Match Announced for WrestleMania

Forget Fandango, some more important dancers (well, to us at least) have a match at WrestleMania. has announced that the funky will square-off against the fine as “Tons of Funk”, Brodus Clay and Tensai, will team up with their Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi, to face the team of “Team Rhodes Scholars”, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow and their partners, Brie and Nikki Bella.

Things have got heated between the two foursomes since the Bellas returned to WWE earlier this month. Since then, the twins have attacked Cameron and Naomi backstage, yet the Funkadactyls got some revenge by attacking the devious duo at ringside on two occasions. It seems that things are from over between both teams, and it will come to a head on the grandest stage of them all.

Catch the Eight Person Mixed Tag match at Wrestlemania 29, live on Pay-Per-View on April 7th.

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  • shameronstar

    It’s freaking hilarious and ironic that everyone hated and still hates for some reason Cameron and even Stone Cold and Trish were a bit iffy about her and the next thing you know 2 years later she’s competing at Wrestlemania in a match that actually has decent build! I’m loving it because I know all the Cameron haters are eating their hearts out!

    • Melissa


    • AJFan95

      Same. Let’s go Cameron!

      • i<3 sable and alicia fox

        Hell yeah #teamcameron I hope she pins one of the Bellas to win

        • MAXILLIAN

          Yeah it would be lovely for Cameron to get the pin, I love Naomi.. but they are a team! Don’t want it to become the Naomi show.

        • Stuff

          No,I hope she pins oe of the Rhode scholars for the win

      • Marshy

        She is telling the naysayers who have said that she won’t mount out to anything,but look at her now that she is on the grandest stage of them all and she is the only from Tough Enough who is still on the roster. Naomi has work hard to finally be also be at the grandest stage of them all.

        • i<3 sable and alicia fox

          Yes I love an underdog I swear if she pins one of the Bellas at WM I’ll mark out bad

    • charovnica

      Well,of course they’re gonna be iffy about her.She was bad on Tough Enough and came across as an airhead. I’m sure now they can give her props for the work she has put in to show that she changed.

    • ajfan83

      Oh yeah, Cameron, who isn’t over or a good worker, gets a token spot on Wrestlemania because they need to fill up four hours. She sure has made it to the big time!

      • i<3 sable and alicia fox

        AJ is fair in the ring but isn’t great Like Naomi and Cameron isn’t the best but has alot of personality

    • JD Sensations

      Should we also praise Miss Jackie, Joy, Sunny and Ashley for getting onto Wrestlemania as well?

      • shameronstar

        I kind of liked Joy, and Cameron actual shows potential to wrestle unlike the women you mentioned!

        • JamieKym

          Wait Miss Jackie actually had a passion for wrestling and watched it unlike the others. Hate when people judge someone off of one match.

    • let the pigeons loose 12

      Lol lets also not forget Eve’s promo “I’ve beat all of you” and Cameron’s “NOT ME” hahah

      • art

        I like cameron & i mean shes improved so much so give her credit shes one hell of a seller…

  • OJ Von Erich

    WooHoo The Bella’s in Wrestlemania action!!! <3

  • moogle


    I’m excited for this, I adore the funkadactyls’ in-ring work and pure energy, and I’m so glad to see the Bellas in action.

    (I’m going to have to really cope with Tensai for my girls huh)

  • pumped up kicks

    O.o Great for Naomi and Cameron because they are so talented and deserve wrestlemaina spotlight! The Bellas…. eh ok. I guess i’ll have to live with it. At least we get to see divas on the grandest stage of em all!

  • She-Wolf

    This is fabulous news, I’m so excited to see what they can do with the time allocated.

    Now I’m just hoping to see Kaitlyn and AJ added to the tag team championship match to make it a winner takes all match. I think this is the best route rather than a singles divas championship match because the card is so stacked already, and they won’t be given any time.

  • shameronstar

    I’m starting to think they might do a one on one match instead with AJ and Kaitlyn because they would put 2 mix tag matches on the card!

    • shameronstar

      *probably wouldn’t

    • Wolverine

      I doubt it,Might have kaitlyn in Hell No’s corner to counteract AJ

      • revivingophelia

        With this match being announced, I’m kind of thinking that the WWE may leave the tag match as it is, then have AJ try to interfere and Kaitlyn run out and attack her to stop it… then continue their feud from there and build up a match for Extreme Rules…

  • MiPiMafia

    I think everyone knew that this match would happen and i’m happy with it. It’s obvious that Team Funk will take the win because it’s WM, most of the faces win at the PPV. I hope that we get some great spots from Naomi that could include an outside dive onto the men from the top rope. Wrestlemania is the chance for the divas to shine.

  • Matty

    I’m just hoping Naomi and Cameron get some decent exposure at WrestleMania and ultimately, get the win for their respective team.
    Would be awesome to see Cameron pick up the surprise win for the team, would be a big finger up to all of her haters and to all those who said she wouldn’t make it in WWE after Tough Enough.

    So pleased. :D

    • i<3 sable and alicia fox


  • Wolverine

    Who would have thought that out of all the tough enough contestants,Cameron would be the one wrestling at Wrestlemania…

    • Kim099

      Legal who knew

  • Melissa

    Now that THAT’S done and over with, we’ll get either:

    a) a Kaitlyn interference during Dolph’s tag match (altercation with AJ)


    b) AJ vs Kaitlyn in a singles match

    or better yet… both.

    Personally I think it would be brilliant if they could hype up the divas title match 30-40 minutes before it takes place ala Kaitlyn running out during the men’s tag match and beating the shit out of AJ to a very responsive crowd. Later that night the singles match would happen and the crazy beef between both girls would still remain fresh in the audience’s minds . You know.. since WWE didn’t feel like doing any feud building after February. Might as well kill two birds with one stone @ WM.

    • AdrianRay

      I fucking love you Melissa! I would die if this happened!

  • Wolverine

    But I hope this isnt going to be a cooldown match for Either Taker/Punk or HHH/Lesnar

    • She-Wolf

      It more than likely will be, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Planet Funk will get easy pops and keep the crowd fired up.


    Very excited for this! It’s something fresh and it’s something new from the past few years of just diva match hot messes. Hopefully it’ll go a little better than LayCool/Dolph vs Trish/Snooki/Morrison since all the people in the match are able bodies wrestlers (well….you’re getting there cammy) …really hope this gets a good 6 or 7 minutes and Naomi picks up the win.

    Then if they do this whole Winner Take All mixed tag, my DivaMania will be made. I agree with whoever earlier said the divas don’t need a singles match cause chances are it won’t get any good time since the card is stacked and they’ll probably just be the break before the main event as expected. Best chance at a memorable DivaMania is letting the mixed tag happen

  • cofcman

    If Kaitlyn and AJ compete at Wrestlemania, it’ll be one-on-one. There’s no way they’re putting two mixed tag matches on the card.

  • Bryana

    Yes now we know that the rumored Maria Menuonos match was just put out there to make all of us divas fans angry, i am looking forward to this match and also hope we AJ vs Kaitlyn at wrestlemania as well, only one more week hopefully there is no Maria Menuonos

  • revivingophelia

    That’s ten matches on the card now. I can’t say I’m surprised, either, because I figure that the Bellas were promised a WM payday when they re-signed with the company. This looks like it’s the main show, too, not the pre-show, so that’s a lot of matches on the card, especially since they have three huge matches that will eat up a lot of time. AJ and Kaitlyn will likely either be at ringside for the tag title match or they’ll be added to it, but it’s pretty unlikely that an 11th match would be added to the main show. I’m guessing the US title will end up on the YouTube pre-show.

    • revivingophelia

      *I admit that I kind of thought that this would be on the pre-show instead of the main show, but I also figured that the Bellas would appear on the main event in some way, even if it was just a backstage segment or something.

      I hate to say it, but this match probably won’t last very long. The cards pretty stacked, with at least three matches that will likely get a lot of time, but the WHC match and the six-man tag, so a few of the remaining matches will probably be pretty short.

    • redsandman99

      There has been Wrestlemanias with 11/12 matches on the card…it hasn’t been done since Wrestlemania 22 (which had eleven) but it’s been done. That’s the hope I’m hanging on to with the AJ/Kaitlyn thing.

      • revivingophelia

        True, it’s been done, but at WM 22, only one match lasted over 20 minutes. Seven of the eleven matches were under ten minutes long. This WM has probably a good three matches that will go over 20 minutes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more went around 30 minutes… So if AJ vs. Kaitlyn is added, I’m guessing it would likely be very short.

  • i<3 sable and alicia fox

    I’m so excited hopefully Cameron or Naomi score the pin preferably Cameron I’m ready to see her pin someone with a finisher…

  • i<3 sable and alicia fox

    Sidenote: Anyone else think we will see the Funkadactyls in WWE 2K14 as playable characters

    • Christo82

      Yes. I think they will be in it. I hope they can incorporate all of Naomi moves the over the rope spin and back flip would look stellar in the game.

      • i<3 sable and alicia fox

        Yes and Cameron’s wheelbarrow-split armdrag

    • Raekon

      Yep and since the bellas are back and their models already exist, they will probably shove Kaitlyn, Tamina, Aksana and Rosas chances to be in the game into the garbabe bin, so the Bellas can have their spot in the game again. -.-

      • K2Evefan

        Kaitlyn is the divas champ she will definitely be in the game but she will probably be rated higher than she should be. She is improving but if they rate her higher than natalya, alicia, or layla I will die but I wouldnt be surprised.

    • queennattie

      Hell yeah! I’m so excited! My Naomi caws are crappy. I hope they have their blue glitter attires! :D

  • josh

    Now if we could just see an AJ vs Kaitlyn Diva’s Championship match, I will actually be really excited for this years Wrestlemania. I just wish that Natalya could have some sort of spotlight this year. She definitely deserves it. Especially, after the farting gimmick she was forced to participate in.

  • CrayJ29

    Oh Naomi at maina now Aj and Kaitlyn need to get there! If that happens I will actually pay to watch it.

  • candice7000

    I’m happy got Cameron. She really showed me she is cut out for this business. I hope one day she can turn in to a bad ass heel. I feel her being heel would be best for her. Naomi, AJ and Kaitlyn I’m as well happy for them. My NXT rookies finally graduated(to me). They all got Wrestlemania spots. Aksana I know will have her a backstage segment. So congrats to her and whatever silly segment she gets. So she as well I am happy for her.

  • LuckySeven

    Definitely glad to hear about this one. I kinda figured this would happen after that time the Bellas attacked Cameron and Naomi. Now I only wonder if we’ll also get a divas title match thrown in as well?

  • revivingophelia

    With all the rumors going around about various matches involving the divas, part of me wonders if the WWE used the divas’ performances at the tapings they did last night to decide what to actually go with…

  • TNATaraNonstopAction

    please PreShow .. I do not need it in the Main Card
    i NEED AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

  • DivaDerby

    Naomi is getting her WM moment, that’s all that matters :) Let’s hope she gets at least a few minutes in the ring to show off :)

  • gavin harvey

    we knew the bellas would be getting a wm match cause of the money and they came back for money i love this match i hope it gets a good enough time and doest get put on the pre show

    • Jinzo

      I find it funny how people say “Naomi and Cameron deserve this match for all their hard work” and “The Bellas are only there because John Cena”. Yet the only reason Naomi and Cameron are even on Wrestlemania is thanks to The Bellas.

      • shameronstar

        I remember you from Joey Wheeler’s deck! so how do you get along with Gilford, Red-Eyes, and the Flame Swordsmen?