Rebecca Knox Reportedly Signs with WWE

rebecca knoxIrish wrestler Rebecca Knox has signed a two-year development deal with the WWE, reports Irish newspaper The Herald.

Before returning to the ring in October of last year, Knox had retired from in-ring competition in 2008 after no showing a SHIMMER event. Her reason for not attending was that she did not feel that wrestling was the right career choice for her. Looks like her change of heart was the right decision.

Talking of her WWE deal, The Herald quotes Rebecca as saying: “I want to make the most of this opportunity. Sheamus has shown that Irish pro-wrestlers can go all the way to the top.”

The 26-year-old from Dublin was last prominently seen in SHIMMER in 2011, managing the team of Britani and Saraya Knight from volumes 37-40. It will certainly be interesting to see if her and Britani – aka NXT’s Paige – will reunite.

The news comes just days after an NXT Women’s Championship belt was unveiled at WWE Axxess.

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  • BillyGP



    Yeah.. that’s alright. I’m not thrilled to bits, I’m still waiting to see more of the other Divas that have just been signed Sarah Backman, Anya and Kendall Skye.

  • Rhawk

    Okay hang on, lets me just pick up my jaw from the floor…

  • Monkey Tennis


    If she’s anywhere nears as good as she was before her injury, she’s already close to Paige’s level.

    Fingers cautiously crossed.

  • charovnica

    And she’s gorgeous too which is always a plus in WWE.Wish her luck!

  • princesschocolate

    As long as she’s good then fine. If she’s a crappy wrestler we’ll know they’re still focused on looks too much.

    • princesschocolate


      • ZPZA


      • johnny

        No she is nothing like Kelly the only thing in common with her is she is very very good looking.

      • nitesaver

        Good God do your homework

    • Melissa

      You might want to look up some of her matches, lol

    • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

      Laziness period!

      • sugarrush28

        Why does it have to be laziness? You don’t know what people have going on in their lives. Looking up and keeping up with every indy wrestler out there isn’t at the top of everyone’s list. This is why I can’t deal with some indy wrestler fans because for some reason they think they are better than of fans because they can name off a list of indy wrestlers. I’ll be honest I’ve seen some of the indy women raved about here and I don’t think many are as good as some are made out to be.

        • Raekon

          No one said that everyone has to know every indy wrestler.

          However when the name is already showcased, the least one could do is go to youtube or dailymotion and check if she has any matches there.

          After that you can still build a opinion.
          That’s what probably others meant with “lazyness”.

        • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

          Thank you @Reakon for saving my time instead me have to explain to her thick skull what exactly I meant by Laziness though.

          Now back to you @sugarrush: Honestly no one really keeps up with every indy wrestler because last time I checked there are over 5,000 indy wrestlers out there so that would be pain in the ass to keep up with all 5,000+ so that’s why I keep up with mostly the females and the good ones though so don’t expect me to be high on somebody like Becky Bayless. and sugar I’m curios to know which exactly indy talent you think aren’t good as we made them out to be,

          will it won’t surprise me if you respond to me with big names since you diva fans are spoiled and never satisfied with nothing unless it had to do with Trish/Lita/Attitude Era days.

        • sugarrush28

          @RAEKON What you say is true but i’m tired of the snobbish attitude alot of indy fans have because someone doesn’t want to look up some indy star. That’s all I’m trying to say. Some people on here get very rude and i’m honestly tired of it

          @GETDOWNWITHACHOLA You are one of the few people on this board that I try to avoid like the plague. I don’t agree with people over the internet and I don’t think you know how to have a clean debate so this will be my only response to you.

        • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

          Look woman,man, or it…. I honestly don’t care if you preppy diva fans don’t want to explore other alternatives after all its your loss b/c you like other hundreds of diva dirters will likely be hanging around Raw Discussion Post bitching and moaning about the lack of time and use of your precious divas and Dislike me all you want you are a typical rude diva dirter who dislikes me b/c of what I enjoy the most and how I’m straightforward so if I was you I would change the user name from sugar to salt because there is nothing sugary about your attitude.

      • princesschocolate

        I’m with Sugar Rush. And FYI…I’m a huge Mia Yim fan and just came from watching a Shimmer show at WrestleCon. I know some of the indy female wrestlers as I follow on twitter. Hardly lazy, but I’m not a know-it-all about indies as I just started watching last year and never heard of her.

      • charovnica

        Still you people are incredibly rude.Attacking one person instead of just explain.

        • sugarrush28

          @Charovinca I totally agree.

        • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

          Well……. she should have looked her up online instead of sitting here and guessing Knox is as good as Kelly Kelly. Nigga plz!

          and I’m not rude I’m just straightforward!

  • ZPZA

    I’m getting surprised with each signing by the WWE. As terrible as the product may be now, there’s gotta be something brewing behind the scenes…

    • Melissa

      Illuminati tbh

      • ZPZA

        Well in that case, who’s being sacrificed for Rebecca?

        • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

          I hope they sacrifice one of those two DS girls.

      • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

        YES THANK YOU!!!

        • Melissa



    She is beautiful but i don’t know anything about, Is she Bad/awful/decent/good/amazing/awesome in the ring???


      Please can i have an answer to my question ???

      • ZPZA

        At one point, she was fantastic. An injury took her out a few years ago and I haven’t heard much from her since except for coming back to SHIMMER as a manager briefly and some match that happened a couple years ago..

        Honestly, I didn’t even know she still wrestled.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i am in shock right now, as someone else already said, allow me to pick my jaw off the floor

    i am in shock, but a happy shock hahaha, big fan of Rebecca, :)

    cant wait for her to debut in NXT and possibly form a team with Paige, wow that would be awesome,

    so excited, WWE sure has a bright future as far as wrestling divas,

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    well, she began wrestling in 2002, and some of her finishing moves are like the Expolder suplex, sitout suplex slam, hurricanrana etc

    and also she had a long feud with Daizee Haze in Shimmer, were she went on to defeat Haze in a two out of three falls match the match lasted 29 minutes, and was later described by promoter Dave Prazak as probably the best women’s match [that he’d] seen on U.S. soil in years, if not ever!!!!, so i think that says alot about her

    she is great addition to the already bright WWE Divas


      Thanks for those information :)

  • divaindemise


  • divaindemise

    Rebecca Knox was an outstanding talent before her cranial injury. It’s a blessing that she’s still young enough to reconsider choosing wrestling as a career path and what a beautiful turn of events that she’s now poised for this. Honestly, check out her matches with Daizee Haze. The girl had skills.

  • charovnica

    I feel like the WWE wanna build a completely new women’s division and this looks promising with all of these talented ladies.I’m telling you…one year from now the division will be a lot different…a better different.

  • Rhawk

    It’s not the best match she’s been in, but here’s a pretty hard-hitting match she had with LuFisto sometime before she retired.

  • Spike7000

    So now we have: Paige, Sasha, Emma, Bayley, Charlotte, and then there’s Rachelle St. Claire and now Rebecca Knox reporting shortly

    Anya, Kendall, and Sarah Backman reporting shortly

    also Audrey Marie, Summer Rae, and now Natalia Marie and Joseann Offerman who were at WM this past weekend

  • Lovedaddio

    Great…I can’t wait till she and one of these other new girls gets bumped from Extreme Rules, MITB or Capitol Punishment or any of the other PPV’s. I am sorry but I can’t get excited about ANY of these signings when WWE refuses to use the perfectly good talent they have now. My guess is that WWE is signing all these girls because Vince has this pipe dream of somehow still getting the WWE Network off the ground, which in my opinion ain’t happenin.

    I also have to question her committment. The way she no-showed on Dave Prazak at Shimmer left a bad taste in a LOT of people’s mouths. Props to her for getting signed. I just hope her heart is in the sport for real this time.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Whilst she could have handled it better, you can understand her being a bit cautious about returning to the ring after her injury. And Dave was obviously willing to give her another shot, even though she only returned to Shimmer in a managerial role.

  • Liam Holden

    Yay!! Go ireland :) her and Rachelle St Clair should form an Irish gimmick tag team

  • divaindemise

    Rebecca Knox and Seamus.

  • neonlights21x

    I don’t know who she is but from the sound of it she is a good wrestler so I can’t wait to see what she can do in the ring. Also Layla is back as a brunette YAY!

    • DJ8946

      Michelle must’ve told her that she wasn’t FLAWLESS anymore!

      • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

        :D I was watching some old laycool matches and I began to miss the dark hair

  • Nostalgia

    Wow she’s beautiful

  • sugarrush28

    I don’t know who this woman is but since she wrestled in Shimmer i’m going to assume she can wrestle.

  • MsXxxdiva247

    Can’t wait to see her.

  • French.One

    WWE : 4 years late in women wrestling

  • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

    She didn’t do much in the indys these past years other than returning to Shimmer as a manager and had only one match in Ireland so I’m not really sad by this signing since she is not really a big loss to the indies like SDR, but regardless it will suck to see her loss to 60% of the diva roster.

    And dear God people that’s why you should watch SHIMMER because you never know who’s gonna end up on TV, I’m not trying to advertise but its a beautiful thing to see your fav how they started and etc.

    • therightone

      It will suck to see her lose, but she had a seriously broken neck. That’s the only reason she left.

  • LucTempest

    Again, not the Shimmer competitor I would’ve signed (Melissa, Athena, Mercedes, Jessica Havok), but Rebecca is good and a great heat missile