Exclusive: Trish Stratus Talks WWE Hall of Fame Induction, Stephanie McMahon, Her Speech & More

In just three short days, WWE will add the most decorated and popular female in company history to its hallowed Hall of Fame. It’s always been a no-brainer since Trish Stratus‘ retirement in 2006 that the multi-time Women’s Champion would one day be inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame — it was simply a matter of when.

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A seven-time Women’s Champion, a former Hardcore Champion, Diva of the Decade, Babe of the Year, and first ever Diva Dirt Legacy Award recipient, Trish defined an era, arguably the greatest era the Divas division has ever seen.

Just days before having her name etched in WWE history forever, Trish was gracious enough to spare some time for us here at Diva Dirt in her fourth interview in as many years for the website.

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We talk to the soon-to-be Hall of Famer about how she found out about her induction, why she picked Stephanie McMahon to induct her, how her speech is coming and of course, it wouldn’t be a Diva Dirt interview without quizzing our golden gal on what she’ll be wearing! (So. Excited.)

Trish also talks about her thoughts on this year’s WrestleMania match, pitting the Bella Twins against Cameron and Naomi in an eight-person tag match, her thoughts on Diva of the moment, AJ Lee, and who she thinks should be next inducted into the Hall of Fame. (We’ll give you a hint: It’s exactly who you think.)

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Check out the pre-Hall of Fame chat by clicking the play button below or download by right-clicking here and selecting ‘Save Target As’.

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OPTIMYZ_COVERThe WWE Hall of Fame ceremony takes place on Saturday, April 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Diva Dirt will have live coverage and photos on Saturday evening.

Diva Dirt presents Trish Stratus Day on Saturday, April 6 to celebrate Trish’s Hall of Fame induction. Visit Diva Dirt throughout the day for exclusive features looking back at Trish’s career. RSVP on Facebook and use the hash tag #TrishDay on Twitter.

Be sure to visit Trish’s official website for all the latest on the Hall of Famer and follow her on Twitter at @trishstratuscom.

Check out Trish’s limited edition Hall of Fame store featuring t-shirts, iPhone covers and more.

Trish is also on the cover of OptiMYz magazine, which is on newsstands now.

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Diva Dirt Live with Special Guest Trish Stratus

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  • http://youtube.com/plasticangelx PlasticAngelx

    Once again, another great interview with Trish <3

  • Virginia Devereux

    It’s evident in just this one interview why she’s considered the most politically savvy Diva in history. She’s incredibly intelligent, and she has the perfect eye for business. She’s witty and so sweet. I love her. She’s the best!

    I can’t wait for her new DVD, and I’m excited that she’s looking at more movie scripts.

    I cannot wait to see her dresses. I’m getting really, really excited to see how flawless she’ll look!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    very nice interview, i cant wait for the HOF and to see her dressed and hopefully some past divas appearances in the audience (i.e Sable, Lita, etc)

    ohhh wow her debut in New York and her final Raw Match at Madison square garden , i didn’t realize all that, very cool to hear all the connections !!!!!

    but i must say, USA announced the Hall of Fame line up and it only listed Donal and Bruno, sadly no Trish, and also Mick Foley has been crying that his HOF wasnt gonna be televised, but now it seems like they gave him what he wanted and it is gonna be televised, it sounds that way from his twitter ……….. so i am thinkin thanks to Mick, we wont be seeing trish :(

    • Virginia Devereux

      OMG, I just went to look. If he bumped Trish off, I’ll be livid.

      • Virginia Devereux

        They should just add more time to the program. It airs after Raw is over, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. The only reason I was planning on watching was for Trish. I don’t care about the other inductions.

        • ajfan83

          Now do you understand why she picked Stephanie to induct her? It’s to make sure Foley didn’t get her kicked off. Instead of 3 moderate length speeches you are going to get 4 short ones. Yes, she’s politically savvy. So is Foley. That’s why he complained about Trump but not Trish. There’s a lot of egos involved. Respect should go to guys like Backlund and Booker who just go about their business.

        • Virginia Devereux

          Why are you assuming that? Was there a single point in this interview where she didn’t sound sincere? She called Foley God jokingly. She respects him, and she treasures their friendship. Mick Foley has been spat on by Vince and WWE so many times it’s actually hard to count. Do you really think he could have changed Vince’s mind? Do you think Vince would care? Vince doesn’t respect Foley. The fans took action and voiced their outrage via social media. WWE was forced to change original plans because of the fans. It was the love WWE fans have for Foley that caused this change.

          It’s okay that we have four short speeches. The DVD will have the full, uncut version of all of their speeches. Everyone is happy this way. I just don’t want Trish to be taken off the broadcast, because I can’t wait until the DVD is released months later just to watch her speech.

        • ajfan83

          Unless Stephanie insists on the speech being aired it’s very likely Foley will simply get the third spot all to himself. I don’t think they’ll get the same backlash for dumping Trish. She doesn’t have the same connection with those fans as Foley does.

        • Virginia Devereux

          The difference is that they love Trish, and I’m sure she can convince Stephanie. She understands very well how to deal with the McMahons. She’s done it for 13 years now.

          Whatever happens, one thing is very clear: Trump’s speech should not air. WWE doesn’t realize a very important concept: just because you’re a celebrity, it doesn’t mean people actually like you. No one’s watching for Trump.

        • ajfan83

          Um, isn’t that what I originally suggested? That she chose Stephanie to protect her spot on the show? Bruno/Foley/Trump is the big three they can promote. Trish getting on instead of Foley in the first place had everyone scratching their heads, unless you factor in who was inducting her. I agree that Trump getting a spot is more bothersome, but there’s no point bringing in a celebrity if you don’t air the speech.

        • Virginia Devereux

          Did you misunderstand why I brought up her relationship with the McMahons? I think you did. I never said that she chose Stephanie to make sure her speech would air. I never implied it here. Why would Stephanie want to induct her unless they were good friends? Moving on, it was confirmed that her speech would make the broadcast, and now everything is up in the air. Obviously Trish doesn’t live under a rock. She probably read the report that her speech would air, and now I’m sure she knows it’s up in the air. If she wants to make sure her speech is aired still, then she’ll try to talk to someone. Who wouldn’t? If I knew my speech was going to air and suddenly there was all this confusion surrounding it, I’d want to get clarification and try to advocate for myself.

          Not airing Trish’s speech goes against Stephanie’s entire ideology of women in position’s of power who can have it all. She’s probably going to put over Trish in this way during the end of her speech. They’ll want to air it.

          You can promote Trump all you like, but the fact remains that the country does not like him. People aren’t going to watch for him. I’d argue that they’ll lose viewers due to him. Making outrageous claims about President Obama isn’t making him any friends or attracting any fans.

        • ajfan83

          But she always name dropped people like Lita and Finlay as likely inductors. Then all of a sudden Stephanie is announced, and by the way, the speech will be airing on TV. They even dumped Foley, a far bigger star in wrestling, to make it happen. The whole thing was just.. suspicious, to say the least. Maybe they are great friends but this felt like an excuse to have a McMahon put over one of their favorite performers. Heck, you should be happy if that’s the reason. At least then it will still air, and not just get replaced altogether.

          WWE just loves any sort of “mainstream” attention they can get. Doesn’t matter if people like a famous person or not. Do people “like” Mike Tyson? Does anyone care about Drew Carey anymore? How many more people tuned in because William Shatner inducted Jerry Lawler? And yet WWE still aired all of their speeches. Trish has dabbled with this herself (Snooki anyone?)

        • Virginia Devereux

          She was offered a spot for the Hall of Fame in December 2012. Do you think it took her months to decide who was going to induct her? The fan polls were — surprise, surprise — for the fans. She always puts up polls on her website. Do you think Trish Stratus, or anyone in her position, would allow the fans to choose for her? No way!

          And no she did not. She never gave names. She said she couldn’t argue against the fans wanting Lita to induct her. Why? Lita is a legitimate choice, but it’s clearly not who Trish had in mind primarily. Lita won a fan poll because there are more Lita fans in the IWC than there are fans of the other people in that poll.

          It really shouldn’t be suspicious, AJFan. I said it earlier: Vince likes to spit on Foley. He knows Foley will run back like a puppy every time. Unfortunately for Vince (and me), the fans decided to vocalize their outrage at his absence in favor of Trump.

          I understand that. That’s why I said they don’t understand an important concept that just because you’re a celebrity, it doesn’t mean people actually like you. You’re comparing a machine like WWE to Trish? Two totally different cases. WWE can get mainstream attention if they really tried. It wouldn’t take too much work. WWE is a billion-dollar company. Trish Stratus is not a billionaire. It’s not that easy for her to get worldwide recognition. The Rock can’t even get worldwide recognition. He’s local to the US as far as mainstream celebrities are concerned.

        • ajfan83

          If you don’t think this whole thing was orchestrated by WWE, why did Trish “ask” Stephanie to induct her during the Raw telecast via Twitter? The way the HOF has always worked is that WWE picks the inductors for the TV speeches (Stallone inducting Hogan, Vince inducting Austin, Rock inducting his father, HHH inducting Flair). They let the “lesser” inductees pick whoever they want, since it won’t air. The fact that Stephanie is doing the speech, plus with all the interactions between the two on Twitter, leads me to believe that, at the very least, WWE was strongly pushing for this to happen. If I’m wrong, the speech won’t air. Simple as that. I’m done.

        • Virginia Devereux

          They probably wanted to let fans watching Raw know. I didn’t watch Raw, but I’m assuming the announcers said something.

          You’re forgetting that Edge picked Christian to induct him, and it makes sense for The Rock to induct his father. Shawn Michaels picked Triple H too. The ones who make the broadcast aren’t always forced to accept a certain person. Even if WWE told Trish that Stephanie would induct her, this would still go against your first argument that Trish picked Stephanie just so she’d make the broadcast, because she wouldn’t have picked her.

  • Cj

    Virginia do you have a twitter? You’re so fab.

    • Virginia Devereux

      I don’t. :'( I love your comments though. I always look out for them.

      • Virginia Devereux

        But you can find me here: heartbreakerscommunity(dot)com. People have advertised it here. I think it’s a really great place for discussion.

  • Ace Of Base

    I love you Trish! And Thank You So Much Diva Dirt!!!! Can’t wait for this Beautiful and talented woman to get inducted. She’s a Goddess. =)

    • Virginia Devereux

      Stan. :”(

      • Ace Of Base

        I’m sorry, I’m not Stan. :(

        • Virginia Devereux

          You should stan for her then. :'(

  • Virginia Devereux

    Apparently WWE.com has announced that ALL the speeches will be shown on TV. The broadcast is supposed to be an hour and 15 minutes with commercials, so I guess we can assume 40-45 minutes of actual show time. I hope the time is divided equally between Trish, Mick, and Bruno. The others can get two minutes.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Love Trish and Foley he’s friends with Melina and Trish :)

    But WWE can be scum to Foley and to others

    Meantime Trish speaks on Gail Kim WWE Heat and as well of the state of the divas division