NXT Watch (March 13th, 2013): Emma Reports to Summer School

Good’aye ladies and gents, and welcome to this weeks NXT watch. Last time we met, we had six Divas do battle with only three leaving victorious as well as an interview with the resident first lady of the joint, Summer Rae. In it, Summer vowed that in seven days, Emma would face the same fate that Paige did, or that Renee Young will likely see if Summer doesn’t come through on her quest of vendetta. So readers, who would you rather see sent to summer school between Emma and Renee Young? Yes, if you can’t tell I kind of don’t know what to say in these intro paragraphs very often so let me spare you anything else and just get right into the action.

The jivey upbeat tune of wisdom that is Emma’s theme hits, and out dances the wacky Australian flailing her arms around to Emmatain us all. After a slightly more successful attempt to get inside the ring than the last time we saw her, the music cuts off so I can only assume Emma has either stopped dancing or just continued on with Summer Rae’s theme. Speaking of the blond bombshell, Summer is here! She instructs the camera man to keep it moving, before hopping up onto the top rope and executing her signature pose. From there, the bell sounds and we start off with a roll up courtesy of Emma.

She goes for another, but Summer counters and goes for one of her own. Luckily for Emma though, she is able to run forth into the ropes and send Summer flying back. A kick and a hairmare follow suit, that of which sends Summer seated in the corner. Emma then proceeds to execute some more of her signature dance craze that’s sweeping the nation, before running forward with a really nice crossbody. Summer now begs for forgiveness, but the only form of acceptance Emma presents her with is a mockery of her hairflip. Rae tries to drop toe hold Emma into the ropes, but Emma stops it from happening. Summer gets a kick in, and follows that up with a set of snapmares that leave Emma’s legs crashing into the ropes. Summer now starts to target the leg and applies an Indian deathlock! Emma tries to fight it, but Summer ends up countering on her own into a completely different submission hold where she keeps the Indian deathlock applied, while choking Emma with her other foot! Summer is STILL not done writing her novel on 10,000 ways to wonderfully execute an Indian deathlock, for she turns it into a unique pinning attempt.

Never one to be upstaged, Emma turns that pin attempt into her own! Only for a two count, however. Summer hits a dropkick that sends Emma flying, as she now starts screaming at Emma and booting her in the chest ala Paige. In another attempt to channel her inner anti-Diva, she executes Paige’s signature scream, but too much stalling allows Emma to plant her with a boot! She rolls through and hits a lariat, but her leg is too damaged. Nevertheless, she gets in a sunset flip before being drilled with a spin kick by Summer for the uno… dos… tres! Summer gets the win, but her celebration is short lived as out comes the anti-Diva! Paige charges for Summer and even grabs her boot, but Summer escapes just in time and runs through the crowd while Paige taunts her and poses for the NXT universe.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed Summer and Emma’s match a lot. Whenever a Diva works over a body part and the other actually displays the effects, you can never go wrong. Between Summer’s continued variations of the Indian deathlock, Emma actually limping towards the end and making it known how Summer’s moves have shown damage to her leg, and Paige charging out at the end forcing Rae to run through the crowd, tonight pretty much had everything I could’ve hoped for all in one. Last week I think, I said how I hoped Paige’s return was handled like a moment and she didn’t just walk out for a match one week, so while it wasn’t backstage like I originally thought it could be, it was still great and I loved it. Here’s to many more outings of this Summer Rae/Paige feud, and perhaps using it to catapult the division into introducing a female title? Okay, maybe I’m a little hopeful with that last part, but we’ve now gotten to see Paige, Summer, Emma, Sasha, and Audrey in the mix. Perhaps Charlotte, Bayley, and Anya will debut soon to give us enough for a tournament, or they could always add Aksana in place if one isn’t ready yet since she seems to be in the most NXT matches when it comes to main roster Divas. Who knows? But the future is looking bright that’s for sure.

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  • charovnica

    I think this was way better then her match with Aksana,for the simple reason that she was a little lighter on her clumsy gimick.It was still there,but in an acceptable amount.Summer has a great character,but didn’t like the finish…for a girl that has experience in gymnastics you’d think she can stretch her leg a little bit wider in order to hit the move properly.

    I’ll admit I marked out at Paige :D I just wish we would’ve got a little bit more than just a stare down…They got me with this feud,I really wanna see Paige whooping that blond ass :D

    • shameronstar

      I think the problem was that Summer was positioned incorrectly. She probably should have been farther away.

  • moogle

    I love Summer. I love her entrance, her look, and she seems to be coming along in the ring much faster than some other “model” divas!

    I have mixed feelings of Emma’s gimmick. It sets her out of the crowd, but I don’t think she could necessarily fit the WWE Diva image with it, unless she toned it down. but toning it down could make her too similar to Kaitlyn who is goofy but still… respectable? (I mean no offence to Emma, just didn’t know what word to use)

    • moogle

      But at the same time I love her for how she’s prepared to make jokes out of herself! very credible!

      I guess, thinking about it, WWE could use a female Santino-esque comic relief? But eitherway i don’t see the gimmick staying.

    • Getdownwithachola

      Summer Rea was never a model, she was a lingerie football player.

      • Melissa

        ^ this

    • NickGoodsell

      its almost like Victoria in 2008, was always falling an flailing around in the ring for a little comedic relief

  • shameronstar

    Are you guys sure Summer is a beginner because she wrestles with technique and creativeness far beyond her years! I think Summer is like wwe’s Angel Williams because she has EVERYTHING a diva needs to succeed(looks, blond hair, good ring skills, and great character/mic skills)!

    • jonboi

      That’s what a little work with sara del ray can do for you, I hope that’s all her & Angel have in common, & that summer gets on the main roster.

  • pumped up kicks

    I really gotta see more of Summer Rae… Right now Im just not a fan. She has that whole Maryse deal going on. I wasent high on Emma, but I watched a few of her matches and she grew on me.

    • Melissa

      Soooo, you’re not a fan because she reminds you of Maryse?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

      • pumped up kicks

        She is kinda sloppy (in my opinion) but that is to be expected of a person still learning. I really don’t like her gimmick. It’s boring like Maryse. I hope with watching her more that will change.

  • kio3j2

    I’m on an iPad and I can’t see the video. Is it just me or is it not up?

    • Getdownwithachola

      Tampons or better though.

      • kio3j2

        Lol took me awhile. I guess I gotta check this out on my clunky desktop.

  • TCsinger09

    I like Summer Rae the only thing I don’t like is her voice (i’m hoping it’s one she made up for her character and not her real voice)

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    i liked the match besides summer’s spin kick, it look sloppy & weak she needs to really spin fast & get her leg up abit higher…

  • redsandman99

    Emma looked a hundred times better here than she did during her match with Aksana. Dialing back on her clumsy dancing stuff when she’s actually wrestling is the key. Can’t wait to see what turn the Paige/Summer feud is going to take next.

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    I love everything about Summer. Except for the finisher. I mean it’s kinda hard to pull of because she and her opponent have to b at the right place to make it look good. Idk. I think she shoul just change it. But then again this is only like the third time I seen her use it. I wish they would let Emma do more. Because I know she can. The match was all right.

  • Slapavel

    i loveeeee summer rae!!

  • partyguyhilton

    This is what should have happened at the end of this match. Summer Rae cuts promo talking about how great she is blah blah blah and then attacks Emma taregting the knee looking to take her out like she did Paige, thus turning Emma face who needs it cause I can’t keep up with her alignment and plus her character would work better as a goofy face. Then paige rushes quikcer to the ring with a chair. Crowd Pop and Summer high tails to crowd but waits. Paige checks Emma then cuts promo basically saying what she said to Summer. Summer hair whips and does a whatever hand gesture which angers Paige and Paige chases off after Summer. Hence leaving the crowd wanting more.

    • partyguyhilton

      And giving purpose and meaning to the words Summer gave in her Promo the week before.

  • Getdownwithachola

    I never seen somebody do a snapmare with legs hitting the ropes.

  • Melissa

    Can’t wait to see Summer and Paige beat the shit out of eachother.

    Who’s Emma? Who’s Audrey? (I would do a “who is?” for the rest of the NXT divas, but I can’t really remember their names)

    • hado

      Well the only other diva to been on the roster on TV is Sasha Banks…

  • Liam ‘

    Summer Rae reminds me so much of Maryse. I love Emma, is it just me but as she does her dance her face is like wtf am i doing?

  • divaindemise

    Is it bad that the NXT girls are vastly more interesting than the girls on the main roster?

    • Divaland1000xoxo

      no its good so us diva fans have something credible to watch

    • redsandman99

      It shows that whoever is in charge of booking the divas in NXT needs to book them on the main roster.

  • https://www.facebook.com/matt.medina.75 Matt

    Emma <3 <3 <3
    Summer Rae <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • shameronstar

    Emma’s dance and whole routine is actually growing on me I kind of like doing the dance sometimes:)

    • Raekon

      Ewwwww. :p

  • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

    Everybody knows how I feel about Summer and everything about her is awesome, so no comment lol

  • Monkey Tennis

    Not really getting the Summer love so far. As a heel, her moveset isn’t especially complicated and outside of some pretty standard stuff, the only thing she really had to genuinely execute in that match (which didn’t involve Tenile’s help) was her finisher. Which is only a spinning kick. And she still made a bit of a hash of it.

    Obviously, it was good to see Britani back but for right now, Summer’s llimited in-ring ability will make any feud between ‘em pretty hard to really get behind, at least in terms of its credibility. Unless they have a match in a week or two and Britani just destroys her in three seconds.

    That I could believe!

    • charovnica

      You’re quite the negative person,aren’t you…

      • Monkey Tennis

        It’s the WWE. It goes with the territory.

        • AJFan95

          So why watch WWE and just frustrate yourself? Especially when you nitpick every fucking thing.

    • Monkey Tennis

      How is giving an opinion about someone’s in-ring ability ‘nitpicking’. How a wrestler wrestles is a pretty important part of… you know… wrestling.

      I just think Britani would be better used in a feud with a wrestler closer to her level. I don’t doubt for a second that she’ll be able to make Summer look all kinds of better than she currently is. But in a feud against someone like Tenille or Davina, Britani wouldn’t have to do ALL the heavy lifting.

      • charovnica

        But you do realize that Britani grew as a wrestler thanks to the more experienced wrestlers that were working with her.Wrestling is all about team work.You help your opponent,so you can tell a story together.I think Paige & Summer’s feud is one of the best we’ve seen from WWE in years.Plus Summer is picking up her game.Paige eventually will get to work with girls like Natalya whether it’s gonna be on a live event or whatever,but she’ll also have to work with the girls that are on the main shows right now-Kaitlyn,Tamina…with her abilities and experience she can only help and that’s what we want.We want a better division.

        • Monkey Tennis

          But isn’t that the point? Britani’s talent came from years of hard work and experience in the indies. She worked her way up to the level she’s at now. Summer’s essentially been bumped-up-the-queue, for want of a better term.

          Of course, it’s about developing the talent within the entire roste., Ultimately that’s exactly what NXT is supposed to be all about, after all. I just don’t think it makes sense to put anyone front-and-centre on the big stage before they’re ready, particularly when your roster already includes women who CAN perform at that level.

          Summer’s clearly not awful in the ring, and I’ve never said she was. At the end of the day, all I said in my original ‘negative’ post was that I’ve yet to see anything from her that warranted some of the plaudits she’s received from a few people here. And with that in mind, I’ll probably find a feud between her and Britani a little kayfabe-stretching.

      • charovnica

        And am I not free to disagree? I don’t think it’s kayfabe-stretching at all.I think they’ve done pretty good job and probably put more thought in this one than the feuds on the main roster.The way Summer beat Paige was well thought-through. She didn’t look weak and made Summer really gain heat.So I’m waiting impatiently to see how Paige is gonna get her revenge,will Summer once again pull a trick from under the rug.I really think we need to stop thinking like bookers and start enjoying the show as the fans we are.

        • Monkey Tennis

          I’m getting mixed messages here. As far as I can see, you’re saying that you should be allowed to disagree (which, of course, you are). But because I have a different opinion, I’m being negative.

  • DivaDestiny

    It’s crazy how I get excited for an NXT Divas match but when it comes to a Divas match on the main roster, it’s like “Okay.” I enjoyed the match and love both Summer and Emma. :)

  • 09DHK

    I kinda feel like Summer picked up where Raquel Diaz left off with her gimmick, but I do like Summer as a filler rival for Paige until she (Paige) turns 21 and gets called up. I would call Emma the “new” Jillian Hall, but at least I know for a fact that Jillian is a solid worker. Though it was better than her match with Aksana, this match didn’t really showcase her in-ring ability.

  • Raekon

    I still dislike Emmas gimmick and most of all the fact that she doesn’t sell it with facial expressions but rather looks plainly ahead trying hard to concentrate on the arms flailing.

    The match was ok for what it was and it served its purpose.

    • Marlon Eric

      I think she’s going for that. That pothead, Ke$ha-like, nitwitted party girl. Or atleast I hope so.

  • RaishaSaeedFAN

    I wish they could just call up Emma,she’s a far more better wrestler than Summer Rae,Emma can roll in the ring
    I wouldve loved if they gave us a Emma and Paige feud

  • Marlon Eric

    I like Summer Rae. She’s like a Maryse/McCool hybrid. I think I like the fact that she has a strong presence in the ring and feels very energetic and lively. This is why I don’t mind the girls who don’t come from a wrestling background. Alicia Fox, McCool, Maryse – these girls ACT like they are competing. They just don’t come to the ring and look like they’re sleep-walking through a wrestling match.

  • French.One

    Summer’s finisher is horrible, people having no advanced martial skill shouldn’t be allowed to perform a spinning kick.
    Summer still need to train but what she did in the match was ok. Emma did fine.