Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Smackdown Redux! This week on SmackDown, Divas Champion Kaitlyn teams up with her self-appointed mentor, Layla to take on the team of Aksana and Tamina Will we see some of that tension between Kaitlyn and Layla carry over from last week, or will they be able to take out the Samoan/Lithuanian Connection? Check out the match below:

So we begin the match with the Divas already in the ring. Layla and Tamina kick things off with a lockup, but Layla gets the short end of the stick and is thrown into the turnbuckle headfirst. Tamina tries to charge Layla in the corner, but Layla fights back with a flurry of kicks. Layla tries to follow up with a Irish Whip, but Tamina stops her momentum and lays her out in the middle of the ring.

Staying on top of her opponent, Tamina grabs Layla off of the canvas and sends her flying across the ring using two handfuls of hair. After choking Layla with her boot and slamming her into the turnbuckle a few times, Tamina tags in Aksana to continue the assault. After a few quick tags, Aksana plants Layla with a STO, followed by a modified bow and arrow submission. While Aksana works over Layla, we’re treated to a shot of Naomi and Cameron scouting the competition backstage. Hmmmmmm…

Back in the ring, Layla has managed to fight out of the submission predicament, but Aksana quickly tags in Tamina, who hits a quick snap suplex for a nearfall. Tamina pulls Layla to her feet and drills her with a stiff forearm to the gut. Layla tries her hardest to fight back, but Tamina overpowers her and whips her across the ring. Tamina follows up with a big splash in the corner, Layla just barely avoids it and counters with a rollup for a two count.

With Tamina stunned, Layla scrambles to tag in the Divas Champion. Tamina attempts to stop her, but Layla kicks her off and both ladies manage to tag their respective partners.

Kaitlyn comes into the match on fire, taking out Aksana with a flurry of power moves, ending with a reverse DDT for a nearfall. Kaitlyn sets Aksana up for the spear, but Tamina slams her with a punch to the back. Aksana tries to take advantage of the situation and goes for a scoop slam to ground the champ, but Kaitlyn reverses and sends her flying into her own partner. With Aksana flustered, Kaitlyn comes flying off of the ropes with a spear, but before she can go for the pin, Layla tags herself in and hit the LOL, stealing the win for herself. Awkward… Afterwards, Layla celebrates in the ring, while Kaitlyn looks really annoyed. Dun dun dun! And the tension builds…

In addition to the match, we were also treated to a backstage segment between Cameron and Naomi and the newly reinstated Brie and Nikki Bella. Check it out below:

Thoughts: While I wasn’t over the moon about the return of the Bella Twins, I love the idea of them feuding with another tandem. It gives The Bellas an opportunity to reestablish themselves in the Divas division and it also gives Naomi and Cameron a chance to shine without taking away from the title race.

As for the match tonight, I thought it was pretty good. Layla did a great job of playing the face in peril and Aksana and Tamina are looking better as a team in every outing. As for the ending… I must retract my statement from last week’s redux. It looks as though WWE is working towards a Layla/Kaitlyn feud, as opposed to the triple threat I suggested last week.

I’m all for the idea of turning Layla and Kaitlyn against each other, but with less the a month until WrestleMania and no Diva match announced, WWE better pull the trigger and fast. My prediction for Raw this week is that Layla will win a #1 Contender match/battle royal to earn a shot at WrestleMania and Kaitlyn won’t be impressed.