SmackDown Spoilers: March 22nd, 2013

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

* Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes come out with The Bella Twins. Tensai, Brodus Clay, Cameron and Naomi are out next. The match ends in a no contest when The Bellas interfere. Naomi took them out and danced. (Source)


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  • KaitlynLover<3


  • SweeneyTodd

    hmm…Maybe the mixed tag team match at wm. Only chance for Rhodes Scholars to wrestle at WM.

    • DivaDestiny

      This is what I have been thinking until I saw the Maria Menounos report posted.

  • LightsOut


  • rodneyclint

    Hey, I’m glad to see them continue this Bellas/Funkadactyls feud. Only bad thing is that our champ Kaitlyn is being put on the backburner hardcore.

    Unless more spoilers reveal she was used. Then I bite my tongue. But I have a feeling that ain’t gonna happen.

    • Raekon

      She will probably appear in a backstage segment again so people know she is still there.

      Same treatment they gave Layla in her run. -_-

      Idiotic at its best but heyyy we have the bellas back right?

      Now they appearin both raw and sd while Kaitlyn, Layla, Tamina, Aksana are lost in oblivion and are mostly used (if at all) in backstage segments or in a side show.

      At least Nattie and Alicia have lots to do off screen since they are representing the company in promotions among other things(including the Africa charity thing), while Rosa and Caomi are present through their managing/valeting.

  • Lanoom

    Rhodes Scholars vs. Tippin’ Scales = Naomi wins.

    I approve of this.

  • redsandman99

    Now this week it seems like that the Bellas/Rhodes Scholars vs Brodus/Tensai/Naomi/Cameron match will happen come Mania. At least one feud is getting continued. I really wish we could have gotten something with Kaitlyn and Layla (though I had a feeling once Layla was on main event that it wouldn’t happen).

    • hbgoo1975

      If only Layla turned heel at the Smackdown tapings this week, then we wouldn’t have such a problem than just randomly have Layla placed as a heel.

  • richies88

    worst divas champ ever and another week no divas on wwe

    • redsandman99

      Like Layla was, Kaitlyn is the victim of crappy booking as champ. It’s sad really.

      • SweeneyTodd

        The whole divison is a victim of crappy booking. This week was the 7th without a divas match on raw.

      • Hollywood King

        Am I the only one who feels like Layla’s reign is no where near as bad as y’all make it seem?

        • Matt

          No, Art agrees with you. But tbh Beth’s, & Layla’s are by far the worst.

        • art

          how the fuck do i agree you fucking retard….matt get a life you idiot layla had a terriful title reign….

        • redsandman99

          Layla’s reign started okay but then it started going wrong post Over the Limit.

        • Valese

          ROFL, Matt!!!

        • Raekon

          Laylas reign started with a bad return, taking immediately the title and dissappearing for a few weeks like Kaitlyn.

          After that she appear in like 1 minute matches once in a while with no feud at all while all the focus was on AJ that had to do with the main eventers.

          Even in the battle royal they let AJ eliminate Layla, even AJ wasn’t in the title picture.

          If that’s not awful then I really don’t know what is.
          Now the same thing is going on with Kaitlyn.

          She wins the title, dissappears for weeks, comes back and appears only in segments and once in a while in a random match in a side show or in Smackdown.

          Raw has 3 hours but they have to fill 2 hours with rebounds, “happen moments ago”(if thats the case then WHY the hell you have to show it again????) and advertisement.

          So they are stucking all their main eventers in the 1 hour left while the divas either get a backstage segment for like 10 seconds or not at all.

          Good Job Vince Mc Mahon and Managent!
          That’s a good way on ripping off and dissapointing your audience.

  • JJ

    And apparently Nikki’s boobs popped out.

    • shameronstar

      I guess she’s going to need an implant buster to keep that from happening again!

      • Getdownwithachola


        • art


      • Kessuki

        hahaaaahhhhaha!!! :D

    • JD Sensations

      Only reason to watch Smackdown now

  • Aria–

    AJ was also on commentary for her BF’s match.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Well I for one am excited!

    Any excuse to see my Bella’s… Plus I’m loving this feud!

  • DJ8946

    There was a divas match on ME!

  • RR

    Anyone remember a few months back they were building up to Kaitlyn vs. AJ? AJ even attacked her backstage and then they just dropped the feud.

    They’ve sabotaged Kaitlyn’s title reign she was hot after chasing Eve for months and they let her momentum fizzle out.

    • Raekon

      Yep, after this refreshing feud which was the best thing we had for years and the promising feud that could had happened with AJ, things could had been kept fresh and interesting but then they are dropping Kaitlyn out for weeks and when she comes back she has only either a backstage segment or a small match with no background at all.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    Message to WWE:
    You have a Diva’s Champion and a potential great match on your hands with enough allotted time. Book what your fans want to see, we haven’t had a women’s or diva’s championship match in 4 years. We would like for the title to even look like its important. Give use a feud that has already been teased give us Layla/Kaitlyn/Tamina please.
    Sincerely a pissed off wrestling fan!!

  • Valese

    And no-one cares that Aj did commentary during Dolph’s match… she truly has lost whatever momentum she’s had. She’ll be a jobber soon.
    As for the spoilers, I’m fine with this, so long as the Bellas beat Naomi and the spot monkey out of her, sometime soon.

    • rodneyclint

      Naomi is only a spot monkey because she gets two seconds in the ring.

      The girl has got “it”, only problem is that she is a she, a Diva, and we all know they don’t give two shits no matter the level of talent or potential.

    • Marlon Eric

      Oh get over yourself. We already seen the technical side of Naomi, not to mention new moves introduced in the brief period she’s been wrestling. Show me a Bella that haven’t done an armbar, a facebuster, that lame-ass snapmare and stupid booty bump and I’ll buy you a fucking snow cone.

      • Valese

        What’s so bad about being a spot monkey? The audience is filled with idiots who’ve low attention spans these days and Naomi does the flashy stuff to pique their interests. But of course you’d take umbrage to that because Naomi is flawless to a mark.

        • Marlon Eric

          And that would be insulting to me from anyone else. But the moment you put the Bellas in any sort of praise-worthy statement, I laughed so fucking hard that snot flew out of my nose.

    • gl83

      Please. AJ’s at the forefront of the tag team title feud between Ziggler/Big E vs Team Hell No at WrestleMania. I doubt that’s a sign of her losing momentum.

      • Marlon Eric

        To be honest, AJ does seem to have taken a step or two back since being paired with Dolph. I actually like Dolph….so I don’t know if people are missing the chemistry between them or if they actually are tired of AJ being shoved down their throats.

        • gl83

          The past few weeks on Raw, for Dolph’s matches with Daniel Bryan and The Miz, there were distinct “AJ’s crazy” chants from the audience. So AJ is still getting a reaction from the fans. Hell, there have been live reports at House shows that show that AJ is still pretty over, so I don;t think AJ is the problem. Big E gets a reaction from fans when he beats down the Faces. Dolph seems to be the problem.

          Even now, he still struggles to get any Heel Heat from the fans. For years, he has relied on Vickie Guerrero to get it for him, but even now, it seems the people surrounding him get more heat and are more over as Heels than him.

        • Aria–

          It’s probably the latter because I do sense chemistry. I believe things just went south when she was made GM and have yet to recover.

        • gl83

          Her GM stint firmly established her as a Face, which resulted in her getting more pops. And even now, AJ still gets a reaction from the fans though. So, I don’t think it’s a case of the fans getting tired of her. Maybe, if WWE actually booked the trio as a threat instead of feeding Dolph to their Super-Faces on a weekly basis like they did for the last month or so, all 3 of them would be much more over. Both of them were pretty over following TLC, so the group’s shoddy booking probably hurt them more than anything else.

      • Valese

        @GL83, Forefront? she was on commentary that’s not the forefront that’s behind the announcer’s table. Aj’s holding Dolph back anyway and the guy above is right people are probably sick of Aj and her pre-teen angst.

        • Aria–

          Lol, where’s Kelly Kelly?

        • Valese

          Bye, evidently still trying to spend her paycheck somewhere.
          So you’re dismissed.

        • redsandman99

          Dolph would probably be in the same spot he’s in now with or without AJ so I don’t see how she’s holding him back.

        • Aria–

          Yes, that massive paycheck. Explains why she’s selling her ring gear and appearing at fan expos.

          Sorry, I believe it was Kelly who was dismissed.

        • Valese

          You follow her post-WWE? Wow, You’re truly obsessed dude. Did you buy her ring gear? Did it fit? How much did you pay? I bet you wanted to act like her strutting down the ring lolololol keep trying.
          Sure she was dismissed but it’s not like she cared(neither do i, you seem to think i’m a huge fan lol); she wanted to go. Besides why are you so pressed? Did i strike a nerve?

        • Aria–

          The irony of me being pressed when you posted your disdain for AJ; all the more ironic considering you took the time to do so, while everyone else went about their business.

          Obsession “reads” are so elementary. You’re better than that.

        • gl83

          You mean the backstage segment two weeks ago on Smackdown between her and Daniel Bryan. Last week’s Raw where she basically gave Big E the signal to beat down Daniel Bryan. And yesterday’s Raw where she tried to cost Team Hell No their tag team match against the Colons and she was the one who accepted Team Hell No’s challenge on their behalf.

          She is at the forefront of this feud, whether you want to admit it or not.

        • Valese

          Oh, yes let’s talk about irony; The irony of having an opinion and the time YOU took to bash it just as i took to post it. Am i just supposed to just fall to my knees and become a member of the AJ clergy? Heck no. When i made a critique you jumped on it with bad taste like it was some personal attack made in regards to you. You’re not AJ, you don’t need to take offense and defend her in some sick paternal way when you should’ve “gone about your own business”. Oh and please spare me the rudimentary condescension with the ” you’re better than that” crap when it’s true that i got the better of you when your attempt at cheap vitriol resulted in failure.

          And GL83, I’ll admit that that’s called being a manager. But if that equates to being at the forefront does that mean Paul Heyman was at the forefront of CM Punk’s feuds? Lies. You realize that Daniel Bryan and Kane have acceded that position, AJ is just a prop to advance their storyline. She used to be apart of the main event now she’s in a b-class feud. You just can’t handle how far she’s regressed and so you’ve pieced this “forefront” mess together to keep her regression suppressed.

        • gl83

          I would hardly compare this to Heyman/Punk since Punk was actually doing his part and was cutting promos against his opponents during each of his feuds. Right now, the only one who is talking about Team Hell No and is interacting with them at all is AJ.

          Team Hell No hasn’t really been interacting much or cutting promos about Ziggler & co. outside of that one backstage segment. But you had that backstage segment with AJ/Bryan, AJ ordering a post-match attack, her interfering and trying to distract Team Hell no in another match. And instead of Ziggler or Big E accepting the challenge or being forced into it by Vickie Guerrero, you’ve had A accept the match on their behalf. And this Friday on Smackdown, you have AJ on commentary to help push forward this angle.

          She’s been more of a focal point than any of the other players. At this point it’s more about AJ/THN than it is about Team Hell No/Ziggler & Big E.

        • Aria–

          Lol @ rudimentary condescension, when I was “dismissed”.

          In what way did you get the better of me? Because you choose to flex your verbose or utilize a thesaurus? I got the better of YOU since you had to resort to a personal attack against me, which is laughable considering “you’re not even a fan of Kelly Kelly.”

          Where in your original comment is the critique? You were clearly bashing AJ to make it be known that you’re not fond of her. “Wah, wah, I don’t like AJ. No one cares about her. She should job.” You weren’t critiquing a thing. You were complaining.

          I didn’t post about AJ on commentary in order for everyone to fetch their rosaries and start saying 12 Hail Marys. I was pointing out to the other members that there was more Divas action since DD missed, in case others cared. You could take it or leave it, but you chose the former; clearly you care.

        • Valese

          Complaining? Who the hell was complaining? If anyone was complaining it was you with your “don’t hate AJ i’m a crazy, obsessed stan. i can’t handle her being denigrated blahblahblah”. Please, go cry on a pillow. I merely STATED what i saw here; which that hardly anybody body mentioned AJ’s commentary-except you- therefore there isn’t much care invested in her ‘antics’ amongst the people here, who care moreso about the divas division and not your precious AJ.
          I got the better of you because you stopped right after i dragged you for attempting(and failing) to bring Kelly Kelly up to spite me; at least you tried LOL but where was your comeback?
          You should’ve just heeded your own advice and gone ‘about your own business’.
          Personal attack? If you can call that an attack you must have a fragile constitution; It wasn’t personal(i don’t even know you) i was taking your knowledge for Kelly-post WWE- out of proportion. You could’ve simply gotten over it but you dwelled on it and became livid when someone critiqued your dear AJ because god forbid someone call her a jobber and hold an unfavorable opinion of her. It must be sad to be force-fed some pre-teen’s horribly acted schemes and like it.

        • gl83

          Have you noticed WWE’s booking lately? Everything they do is force-fed; whether it be the divas or the Main-Eventers. AJ may never be nominated for a Oscar, but by wrestling-standards she’s fine.

          And I do find it ridiculous that you would label her a jobber due to her not having as much momentum as she did last year. That’s taking it a bit too extreme. Because quite frankly by that same argument, almost everyone on the main roster with the exception of CM Punk and John Cena has lost momentum. Ryback went from potential main-eventer to wrestling in a WrestleMania novelty match with Mark Henry. Sheamus and Big Show went from WHC contenders/champions to pawns being used to put over the Shield/Randy Orton’s impending Heel turn. Hell, the US Champion, Antonio Cesaro, who was being built up very strongly as a early favorite to win this year’s MITB contract and take the jump into the main event scene, has been a glorified jobber the last month or so.

          So, it’s not just AJ who has lost momentum. Practically everyone has lost momentum or has taken a drop in WWE’s pecking order.

        • Aria–

          How does a jab at Kelly Kelly equate to complaining? I suppose you use the big words to mask the lack of sense in anything you’re saying.

          LOL I stopped dragging Kelly Kelly because you said you’re not even a fan. Why bother wasting my time, then? I’m not going to start name calling you when I don’t know you, nor do I care to.

          You tried to throw a jab at ME, did you not? Is that not the definition of personal?

          Direct me to where I became “livid”. Because I replied? Does this make the Naomi fans “livid” as well? You commented on the location of AJ (I didn’t even care to reply to your original comment regarding you “not caring”, so the point you’re trying to make about me catching feelings is empty), so I commented on the location of Kelly Kelly, who I assumed was your fave. It wasn’t serious, until you decided to “dismiss” me, so I bit back. Clearly you would have replied as well, had I said something of that nature to you.

          I’m still on the floor @ rudimentary condescension when your post REEKS of pretentiousness and a feeling of superiority. You dragged nothing. Keep reading those thesauruses since you fail reading other members.

    • Lily


      Hate on Naomi but support Kelly Kelly? WHAT?!

      • Valese

        This is hilarious. I’m not even a Kelly Kelly fan but you assume so because because of my avatar, and i’m not hating on Naomi. I like her. It’s the superfans who annoy me.

        • k2evecrew

          Aria u obviously follow her on twitter how else would u know about her ring gear & apperences??? & she doesn’t need money , her hot nhl boyfriend can take care of her .

        • Aria–

          Yes, I follow her on Twitter.

          How empowering @ your second statement.

        • Lily

          OK but it’s not Naomi’s fault that the fans want to over-hype her. It’s not fair to call her a spot monkey when you really just have a problem with her fans.

        • DjayDay

          Naomi can out wrestle alot of the girls. She’s not overhyped. In TNA, the attention payed to Naomi would be considered lacklustre compared to the attention they give to the Knockouts. Naomi is one of the more technically sound girls on the roster. Let it go.

  • Marlon Eric

    Well, in WWE’s booking sense, Kaitlyn is shown in backstage segments on RAW. And since RAW is the more heavily promoted and rated show, they might feel she is being booked better than her colleagues on Smackdown, Main Event and Superstars.

    And to be honest, they don’t know what to do with their champions. With the exception of McCool, Maryse, the Bellas and Kelly Kelly – most of the Diva Champions have been left out of the cards. I remember when Melina and Beth went weeks without appearances. It’s really fucked up.

    • aldo

      Yeah not even Mickie…She really did nothing memorable during her reign as divas champion.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    WWE Better Get There Shit Together & Soon, After Wrestlemania Cause If Not I’m Done. I want the divas to wrestle, not valet or commentary. I Can see eyecandy on every other channel.

    • Wolverine

      You have been saying you are done for a very very very long time now

      • Crazy_J

        There’s nothing wrong with being a loyal fan. I have said the same thing myself. I’ll stop watching until something interesting catches my eye on this site to get me to tune in. People are allowed to change their minds.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    This is why I see the knockouts always being the more dominant women’s brand for wrestling in the US even if they aren’t as great as they used to be, their still very good, for God’s sake they got their own PPV.
    WWE really needs to open their eyes and realize that The Divas are important too.

  • ballplayer10123

    ^^^ This. WWE are seriously ridiculous with their sabotage of the Divas. It’s even more ridiculous that “fans” act like the sabotage does not exist. It is so obvious the Divas don’t get a fair shake. If they did get legit screen time over a long period, and flopped I could see their point of view, that’s not the case.

    I cannot understand WWE logic, hating on your own product. It’s not like they are using the time to elevate other weak portions of their show. It’s like some twilight zone, bizarro world logic. Those that hate on women wrestling should at least be straightforward with their point of view. The Diva and Knockout hatred should not pretend like they are being objective. They either hate women, or women wrestling as a concept, objectivity need not apply.

  • perceval

    Let’s see…

    Team AJ wins the tag belts at WM. They’ll need a face team to feud with.

    Who is the only babyface tag team besides Team Hell No that is over with the fans? Answer: Brodus/Tensai. Therefore, establishing Naomi as a force to be reckoned with is now a pretty big priority.

    Things go well, and we get both a big Tag Team feud and big Diva feud out of this after Wrestlemania, two for the price of one.

    • Raekon

      Probably won’t happen since they are preparing the brodus/tensai/cameron/naomi vs Rhode Scholars/Bellas match they are building up right now.

  • aldo

    I think that at backstage, the Divas are treated like queens, i mean, if were a WWE diva, I would quit, because people watch NOTHING of me and my abilities.
    However I’m happy they continue with the Bellas vs Cameron and Naomi feud. But what about Kaitlyn vs Layla? (I’m not even going to include Tamina in the mix)

    • k2evecrew

      They still get to wrestle house shows & travel the world so it probably helps even it out

    • perceval

      The pay and benefits are much better at WWE. When it’s what you do to pay your bills and put food on the table, that makes a huge difference. Not everybody has the benefit of having a wealthy celebrity chef fiance/husband so they don’t have to worry about money.

  • jonboi

    This isn’t even worth 2sec of my time calling that a spoiler is an insult lol

  • k2evecrew

    See guys the Bella’s didnt ruin anything atleast they helped start a new storyline

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    for that fix of women’s wrestling fast!!!

  • JD Sensations

    6 WWE shows a week, and this week we get 2 Diva matches. Paige vs Bayley better deliver!

  • dsan

    The crowd went crazy when Naomi went for the Bellas! It was quick, but fun to watch.


      What moves she do?