Angelina Love and Velvet Sky to Play Superheroes

velvet and angelina superhero

Forget Mighty Molly and Super Stacy, two new wrestling superheros are on the scene… the movie scene that is.

Former 5-time Knockouts Champion Angelina Love and current Champion Velvet Sky have been cast in a superhero movie titled “Faux and Orchard: Little Deaths” – a movie that is the second in a series named the Mission Park Quinology.

The official press release reveals more notes about the film, which is based around a comic. Angelina will play “the gorgeous blond temptress” Tessa Faux, whilst Velvet will bring to life Tessa’s purple-haired and “equally alluring best friend”, Cherry Pie.

‘Mission Park’ creator Chip Ferro described the former Beautiful People members as “real women who know what it takes to land a knockout punch”. He also went on to say why they were cast and said: “We want to make sure that not only can our actors act, but that they can fight.”

The pair are not only a formidable duo on screen, but also in real life; Velvet recently came to the defence of Angelina after she became engaged in a very personal Twitter exchange with Brooke Tessmacher.

Phew. For a minute there, I thought we were getting two awful new in-ring gimmicks!

You can read the press release here.

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  • shameronstar

    This is really cool opportunity for the Beautiful People! There aren’t many female wrestlers(not affiliated to wwe) that get projects like this!

  • mscandy

    I looked this up but couldn’t find any info on whether it’ll be in theaters or just a direct to DVD sort of thing? I want to see it. Congrats to them.

    • Hollywood King

      I work in the entertainment industry and this is most definitely a film festival type project which if properly produced will get a distribution deal for DVD and online streaming.


    Awesome, I want to see it already!! Hahaha. Love TBP

  • k2evecrew

    I’m so happy for them

  • Kitten16x

    Sounds like a bag of coolbeans. :D

  • puppies

    That’s awesome! I’ll be watching that.

  • shannymac

    I honestly can’t figure out which set of names is more stripper-y.

    • Ryan

      Strippers rock ;)
      Some people love a good tease

      And actually here some of many of you would actually like someone like Magic Mike
      Who’s also a stripper

  • sugarrush28

    I’ll take Mighty Molly and Super Stacy over those 2

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Freakin awesome news! Can’t wait to see this

  • Ryan

    That is actually pretty cool!! LoL

    Mighty Molly, Super Stacy, Rogue, and the villainess Poison Ivory haha
    No lie Sable Trish Stratus Chyna Lita Mickie James Melina Gail Kim almost have that super hero feel to them!
    Jazz Victoria Stephanie McMahon Awesome Kong had that total bad guy villain feel to them
    A lot of wrestlers feel like super heroes haha specially in TNA

  • Raekon

    The graphics are horrible and look as if a 12 year old with barely any artistic talent draw them.
    My opinion is based on the image show here though.
    Happy for them and Congrats anyway. :)

  • Jillfan1

    aww how cool

  • Sapphire Eyes

    Excellent news. They complement each other well and have bundles of personality. If there is anyway I can buy a dvd or payed download of this, I’m there. Congratulations to both ladies.