Raw Redux (April 8th, 2013): AJ Witnesses a Cash-In, Naomi Gives Cody a Bashin’

raw redux cashin bashin'

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Raw Redux. I’m taking over for Cryssi this week as she was live at Raw and was part of the amazing Fandango theme tune singing crowd and she’s travelling home today, so I’ll bring you the majestic festivities that occurred last night instead. The Eight Person Mixed Tag Team match that was cut from WrestleMania was featured tonight, and although half of it was on the WWE App, I have all of it here for you today. In addition to Cameron, Naomi, Brie and Nikki‘s match, AJ Lee accompanied her man Dolph Ziggler to the ring when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Whilst she didn’t do a lot, it is a magical moment that we all must witness again. Let’s get this redux on the road!

To catch the first half of the Planet Funk vs Scholars/Bella match, click here and you’ll be transported to WWE’s website. No idea why it’s not on the Youtube channel but nevermind. Then ignore the waffle Matt Striker says and skip to 0:45 and you’re set!

Skipping the very brief encounter between Brodus Clay and Cody Rhodes, we see Cameron and Brie Bella (the Bellas will tweet me to correct me if I’m wrong, think I’m right this time though) face off. Cameron slaps the taste out of Brie’s mouth before Brie retaliates by ramming Cameron towards the corner. Cameron is perched on the top rope and get a taste of her own medicine in a slap, yet she then manages to hurricanrana Brie to get a one count. Brie immediately fights back by stomping on the Funkadactyl’s back. The crowd begin to chant “WE WANT PUPPIES” and this makes me reminisce on Torrie Wilson‘s dog Chloe and Rene Dupree’s dog Fifi, and how I think a dog vs dog feud was a missed opportunity for WWE.

Nikki Bella tags her way into the match and her and Brie double team Cameron in a catapulting fashion. Nikki goes for the cover yet Cameron kicks outs and then proceeds to ram Nikki into her corner. Naomi makes the tag and the funky duo perform a double suplex. They then land a double split leg drop yet it’s only enough for two. Nikki then hits Naomi with a stiff jawbreaker and starts too wrench her head and neck with a submission. Now we’re switching from Active to Raw so watch the remainder of the bout in the video below!

We’re back on Raw and Naomi has gotten herself out of the submission and has clocked Nikki with her ‘Rear View’ butt bump. Nikki then tags in Cody, meaning Naomi must leave the ring. She doesn’t leave without making a statement though, hitting Cody with a stunning hurricanrana. The Bellas then get involved later, double butt bumping Tensai (what is it with Divas using their bums as weapons?!) The twins then make their presence felt again by breaking up a pin attempt from Brodus yet the Funkadactyls see them off, Lou Thesz-ing them out of the ring. In the end, it’s Planet Funk who pick up the win!

Also, check out AJ accompanying her man Dolph Ziggler when he wins the World Heavyweight Title!

Thoughts: It was really good to see WWE give the Bellas and Funkadactyls their chance to shine after it was unprofessionally taken from them as it was cut from WrestleMania. To be honest, in hindsight, they’ll be happy it was as the crowd were incredible last night. I love how Naomi was able to mix it up with Cody Rhodes, and I honestly think it’s only a matter of time before she is mixing it up for the Divas Championship.

The natural next plan for the butterfly belt will be to have Kaitlyn feud with AJ. With AJ’s boyfriend getting gold, I’m sure AJ will want to get her hands on some silver with pink bits. From there, Naomi could be added to the mix and we could have an NXT Season 3 feud. These three girls were the top 3 on the show and there is so much history there, which I would love to see revisited. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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    Well I loved it, really reminded me of the old days with all the guys and gals mixing it up. Wish it would of happened at Wrestlemania, but it takes nothing away from the match itself.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    I was pretty disappointed by the match… It was really short !!
    Noami really deserves to be in the center of a Divas championship feud!
    I’m not gonna say anything about AJ….

  • bjorn448

    I just love the crowd.

  • DJ8946

    Its kinda obvious that They wanna rebuild the division & giving it to AJ will be good but not at the next ppv but the next 1 after that will be good. But wont she have to turn face because after Kaitlyn the only othr challenger is Layla. Naomi & Natalya wont be push so the Bellas are the challengers.

    • redsandman99

      Most likely AJ isn’t turning face any time soon. They’ll have to push Naomi or Natalya against her at some point if she’s going to have any kind of real reign. That or after she’s done feuding with Kaitlyn and maybe going through Layla, call up one of the NXT girls to go against her.

    • Aria–

      I actually can see them letting both Nattie and Naomi get a shot at the title. They seem to be quite high on Naomi recently with her being allowed to get a spot with the men, while Nattie has been picking up a bunch of wins.

    • charovnica

      The thing is and both Trish & AJ talked about it,is that AJ is a great character that people can relate to and are interested in,but there has to be at least 1 more girl build up as a credible opponent,somebody that the people knows and will feel for.Until has happened noone will care for a divas match,cause they simply won’t care about the two people involved in it.I’m thinking positive though,now that WM is out of the way maybe they’ll finally start building Kaitlyn as a top babyface properly.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Not much to see here this week.

    AJ was reduced to the absolute definition of eye candy. She had nothing to do except walk to the ring whilst some guy wrestled for a title.

    And the postponed half-a-Divas match from Mania saw the 4 women get almost 2 minutes of wrestling (including what was missed on Raw).

    Naomi’s ‘rana was little iffy too.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Oh yeah. And no sign whatsoever of the Women’s Champion.

      (Her name’s Kaityln. You might remember her).

      • hbgoo1975

        Yeah, the bodybuilding groupie right?

  • http://www.youtube.com/xDivatoxicV3 MiPiMafia

    I LOVED that crowd!! That was honestly the best crowd for years. It even beat out Chicago crowds.

    I am glad that Ziggler cashed in!!

    In terms of the mix tag. It seemed that they cut it short despite it being already cut. This week on NXT, it’s the girls facing off in tag action. I loved the blue ring gear on the Funks! :)

    I am shocked that they haven’t put the title on AJ yet, it’s surprising. I think all diva fans can agree that AJ will be the next title holder. If or when AJ turns face again, I think it’ll be when AJ accidently costs Dolph the title and then he ditches her, this turning AJ face again.

    • perceval

      Fantastic crowd. They were still singing Fandango’s theme on the train. Video is on Youtube. Can’t imagine Randy was happy, though.

      I could see, if future crowds are like this one, Ziggler & AJ being turned face by the fans. That’s what turned Bryan face, last year, so if they stay behind Dolph… Plus, the fans really don’t want to boo AJ, because she’s too cute and adorable. :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/xDivatoxicV3 MiPiMafia

    & I love it when the heels get the cheers, I think it shows that the superstars aren’t just 2D in the fact that they are either babyface or heel.

  • numero47

    The Raw after Wrestlemania was definitely better than Wrestlemania; and that’s coming from someone who was actually at Wrestlemania!

    Now that Dolph is champion I do see AJ holding the Divas Title in the near future but I don’t just want the title be given to AJ, I want to see an actual build up between these two.

    Had the mixed tag match actually happened at Wrestlemania when it was supposed to I think they more time would’ve been given but they may not have gotten the same crowd reaction so that’s one way to look at.

  • kio3j2

    Tell I wasn’t the only one that teamed up when ziggler cashed in. He works so hard and for him to finally be champion sent me over the edge honey YES! What a great Raw!

    • kio3j2

      *teared Fuck u iPad.

      • pumped up kicks

        I teared up! Totally deserved win for Ziggler. Lets hope they give him some time with the belt and couple of great feuds!

      • carlos22

        tears, goosebumps you name it!

        • Flawless

          I teared up too :'(

    • jtiera

      She took the hit like a G tho lol didn’t even faze her

    • charovnica

      Haha his face is just priceless.He did tap her on the back after that like “ah,you’ll be fine” :D Gotta give it to her,she’s pretty tough.

    • https://www.facebook.com/matt.medina.75 Matt

      I watch that and was like in tears from laughing so hard! Is that bad?

  • 09DHK

    I feel like Dolph should be a tweener, not necessarily a full blown babyface. Only because I don’t want what happened to babyface Miz to happen to Ziggler; well, that and the fact that if Ziggler turns face, AJ would have to turn face, and at the moment, the divas division has no strong heels. And I kinda want AJ to feud with a babyface Naomi after she (AJ) wins the title from Kaitlyn. I think Naomi can be the first babyface champion that the crowd actually cares for since Mickie James. Oh, and random thought, I love how the same Kaitlyn marks were rallying behind her to win the title from Eve, but as soon as she does, they’re pissed off at how crappy her title reign has been. The “E” knows that if they place Kaitlyn against AJ or Naomi in a PPV title match NOW, the crowd would turn against her, so they have to do what they should’ve done before she won the title, which is get her OVER with the crowd.

    • jtiera

      Speaking true tea right here

  • wwe12divasx

    Hope this means AJ can get a chance at the divas title now!

  • Marcos Navarro

    Am I the only person who noticed the WE WANT PAIGE sign behind the announce table? I know it wasn’t in the videos. But I did see it in a few other matches.

  • Nostalgia

    Yes it was short but I liked it, especially because of the crowd. It had an attitude era feel to it. I loved all of raw.

  • MsXxxdiva247

    The match sucked, it was to short. They need to gives the time of day again. Naomi was good, like always.

  • MsXxxdiva247

    give the divas*

  • VelvetLoveFan

    AJ should be next divas champion now and then Big E can get the Tag Titles or something and then the stable will be unstoppable with all the belts.

    Raw as amazing last night, the crowd was what made it amazing, the match was ehhh.. But whatever, hope the champ gets a match or a story very soon.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/neonlights21x neonlights21x

    One of the best RAWs in a long time tbh and the crowd really helped with that. Even though the match wasn’t too long I’m happy cause at least they got on the show. Plus I am so happy for Dolph, well deserved WHC.

    • jtiera

      Yesssss that’s how every crowd should sound no matter what the chants were it made raw as a whole that much better… And I teared up for dolphs win. That crowd reaction was AMAZING. It was like this is what we been waiting for

  • Onetooth

    The Bella Twins manhandling Brodus and Tensai >>>>>> Naomi manhandling Cody :P

  • charovnica

    AJ is a tough little trooper! The massive hand of Big E smacked her and she didn’t even flinch or make a face.She played it quite well!

    I gotta say I almost cried from happines for Dolph!This guys really worked hard for this.

    The 8 tag was nice.Loved how both set of girls had some involvement with the guys in the match.

  • Wolverine

    Did you any one see Big E smack AJ? The reaction on his was funny and she just didn’t even flinch but gave him an evil look… That was cool. In a none diva related news,I see why they won’t turn Cena heel,He played they crowd even when they were hostile to him and had them totally at the palm of his hands post Raw while Sheamus and Orton just looked lost and confused

    • charovnica

      This is not why they won’t turn him.It’s purely cause of the kids and imo him being broke as hell after the divorce does play part .He doesn’t wanna risk his merch to go down. I totally get it,but in the meantime WWE & Cena are ignoring the voice of 60+ % of their viewers (and I’m not talking about internet,but actual fans that go to the shows) and this is really arrogant.For someone that doesn’t wanna play heel Cena is being a total jerk to many people that way.

      • Wolverine

        In all fairness I don’t think he has the last call on that,I feel his feud with Ryback will be a chance to see if Ryback will become the next face of the company then they may (hopefully) turn him heel but I was impressed with the way he handled the crowd last nite

        • charovnica

          Yeah tbh,I was impressed with Cena too,but he also was had some heelish in him last night,so that might be why we liked it.I really can’t imagine Ryback to be the next face of the company.I’m all for the young guys,but Ryback never showed much of his mic skills and he is a little bit stale in the ring.I feel like the moment he is overcome by someone he won’t be as interesting and people won’t care much about him.I could be wrong of course.I’d like to see Punk as the face of the company.I feel that whenever he returns he’ll return as a face,cause he did everything as a heel now with Undertaker.Guess we’ll wait and see.

    • Raekon

      Actually, the crowd had the control and Cena just went along with it so they continued.

      Saying that he had them on the palm of his hand is a exaggeration.

      As about Ryback vs Cena:
      It’s another example on how useless the creatives of the WWE are and why newer talent can’t draw in ppvs so that the WWE always has to rely on part timers.

      Once Ryback started to draw and get over with his catchphrase and after all the squash matches were said and done, they go and feed him to the shield, then to henry and now turning him to a heel so he can be fed to cena and destroy everything that got him over as a face.

      • charovnica

        Yet again you gotta give it to Cena sometimes.He could’ve pulled one of those childish promo stuff he always do,but he prefered to turn the things the fans were saying and make jokes that adults can laugh at.

        I’m not a fan of big guys like Ryback,the only exception ever was Goldberg,but he was a rare breed.I just am more into technical wrestling & high-flying and Ryback is more of a suplex kinda guy :D

  • Wolverine

    AJ and Big E looked legitimately happy for Ziggler and funny how Big E as trying to force himself into the hug btw Ziggler and AJ,Since he was put over Raw,I hope thats a sign of good things to come

    • Flawless

      Ikr, they’re super cute! Aj just needs the title now. I loved the crowd, ziggler got a stone cold type pop. And the we want paige sign omg i cannot wait till she’s called up!

  • k2evecrew

    I’ve never really liked Ziggler but his title win actually has me excited to see what’s next. The crowd did help make the show 10x better the other crowds can take some lessons. At this point I want AJ to go after the divas belt and stay with ziggler at the same time.
    as for the divas the match was funny but defiantly not their best . It was nice to see both side of ladies mixing it up with the guys though. But where will their fued go after this? Maybe kaitlyn can get involved on Caomi’s side and AJ can get involved on the Bella’s side. I’d rather see all the divas in one storyline then for the champ to sit around doing nothing.

  • hado

    I was there, and the match actually went for about 5-6 minutes, sadly half of the match was actually cut from TV. It wasn’t bad either. Though the part that was cut was the divas part of the match.

  • carlos22

    “With AJ’s boyfriend getting gold, I’m sure AJ will want to get her hands on some silver with pink bits.” – For a moment I thought you were referring to Ziggler’s trunks lol