TNA One Night Only: Knockout Knockdown Available in September?

Since the all-Knockouts Pay-Per-View “One Night Only: Knockout Knockdown” was taped last month, little has been known about when it will be available to purchase on TNAOnDemand. However, it appears that Challenge TV, TNA’s UK home, have let the news slip.

Challenge TV’s official Twitter account noted that they would be showing April’s “One Night Only: X-Travaganza” for free on the channel. After confirming that they will show the Knockout’s PPV, here’s what they had to say about its air date:

With Challenge TV showing the X-Division “One Night Only” just days after it was released on TNAOnDemand, we can assume that a September worldwide release is in order for “Knockout Knockdown”.

In addition to TNA’s current roster of talent, the PPV featured new females and brought back some familiar faces. Find out who showed up and avoid spoilers by clicking here.

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    Blow me down with a feather.


      I WANT TO SEE JILLIAN HALL ALREADY. It’s been so long.

  • Raekon

    They must be kidding us right? -.-

    It was said that it will air in Mai which is very close and I really looked forward to it, now it airs in September? :/


  • Ryan

    I’m totally buying this!!

  • k2evecrew

    It takes that long to edit a Ppv?

  • Number One

    September?! I have to wait five months for this?!

  • Wizard66

    Maybe it will come out in the US earlier before the UK.

    • Jack

      I imagine it’ll be just a few days earlier, similar to how the UK got it for free a week or so after it was available on TNAOnDemand.

  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    On Wikipedia it says the Knockout PPV will air on July 5th.

    • Ryan

      God bless America! :)

  • Spike7000

    The PPV’s get released when one of the now 4 major shows do not get aired

    We had Genesis in late Janaury, Lockdown in March then Slammiversary in June, and BFG in October

    X-division in April
    Joker’s Wild Tag team tournament in May
    Knockouts in July

    and so forth

    I heard internationally it will get aired earlier

  • VelvetLoveFan

    I just can’t wait to see the PPV it’s gonna be awesome seeing an all women PPV especially for the knockouts

  • JD Sensations

    The hardcore PPV doesn’t air until December :/ I want Jackie vs ODB now!!

  • Liam ‘

    Why wait this long to release it? By September the KO division would of all probs left and be different feuds, face/heel balance will have changed. Release it now!

  • Matt

    I just wanna see Trinity!

  • clintocki

    Does anyone know whether Velvet Sky had the belt on her during the tapings of Knockout Knockdown and the TNA “10 Reunion PPV” match against Gail Kim?

  • john

    what date ????