Smackdown Redux (March 15th, 2013): Is it Really a Win if Your Partner Steals the Pin?

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Smackdown Redux! This week on SmackDown, Divas Champion Kaitlyn teams up with her self-appointed mentor, Layla to take on the team of Aksana and Tamina Will we see some of that tension between Kaitlyn and Layla carry over from last week, or will they be able to take out the Samoan/Lithuanian Connection? Check out the match below:

So we begin the match with the Divas already in the ring. Layla and Tamina kick things off with a lockup, but Layla gets the short end of the stick and is thrown into the turnbuckle headfirst. Tamina tries to charge Layla in the corner, but Layla fights back with a flurry of kicks. Layla tries to follow up with a Irish Whip, but Tamina stops her momentum and lays her out in the middle of the ring.

Staying on top of her opponent, Tamina grabs Layla off of the canvas and sends her flying across the ring using two handfuls of hair. After choking Layla with her boot and slamming her into the turnbuckle a few times, Tamina tags in Aksana to continue the assault. After a few quick tags, Aksana plants Layla with a STO, followed by a modified bow and arrow submission. While Aksana works over Layla, we’re treated to a shot of Naomi and Cameron scouting the competition backstage. Hmmmmmm…

Back in the ring, Layla has managed to fight out of the submission predicament, but Aksana quickly tags in Tamina, who hits a quick snap suplex for a nearfall. Tamina pulls Layla to her feet and drills her with a stiff forearm to the gut. Layla tries her hardest to fight back, but Tamina overpowers her and whips her across the ring. Tamina follows up with a big splash in the corner, Layla just barely avoids it and counters with a rollup for a two count.

With Tamina stunned, Layla scrambles to tag in the Divas Champion. Tamina attempts to stop her, but Layla kicks her off and both ladies manage to tag their respective partners.

Kaitlyn comes into the match on fire, taking out Aksana with a flurry of power moves, ending with a reverse DDT for a nearfall. Kaitlyn sets Aksana up for the spear, but Tamina slams her with a punch to the back. Aksana tries to take advantage of the situation and goes for a scoop slam to ground the champ, but Kaitlyn reverses and sends her flying into her own partner. With Aksana flustered, Kaitlyn comes flying off of the ropes with a spear, but before she can go for the pin, Layla tags herself in and hit the LOL, stealing the win for herself. Awkward… Afterwards, Layla celebrates in the ring, while Kaitlyn looks really annoyed. Dun dun dun! And the tension builds…

In addition to the match, we were also treated to a backstage segment between Cameron and Naomi and the newly reinstated Brie and Nikki Bella. Check it out below:

Thoughts: While I wasn’t over the moon about the return of the Bella Twins, I love the idea of them feuding with another tandem. It gives The Bellas an opportunity to reestablish themselves in the Divas division and it also gives Naomi and Cameron a chance to shine without taking away from the title race.

As for the match tonight, I thought it was pretty good. Layla did a great job of playing the face in peril and Aksana and Tamina are looking better as a team in every outing. As for the ending… I must retract my statement from last week’s redux. It looks as though WWE is working towards a Layla/Kaitlyn feud, as opposed to the triple threat I suggested last week.

I’m all for the idea of turning Layla and Kaitlyn against each other, but with less the a month until WrestleMania and no Diva match announced, WWE better pull the trigger and fast. My prediction for Raw this week is that Layla will win a #1 Contender match/battle royal to earn a shot at WrestleMania and Kaitlyn won’t be impressed. 

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  • Slapavel

    i really dont want layla to tuen heel !

    • Corbin Matthew

      ew babyface layla suks ball

      • Slapavel

        umm no! she spent mostly her entire career as a heel! sooo

        • redsandman99

          That she has though I gotta say she’s not really going anywhere as a face. At this point, turning heel will get her a title feud so I’m fine with it myself.

  • divaindemise

    Say what you will about the debatable level of in-ring skill, but the Bellas play good heels. Frankly I think the twin magic gimmick is more useful in heel mode.

    • E-Man

      ^^ YES!

      • fahkyooh

        They do have ring-skills, they were never bad wrestlers, they were always put against bad opponents like Eve and Kelly who can’t carry anyone or anything.

        If you watch The Bella’s as faces against experienced wrestlers, they put on great matches.

        • PrinceTony

          exactly. they can work, but i think the problem people have with them is that they dont have any memorable matches or spots.

        • Blac Chyna

          Eve is far from a bad wrestler

        • AJFan95

          Eve is definitely not a bad opponent. They just never meshed well. I agree about the Bellas being good, underrated workers though.

        • marcum1234

          You mean if you watch the bellas get carried by Beth or Natalya.

        • divaindemise

          I used the word debatable and you all debated. Point proven?

          Anyway, aside from the unforgivably forced “we grew up watching you” line, this segment was great. Cameron opens her mouth and unintentional hilarity flies out.

        • SoooSooo96

          Yeah When WWE was in france last time The Bella twins were face against Beth and Natalya and that was a really great match
          It’s sure if you put them against kelly kelly they can do nothing because she is a bad in ring wrestler

    • perceval

      Given the, um, obvious difference between the twins now, they could do a bit where they try the Twin Magic, one goes under the ring, the other comes out… only for the ref to immediately disqualify them. When the one in the ring demands to know why he thinks they pulled a switch, he points to her chest. :)

  • Brandon

    It was a good smackdown for the divas. Props to layla for takin like 4 big moves to the head lol. Pretty solid match, and I love the backstage segment bcuz it hopefully keeps the Bella’s out of the title picture until after WM. I hope they keep getting in backstage fights. Layla turning heel is kinda sad bcuz if given the proper push she would’ve made a great face, but she is a good good heel so whatever.

  • E-Man

    I liked the match…. Props to Layla for those bumps. I liked the spear and the finishing touch added by Layla. I also liked the backstage segment, those Bellas are just too good! I am so happy to see them back in the WWE!

  • christopher_cc

    Lol weren’t over the moon about the return of the bella twins? Is it because ya’ll are still pissed over not knowing they were returning in the first place

    • Steven

      Lol. Who’s pissed? I’ve just never been a big Bella fans. Besides, I’m only speaking for myself, not the entire DD staff.

      • christopher_cc

        @steven I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to whoever the admin is. So please read carefully next time before you decide to come at me like that. What in the world made you think i was talking to you?

        • Shan

          You do realise he’s the one who wrote this right? So he is the admin. And he was very polite about it to.

        • Ace Of Base

          Y’all really need to learn to calm down. This place sounds a lot like the commentators on the yahoo articles or something, just sayin…

          I think this Smackdown was okay for the divas, at the very least we’re being given SOMETHING, whereas a few weeks ago, we weren’t given anything. So I’m just grateful at this point. If Layla and Kaitlyn are given a Wrestlemania match, I seriously think it has potential to be goo.

        • Ace Of Base

          Oops did I just say goo? Lol..well that isn’t very slick of me…I meant to say “Good.” Layla has been pretty solid and unique in the ring, much like Melina before her. Kaitlyn is ever improving and packs a punch. They can have quite the match. Even at 8 minutes, which ofcourse id love the lenght Trish and Mickie got, but I think 8 minutes will suffice. These girls are beautiful and talented. I really hope they get a match of some sort. They deserve it and they deserve a Wrestlemania payday as well.

        • christopher_cc

          @SHAN shut up talking to me! And @ACE OF BASE I agree and also I like you’re profile picture of Tiffany pollard/new York i miss her on tv and she’s still the HBIC lol

        • Steven

          But I wrote the article… Wouldn’t that make ME the admin? Soooooooo… yeah… My previous statement stands.

        • christopher_cc

          @Steven speak on it *SNAP SNAP* speak on it *SNAP SNAP* speak on it *SNAP SNAP* and I wouldn’t know you’re the admin because I don’t just sit in front of a computer all day trying to find out who is the admin of pages and stuff like that i’m just sayin btw this conversion has ended hope you have a great day or night(depending on where you’re at) bye

        • Ace Of Base

          @Christopher_CC – The spat with STEVEN aside, you’re totally awesome! Lol. Love it! That’s NY for ya! XD

  • Rhawk

    Twas an okay week for the divas, beter than most of what we get thats for sure. Not sure I’m okay with layla turning heel so soon, especially since we get two heel women back in The Bellas. We’d need more faces if they want to do this since they’d only have Kaitlyn, Naomi & Cameron and Natalya. Alicia doesn’t count since she’s like the bi-polar one out of the divas.

  • moogle

    until now, i hadnt realised how badly the division needed the bellas back omfg

  • MrAliciaFox

    I enjoyed Smackdown! The ending of the match was odd. That was one of Kaitlyn’s best spears, but Aksana bounced back way too quickly for the LOL. The Layout would have been perfect after that spear.

  • k2evecrew

    Cameron grew up watching the bellas ? girl how old are u?? The divas had a good night. I loved how the crowd popped when kaitlyn hit her reverse DDT & we actually got a little feud development .
    The backstage segment was my favorite though they need to let cameron and niaomi speak more. the Bella’s are perfect people for the Cameron & Niaomi to feud with. Bring in Thea trinandad with rosa Mendes or aksana & they could build alittle tag team division.

    • Raekon

      Cameron didn’t meant she has grown up physically, it was rather a mental growth. :p

  • melina prez

    The match was average besides the ending. Kaitlyns shoulder tackles look so sloppy its unbelivebale. But im so glad their hopefully going with heel Layla vs Kaitlyn. The backstage segment with the Bella and the Funks was good…i just thought it was funny seeing Jamie Nobel in the backgroung.

    Heres my ideal road to WM for the divas:
    Next Raw(18)- Layla wins triple threat match( askana and Tamina) to become number one contender. Layla takes the mic and she dilevers a heel promo (kaitlyn shocked) and Layla just beats the shit out of her

    Smackdown (22) Layla defeats Alicia Fox, who randomly turns face for like the 1000 time… kaitlyn comes down to the ring after the match and tries to attack Layla but layla escapes

    Raw (25) Kaitlyn vs a bella…. Layla distracts kaitlyn and whichever Bella wins…Kailtyn and Layla brawl after and Kaitlyn challenges Layla to a match at WM after their catfight gets broken up…layla acceots

    Smackdown(29) Layla defeatsa funcadactyal (perferably Niaomi) and cuts a heel promo ripping kaitlyn apart

    Raw ( april 1) layla and the bellas defeat the funckadactyals and kaitlyn

    and i also hope we get the bellas and rhodes scholars vs the funckadycats and tensi and brodus clay

  • AJFan95

    Very enjoyable action from the women. But I LOVED the backstage beatdown, I adore ghetto heel Bellas and this rivalry should be refreshing. They seem to have improved in not sounding robotic. Oh and Aksana/Tamina are growing on me.

  • bjorn448

    Layla is picking up the victory to get a title shot at Wrestlemania. and at Wrestlemania she will turn heel is what I think.

  • Johnyfaction3

    I can’t wait to see Naomi murder the Bella’s. I remember in NXT their matches weren’t bad and were very aggressive. I did think that there could have been more analysis for the backstage segment in the redux. I am all for Layla to be heel. But then who will be Kaitlyn tag partner for matches? Natalya or Alicia? I didn’t like how Aksana got up really quick after the spear.

  • Johnyfaction3

    I love how Nikki is always the more bitchy twin.

  • PrinceTony

    i lol’ed so hard at cameron’s no reaction to naomi getting hit.

    • Melissa

      Oh my god, I just noticed that… LMAO

  • art

    decent match & im glad their setting layla up for mania she deserves it….
    as for the backstage bit i thought it was funny how the bellas got all hurt about naomi & cameron wearing similar outfits to them & now their gonna feud….they acted like the bellas paved away or something for being twins…..

    • AJFan95

      I blame whoever wrote the awful lines for Cameron/Naomi. *shudders*

      • art

        it was awful it made it seem like the bellas were legends or something lol…


    Layla looked like she botched a couple of moves to her head! Bet she’s got an ice pack on that back at the hotel.

  • AdrianRay

    I enjoyed Smackdown this week, such a fun show. The match was fine, not amazing, but fine. It was pretty lengthy and had a story surrounding it. I’m sure Layla will play the Eve role and act all goody goody until Mania. The backstage segment was a nice little touch, haven’t seen one in awhile. Cameron and her dialog were atrocious, like really? Lol and her watching Naomi getting kneed in the gut and just staring. Lol so funny! I hope the ladies get some more, decent, build for Mania.

  • Melissa

    What match? That backstage brawl… help me Jesus…. that made me LIVE again.

    *fans self*

    The way Brie and Nikki left after they kicked their asses:


    *runs hand through hair, looks down at Cameron and walks away*


    • Getdownwithachola

      Lol is that Michelle McCool in a mosh pits???

      I’m talking about your Gravatar though.

  • Melissa

    By the way… Rosa can get released and I won’t even care anymore because Cameron is the new Rosa in my eyes. Those little things like not reacting to Naomi getting kneed in the gut make me love her so much.

    • AdrianRay

      Lol idk. Rosa punching Natalya (or whoever, I can’t remember) at Night of Champions when everyone was already done brawling was pretty hilarious.

      • KaitlynLover<3

        Rosa was going to punch Jillian xD

    • Crazy_J

      When Cameron talks, all seriousness just goes out the window.

  • Lancerboi1986

    I’m gonna go ahead and say that you are WRONG about saying that Layla will win a Battle Royal on Raw. It has been a month and a half since we have seen a diva do more than walk to the ring on Raw. It will most likely be on Smackdown.


    i want 2 divas match at mania :
    – a bella(with the other bella) vs naomi with cameron because cameron is not ready for a match at wrestlemania
    – layla(heel) vs kaitlyn for the divas championship

    • velvelove

      probably more like rhode scholars vs tensai and clay with all the women in their corners. even though i prefer your idea much more.


        Yes but with bella/naomi in the pre-show it‘s possible to see those 2 match

  • marcum1234

    So now Naomi and Cameron are supposed to job out to the Bella’s and make them look like God’s gift to wrestling. I’ve never seen a good match from them and was actually pretty happy when they left. Hopefully they’ve improved in the ring. The thing they really need to do is revamp their character. They basically have had the same character since 2010.

  • i22

    The tag match was good for what it was. Those accusations about the match being unbearable wwere just utter bullshit. Once again Layla did great at selling Tamina’s offense, she gels with Tamina so much better than Kaitlyn does. Also Kaitlyn got some pretty decent pops when she got tagged in and when she hit that reverse DDT! I still think were getting a triple threat at Mania, Tamina got the win last week plus she didn’t get pinned this week.

    As for the backstage brawl, while enjoyable I didn’t think the Bellas made it look believeable I enough, IDK if it was a lack of agression for the Bellas or its the fact that Naomi could most likely kick both thier asses at the same time lol. I wish The Funks got a little offense in but whatever, I’m happy the Bellas aren’t being thrown into the title picture right away. Hopefully they but Naomi & Cameron over, I really don’t wanna see N&C get jobbed out.

    Overall it was a nice night for Divas on Smackdown. AJ & Natalya were also used as valets so they utilized alot of the divas last night. Let’s hope we get some continuation on Raw.

    • WWFoverWWE

      “IDK if it was a lack of agression for the Bellas or its the fact that Naomi could most likely kick both thier asses at the same time lol”

      LOL love it xD

      • JamieKym

        Lol I wanna see the day where Naomi kicks the bellas’ ass like Mehgan did to Rima and Falen.

  • Crazy_J

    I enjoyed the match, I haven’t watched much the last month or two because when Eve left I didn’t have a diva I really cared about, except Natalya and we all know that ship has sailed.

    The only thing that bugs me about this whole Layla tagging herself in thing.. is that its almost exactly what Eve was doing less than a year ago. I wouldn’t mind seeing Layla as a heel though, without Michelle I might actually like it. :)

    • Ace Of Base

      You think Nattie’s ship sailed? Well I hate to agree, but sounds you’re probably right. And who’s that in your profile. Very cute.

      • Crazy_J

        It is really painful to say Nattie’s ship has sailed, I love her, but I just feel like she’s getting older and WWE seems hell bent on not giving her another spot to shine in. I’d happily take being wrong lol.. and thanks, most of my profile pics/av’s are of me, as vain as that sounds lol.. I enjoy photography when I get bored and I don’t exactly have people around to take pictures of, so I take them of myself. I’m just a gay Indiana guy, 5’6 120 lbs.. though in pictures most people wouldn’t guess that. I’ve met people that have seen me online beforehand and think I’m going to be some masculine tall guy, and I’m not. I’ve had a lot of people tell me I photograph well or that I’m “photogenic”. I’m vain, humble, and a gay “country boy”, it’s an interesting mix lol are you the person who used to be “ny pollard”? If so.. we have always agreed on a lot of stuff.

        • Ace Of Base

          I guess they don’t think Nattie is attractive enough or as youthful as the other women. It sucks, but if that’s the case, I wouldn’t object to a heel turn in order to give her one final push to the forefront as champion. They did it with Tamina and though she’s still being fumbled around by creative, she’s visible at the very least. Perhaps Nattie will fair better than Tamina in that respect. She is after all, a superior wrestler.

          I wasn’t trying to hit on you by the way, the pic looks great though. As for NY Pollard…yes.