. Hardly the first time she’s attacked someone like that.

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    That was a bit harsh from Brooke, yeah ok she’s entitled to her own opinion on tattoo’s I don’t agree with her but her choice.

    But that said, there’s somethings you don’t say at all, specifically the weight & surgeries tweet.

  • Dayvid

    harsh from Brooke? I enjoy both girls… but really?

    Brooke was answering a question with HER opinion. Angel was the one who indirectly tweeted about it. Brooke wasn’t even talking about Angel in her original tweet.

    Brooke has an opinion… what’s wrong with that?

    • Melissa


  • MELshocked

    Uhmm, I’m gonna have to side with Brooke here. Everyone should eat. Or at least look like they do.

  • Liam ‘

    I think both parties are taking things to heart too much. Was quite obvious the weight issue was shot at Angelina but tattoos to me are body art. Not only this but my tattoos reflect certain things that happened in my life and how I’ve overcome many of lifes challenging obstacles. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t judge unless you know that person and what they have been through. :) I think both Angelina and Brooke are beautiful women as they are. Shame we are too quick to judge nowadays

  • Ryan

    Come on girls don’t fight!!… :(
    Get in the ring and wrestle the pants off one another ;)

    I love both these chicks Lauren and Tess
    Angelina rocks the tats! Even though as “skanky” as it may seem to some she actually looks respectively cool with them!
    And Brooke she maybe has facial surgery but isn’t that because of a car accident? Brooke is sexy as fuck too!! Dat Ass! And her boyfriend Robbie E doesn’t mind at all, plus he had a “deformity” as well… His left side of his upper lip; the nerves there are dead so when he talks he looks like Rambo. Rambo. RamBRO! OH!!

  • XtinaAguilera

    hahaha, brooke roasted angelina. that’s what you get for trying her hunti kunti.

  • puppies

    They’re both in the wrong, but Angelina started it (as childish as that sounds). Brooke gave a general opinion and Angelina got butt-hurt.

  • Garouix

    Brooke insulted a great deal of her fans and fellow Knockouts with her tactless choice of words. I really don’t think Angelina’s response was very offensive – just defensive. For her to respond to Angelina’s Tweet with sharp, pointed insults was really catty and unnecessary. Plus, I don’t think Brooke is one to talk about “trashy” when she crotch-humps and ass-eats peoples’ faces as part of her standard move-set.

  • mscandy

    I’m siding with Brooke. Sorry that Angelina got offended but Brooke simply had an opinion and never directly called anyone out. Plus I do agree with Brooke’s opinion on tats. When your body is covered in tattoos how will that look when you have kids and get older? It may look good now but probably not in the future. Just my 2 cents. Angelina needs to relax though…not everyone shares the same opinion so I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who love lots of tats.

    • art

      everyone gets old so tattoo’s or not everyone ages no one’s going to look like a supermodel at fifty anyway…i have tatt’s & i dont like when people say when you get older like people with no tattoo’s just don’t age or will look better somehow at seventy….

      • mscandy

        hey like I said, it’s just my opinion. You don’t have to listen to it. But I’ve seen some people’s bodies FULLY covered up here in NY and in their 50’s & up, and it don’t look good..but it’s my opinion. If you have them and like them, that’s ok and feel free to do whatever you like with your body.

        • mscandy

          Oh and I should probably mention they had pointless tats like stars, hearts, even someone with a pig tattooed across their stomach. Yep. So I guess it depends on what kind of tattoos you have and how much you have..

        • art

          i wasn’t trying to say you couldn’t have an opinion at all just that people try to make it out that people without tattoo’s look better older somehow is just pointless we all age & even thou i have tattoo’s i still think people can go over board with them…
          funny thing is i have a star on my neck but its designed after inspiration from bullet for my valentines just another star….

  • mr_socko

    Team Brooke all the way.

    Brooke was simply answering the question, I highly doubt she was thinking about Angelina when she answered. Angelina took it personally and rightfully got the verbal smack laid down on her.

    Angelina was always overrated.

    • Londonboy

      I don’t why people are getting mad at Brooke for what she said Angelina is well know for having Bitchty opions of her own.

  • Blac Chyna

    Brooke made herself look very unprofessional

    • Kala


      Brooke had a chance(or two) to paint herself as someone that truly knows how to carry herself. However, she choose to handle things in the worst possible way…Classy~!